14 Best Shoes For Orange Theory: Reviews & Guide – October 2022

No matter how much you try to do it in a possibly unique way, you will not be able to surpass the exercise when it comes to losing weight. Therefore, it is necessary to make it an interesting daily routine event where you don’t have to push yourself to sweat, but you will love it too. And what is better than losing unnecessary fat and gaining muscle with the same exercises?

There are many options to do it, but one of the great options is to go for cross-training to lose weight faster with consistently improving the intensity of your workouts. This is achievable with the help of orange theory fitness very simply with the use of proper guidance from the trainers.

What is orange theory fitness?

Orangetheory is a fitness class that works around heart rate-based interval training that ranges from 45, 60, and 90 minutes of sessions with a personalized, curated workout.

This is a full-body workout program where workouts are focused on endurance building, strength gaining, power or ESP. It also includes the weight lifting curated in lift45 that allows you to focus on either part of the body as per the choice in the upper body or lower body.

How does the orange theory of fitness work?

Orange Theory is a fun activity that helps you remain active and healthy throughout time, along with helping you lose weight.

It has curated the 5 zones denoted by colors depending upon the heart rate, beginning with gray denoting resting, blue as easy, green as challenging, orange as uncomfortable, and red denotes all-out.

The color on the denote changes as much as you push yourself harder and go up each stage. Also, it rewards 12 splat points for each minute spent in the orange and red zone to keep the motivation on.

The red zone is taken as the topmost level of the workout, where you will be spending each and last ounce of energy on getting the goal done.

What kind of shoes should be preferred for the orange theory fitness program?

Due to the involvement of high-intensity programs, it is recommended by the people involved in programs or the trainers to go for cross-training shoes to get the most efficient results.

This exercise is about complete body workouts: running, rowing, fast waking, and lifting. To get all this right, you will need some shoes with cushioned soles, slim silhouettes, and a stable design for the training.

As the activities involved in the exercise, cross-training shoes are performing better in every case giving better results. However, it is necessary to look for what suits you better to perform in the wear at your best.

When so many things are involved in the training, mostly running and fast walking, shoes that suit the needs of these two options should be tried for the orange theory fitness program. Yet while going for a purchase, you must know what points to consider.

Top 14 best shoes for orange theory to choose from: reviews and guide

As mentioned before, to make the shoe-finding process hustle-free for you, below is the curated list with the most compatible cross-training shoe pairs for the orange theory fitness program. The list goes from the most favorable options to adequately comfortable ones depending on the checkboxes it ticks off for you.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

This is one of the best cross-training shoes to go for that comes with the ortholite sockliner and offers maximum comfort even in the case of intensive training. There are many colors to go for as per the choice.

This brand option has been considered the best shoes for orange theory fitness programs for its cushioning from other shoes.


  • synthetic materials with mesh upper

  • gel cushioning at the rearfoot

  • comfortable insoles

  • comfortable shoes fitting

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • enough room

  • right size foot shape fit

  • wider toe box

  • extremely lightweight



Durability might be an issue for some

Does not fit perfectly in size

These shoes have been performing great with the gel cushioning system at the heel counter. Also, these shoes use ortholite sock liner in the material to offer comfort at its best. In the case of the intensive cross-training workout, the shoes offer a comfortable fit with free movements.

The shoe’s outsole is made for trials which helps it push the limit over the treadmills while running at a specifically designed pattern. It provides excellent traction to users when in the intensive mode of workouts.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

This is one previous version of the ASICS gel-venture that also performs better in cross-training with growing intensity. It offers the customers to replace the sock liner with a medical orthotic one in case of such needs.

The colors offered are vibrant and come with a sleek design to go with the trend.


  • Synthetic and mesh upper construction

  • Gel cushioning

  • rubber outsole

  • comfort offering fitting

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • great arch support

  • adequate traction

  • great fit

  • enough cushioning



  • less durable than expected

  • cushion at the toe box wears off easily

Cushioning of these shoes has been great at shock absorption when impacted and yet provides a better and quick change in the movements while maintaining the balance and offering stability. Gel cushioning of the training shoes has proven to be advantageous for many during cross-training.

Under Armour Men’s Charged Commit Tr 3: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

This product of under armour comes with great stability and weight balancing when it comes to the category of cross-training shoe pairs to use as intensive cross-training shoes.

Cushioning of the shoes offers great shock absorption micro g foam midsole foot saddle in case of swift motions. Style of the brand’s shoes and the orange theory fitness program features.


  • one piece mesh upper

  • stiff heel stability

  • lacing system

  • breathable mesh material

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • Comfortable fit

  • suitable for wide flat feet

  • anti slip good traction

  • padded tongue



  • No removable insole

  • Might not work long hours daily

This is a good shoe for the intensive workout with an external heel counter to provide better support to the feet from heel to toe, drop stability of movements, and protection. Rubber outsole is a great shoe option for better stability and heel-hugging protection.

Many have used these as intensive training shoes that provide underfoot comfort and prevent slipping accidents.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 8: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

This option for cross-training shoes is an advanced version of the ASICS gel 7 with some improved features to make it a perfect pair for intensive workout shoes. It has a rubber outsole for traction that minimizes slipping accidents and provides great grips in intensive training to suit both narrow feet as well as wide feet.

As with other shoes of ASICS even, this option is available in many colors to go with the trendy design.


  • synthetic material make

  • gel cushioning technology

  • outer sole in rubber

  • durable traction

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • Comfortable fit

  • Stable option

  • superior breathability

  • amazing support



  • It might not last long as expected

  • not true to the general size

The shoe makes exploring the outdoors very comfortable as it performs similarly to high-intensity workout shoes. The gel-cushioned technology of the ASICS has been fetched forward in this option to offer better padding to the user when working off the road or on the road.

The shoes’ outer sole has prevented loose grip issues in all cases. The foot feel offered by these shoes is very comfortable and soft to use in orange theory high-intensity workouts.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 8: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

ASICS has been very considerate with the options curated for women with the same features to go ahead and achieve the goal. This running shoe is also a product the brand gives for better stability and excellent performance during workouts involving higher intensity and consistent growth.

The traction provided by the shoes has been giving more significant results for use in a high-intensity orange theory fitness program where cross-training shoes are highly preferable. Due to this getting the treadmill or other high-intensity involvements without any worries is possible.


  • heel-to-toe drop

  • synthetic overlays

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole

  • Gel cushioning

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • Wide feet toe box

  • comfortable fit

  • Abrasion resistant sole

  • great support and protection



  • Size fitting issues

  • might need padding for arch support

For people with sweating issues, this running shoe pair might help. The material of the shoe offers excellent features with a level of airflow inside the shoes, protecting them from slipping in case of sweating. The gel cushioning has always provided the optimum support to the feet, ensuring they stay free from injuries.

The brand has also offered these running shoes in multiple color choices with great pair-making.

New Balance Men’s 608 V5: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

This is the product of New Balance, designed specifically to work better during intensive workouts that involve heavy lifting. This leather upper protects the feet and shoes when involved in continuous training.

The sole of the shoe also offers first-class grip protection when on the tread or the roads outside, helping with adequate shock absorption of the sudden impact and bouncing back the energy to push further to achieve the goals.


  • Leather make

  • midsole aiding cushion

  • trendy look designed specifically

  • lightweight option

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • comfortable cross trainers

  • qualitative construction

  • long life endurance

  • optimum cushioning



  • Size fitting can be an issue for some foot types

  • Insole wearing off quite early

These running shoes offer a premium quality insert that makes wearing shoes and being in them for long hours easy. It provides optimum padding to them and ensures that the feet stay in the proper position the whole time.

The midsole made of the shoes keeps the moving of feet forward, backward, or lateral with proper support no matter how much swift motions are involved. This excellent shoe feature absorbs the shock as soon as it forcefully impacts the shoes and the feet. All in all, this pair is one good choice to go for a full-body workout intensively.

New Balance Women’s 577 V4: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

This shoe pair is one great option given by New Balance as training shoes for cross-training, especially when the higher intensity of the workout is involved and the use is much more frequent over the tread and rowing.

The midsole make of the shoe has been great at impactful shock absorption, making it easy for the user to go ahead and push to achieve a better score and decided goals.

To make it more comfortable, the brand offers a lace front to keep it tight over the feet so that it remains in place even in long-hour wear.


  • Rubber outer sole

  • lacing system for convenience

  • synthetic and mesh materials make

  • ultra-soft cushioning

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • fit for flat feet

  • durable cross-training shoes

  • great trendy design

  • soft foam midsole

  • long hour performance



  • limited air circulation

  • hard heel bottom support

Many have been loving this pair of training shoes due to the midsole’s soft cushioning of the shoe that keeps the foot arch protected from impacting intensity and quick motion. This also protects the leg joints to save injuries and joint pains even when continuously involved in high-intensity training programs.

The brand also offers the memory sole insert to make the moves more convenient and padding better to absorb the impact of the shock involved.

Reebok Women’s Nano X: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

Reebok nano cross-training shoes have been preferred by many to go for workouts involving long-distance running over the tread as well as involving weight lifts. The balancing and soft structure of the running shoes has been a feature to the advantage that makes it an excellent fit for the orange theory fitness program.

These running shoes have come up with the feature of midfoot support that offers long-lasting stability and keeps the foot in the same position and safer inside even when the impact coming their way is high intensity with quick motions and shifting of weight.


  • upper of the shoe is made of woven textile

  • stable midfoot cage

  • designed specifically for fitness

  • lace tying structure

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • excellent pair with a grip

  • durable option

  • comfortable midfoot

  • arch support



  • take time to break in

  • the fitting issue with some feet type

Midsole cushioning is a great feature of the running shoe pair to be involved in the high-intensity workout with arch support and protection.

In case of a wrong choice, many issues are foreseeable with health, like joint pain, shin splints, or foot issues, but with this pair of shoes, the user need not be worried about anything.

PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

This is also a great option for high-intensity training like orangetheory, which involves and focuses more on the cross fit. This option is fit for a cross-training shoe pair and the budget o any average person looking forward to being on the fitness journey.

This running shoe pair has been performing great at absorbing the shocks at the heel and providing the user with stable movements choice.


  • make of synthetic leather

  • ortholite liner

  • easy to put on

  • stable midfoot shack

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • attractive make

  • long hour support

  • optimum soft cushion

  • lightweight option



  • might not suit narrow feet

  • noisy when walking with

This running shoe pair has been a great option given by puma, with a proper midsole fit, arch support, and long life to ensure the user’s endurance while working on the treadmill.

These come with excellent rubber sole traction to keep the speed high and protect the user from slip accidents or grip issues that might occur as the speed increases. This traction is known for absorbing the impact as soon as it hits before reaching the foot.

Reebok Men’s Nano X1: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

These cross trainers have been the choice of many as they are designed for the versatility of the workouts, including the ones that make the orange theory fitness program a choice. The trendy design of running shoes has gained great popularity along with its features.

This option is considered the best shoe for the orange theory that offers everything in a product, such as a great fit, comfortable movements, stability, and nice protective support from all sides.

This makes achieving higher-intensity goals easy for the user when running at speed on the treadmill. Speed has been a special feature of the product anyway.


  • traction rubber sole

  • lightweight cushioning

  • flex weave upper make

  • durable inside

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • Great traction

  • the comfortable room toe box

  • stable fitting

  • trendy looks



  • Loose construction issues

  • it takes a longer time to break in

Comfortable soft cushioning keep the feet protected in the shoes, whereas supporting material offers stability in case of heavy lifting or long-distance running in the shoes. These are curated carefully to absorb better shocks when they hit the surface of the feet without turning it into a falling accident.

It feels great to be in a comfortable, fit pair of shoes while achieving the desired goal of fitness without worrying about possible injuries. This option is also a lightweight one to go for when going for high-intensity workout programs.

Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Trainers: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

This is another option to go for women in the case of the orange theory fitness program, especially when you are starting out.

These shoes are available in sleek designs to suit any kind of trend and offer the best possible results with the in-built features given by the brand. The shoes’ outsole performs better with grip offering and comfortable movements.


  • Outer sole of rubber

  • designed specifically for impacted workouts

  • breathable mesh material

  • extra padding at the heel

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • Great traction

  • Adequate stability support

  • affordable option

  • great cushioning



  • It takes time to break in

  • Durability might be an issue

These shoes offer heel-to-toe drops, especially from the arch, to make them a great suit for swift movements during running or other intensive exercises. The energy foam retention technology of the shoes provides foot shape retention for narrow heels and wide toe boxes. It has been an excellent option for beginners when the pressure is a little bit low and will increase as per the performance.

Reebok Men’s Nanoflex: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

These shoes are of synthetic makes and come with a flexible outsole that offers amazing and full coverage of movements that might go lateral, backward, or forward in swift motions, especially when used in the case of high-intensity workouts.

Many prefer this reebok option as it offers great cushioning and comfortable fitting for the feet. Gripping of the shoes is also good when it comes to relieving the spot in swift seconds.


  • designed for workouts

  • synthetic material making

  • mesh breathable construction

  • heel clip and midsole protection

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • good fit

  • adequate comfort

  • necessary traction

  • great material built



  • size fitting issues

  • opening of the shoe might go narrow for some

These shoes are designed for versatile workouts where sweating issues are involved for many, and hence to resolve this, they have come up with breathable material which maintains the airflow and keeps the sweating at the lowest possible. Therefore feet remain in the right position throughout the orange theory workouts.

Ryka Women’s Vivid RZX: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

These cross-trainers are built with the intention of high-intensity workout performance. The shoe has been built to offer the user comfort, support, and stability when performing high-intensity workouts.

To make it a durable option, the brand has combined the breathable mesh with leather at the toe, which maintains airflow and keeps the shoe strong throughout the workouts for a long time.


  • designed for HIIT

  • flexible to movements

  • heel protecting cushioning

  • combination of mesh and faux

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • great looks

  • good to go fit

  • comfortable make

  • great breathability



  • Sole fitting seems loose

  • The fabric might be a problem for some

The shoe’s outer sole has been showing a great performance by offering the flexibility of movements and pivot points to make the quick turn easy and smooth. Also, the grip of the shoe has been great and supportive.

WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer: Best Shoes For Orange Theory

When it comes to being involved in high-intensity training classes or workouts performance of the shoes matters a lot, and to make a right choice, this has come up with the best shoes for orange theory, where even lifting is involved.

This brand has developed a vegan-friendly shoe option to step towards sustainability.


  • the sole of the rubber on the outside

  • adaptive material

  • vegan-friendly make

  • flexible sole

best shoes for orange theory
Best Shoes For Orange Theory


  • great with long hours

  • stable fit

  • comfortable sole

  • adequate grip



  • No heel-to-toe drop

  • might not go with wide toes

This shoe pair option has been great to go for due to the comfortable making and minimal construction around it. The design is also sleek to go with the current trends, and the wide choice of color combinations is also an advantage.

What factors to consider while buying cross-training shoes for orange theory?

When choosing the right shoe pair for your workout, whether it is orangetheory fitness or other, what matters the most is how much your feet are comfortable as they have to balance the whole body weight during the workout sessions. Here are some points to understand and keep in mind to simplify this purchasing process.

Also, the list below contains the best shoes for orange theory to choose from.

Type of cross-training shoe:

While picking the shoes for the orangetheory fitness program, it will not benefit you to get any shoe pair, but you will need to consider what exercises will be involved.

In orange theory fitness, the most intensive exercises need specifically designed cross-training shoes to manage your body balance well. At the same time, the pair allows you forward, backward and lateral movement easily.

Cushioned sole:

Cushioned sole is one of the most essential parts to consider while buying the best shoes for orange theory, as the midsole construction of the shoe will offer your feet most of the protection. The cushioned base makes it easier to move across and decreases the chances of injuries.

When you have ample cushion below your feet, quick shifts seem fearless, and the comfort remains the same, but you must try them on and walk a bit to ensure and get comfortable shoes.


This is also crucial to look for, which will prevent you from getting into slip-and-fall accidents with great rubber outsole. While getting into orange theory, looking for shoes that offer a quick grip holding and letting go is necessary, which also prevents many falls.

The sole of the shoe is that part that remains in contact with the floor for a long and is the first one to show signs of wearing off; hence while making an investment watching out for a durable rubber outsole is important.


Generally, when a proper shoe pair from cross training shoe section is selected, it offers adequate support for foot movements. But it is necessary to look for try them on and ensure it has proper arch support, toe box, and correct heel-to-toe drop to offer the needed stability.

It is suggested to go for the extra support option when considering the options with other shoes. These supportive shoes make the workout easy by offering all-sided protection and great stability.


When investing enough to buy the best workout shoes for yourself is expected to last longer and offer efficient results. A great shoe pair is taken as the one that goes long-distance running.

It is said that passing a suitable rubber outsole from the bottom makes the shoe last in long-distance running and offers enough traction while working out.

It is a much-known fact that in the case of high-intensity training with adequate consistency, shoes tend to wear off easily, hence looking for the options that come with a longer life is necessary.


In the case of the orange theory workout, sweating is much more, which might get your feet wet and slippery in the very short term from the beginning making it very difficult to wipe them clean and keep the feet cool.

Therefore the option shoes chosen must possess highly breathable mesh upper or other material with excellent airflow components, which will keep the feet airy and less sweaty to last till the end of the workout.


Flexible sole or shoes is one important factor when your feet are involved in many actions. When you are engaged in an intense workout, all the body’s pressure is upon the feet, allowing you to shift the motion when needed quickly.

In such cases, your shoes must be adequately flexible to offer enough arch support flexibility to absorb the impact of such movements.

Comfortable running shoes:

Having a comfortable pair over your feet is important when involved in intensive workouts for more than an hour. This comfortable pair will protect you from all possible injuries with optimum padding to support movements and shock absorption.

The orange theory is known for the intensity and sweating during the period, making it necessary to choose the pair that will support you instead of poking.

Responsive shock absorption:

The orange theory involves many quick movements and higher-intensity workouts. Getting workout shoes that can sustain quick motion and provide enough arch support and shock absorption is needed.

A shoe pair with quick shock absorption, solid grip, a well-cushioned sole, and flexibility is the most responsive one for you to choose for the orange theory.

Budget for running shoe pair:

This is one of the most considerable points to decide before purchasing the best shoes for the orange theory.

When you start exploring correctly and consider all the above points, options come with features and fit well in the budget plan. Also, there are some fantastic options to go for with double check thinking of it as a long-term investment.


Q.1 What should I wear to Orangetheory?

As long as it is workout training gear, anything can be worn over the gym for working out. As it is a workout program, a t-shirt with leggings or shorts is okay with a jacket over it. What matters the most is wearing workout shoes that offer g working out.

Q.2 Can you lose weight with Orangetheory?

The orange theory fitness program is known for consistent weight loss and building muscles with high-intensity workouts involving weight lifting. These high-intensity workouts contribute to faster and better weight loss and create a calorie deficit.

Q.3 How many days a week should I work out at Orangetheory?

It is suggested by professionals to go for 3-4 days a week to the orange theory fitness program while staying physically active with light exercises over the off days. In the case of the trained people, days can be extended up to 7 if they wish to go for the training.

Q.4 How do I maximize my Orangetheory workout?

Results from the orange theory workouts can be maximized if you consume the optimal amount of protein and card within an hour or two from finishing the workout. It works in combination to bring out the maximized results from the workouts.

Q.5 Why am I gaining weight while doing Orangetheory?

If you gain weight from the training, it is a sign of overdoing it. It is necessary to go with the assistance of trainers and ensure you perform the workouts efficiently. Slowly and steadily, these workouts will shape you better hence there is no need to overdo it.

Q.6 Is Orangetheory twice a week enough?

When you are starting up the fitness program, two times a week is reasonable. It has been suggested to take it slow at the initial level and consistently improve performance. Then gradually improve performance and add each day into the routine at the recommended regularly.

Q.7 How many splat points is too many?

There is so much importance to splat points in the orange theory fitness program as this is the reward given to you for each minute you spend in each zone. Anything near 12 splat points thought out a workout is considered one excellent performance to reap out the energy and burn unnecessary calories.

Q.8 Will Orangetheory get me in shape?

This fitness program is known for its excellent results with weight loss and muscle building which is one of the basic signs of getting your body toned. Blasting calories during a high-intensity workout helps build the muscles, brings the body into proper shape, and keeps it healthy.

Q.9 Why am I always in the red zone at Orangetheory?

The red zone is the level with the involvement of maximum heart rate. In this zone, you are using and spending every last ounce of the energy left in your body to burn out the unnecessary fat, whereas you don’t need to spend more than a minute there for better results.

Q.10 What is a good strive score for 30 minutes?

From 8.7 to 69.6 can be considered a good strive score for 30 minutes. This score helps in quantifying the heart rate as long as it is beating and denotes the time spent by you in each zone of the heart rate curated by the orange theory fitness program.

Q.11 What is the OTBeat blacklist?

This is one of the facilities offered by orangetheory fitness technology, which is used to block the OT Beat profiles participating in the class from reappearing. This technology is curated to make it simple for the trainers to keep records.

Q.12 Is Orangetheory 2G or 3G harder?

There is not much difference in the levels as the performance will be responsive to the heart rate. The classes are personalized to suit your needs rather than making them the same all. Therefore in case you are willing to push your own limits, any level might seem hard.

Q.13 How hard is Orangetheory for beginners?

Orange Theory fitness is quite hard for everyone due to the involvement of high intensity. It might be difficult for those who haven’t had a workout in a while or who are working out for the equipment. The initial days might be heavy and tiring if you are not in a habit with the equipment.

Q.14 How do I prepare for my first Orangetheory class?

While signing up for the orange theory, the initial steps involve the paperwork and introduction to the trainers. This stage also involves a basic introduction to the program and giving the trainers all the health-related disclosures. The First day might be about getting introduced to know the procedures.

Q.15 Can I do Orangetheory every day?

It is not suggested to go for orange theory every day as it involves very high-intensity workouts that take more time for recovery. Especially for beginners, such hustle is not recommended, whereas trained people can go up to 5-7 days a week for orange theory fitness.

Q.16 How does Orangetheory change your body?

Orangetheory fitness usually reduces fat mass during exercises and gains muscle mass that might represent minimal or no weight loss. This change is reflected slowly with consistency, but if a person only measures weight loss, the result might not be appropriately calculated.

Q.17 What’s better Orangetheory or F45?

In this comparison, the orange theory comes as an affordable option that allows the members to come and work out anytime during the day, whereas in the case of F45, the use of battle ropes and sleds workout variety is more. Also, the open gym of orange theory has locker rooms and shoes to freshen up.

Q.18 Can I use my Apple Watch for Orange theory?

No, it is impossible to use the apple watch for orange theory as the OT beat link relies on the OT beat system available only in OTF studios. Due to the link connection and dependability, no other device can be connected during orange theory, but other than outside the studio, anyone can track the fitness quotient.

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