The smoothie diet is a revolutionary life-altering mechanism with a feel-good factor, not just any ordinary lose-weight means. Hop on the 21-day smoothie diet, say goodbye to excess fat, and witness tremendous weight loss results.

Smoothies are one of the healthiest drinks because of the wide range of healthy ingredients used to prepare them. So, following a 21-day smoothie diet plan for the weight loss journey can’t go wrong.

It is beneficial for dieters in a plethora of ways. No wonder why several people are happily switching to the healthy yet delicious smoothie diet plan. But it is recommended to consider a health professional or a registered dietician before including any new diet plan.

We should not underestimate the value of maintaining health through optimal weight by sticking to a strict diet plan. You can consider a smoothie diet for weight loss and other health benefits. Let’s get done away with those fad diets and turn to a good life, shall we?

21 day smoothie diet
21-day smoothie diet

What is a 21-day smoothie diet plan?

The smoothie diet program is about the smoothie recipes prepared using healthy ingredients ranging from veggies to fruits. The smoothie diet program comprises researched food groups, including vital nutrients. It aims at adding two meal replacement smoothies.

An adequately blended smoothie is ideal for replacing meals to supply valuable nutrients to your body. The weight loss program is an effective solution to maintaining healthy eating habits and lifestyles to lose weight successfully. Enhancing your eating plans with more veggies and whole fruits works wonders for your overall health.

However, please do not consider that it’s only a liquid-based diet plan in which a person consumes only liquid calories. In the 21-day smoothie program, you are even given a choice to eat meals of any kind, which makes it different from other weight loss programs.

Ensure that the meals consumed are calorie-free and fat-free to make the whole diet plan work effectually. So, instead of completely knocking out all your meals from your day, switch one or two meals of your day with a healthy jar of smoothie.

This diet program is very innovative. If you have been looking for a perfectly toned body, then this is it. Also, are you trying to lose more weight after completing the 21 days plan?

You can adhere to the diet program for additional days until you reach your desired weight loss result. One or two smoothies a day are not detrimental to your health. After all, healthy snacks are good! The natural ingredients are way better than your regular meals and put a full stop to your weight gain.

Consume nutrient-rich green smoothies made of fresh fruits and greens. Apart from the smoothie diet plan, portion size and overall calorie intake will determine the results. And, soon, you’ll see a significant weight drop on your weighing scale.

21 day smoothie diet
21-day smoothie diet

The 21 Day Smoothie Diet eBook: Health coach Drew Sgoutas: Certified health coach

The 21-day smoothie diet eBook is organized and presented by Drew Sgoutas. He is a certified nutrition expert and health coach and provides you with all the nutritional information required for rapid weight loss. The main guide is divided into Fat Burning 101, smoothie basics, and what to eat list for rapid weight loss goals.

Drew Sgoutas aims to motivate people to achieve their weight loss goals with this guidebook. This detailed ebook program can say goodbye to your poor eating regimen. The ebook offers detailed information about solid food intake and high-fiber snacks as per recommendations.

The weight loss program contains a three-week schedule, 36 all-natural interesting smoothie ideas, and shopping lists of foods. The main program allows you to eat normally for one day a week by following the guidelines. As per the ebook, these meal replacements are not ideal for people with food allergies.

The 21-day Smoothie diet program includes comprehensive meal plans using the right nutritional ingredients for your daily meals. Moreover, you will find a daily schedule to prepare smoothies for 21 days of your diet program. Within a few days, your body will feel refreshed!

The custom plan reduces your solid food intake by incorporating fruits and vegetables and regulates your energy levels, improving gut health. The ebook consists of the comprehensive five-week program and discusses the schedule, shopping lists, smoothie ingredients, meal plan, etc.

The ingredients required for the recipes are from your regular grocery store and do not incur any additional cost. There are tips and tricks for consuming the smoothies in the right way for easy weight loss.

There is nothing to bite your nails if you feel stuck somewhere during the diet plan! Dieters can book a one-on-one support health expert, Drew, who will resolve all your queries. Don’t have your diet past ungodly hours!

So, get your hands on the 21-day smoothie diet ebook and see how much weight you lost in just a couple of weeks.

21 day smoothie diet
21-day smoothie diet

This complete life-transformation program comprises three stages.

The 21-day smoothie diet is a fragment of the five-week program and is divided into three weeks. The ebook has detailed instructions about the life-transforming program. The smoothie diet plan stretched over three weeks works by reducing your appetite and boosting your metabolism.

The smoothies are a bit lower in protein content and reduce the healthy fats in the body. Therefore, people with unplanned meals will be at their own risk. It is advised to emphasize eating 50 grams of proteins every day to meet the daily requirement.

To maximize weight loss, the smoothies are given in a particular frequency and sequence. Over the weeks, the ingredients are mixed in a prescribed ratio to ensure that the lost weight stays off for more.

First week:

Initially, the ebook provides a complete detail about why and how to include fruits, vegetables, and greens smoothies in your daily lifestyle. The fruit smoothies contain significantly less fat and are high in nutrients. You will cut on the extra calories but not on essential nourishment.

Second week:

The program introduces you to “Feel the Green on reaching this stage.” It means you will learn to prepare calorie-less smoothies. You will also learn about proteins, healthy fats, and fiber-rich greens to stay full for a longer time.

Third week:

During the last week, the ebook focuses on Metabolic Boosters to help reduce fat accumulation in your body. High amounts of fat in the body indicates poor metabolism. As per the smoothie diet reviews, the inclusion of fruits and vegetables boosts metabolic rate and burns more calories.


  1. Highly effective in losing weight and belly fat.
  2. Easy and quick to make smoothie recipes.
  3. Affordable diet program.
  4. Low-calorie count
  5. Inclusion of shopping lists
  6. Fat melting meal replacement smoothies
  7. Stabilized blood sugar


  1. The various veggies and fruits used for making the smoothie increase the calorie count.
  2. Having one solid meal can disturb the nutritional balance.

The delicious and healthy smoothies recipes do not take time and are compatible with the busy bees. The diet plan will begin with a three-day detox to flush out the toxins, followed by a meal replacement. You can quickly reduce a few pounds by following the smoothie diet.

Replace two of your meals with two smoothies and see the effective results. It is a 100 % all-natural weight loss diet free from various side effects.

Health Benefits of 21 Days Weight Loss Program

Like fast food and packaged food, unhealthy meals are behind various health problems. As mentioned above, this diet program is way more than just shedding the extra fat.

It can be an excellent approach to avoiding various chronic diseases prevailing throughout the world. So, you can protect yourself from the possible danger and take full benefit of the plan.

Check out why this diet regime is essential for your overall lifestyle change.

The smoothie diet not one benefits you by losing weight but improves your entire health mechanism. Drew Sgoutas have complied with the well-researched and specified ingredients to bring down the excessive pounds.

Aids Inflammation

The excess amounts of sugar and chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins found in processed food damage your digestive system. Such foods are responsible for the creation of chronic inflammation in the body.

The consumption of anti-inflammatory foods, such as leafy green, fruits, seeds, nuts, etc is essential to fight against such odds.

The recipes given in the 21 days smoothie program by Drew Sgoutas contain all the above ingredients important for the body. So sip green and healthy smoothies to get rid of inflammation without any hassle!

Regulates Diabetes

Controlling glucose levels and losing weight is a challenge for diabetic patients. The weight loss plan designed by the expert can help to regulate blood sugar levels. The ebook comes with 42 recipes that are diabetes-friendly.

Body Detox

Natural detox is executed by the organs of our body like kidneys, liver, etc. Along with this 21-day smoothie diet program, you will also get the added bonus strategy to flush out the toxins.

The high amount of nutrients and antioxidants in green smoothies can fasten the detoxification process in the body and help in cleansing. It works as a shield against various life-threatening diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Energy Booster

The thought of managing the hectic schedule without being tired is excellent but requires attention. When you release toxins from your body and add efficient nutrients, it helps in boosting metabolism and regulating energy levels.

The program is beneficial in regaining lost strength. You will even have enough quality time to spend with your loved ones. Not time-consuming at all.

Emphasis on Fruits and Vegetables

Natural fruits and vegetables will keep you away from artificial colors and sugar. The smoothies are rich in phytonutrients and low in calories. Including fruits and veggies helps adopt a healthy lifestyle and lose weight quickly.

This diet regime beats all the ordinary diet plans and follows the calorie-intake guidelines prescribed by the official health authorities.

Eliminates Unhealthy Meals

The smoothie diet will require you to cut on junk food and all processed food categories. It is a great way to remove unwanted calories from your routine and embrace all the nutrients in natural ingredients.

This benefits in terms of your health and increases your energy levels.

The Main Guide

  • Fat Burning 101The first section will guide you about obesity contributors. You will gradually understand why you should lose weight and opt for a healthy diet. The benefits of a smoothie diet will be explained to you in detail, and you will also realize how important it is to add small workouts to your day-to-day life.
  • Smoothie BasicsEverything you need to know about smoothies is right in this section, from choosing the kind of blender to how to buy a blender, from purchasing the fruits and veggies to effectively storing them. Once you are through with this section, you will have all the tricks to make the perfect smoothie. If you do not have the ingredients, you will also be stated about the alternatives.
  • What to ConsumeSuppose you have been wondering about replacing all your meals with smoothies, PAUSE. All you need to do is replace a few meals with these smoothies. You do not have to compromise on your favorite meals and can also have a cheat day. The guide has proper instructions on what solid food you can consume and what fast food you should avoid.

Bonus Boon

When you grab the 21-day life-transforming smoothie diet to lose weight, you also bring home the two bonus offers.

  1. 3-Day Smoothie DetoxThe detox program is the first bonus you receive with the 21-day smoothie diet. You can also do this before your 21-days regime. This is going to cleanse your body and give you ultimate results. This detox strategy is for rapid weight loss and resets your health when you missed on it. The plan contains three detox smoothies for three days with a list of all the ingredients. You also get to choose the recipes of your choice.
  2. Quick-Start GuideThe second bonus is a starting guide for your quick reference. It is a short guide but has all the necessary details to kick-start your weight reduction journey. The list of ingredients, intake schedule, smoothie recipes, etc., helps you begin with the new routine. A quick-start guide is a perfect tool for instant use.

Customer Feedback

People who found it extremely hard for themselves to get in shape have been amazed by the results and have turned their lives around with the smoothie diet.

The plan works as per your wants and needs and triumphs over average dietary schemes.

21 day smoothie diet
21-day smoothie diet

Dawn, who lost 14 pounds and regained her lost confidence, and Amanda, the mother of two, who lost 70 lbs, are astonished by the miraculous results of the smoothie diet.

Sarah dropped three pounds in three days. She mentioned in the review details that her skin was glowing, and she did not feel this kind of energy in years. The schedule and preparation of the diet complement her busy lifestyle, and she was more than happy to get hold of the smoothie regime.

Jade successfully kicked off 12 pounds in 21 days. She finally has the perfect toned body and more confidence than ever. She recommends this diet to anyone who wants to lose a little or a lot of weight.

It’s time for you to try out the 21-day smoothie diet and get the body of your dreams today; oh, wait! In 21-days.

Why Should You Say Yes to the 21-Day Smoothie Plan?

There are numerous fad diets available, but what makes the 21-day smoothie plan different? Well, losing weight is not equivalent to being healthy. The various diets might cut down some pounds but simultaneously hamper your immune system.

The smoothie regime caters to your body’s needs, and apart from reducing weight, it also regulates your overall health. It includes healthy nutrients from various groups of food. The smoothies aim at weight loss by reducing your daily calorie intake. By replacing a meal or two, you can restrict your daily calorie consumption.

This healthy dietary inclusion in your food habits brings a complete change in your lifestyle. The healthy weight loss journey is a slow process and takes a lot of patience and hard work. Start with simple changes in your routine and see what it brings.

The plan does not require any physical activities and takes a few days to transform your physique. It has worked wonders for thousands and is an apt solution for instant weight loss.


Can I continue on the smoothie diet plans after the completion of 21 days?

Yes, can continue the smoothie diet plan for weight loss even after the completion of 21 days.

If you still want to maintain a healthy change and weight, it is absolutely alright to continue the smoothie regime after 21-days of completion. A healthy lifestyle has more perks than weight loss.

Is this 21-day smoothie balanced diet program costly?

No, the 21 days smoothie program by Drew Sgoutas is not very costly. The recipes include inexpensive ingredients. There are too many pocket-friendly blenders in the market for easy use.

What makes smoothies ideal for dieting?

Replacing two meals of the day with smoothies reduces your calorie consumption. The calorie count with this change will be around 600-800, which is very less compared to the required daily calorie intake.

When you add a healthy liquid diet to your routine, it brings down the amount of high fat. This meal replacement plan is not only effective but a quick measure of your weight problems.

Will I regain weight after completing the program?

No. Since this 21-day diet plan will reduce your sweets and junk foods cravings, you can maintain a toned and healthy body forever. Thus, it is not a quick-fix solution to losing weight.

You can add smoothies to your regular dietary routine and put a full stop to weight gain.

Are the ingredients hard to find?

The fruits and veggies listed for the recipe are readily available in your nearby grocery store. The ingredients are natural blends you’ve been abandoning for a long.

Not only that but there is also an alternative list of ingredients in case the mentioned ones are not available at the very moment.

Is there any return policy?

If by any chance, the plan does not work out for you, which is not going to be the case, you are covered for 60 days. Drew Sgoutas believes in relationship building with his customers, and there is no need to pay if you are unsatisfied.

Can I take the plan with a busy schedule?

The diet plan is designed so that even if you are a busy bee, you can follow the diet without fail. The recipes do not demand all of your time.

You will not have to spend hours in the kitchen; the recipes are quick and can also be stored beforehand.

How much weight can be reduced in one week?

You can lose up to 8 lbs of weight in one week. But to that, you must take up the detox plan thoroughly. The three specially designed smoothies begin the action by resetting your metabolism.

As a result, the fat burns quickly and helps in rapid weight loss.

Can I cut the fruits and veggies beforehand?

If you are always in a hurry, you can cut the fruits and veggies the night before. So, all you need to do is put the things in a jar, blend and your smoothie is ready.

Final Verdict: Go for this eating plan!

Gain back your lost confidence by getting a slimmer body with the help of this 21-day smoothie diet program. Sign up for this eBook and Adieu obesity, post-pregnancy weight, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

As per health guidelines, consuming 1500 calories a day is acceptable for healthy weight loss. Sgoutas is here with his 21-days plan to help you get back in shape, keeping the protocols in mind.

The plan can change your life upside down and all on a positive front. It’s time for the struggle to disappear and bring in your permanent solution for weight problems. If you want to shed some weight and keep it off, go for this practice.

This weight-loss program is an easy and one-stop solution to stay fit! It has received validation from numerous customers and proved its accountability. So, are you up for taking the challenge and bring back the confident YOU?