Working in a commercial kitchen can be challenging, as you have to continuously move from one place to another to meet the team’s requirements. Also, food servers constantly work on their feet and take more steps than ordinary people. Therefore, having comfortable and slip-resistant work shoes is essential. Wearing flip-flops to a restaurant is not a very good idea. The food service workers must wear proper restaurant shoes with slip-resistant qualities.

Comfortable and work safety shoes help you do your work and not give your body any kind of pain or pressure. Non-slippery shoes are best for restaurant workers, and it provides constant support throughout the day. Whether you are a chef, waitress, bartender, or server, you have to move a lot; therefore, a comfortable and well-cushioned restaurant shoe helps you have the best experience. 

These specific shoes are durable, lightweight, and water-resistant and ensure your feet remain safe and protected. In addition, these shoes work for years and stay protected from all kinds of wear and tear for more extended periods. After hours of research, we have compiled the list of best shoes for restaurant workers. Here are the best restaurant shoes with a slip-resistant rubber sole for excellent shoe grip.

Factors Need To Take Care Of While Buying Restaurant Shoe 

You will need to keep in mind certain aspects while purchasing quality restaurant shoes. Working in a restaurant means too much movement, spilling, etc. Walking around with wet or dirty shoes could be an understatement for food industry workers.

Food-service shoes must possess certain features. Here are crucial elements you must look at while getting the best restaurant work shoes.


Non-slip is one of the most significant factors when choosing a quality pair of shoes for the restaurant industry. And especially for someone in the bach-end, hot oil splashes are a huge issue. Slip-resistant shoes will protect you from tripping and reduce the risk of injuries food industry workers face.

A Cheap restaurant shoe without a non-slip shoe feature might have a loose grip and can make you slip in a fine dining establishment.

Comfortable for long shifts 

In restaurants, everyone has to work for longer hours irrespective of their work. Therefore it becomes vital to wear a shoe that provides complete comfort for long shifts. 

A pro tip for buying the perfect restaurant shoes is after the end of a working day. Your feet are swollen then, and the shoes that make you feel comfortable are the best restaurant shoes.

Good Grip 

While working in a restaurant, you are on your feet almost daily. Therefore, you need a shoe with a good grip on the surface. Slip resistance is the most crucial factor, and a good grip shoe makes your work easy.

A soft rubber outsole gives an excellent grip to the shoes and saves you from going on a hospital trip. Look for interlocked patterns in the work shoes that will channel water away from the feet. Water-resistant shoes make some of the best slip-resistant shoes.


Durability is another crucial factor. You won’t buy your work shoe every month. Therefore you should choose a shoe which has a longer duration. It protects the shoe from wear and tear and resistance to water and other things. 

Do not opt for cheap shoes for the sake of spending less. The wrong shoes will tear away quickly, and you will have to again pay for them. Instead, get yourself a pair of comfortable non-slip, durable shoes.

Style and design 

Getting a work shoe doesn’t mean you neglect the style and design of the shoe. Therefore, you should also buy a stylish shoe and gives an elegant look to your outlook. 

There are a lot of stylish shoes for the food-service industry which make fantastic restaurant work shoes. So, instead of going for casual shoes, try the modern and uber-cool slip-resistant work shoes with a comfortable memory foam insole.


All shoes are available at different prices, so you can easily choose a shoe that fits your budget and provides all kinds of support and comfort. 

The development in technology has made possible the availability of quality work shoes at an affordable price. You can get some of the top restaurant work shoes without compromising on your budget.

Arch support 

Sore feet are one of the most common issues due to uncomfortable and unsupportive shoes. Therefore, you should wear those shoes that provide arch support to you and save you from soreness. 

Arch support restaurant workers’ shoes will provide the proper comfort and prevent ankle sprains and injuries. An anti-compression insole and rubber outsole efficiently reduce the impact on the feet. Unlike flat shoes or flip flops, the proper footwear will have arch support and protect your feet.

7 Best Shoes for restaurant | Complete Guide And Reviews |

Skechers Women’s Squad Sr Food Service Shoe

Skechers women’s shoes are best for restaurant workers. They are comfortable to wear and provide full support while working. Made up of synthetic fiber, they also have a synthetic sole. This shoe protects you from all kinds of heels and ankle injuries, and the soft cushioned sole of the shoe is best to use. 

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They are lightweight. 

This shoe is a synthetic sole. 

The work shoes are non-slippery and even protect you from electricity. 

They are low on top of the arch. 

Flexible sole 

This slip-resistant work shoe also has a low-top shaft from the arch that helps in reducing fatigue and protects you from sprains. The sole is flexible and is made from a memory foam footbed. Get the best restaurant shoes and move comfortably for more extended periods.




Great-quality product. 

Best for long working hours. 

Non-skid shoes


It claims to be non-polished but needs to be polished. 

Other excellent feature 

The synthetic fiber ensures that you remain safe from discomfort, and it provides a fantastic experience. In addition, the design of this shoe adds elegance to your look. So, hurry and add these tremendous restaurant work shoes to your wardrobe.

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

Dansko professional clog is a popular choice for food service work shoes. The brand has a loyal following in not just the food industry but also in Healthline and other fields. Dansko has some of the best solutions for restaurant shoes for versatility and design. They are incredibly comfortable for walking and the best kitchen shoes.

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The platform measures about 0.75 inches.

Mesh fabric upper. 

Padded instep collar.

Provides shock absorption.

Stable shoe.

Outsole made using polyurethane sole.

Multiple uses 

The Support of the arch is exceptional and provides ample support and comfort during the whole day. The padded instep collar takes away all the credit for the comfort when it comes to Dansko restaurant work shoes. The breathable outsole also contributes to temperature control.


Arch support. 

Multiple color choices. 

Roomy toe box. 

Breathable PU foam footbed. 

High support and comfort. 

Well made. 

Offers shock absorption. 


The leather has been changed. 

Wide heel strike

 The heel strap of these non-slip restaurant work shoes offers an excellent strike. The shock-absorbing heel protects, along with PU outsole, protects the feet and provides stability.

The shoes feature a variety of styles, and all you need to do is spend a few dollars to get these restaurant shoes.

The brand also focuses on upgraded outsole to maximize safety. Removable memory foam footbed has been used in a few products to increase cushioning.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Men’s and Women’s Shoes

These restaurant work shoes have amazing thermoplastic elastomers. The heel of the shoe is approximately 0.85″. Crocs on clock feature ensure that you never slip while wearing this shoe, even for a long shift. It has a relaxed fit that ensures it’s available for all feet sizes. It’s slip-resistant with a crock lock slip, and you can wear it with full support and comfort. The arch support of this shoe ensures the safety of your heels and ankle all the time. 

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Comfortable to wear for long shifts. 

The sole of the shoes is made from thermoplastic elastomers. 

It has the excellent feature of slip resistance. 

It’s lightweight. 

It’s breathable. 

It’s available in a variety of sizes. 

Certainly comfortable

This slip-resistant shoe is best to wear at work. The classic crocs clog you to remain protected from all kinds of injuries.


Arch support. 



Easy to clean.  


High support and super comfortable. 

Well made. 

Perfect size. 

Wide feet. 


An issue with sweaty feet. 

The perfect design of this shoe ensures that it meets your workplace standard and adds grace to your outlook. This product from crocs is one of the best shoes for restaurant workers. The work shoes also happen to be certified. You can rinse and repeat these kitchen shoes for as long as you desire.

Fila Women’s Memory Workshift-w

Fila women’s memory shoe is one of the most famous work shoes. It is made up of 100% synthetic leather. The rubber sole of this shoe provides you with the best support and comfort throughout the day. The shaft of this shoe is approximately 3″ long. You can wear it throughout your long shifts, and it ensures the safety of your heels and ankles from all kinds of injuries and sprains.

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Slip-resistant rubber outsole.

They are made up of leather and synthetic.

Resistant to slip. 

Has a memory foam sock liner. 

Lightweight and breathable.

Lace up-front

Solid performance

This shoe has been durable for years with its slip-resistance and water-resistant features. In addition, the durable leather and synthetic material ensure that all the occupational demands are met. And the foam sock liner and midsole add additional comfort to these work shoes.


Improved slip-resistant outsole



Easy to clean. 

High support and excellent comfort. 

Extra support on the midsole. 

Excellent material. 

Available in all sizes.



Stiff and clunky. 

The perfect style of this shoe goes well with your outfit and provides an excellent outlook to you to meet your working standards. You can lace up the front for a more secure fit. Get these slip-resistant work shoes now and kick away all the melted ice cubes in the kitchen.

Skechers Men’s Nampa Food Service Shoe

This shoe is made from 100% synthetic, and it provides the best support and comfort to you. The shoe’s rubber sole ensures the safety of your ankles and heels, and you can feel comfortable throughout the day. In addition, excellent features like slip-resistant and water-resistant ensure your safety at the workplace and help you focus on your work without any issues. 

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This shoe is lightweight and non-slippery. 

They have a rubber sole. 

They are made from  100% synthetic material. 

Memory foam footbed. 

Memory foam footbed 

This shoe is made from memory footbeds that reduce fatigue at your feet, and you can easily do all your work without feeling any discomfort. 



Durable for years. 

Excellent quality product. 

Perfect size. 

Best for long working hours. 

Don’t slip and are also water-resistant. 


The grip is not good. 

The size issue. 

These restaurant shoes have proved to be helpful for many workers in the food industry. Bring home these non-slip restaurant shoes and get rid of all the pain and injury cons.

Avia Avi-Union II Strap Non-Slip Shoes for Men

Avia Avi is well-known for its footwear, and it has various marvelous features. It’s made from 100% synthetic material that helps in giving the best support and comfort to you all time. In addition, the rubber sole of this shoe protects you from ankle injuries and sprains.

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This shoe is lightweight and slip-resistant.  

Has a rubber sole. 

Made from  100% synthetic material. 

Memory foam from sock liner. 

Hook and loop closure

Oil and slip-resistant work shoe

Hook and loop closure 

The Avia shoe has the feature of hook and loop closure, which makes it easy to wear and provides full support and comfort during long working shifts. You do not have to tie complicated laces and can secure the work shoes using a hook. This is great for people with arthritis.


Excellent cushioning.


Great for people who are on their feet the whole day.


Good balance. 

Full support and comfort. 

Responsive to curves.

Stabilize the heels. 

Increased energy return.


Poor customer support.

Waiters, nurses, and others who need to be on their feet the whole day can use these restaurant shoes for a comfortable experience. The EVA midsole, anatomical cradle, and Avia’s cantilever technology make them the best shoes for restaurant workers.

Avia Avi-Skill Non-Slip Shoes for Men

This shoe’s perfect size and design attract everyone, and you can quickly wear them at your workplace. It’s made from 100% leather and synthetic and has a rubber sole. As a result, this shoe is resistant to slip and ensures your safety while you work. 

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Water and stain resistance. 

Has a rubber sole. 

They are made from leather and synthetic. 

Perfect size for everyone. 

Water and stain resistance 

This shoe’s water and stain resistance feature makes it easy to clean, and you can easily focus on your work rather than worrying about your shoe. In addition, the synthetic leather and rubber sole provide full support and comfort to you. 


Water and stain resistance. 

Lightweight and arch support. 


Good grip on all the surfaces. 

Full support and comfort throughout the day. 

Excellent product. 


A bit slippery with oil and water.

It has a removal memory foam sock liner that gives you complete relief, and you get the full comfy support. This also safeguards you from all kinds of injuries and sprains. If you will get these work shoes, it is advised to get a size smaller than your original size.

These were our top picks for the best shoes for restaurant workers. There are also many track-work shoes with a slip-resistant outsole for restaurant use. A track shoe with machine-washable insoles and a non-slip feature is also a great option.

What you Should Not Wear as a Restaurant Worker?

While we help you decide which restaurant shoes are best for a restaurant job, what not to wear also holds equal importance. Here are a few footwear listed that need to be avoided.

Boat shoe

Boat shoes might prove to be non-slip on a deck but the other hand, they can be extremely slippery on a greasy floor. Oiled floor and boat shoes do not go hand-in-hand. They also do not support the arch and are not an ideal option for restaurant shoes.

Waterproof shoe

Waterproof shoes prove to be excellent in controlling the water to seep in. However, it becomes a problem as they don’t let moisture move out. Skip waterproof shoes and go for water-resistant shoes. Water-resistant materials include nylon, neoprene, etc.


Wearing a pair of heels on the floor with having to run around the whole day is not something extraordinary. You might develop painful cuts and bruises, which can be very disturbing. The heels can also cause shoulder and back issues due to lack of support.


Exposed feet are more prone to causing injury. Not only that, many fine dining establishments do not allow sandals. Exposed toes are against the health code in certain states. So, wearing fancy sandals is something you will have to skip as a restaurant worker.

Do not go after buying cheap shoes just to save a few dollars. Instead, go for high-quality restaurant shoes which are durable and comfortable at the same time.

Benefits of Work shoe

Wearing a good-looking pair of restaurant shoes is not only meant for good looks but also come with added benefits.

Offers Comfort

As a restaurant worker, you will be on your feet for the most of the day. Hence, the best restaurant shoes will give you all the comfort you need while working and make your feet look great. They will take away all the pressure and keep the blisters away.

Prevents Slipping

The food industry space involves a lot of spilling and a greasy surface; therefore, the chances of an accident are high. Non-slip shoes will offer a good grip and save you from tripping. This way, you can save yourself from both injuries and embarrassment.

Best for Long-Run

When you buy a cheap pair of shoes, they will wear away quickly, and you might have to spend another chunk of notes to get new ones. Buying quality restaurant shoes saves money for not only another pair of shoes but also medical bills.

Resists Fatigue

Standing and running around for the whole day can make your feet and legs exhausted. This accelerates when you wear improper and uncomfortable shoes. The best shoes for restaurant workers come with excellent cushioning for the ankles and arch. They alleviate the necessary pressure on the muscles and help work more efficiently.

How much does a restaurant shoe cost?

The cost of any product, not just a restaurant shoe, depends a lot on the brand and the material used. Restaurant work shoes can go from being affordable and expensive to very expensive. However, you should not look at it as an expenditure.

A pair of quality restaurant shoes is not an expenditure but an investment for the long run. Cheap-quality shoes might cost you less initially but will wear away quickly and cause damage.

On the other hand, good work shoes will last longer, and you will not have to spend on them every 3-4 months. So, choose your shoes wisely as it will not affect your finances but also your health.

Shoes for Restaurant Worker FAQs

Why are non-slippery shoes important for restaurant workers? 

That’s why workers choose non-slippery shoes to ensure their safety while they work. Unfortunately, the surface area is often slippery, and if your shoe is not slip-resistant, you can easily skip on the floor and harm yourself. 

Are restaurant shoes lightweight? 

Most restaurant shoes are lightweight, and you can quickly wear them for longer hours. The light feature of restaurant worker shoes reduces fatigue in your feet and knees and provides you full support and comfort throughout the day. It even ensures that your feet remain safe from different sprains with arch support features. 

What factors do you need to consider while buying a restaurant worker’s shoe?

You need to take care of various factors while buying restaurant work shoes. First, the shoe should be non-slippery and water-resistant. In restaurants, we all know people have to do a lot of movement, and many times things even spill on their shoes. Therefore, you need a water-resistant shoe, and you can easily clean it. In addition, it protects your ankle and heel and reduces fatigue during long shifts. 

What spill guard feature is shoes? 

Whether you’re working as a chef, worker, bartender, or server, you carry hot dishes, soups, and other hot beverages from one place to another. Restaurant worker shoes also have a feature of spill guard lining that ensures your shoe’s safety from all kinds of burns. This ensures the durability of your shoe and is worth the money you spend on it. 

Are restaurant worker shoes available in different designs and styles?

If you think that restaurant workers’ shoes look dull, that’s not true. Restaurant workers’ shoes also come in various colors, designs, and styles. So you get plenty of options to choose from, and it helps you get the best product according to your comfort and needs. 

Can I use a non-marking shoe for my restaurant job?

A non-marking shoe is generally used for playing indoor sports. They are not meant to be used on hard surfaces. You can try these shoes for your restaurant job. However, the non-marking rubber sole cons is a worry as they come in big size.

How does moisture soaking socks benefits?

Sweaty socks can be problematic for someone working a full day on their feet. A moisture-soaking sock absorbs all the sweat and offers a better grip. You can also avoid blisters and control your feet’ temperatures.

Reduce the risk of bacteria and fungi growth with these socks, and have a relaxing day at work.

Why do chefs prefer wearing clogs?

Chefs are the ones spending long hours in the kitchen. They are exposed to various oil, water, sauces, etc. Henceforth, the need for durable and long-lasting work shoes becomes essential.

The clogs are designed with anti-slip patterns and are a safe option for food industry workers.


We all know that investment in a restaurant worker’s shoe is essential. They help you reduce fatigue in your ankle and heels and prevent injuries and sprains. The shoes listed above are water-resistant, have slip-resistance, waterproof linings, and a well-cushioned design.

Skechers women’s shoes and Dansko professional clog are the top options on our list of best shoes for restaurant workers. You can also check out other options and choose the one that best fits you.

Wearing the wrong pair of work shoes brings a lot of heat and pressure. The discomfort and suffocation get on your nerves and spoil your reputation. Good quality restaurant shoes with non-slip features and durable material are essential for the best experience.

Whether you are a waitress, host, or manager; all the posts require extended work hours. Do not commit the mistake of wearing the wrong shoes and regret it later. Skip sandals, heels, and open-toed footwear and opt for quality work shoes.

They also help you improve your health and well-being and always provide you with the best support and comfort. We have mentioned some of the best shoes for restaurant workers on our page; take a cue and get yours TODAY!