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Smoothies are one of the healthiest drinks because of the range of healthy ingredients used to prepare them. So, following a 21 day, smoothie diet plan for weight loss can’t go wrong. In fact, it is beneficial for dieters in a plethora of ways. No wonder several people are happily switching to the healthy yet delicious smoothie diet plan.

Unless you live under a rock, you know the value of maintaining health through optimal weight by following a strict diet plan.

What is a 21 day smoothie diet plan?

As the name implies, the smoothie diet program is entirely based on smoothie recipes prepared using healthy ingredients like veggies and fruits. A properly blended smoothie is an ideal meal replacement to supply valuable nutrients to your body. The weight loss program can help you maintain healthy eating habits and lifestyle to lose weight successfully.

However, please do not consider that it’s only a liquid-based diet plan in which a person consumes only liquid calories. In the 21 day smoothie program, you are even given a choice to eat other meals. But you have to make sure they are calorie-free and fat-free to make the whole diet plan work effectively. So, instead of completely knocking out the meals from your day, switch one or two meals of your day with a healthy jar of smoothie.

Also, this innovative diet program is easy to follow for anyone aspiring to achieve a toned body. Are you trying to lose more weight after completing the 21 days plan? Well, you can adhere to the diet program for further more days until you reach your desired weight loss result. One or two smoothies a day can never cause any harm. Drink nutrient-rich green smoothies made of flavorful fruits and greens. Soon you’ll see a significant weight drop on your weighing scale.

21 Day Smoothie Diet Plan
21 Day Smoothie Diet Plan

About 21 Day Smoothie Diet eBook

The 21 day smoothie diet eBook is curated by Drew Sgoutas. He is a certified nutrition expert and health coach. With this guidebook, Drew Sgoutas aims to motivate people to achieve their weight loss goals. You can say goodbye to your poor eating regimen through this detailed ebook. The weight loss program contains a three-week schedule, 36 all-natural interesting smoothie ideas, and grocery lists of foods.

 21 day Smoothie diet
21 day Smoothie diet

The 21 day Smoothie diet program also includes comprehensive meal plans using the right nutritional ingredients for your daily meals. Moreover, you will find a daily schedule to prepare smoothies till 21 days of your diet program. Within a few days, your body will feel rejuvenated!

If you feel stuck somewhere during the diet plan, fret not! Dieters can book a one-on-one support health coach, Drew, who will resolve all your queries.

21 Day Smoothie Diet Plan
Meet Drew

This complete life-transformation program is divided into three stages.

First week:

Initially, the e-Book provides a complete detail about why and how to include fruits, vegetables, and greens smoothies in your daily lifestyle.

Second week:

On reaching this stage, the program introduces you to “Feel the Green.” It means you will learn to prepare calorie-less smoothies. You will also learn about proteins, healthy fats, fiber-rich greens to stay full for a longer time.

Third week:

During the last week, the e-Book focuses on Metabolic Boosters to help reduce fat accumulation in your body.

Highly effective in losing weight and belly fat.The use of various veggies and fruits increases the calorie count of the smoothies.
Easy and quick to make smoothie recipes.Only one solid meal consumption can affect nutrition balance.
Affordable diet program.

Health Benefits of 21 Days Weight Loss Program

Unhealthy meals, like fast food and packaged food, are the reason behind various health problems. As mentioned above, the smoothie diet program is a lot more than just shedding the extra fat. It can be a good approach to stay away from various chronic diseases common prevailing throughout the world. So, protect yourself or improve your health after following a smoothie diet.

Check out how this diet regime can bring a difference to your overall lifestyle.

Aids Inflammation

Consuming excess amounts of sugar, chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins found in unhealthy food are harms your digestive system. Thus, such foods create chronic inflammation in the body.

To fight inflammation in your body, you need to add anti-inflammatory foods, such as leafy green, fruits, seeds, nuts, etc. The recipes given in the 21 days smoothie program by Drew Sgoutas contain all these primary ingredients. So sip green, tasty smoothies, and get rid of inflammation hassle-free!

Regulates Diabetes

Controlling glucose levels and losing weight is a challenge for diabetic patients. But without any complications, this weight loss eBook can help regulate their blood sugar levels as it comes with 42 diabetes-friendly smoothie recipes.

Body Detox

Organs like kidneys, liver, lungs, and gut allow the body to detox naturally. Along with this 21 day smoothie diet program, subscribers will get a three-day detox program that helps to expel waste from the body. The high amount of nutrients and antioxidants in green smoothies can amp up the detoxification process for your organs and blood. Thus, it will protect you from chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and digestive issues.

Energy Booster

Today’s hectic lifestyle demands energy to manage everything without getting tired. Releasing toxins from your body by adding the proper nutrients to your diet plan further boosts energy and metabolism both.
Thus, you’ll get back your lost strength with the program. You will even have enough time to spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy some fun time.


Can I extend the smoothie diet plan after 21 days?

Yes, there is no harm in following the smoothie diet plan for weight loss after completing 21 days period. People who want to shed off more body weight can safely extend the program for a few more weeks or months as per their weight loss goals.

Is this 21 day smoothie diet program costly?

No, the 21 days smoothie program by Drew Sgoutas is a cost-effective option. The recipes include inexpensive ingredients. Also, you can easily find a budget-friendly blender in the market to make smoothies.

What makes smoothies ideal for dieting?

On average, women need about 1200 calories, and men need about 1500 calories daily. Generally, a glass of smoothie contains 300 – 400 calories. So replacing your two meals of a day with fruits-vegetables smoothies means you will be consuming only 600 – 800 calories per day. Also, a nutrient-rich liquid diet removes high-fat and junk food from your eating regime. Thus, this meal replacement plan is an effective and quick way for weight loss.

Will I regain weight after completing the program?

No. Since this 21 day smoothie diet plan will reduce your sweets and junk foods cravings; you can maintain a toned and healthy body forever. Thus, it is not a quick-fix solution to lose weight. You can balance the smoothie and regular meals in your daily routine without gaining back the lost calories.

Final Verdict

Gain back your lost confidence by getting a slimmer body with the help of this 21 day smoothie diet program. Sign up for this eBook and say goodbye to obesity, post-pregnancy weight, and an unhealthy lifestyle. The weight-loss program is an easy and one-stop solution to stay fit!
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