12 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet – Reviews + Buying Guide

Basketball is one of the most admired sports, where movements of the legs are a lot and balancing is one crucial factor. For this, better support to the feet is necessary even when the player with flat feet, i.e., the one with no arch from the bottom of the feet.

There are no issues in playing basketball with flat feet apart from understanding that this situation makes the player vulnerable to ankle or plantar fasciitis injuries. Therefore choosing the right pair of flat feet basketball shoes is essential.

Factors to consider before purchasing best basketball shoes for flat feet:

Before going ahead and buying flat feet basketball shoes, it is necessary to understand what factors need to be considered in the pair of shoe structure to make it the perfect choice for your flat feet without affecting your excellent performance in the field.

1 Arch support:

To balance the body weight when standing upright, feet arch support plays a crucial role. This arch absorbs the shock to make it easy to quickly go to the next movements.

In the case of basketball, foot movement plays a significant role; hence in the case of flat feet, basketball shoes have good stability, and a firm midsole is looked for to perform better.

2 Cushioned footbed:

Along with proper arch support, the shoe base has a proper cushion in the internal heel counter, ankle areas, and forefoot.

Appropriately footwear protection from all sides with lightweight phylon foam midsole or other kinds makes it easy and fast to take the spot and score the basket.

In the case of the ones with flat feet, having an optimum cushion base and padded heel collar is a necessity.

3 Right basketball shoes:

The stress over using the right fit for your feet will always be there with zoom air unit breathability, as inappropriate fittings will make your foot movements wrong, making it a chance for injuries.

Per the professional recommendations, your shoes for flat feet must have at least a gap of 1 centimeter at the forefoot between the shoe and the longest toe. Also, your shoe’s width should be optimum enough to keep the feet’ movements free.

Going for an extra size is recommended if you consider putting in shoe inserts or insoles.

4 Traction:

It is essential to have the best basketball shoe pair for flat feet with excellent traction to make spontaneous movements easier without causing movements.

Traction is the shoe part that makes contact with the ground and comprises the outer sole and material used in making the shoe. What matters is the shoes for flat feet offer comfort from the inside and excellent grip from the outside.

For optimum traction performance, mostly herringbone pattern is preferred.

5 Comfort and Durability:

When going for shoes for flat feet in situations where sports are involved, what matters most is the comfortable movements of basketball players in the shoes that let them play for a long time with the same efficient performance shoes.

Therefore, while choosing the right shoe, a flat footer must consider both the comfort and long life of the shoe.

Top 12 options to go for the best basketball shoes for flat feet:

When all the factors are understood, choosing from the options that fulfill your requirements and offer the maximum possible comfort becomes easy.

After going through the hustle of choosing to save you from it, here are the top 12 well-researched options for you to consider and choose from depending on the suitability criteria you have created for yourself.

Nike Men’s Air Force 1 ’07 An20 Basketball Shoe

Nike Men’s Air force is one of the best basketball shoes for flat feet as it offers great support and the latest design model to go with the trend. This option is available in many colors to go for. The brand has given its best for basketball shoes for flat footers.


  • Silhouette classic roots
  • Leather upper
  • Suede heel counter with stitching details
  • classic style
best basketball shoes for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet


  • great traction
  • excellent design to go with the trend
  • perfect fit
  • offers comfort in case of long hours



  • It might seem a bit overpriced for some
  • Less cushioning for flat feet

Design and comfort have been a great attraction in the case of shoes that provide the needed comfort and great traction, making them good basketball shoes for flat foot support.

Nike Women’s Basketball Shoes

This vintage old-school shoe has offered excellent results to all ladies playing basketball. These basketball shoes possess a fantastic design and sporty look, especially for women in sports. The color choice is also wide, but the base remains white in most cases.


  • Vintage midsole finish
  • Foam tongue
  • Sleek design
  • Simple maintenance
best basketball shoes for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet


  • rubber sole
  • more cushioning
  • ample support
  • lightweight materials



  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • It takes too much time to get comfortable in

These shoes are good to use for long hours or for school every day due to offer comfort and a vintage look that suits everything from sportswear and everyday uniform. As the shoes from the sportswear category provide solid traction, their performance is excellent in the field or gym.

Men’s Ownthegame 2.0 Basketball Shoe

This is one best basketball shoe that works amazingly on the hardwood floor with an excellent textured rubber sole grip and allows the players to score baskets from the moment of being on the floor surface.


  • textile make
  • mesh material on the upside
  • vibrant colors
  • extra support cushioning
best basketball shoes for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet


  • adequate support
  • air circulation shoe makes
  • ample cushioning
  • extremely lightweight
  • rubber outsole



  • The Midfoot shank plate is painful and hard
  • Not suitable for narrow feet

The most unique part of the shoe is making recycled material to end plastic waste as a sustainable step. 20% of the upper side is made up of recycled content. Also, the color and breathability help it top the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes

This is also an addition to the best basketball shoes for flat feet that offers high-quality integrated weaving in combination with a hot melt process that reduces the discomfort of the foot and offers impact protection from the pain of loose support and excellent traction that suits outdoor courts.


  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  • multiple color choice
  • anti-slip outsole
  • outstanding cushioning
best basketball shoes for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet


  • lightweight material
  • comfortable textile lining
  • trendy design model
  • the high unique lacing system
  • padded heel collar lockdown system



  • Shoes lack durability for some
  • It might not be a perfect fit for all

The shoe offers an anti-slip characteristic, and in case of any difficulty, the brand has promised support where you can reach them easily and resolve the issue for you. The shoe is of great make that supports lateral movements, too, making the chances of spraining low with excellent support to the feet in the game.

Under Armour Unisex-Adult Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe

This product of Under Armour is one of the best basketball shoes for flat feet that offers tough rides and durability in the game. It has been designed by keeping in mind the on-court movements basketball players do and how much support they require.


  • Plush stock liner
  • TPU film cap for toe protection
  • breathable mesh upper
  • rubber outsole on the outside
best basketball shoes for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet


  • suitable for wide feet
  • lightweight product
  • comfortable fit
  • rubber sole better traction



  • It does not offer a perfect fit
  • Durability is not as expected
  • lacks arch support

Nike Men’s AIR Force 1 ’07 Basketball Shoes

Nike has created another great product and added it to the best basketball shoe pair list, offering great performance to fiends and support and comfort to use them anywhere. Compared with other shoes, it has been performing well in the courts.


  • 100% leather vamp
  • attractive color choices
  • excellent make
  • easy to maintain
best basketball shoes for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet


  • great support
  • comfortable leather
  • Goof size fit
  • top foot support



  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • Difficult to get in and out of feet

This is one of the great products with comfort and foot support, especially in case of flat feet issues. These shoes have shown promising results on fields, and they can be used otherwise off the field daily.

Nike Women’s Basketball Shoes

This is another product that Nike has gotten into the market to make it easy for women to get into the field and give a tough fight. There are amazing colors for women with great comfort and arch support.


  • synthetic leather
  • leather sole
  • rubber outsole traction
  • trendy design
best basketball shoe for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet


  • Leather sole protection
  • Great support
  • right fit
  • gives a little extra height



  • A bit hard on the feet
  • It comes with a narrow fit

This shoe product is an excellent offer of Nike with leather made with a rubber outsole to offer great traction and arch support. This durable shoe pair has a long life that goes well and suits all situations, from court performance to daily wear.

Nike Air Visi Pro 4 VI Basketball Shoes

This is one sleek design product of Nike that comes in black color and a great comfortable fit. These shoes have great traction support that resists slipping accidents and provides excellent grip in any situation.


  • Comfortable fit
  • attractive color options
  • Proper traction support
  • mid-top type
best basketball shoe for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet


  • Good fit in sizes
  • It goes well even for workouts
  • Durable option
  • great support outer sole



  • Not suitable for long hours in excessive use
  • Heel counter padding from the inside falls weak

These basketball shoes fall under the category of proper footwear in the case of court basketball games. Apart from the long working hours and continuous use, the shoes have great performance in offering stability in courts, whether outdoors or indoor courts. The balancing is nice, and traction also helps a lot.

Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap IV Basketball Shoes

This is again a great shoe pair offered by Nike in the case of basketball shoes that offers various colors to choose from and comfortable features that make it stand out in the game performance. This pair is also an affordable prized range to go for in the case of affordability.


  • good narrow feet
  • great fabric
  • lightweight option
  • excellent traction
best basketball shoe for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet


  • great quality
  • proper fit
  • well-cushioned padding
  • adequate traction



  • It takes a long time to break-in
  • Not working out well for wide feet

This is considered the best shoe pair to take out into the field and enjoy the time running around the hoops. It offers a great grip for spontaneous jumps and landing and a comfortable fitting.

Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes for flat feet

This is also a great choice for flat feet, as one of the best shoes offered by Nike. They have returned the vintage style with a trendy design to make people feel old school again. This is one midsole type that comforts the flat footers.


  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  • Vintage style with a trendy look
  • midsole comfort
  • retro comfort with a good grip
best basketball shoe for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet


  • Fine size fit
  • Comfy sole
  • Durable option
  • great look



  • Heel counter bedding issues
  • The shoe material is not as per expectation

These shoes are a great choice to make in case of fun outdoor basketball games. It has an adequate grip and is comfortable, protecting the feet appropriately and preventing sudden injuries or twisting incidents.

PEAK Men’s Basketball Shoes for flat feet

This is one high-performing product of the Peak that works better in the field with comfortable cushioning and flexible fittings. This pair is known for supporting sports movements and properly balancing body weight.


  • Combination of leather and knit fabric
  • Prevents sweaty feet situations
  • anti-slipping material
  • the rubber sole on the outside
best basketball shoes for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet


  • stylish design
  • unique lacing design
  • adequate grip
  • helpful for wide feet



  • Durability is in question
  • Not easy to lose the dirt

These shoes stood out the court performance in basketball for the stability it offers and arch support to the flat footers. This is a lightweight option with sweat-prevention and breathability material, and it possesses anti- rollover system to prevent slipping mishaps.

Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV Basketball Shoes

This is one of the stylish options given out by Nike to ensure the standing out of the players on the court. Though the comforting features have made it in the list for flat footers, colors and design have attracted many.


  • Strong built
  • good padding
  • amazing style and look
  • strong grip on games
best basketball shoes for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet


  • Comfortable cushion
  • Durable outsole
  • excellent balance
  • great ankle support



  • It might not suit the large or wide feet

FAQs: Best basketball shoes for flat feet

Q.1 Can you play basketball if you have flat feet?

Yes, anyone with flat feet can pursue basketball and aim to get to the professional playing level. There are already many high-rank achievers playing with flat feet. What matters is how much effort you put into comforting your feet with the right shoes for flat feet.

Q.2 Which shoes are best for flat feet?

Many brands provide options for flat footers, but Nike, Adidas, Peak, and under armor are the brands showing their top performances in the field. Otherwise, Air Jordan, Hoka, Asics and brooks are the brands that are coming up with the best possible flat feet comforting options.

Q.3 Which shoes are best for basketball?

Nike’s new season, Puma hoops, Adidas shoes, Fila, and some other names will also top the list for offering excellent traction basketball shoes. Each brand is working at its best to provide the best basketball shoes for the pursuers that will help them perform better and achieve greater.

Q.4 Do basketball shoes have good support?

Of course, When basketball players are on the field looking for the spot, what makes them score is the excellent support their shoes offer them and balance their body weight properly. In this case, durable adiwear outsole and debossed toe cap-featured shoes are good.

Q.5 Do Jordan 1s have arch support?

The shoes for flat feet need arch support and traction, which AJ1 still possesses even when the design has been outdated, and many sneaker options are giving better performance on the outdoor courts. AJ1 can let you play better in the courts in case of very minimal choice.

Q.6 Why does AF1 have holes?

This is one best basketball shoes that offer many features, but the holes on the forefoot part of the shoe have been a great attraction providing breathability features to those who wear it. Those holes keep the airflow maintained to let the skin breathe.

Q.7 Are Jordan insoles glued?

Jordan insoles are glued most of the time, but the adhesive they use for the matter is very light, and anyone can pull insoles out with hand pressure in the proper direction over the shoes for flat feet.

Q.8 Can you put insoles in Jordan 1s?

Jordan insoles are lightly glued to the inner material, which is removable with optimum pressure; hence, it makes it possible to insert the insoles in Jordan when changing it. If you wish to go for special doctor-suggested insoles, these shoes might help.

Q.9 Is it OK to remove insoles?

Not always, but in the case where shoes start feeling tight around the feet and making it uncomfortable to perform the activities. In cases like this, to create space, removing insoles is viable to make the proper space in the basketball shoes for flat feet.

Q.10 Are Nike insoles glued?

Yes, Nike insoles are glued to the bottom with optimum glue and not stitched to it, but having it like that doesn’t completely make the shoe original. To ensure the shoe’s originality, you can check the stain at the shoe’s insole or midsole and use more than sufficient adhesive.

Q.11 Should I wear insoles for flat feet?

It is suggested to wear insoles or custom orthotics in the case of flat feet as this way, feet remain well protected from prone ankle or plantar fasciitis injuries. Insoles relieve the person from pain, offer excellent traction, and great arch support to balance the body’s weight and make the movements quick.

Q.12 Do you put Dr. Scholls on top of the insoles?

The answer to this question depends on the person’s comfort and the space available inside the best basketball shoes for flat feet. In case of space at the internal midfoot shank insole can be inserted above it. It must allow easy movements for the person with enough space inside.

Q.13 Are shoe inserts worth it?

Inserts are the most comfortable way to relieve foot pain and walk better. It relieves the person from pain by positioning the feet healthily and preventing possible injuries to ankles, knees, or legs. Of course, when used properly, inserts make it very much simple for a person when walking, jogging, or running.

Q.14 Should insoles hurt at first?

No. Using the insoles must offer you a feeling of comfort from the very beginning; otherwise, the option you have chosen for yourself is not right. Changing them immediately is suggested as it can hurt the arches and create foot injuries.

Q.15 Do insoles make shoes tighter?

Insoles need not make the shoes for flat feet tighter as they are used to fill up the space in the shoe and offer you better support. But if the space in the shoe is less, or the shoes for flat feet are of the exact size, it might feel tight after putting insoles.

Q.16 What to wear in shoes for flat feet?

There are many options to go for to relieve the pain or bring comfort while playing the games. The shoes must be chosen carefully while choosing the option that offers stability, arch support, and weight balancing during the games. Options to be considered are insoles, Custom orthotics, heel support, and mid-sole comfort.

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