Choosing the proper footwear can be challenging. First, choose a pair of stylish and comfortable shoes to wear while shopping. Next, select shoes for your destination that complement your style and mood. It is possible to choose the proper shoes based on these recommendations, no matter where you are going. Let’s dive into this review of the best shoes under 100 right away!

Which shoe is best for you depends on your foot’s arch type and biomechanical characteristics: motion control, stability, neutral/cushioning, and minimalist in all kinds of running shoes. Moreover, sport-specific shoes are superior to running shoes for court sports because they provide more side-to-side support. In addition, A-grade shoes have no functional or visual flaws that could harm their marketability. Experts recommend replacing sneakers every six to eight months, depending on your activity level. Running shoe sizes are typically half a size larger than standard shoe sizes; try on half-size larger shoes.

So, here we have curated a list of some best shoes under 100 dollars that you can get for yourself and impress people on the first look. 

Factors To Consider While Purchasing Best Shoes Under 100


The material of shoes is responsible for determining the durability and build of the shoes. Shoes can come in different materials, and they can be fabric, synthetic, rubber, leather, and more. The material also determines whether the shoes will give a matte or a shiny and pleasing look.

Heel height

Some shoes come with heels. Before getting a pair of shoes, determine the heel height of the shoes you want. Too much heel height of shoes may not look good on some people.

Arch of the shoes

The arch of the shoes should be in a direction where it is comfortable for you to wear. It also depends upon the arch of your feet. If you have an arched foot, you need to get shoes with an arch suitable for you.

Cushioned inner side

High-quality shoes should always be comfortable to wear. Therefore, these shoes are cushioned on the base and sides. This cushioned inner side provides good support stability and also reduces pressure.


The sole of the shoes should also be of excellent quality. If the sole is not solid and sound, the shoes will not be used for a long time. Therefore, especially while getting running shoes, the sole needs high-quality material.

Breathable fabric

The fabric present on the inner side of the shoes should be breathable so that good hygiene is also made while wearing shoes.

Design and looks

As shoes are an essential part of our attire whenever we get out, they need to have excellent and attractive looks. The designs of the shoes should also be reasonable enough and appropriate enough for the occasion.

Best Shoes Under 100: Comparison


VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • It offers you a quick-dry feature
  • Breathable fabric
  • Nonslip rubber sole
  • For various physical water sports
  • Synthetic material
  • Rubberized sole
$8.68 – $14.55

Adidas Women’s Racer Running Shoe

  • Rubberized sole
  • Shop measures at 0to6 inches from arch
  • Platform measures range from 0 to 3 inches
  • Specially designed for girls feet
  • It comes with a cloud foam memory sock liner
  • For everyday use
$46.95 – $126.00

Under Armour Men’s Running Shoe

  • Rubber sole 
  • It comes with a Lightweight mesh upper
  • Breathable fabric
  • Comfortable with EVA sock liner
  • It comes with a charged cushioning midsole
  • Offers superior response to your feet
  • Solid rubber outsole for better durability
$66.42 – $81.13$

Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

  • Made with 100% leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Durable with genuine leatherwork 
  • Slip-resistant technology
  • Comfortable fit
  • Breathable design
$33.33 – $120.34

YALOX Water Shoes Women’s Men’s

  • Polyester and Spandex material
  • It comes with a rubber sole
  • Quick-dry feature
  • Features firm grip technology
  • Slip-resistant design
  • Lightweight material used
  • Comfortable fit

SIMARI Water Shoes Women’s and Men’s

  • Made with polyester material
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers sole on offer
  • Sleek design 
  • Comfortable fit for your feet
  • Perfect for water sports
$8.99 – $15.98

STQ Slip On Breathe Mesh Walking Shoes Women Fashion Sneakers

  • The slip-on design for an easy on and off
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • The wide toe box on offer
  • Slip-resistant

7 Best Shoes Under 100: Buying Guide And Detailed Reviews

1.VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes

VIFUUR offers water sports shoes with their foot feel and quick-dry feature. These Aqua yoga socks slip-on shoes are for both men and women, and the various colors provide you the freedom to choose according to your taste. It is really one of our top picks in this review of the Best Shoes Under 100!

Quick-Dry And Breathable Fabric

These water sports shoes come with a breathable fabric which gives you a comfortable and flexible experience. The quick-dry feature also comes in handy in various water sports. If you are looking for lightweight, flexible easy to carry water sports shoes, then this might be the best fit for you.

Our Verdict: Cheap, Light, Colorful, And Awesome!

VIFFUR offers these water sports shoes for both men and women with fine stretch fabric upper material that comes in handy while carrying as they can be bent in a small piece. The colorful breathable fabric also comes in handy with a quick-dry feature. The barefoot design also helps with anti-slip rubber soles to give you a firm grip on slippery surfaces.


  • It is lightweight
  • It is flexible
  • Features anti-slip grip
  • Quick dry
  • Breathable fabric


  • It cannot be worn in rugged and slippery terrain.

2. Adidas Women’s Racer Running Shoe

Adidas is renowned for making fashionable and comfortable shoes with guaranteed durability in every terrain. These women’s race running shoes offered by Adidas are made with 100% synthetic material.

Modern Look, Flexible, Light

These women’s shoes by Adidas beautifully combine the flexibility e and lightweight feel of running stickers with an eye-catching, attractive, and modern look. The beautiful design is an innovative net on upper flashes and three stripes on the sides. These shows come with a memory foam sock liner to give you all-day comfort.

Our Verdict: Perfect For Women

Adidas is a brand known for making durable and beautiful-looking shoes. These shoes on offer are a perfect fit if you are an athlete or you want to use them for daily purposes. In addition, these shoes are equipped with cloud foam memory sock liners to give you a girl’s specific fit, and the rubber sole comes in handy with the perfect grip on slippery surfaces.


  • It has an attractive design
  • Offers true fit
  • Synthetic material
  • Rubber sole


  • Only for women

3. Under Armour Men’s Running Shoe

Under armour is known for its rugged, durable yet attractive, and impressive design in shoes. These under-armor men’s charged running shoes are made with rubber soles and offer a variety of colors.

Shock Absorption Technology

These shoes from under armor come with a charged cushioning technology that offers you protection by absorbing impacts from every step. These shoes are designed for various physical sports, and this charged cushion technology comes in handy while performing sports that impact your feet.

Our Verdict

These shoes by under armor are made with a rubber sole that covers protection from high impact zones to offer you better durability without getting heavy eventually. The EVA sock liner provides you a soft feel inside the shoe. The charged cushioning midsole utilizes compression molded foam to offer the best responsiveness to your feet and durability.


  • It is durable
  • Features a heavy-duty design
  • It is lightweight
  • It comes in attractive colors


  • The entire top of the shoes is made of fabric.

4. Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

FILA is a renowned heavy-duty, durable shoe with a comfortable design language and attractive looks. These shoes for men by Fila come with slip-resistant soles to offer you superior traction in your occupational needs. The design of these shoes is quite monotonous, but the attention to detail is fabulous making it to our top 7 in the Best Shoes Under 100 review!

Power Of Genuine Leather

These shoes by Fila come with genuine leather beautifully designed to meet your occupational needs without compromising comfort. It is constructed with leather overlays and durable synthetic to offer you a rough and rugged design language with all-day use comfort.

Our Verdict: Great For Occupational Use

Fila shoes for men are specifically designed to provide you with the best occupational needs. These are made with durable and genuine leather upholstery, and the comfort on offer is adequate for all-day use.


  • It is Slip-resistant
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable design
  • Rubber sole


  • For occupational needs only.

5. YALOX Water Shoes Women’s Men’s

These water sports shoes are specially designed for outdoor beach swimming activities. YALOX has designed these women’s and men’s outdoor shoes with quick-dry material and barefoot technology to help them with various water sports or exercises. In addition, they are offered in multiple colors to match the vibe of your sport and your taste.

Quick Dry + Unique Design

These shoes come with quick-dry material so that you don’t have to wait before going into the water again. They also offer the nonslip property to provide you a firm grip while being wet. The unique design language has a breathable property with smooth fabric. These shoes are easy on and off.

Our Verdict: Great for Rough Use

These shoes come with a high-quality nonslip rubber sole that allows you to walk or swim freely. They can be folded to fit inside your palm, making them easy to carry and store in your luggage. In addition, the breathable and comfortable material used in them makes it easier to get on and remove them quickly.


  • Unique design
  • Easy on and off
  • Quick dry
  • Rubber sole
  • Slip-resistant


  • Not for use on rugged surface

6. SIMARI Water Shoes Women’s and Men’s

SIMARI offers water shoes for women in men with quick-dry features and a barefoot feel. If you are an athlete in water sports, this can be the best fit for you. These shoes are perfect for outdoor beach swimming, surfing, or yoga exercises.

Quick Dry and Protective Design

They offer the nonslip property to provide you with a firm grip while being wet. The unique design language has a breathable property with smooth fabric. These shoes have TPR material soles to provide a non-slip grip. The sole design is made to protect your sole from the hot beach sand.

Our Verdict: Best for Beaches & Wet Places

These shoes come with a smooth shoe neckline that makes them easy on and off. The design elements on the sole are inspired by mango and made with TPR material to provide you with the best grip on wet surfaces during surfing or swimming.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Non-Slip
  • Polyester material
  • Quick dry
  • Easy to store and carry


  • You cannot wear it on a rugged surface.

7. STQ Slip On Breathe Mesh Walking Shoes Women Fashion Sneakers

 STQ design for women, these shoes are designed beautifully to provide you comfort with fashion in a sneaker-type design and loafer fit. These shoes are offered in various colors to provide you the freedom to choose the color of your taste.

Slip-On Design

These shoes offer a slip-on design that comes with an elastic cuff to make them more convenient while putting on and off. These shoes also have slip resistance to provide superior traction while walking on wet surfaces. In addition, the slip-on design is specifically designed for women to reduce the number of efforts while wearing them.

Our Verdict: Kickass Grip For Longevity

This show by STQ design is equivalent to slip-on technology to make the wearing process less time-consuming. The slip-resistant technology to offer you the best traction and grip while walking on wet or slippery surfaces comes in handy for better protection. If you are a working woman, these can be the office-wearing shoes for you.


  • Attractive design
  • Slip-resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Wide toe box


  • It has a heel-type design. 

Best Shoes Under 100 FAQs

1. When it comes to buying sneakers, what are consumers looking for?

Well, sneakers come in a lot of shapes and designs. It’s not just about the proper shoe size and width; it’s also about the quality of the upper, inner, and outsole materials, as well as the skillful artistry. So, apart from these things, the looks also matter, along with the color combination when purchasing sneakers.

2. Is it true that sneakers’ quality can’t be determined by looking at them?

The answer to this question depends upon the brand of sneakers you are thinking of buying. A-grade shoes have no functional or visual flaws that could harm their marketability. These shoes are of excellent quality; they look well and fit well.

Production specifications and the approved confirmation samples must be met for an A grade to be awarded. Also, if you get famous brand shoes like Adidas, renowned for providing sports shoes, one can easily trust the quality of the shoes it provides.

3. Which season is the best for purchasing new kicks?

Well, if you are thinking, “how frequently should I replace my present sneakers in an ideal world?” then if you’re tracking your runs with an app, you may get a better idea of when to change your sneakers by looking at the number of miles you’ve logged.

Otherwise, experts recommend that you replace your sneakers every six to eight months, depending on your level of activity. In addition, you can get the new ones if you think that the shoes do not look good anymore, they have lost their shine, they are damaged, or if they don’t fit you anymore.

4. How can I obtain running shoes in the correct size? 

Getting the right size of shoes is not challenging when you go offline shopping, but when you buy shoes online, it becomes a challenge to choose the right size. Many brands offer their shoe sizes according to different units; some follow US size, while some follow UK size.

So, firstly you need to measure your feet and know your US and UK size. This will ensure that you can get an ideal size. In addition, running shoe sizes are typically half a size larger than standard shoe sizes. Because running shoes come in a variety of widths and lengths, after determining your true shoe size, try on a half-size larger running shoe than your regular shoe size. 

5. How can you know if your shoes require replacement? 

When the shoes lose their polish and grace, it can signal to replace them. You can also check by taking the shoes and laying them side by side on a level surface to examine the sole thickness. Next, get down on your knees and examine the soles of your feet to determine if there is a visible heel tilt.

If there is, you’re looking at a pair of worn-out shoes. Uneven sole indicates that it is time to get them replaced. Even if the sole is coming out from the shoes, you need to replace them.

Conclusion: Best Shoes Under 100

We all know how much shoes matter in all the places we visit. From casual parties to professional meetings, shoes matter a lot and are essential parts of our attire. However, getting a perfect pair of shoes for different occasions can bring a lot of differences. So, we hope that you now have an idea and choose the perfect best shoes under 100 that fit you, your personality, and your requirements.