Regular exercise and a healthy diet are very vital for senior adults. With aging, the strength of bones and muscles degrade. There are changes in internal bodily functions and cycles. 

Ever wondered whether a treadmill will be good for people in this age bracket! Well, we have covered the best treadmill for seniors in this review piece today!

Using a treadmill for walks provides numerous health benefits to older adults. From fighting arthritis pain to maintaining good mental health- exercise plays an important role. 

And with a treadmill, they can walk at home while watching television or listening to the radio. 

The best treadmills for seniors should meet a certain level of requirements to fulfill some very critical points. Most Important treadmill qualities to look out for:- 

  1. Shock resistance: The belt should have at least some shock absorption layers to prevent pains and bone-related injuries.
  1. Running surface size: Bigger the belt size, the lesser the chances of injuries. A senior adult shall be able to take enough space he wants. 
  1. Mode of control: There are models with remote controls, display controls, or handlebar controls. One should choose a model according to their comfort and accessibility towards the controls. 
  1. Safety: Features like emergency stop, clip, long handlebars, and more are essential for safety purposes to avoid any falls. There are non-slip grips to assist the elderly in gaining balance as well. 
  1. Folding: If a treadmill is foldable, it should have an easy collapse system like hydraulic to prevent any drastic movements needed to do the same. One-touch opening and wheels also help. It should be noted that a senior should not use much force to fold the treadmill rather have an effortless experience. 
  1. Accessible buttons: The buttons must be convenient to reach for changing the settings. For example, if a senior wants to lower the speed while walking on it, he should not have to think twice about where to reach the speed button. Nowadays, control buttons are also present on the side handles for better accessibility.

7. Digital displays: Backlit screens or even a bright clear screen should be there to show the speed, distance covered, time, heart rate, calories burned, and other needed specifics. An older adult does not have to glare sharply to notice the numbers.  


  • What is the best treadmill for seniors

    Many have personally used and swore that Sunny Health and Fitness Walking Treadmill makes the perfect choice for seniors.

    It is one of the most highly rated treadmills which helps to lose weight by vigorous exercise, cardio training, and it’s one of the best walking treadmills in the market which also has easy storage features and a great LCS display.

1. Sunny Health and Fitness Walking Treadmill

Top Pick


  • Speed range up to 5 MPH
  • Quick “stop” safety clip
  • Heavy-duty body frame
  • Multifunctional digital monitor
  • Low profile deck
  • Extensive handlebars
  • The non-slip running surface of 44 x 19.5 inches
  • Weight capacity of 295 lbs
  • Transportation wheels

User-friendly console 
Older adults seem to face problems with remembering things and managing mechanical equipment. 
Having too many buttons on display may startle and confuse them.

Sunny Health Treadmill notices that and designs a very user-friendly console for easy accessibility and zero complications. `


  • User-friendly console
  • Extensive handles for safety


  • Warranty is not valid in some countries

Treadmill by Sunny Health and Fitness is an all-in-one product having good safety features, workout plans, soft-drop hydraulic system, and more. 

Seniors can easily use this model with no confusion about the same. What is the best treadmill for seniors? Here is the answer. 

The Sunny Health and Fitness Walking treadmill is closer to the ground, making it easier for seniors to get on it. 

The speed is relatively low for running or jogging purposes. Hence, it is usually preferred for safe walking, also due to the long side handlebars. 

It is a great addition and proves to be the best treadmill for seniors, without any doubt. 

2. BiFanuo 2 in 1 Best Folding Treadmill



  • Body of ABS and steel
  • Dimension of 50 x 26 x 42 inches
  • Folding dimension of 53 x 26 x 4 inches
  • RUnning belt area of 40.5 x 16 inches
  • Can hold 260 lbs weight
  • Speed range of 0.6 to 6.2 MPH
  • Remote controller
  • 2.25 HP motor


  • Affordable according to features
  • Good performance even with long hours use


  • Low-speed range


When used at 4 mph speed for long walks or higher speed for runs, BiFanuo gives excellent performance during prolonged workouts. 

  • One can walk for 2-3 hours straight without any lag or disturbing noises. The motor does not wear off of its quality. This makes Bifanuo one of the best treadmills for seniors
  • 2-in-1 treadmills are very trendy for home use, and even some high-range models are also used in rehabilitation centers. 
  • BiFanuo targets multiple features in the most commercial method. Not just home, but this model is suitable for offices and gyms. 
  • Yes! BiFanuo is bought by rehab centers and gyms as well. It has helped many seniors to fight immune deficiencies and physical disabilities.
  • The 5-layer non-slip shock absorbent running belt and safety features are pretty secure for an older adult to use. 
  • It also has a phone and tablet holder to be easily connected to Bluetooth for some music. 
  • The speakers are moderately functional, neither too exquisite nor defective. The ultra-quiet 2.25 HP motor adds perk to this treadmill. 

Many customers have bought it online, and everyone speaks highly of this model. 

As another best treadmill for seniors, Bifanuo keeps its name at a top-level. Seniors never complain about any joint pain or similar issues. It gives a very smooth experience.

3. Goplus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill



  • 2-in-1 treadmill (under desk and running)
  • Multi-layer shield design
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Safety key
  • Transport wheels
  • Steel body
  • Dimension of 49 x 27 x 42 inches
  • Running belt area of 40 x 16 inches
  • Weight capacity of 265 lbs
  • Speed range of 1 to 8 MPH
  • Remote- controlled
  • 2.25 HP motor

Shock-absorbing belt
Goplus’s specialty lies with the 5 layers non-slip belt, one of the best shock absorbers in town. The effective cushioning of the same is remarkable. 

The layers are- wear-resistant surface, sound insulation layer, high strength support layer, shock-absorbing layer, and compression layer. 

The joints, muscles, back, knees, and ankle won’t feel a thing. As the best treadmill for senior walking, the walks and runs will be smoother and less painful. 


  • 5 layers of shock-absorbent cushioned deck
  • Sturdy body
  • Ultra-quiet mode


  • No lubrication provided
  • Not for hardcore runners

Goplus is a brand that strives for lightweight and foldable designs for treadmills for seniors.

It provides comfort cause it is a portable treadmill. 

There is no need for handyman ability because it comes pre-installed. It can be transformed into walking mode by simply removing the handles. 

Enjoy a light 1 to 3 MPH walk with this model. Seniors should choose Goplus for its shock absorption and stability. 


  • Finding a good steel body that is very sturdy is rare. The body of Goplus is made of the same and is of brilliant quality. 
  • Moreover, it absorbs noise for an ultra-quiet experience. It makes sure that the user and his surroundings are not disturbed by the loud noise a treadmill makes. It is indeed a quiet treadmill.
  • You cannot walk on it unless you have the safety magnet plugged in. This safety feature attracts a lot of senior customers. 
  • The one downfall with this product lies in its performance at high speed. 

For someone who loves to run at high speed, this treadmill might not be the right choice. 

Although, most of the seniors who have an underlying medical condition choose to just walk over treadmills. So the running-demerit does not apply to them.

The 2-in-1 models of treadmills come with a remote controller. Hence, during under desk mode, the controller makes it easier to change speed and other needed functions. 

What makes Goplus the best treadmill for seniors is its mindfulness towards providing the best-quality noiseless and more intense workout

4. UREVO Foldable Treadmill

Regular & Basic


  • Dimension of 55.2 x 38.2 x 27.8 inches
  • Belt size of 16.5 x 45.7 inches
  • 110 V of output power
  • Weight capacity of 260 lbs
  • 2.5 HP motor
  • Treadmill’s speed range of 1.5 to 7.5 MPH
  • Power-coated sturdy steel frame

Moderate weight load capacity

With age, most people face obesity and other such troubling conditions with weight. 

Someone with concerns with the same orthoses with a stronger build should go for this treadmill model for seniors. 

It can hold up to 260 lbs of weight with any instability during both running and walking.


  • It can be stored under a bed
  • High weight capacity


  • Sometimes safety key is not provided upon the delivery.

As the best walking treadmill for seniors, UREVO designs compact treadmills for easy toning and regular fitness. It is a basic treadmill with very high praises from customers. 

Old age people prefer it due to its zero to a minimal negative effect on lower back pains. 

Even the customers with body aches and concentration issues walk on UREVO to have relief and improve their health.

It lets a user have a fun, brisk 3 km walk per day without any joint pain. The power supply is sufficient and does not hamper the motor. 

The phone holder and LCD are helpful. The space saver feature of UREVO is what usually takes away the spot of best treadmill for seniors

The transport wheels make it easier to move it around. Older adults can effortlessly handle this model. 

5. SLFTRD25 Smart Digital Manual Treadmill Cum Incline Treadmill by SereneLife

16 Preset Program


  • 1.5 HP motor
  • Phone app connectivity
  • A large running surface of 15.75 x 43.30 inches
  • Maximum speed up to 7.5 MPH
  • 3 treadmill incline
  • Dimensions of 54.7 x 26.7 x 49.6 inches
  • LCD with monitoring of speed, distance, heart rate, etc.
  • Safety key

Manual incline treadmills for seniors like SereneLife SLDTRD25 have their benefits. This model has a soft-drop system for folding and opening purposes, making it way too easy for seniors. 

There is no heavy lifting or any chance for accidents. Additionally, safety handles have controls for speed for better accessibility. 


  • Large running surface
  • Hydraulic folding
  • Preset programs


  • Bad speakers
  • Fragile control console

16 preset programs

Preset workout programs are currently streaming in the market. Someone who is a newbie and does not know the speed and distance he should achieve for accurate results- presets work wonderfully. SLDTRD25 provides 16 of those.

Soft Drop system

Usually, treadmills come with a robust manual-folding mechanism which sometimes results in unnecessary jerks or damages.

As another best manual treadmill for seniors, Serenelife is concerned about the same. 

  1. The hydraulic soft drop system lets users have an easy folding and opening mechanism without much human strength. It is indeed a tremendous folding treadmill.
  2. This model supports Bluetooth for music and has a running surface over which one can jog conveniently while listening to the music. 
  3. However, the speakers are not built of good quality. 
  4. They make a very cheap vibrational noise. Apart from this, their phone application provides a medium to check daily progress. 

Particularly, SereneLife SLFTRD25’s hydraulic folding and preset programs prove it to be the best treadmill for older adults. It can be easily assembled and easily stored. 

Walking, jogging, and running are all easy on it. 

6. Exerpeutic TF1000 Treadmill

Great Service


  • Running belt of 40 x 20 inches
  • Dimensions of 51.2 x 32 x 63 inches
  • Total weight 120 lbs
  • 1.5 HP motor
  • Extra-long safety handles
  • 400 lbs weight capacity
  • Two manual incline settings and feature
  • Foldable
  • Easy transportation
  • LCD Display
  • Speed control buttons and heart rate pad on handles

The TF1000 from Exerpeutic is the best walking treadmill for seniors because it focuses on providing the easiest way to follow a health regimen. Highest (400 lbs) user weight capacity

Now, this is a rare feature to find in treadmills. Handling 400 pounds is not an easy thing for many brands. Exerpeutic is a professional in the same. 

Overweight people can use this treadmill without any damages to the motor or decline in performance. 


  • With features like a shock absorption belt, safety handles, and more, it makes a good deal at its price. 
  • High Weight capacity
  • Good for walking purposes
  • Many such users have felt comfortable using this model.


  • Customer service
  • Build quality
  • There have been many complaints about the build quality when users tried prolonged jogging or running. 

Long walks

A large population of older adults chooses walking instead of jogging. Running seems a bit difficult for them. They use treadmills for walks at home. 

The TF1000 is perfect for it and is the best manual treadmill for senior walking. Lengthy walks are easy on the running belt with zero to minimal chances of any fall or injury.

With time, the quality degrades, and the motor starts making churning noise if used for anything other than walking purposes. 

As an option of best treadmill for seniors, Exerpeutic TF1000 is solely built for walks. 

7. NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

Great For Obesity


  • 30 days iFIT membership
  • 54 x 36 x 73.5 inches of dimensions
  • 20 x 55 inches running belt
  • Space-saving design 
  • EasyLift assist
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Dual 2 inch speakers

10% incline

Inclines are good for that extra punch in exercises. They take the routine to the next level. NordicTrack treadmill has an impressive incline feature.
The 10% control leads the way towards the title of best in class. 

Along with iFIT membership, the trainer programs will set the incline accordingly and provide a personalized intense workout.  


  • Sturdy body
  • Good weight load range
  • Good motor


  • warranty issues
  • Poor customer service

NordicTrack indeed is a brand name that always holds a place in the list of best treadmills. 

It has exclusive features like iFit membership, extra shock-absorbing belt, sturdy body, capacity to hold 300 lbs, and more, make it the best treadmill for seniors.  

NordicTrack T Series 6.5 treadmill is one of the best treadmills for seniors because of its performance. The specialized workout plans from iFIT membership help greatly. 

Seniors who don’t have any idea about how to practice exercise can take guidance from iFIT. Additionally, the display does pretty good work, along with the sound. 

To be noted, treadmills for seniors should provide excellent servicing in case of damages. 

It should be kept in mind that older adults don’t have the leverage of visiting service centers carrying their treadmills themselves. 

This is the only downfall to NordicTrack. If there is no damages if some are lucky, this model will be a marvelous addition to fitness with zero doubt—quite the fitness treadmill. 

8. 3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill

Great For Seniors


  • Dimensions of 74 x 35 x 58.5 inches
  • 3.0 HP motor
  • Orthopedic running belt of 20.5 x 58 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • 8 in-built programs
  • Hi/low built-in fan
  • One-touch controls of speed. Incline, etc.
  • Speed range of 0.5 to 12 MPH
  • Incline range of 0 to 15%
  • 5 + 1 years warranty

Orthopedic belt

The main concern for seniors is their mobility. A huge fraction of the old-age population faces orthopedic difficulties. 

The belt of the Pro Runner is so soft and gives support for orthopedic problems. Seniors don’t feel any joint pain or difficulty in walking. 
The belt is large enough to have enough space for the exercise too.  


  • Running belt
  • Warranty


  • Often the board dies

This model of treadmill is for those seniors who want advanced features and a quality product.

Most folding treadmills struggle at high speed, which is not the case with the 3G Cardio Pro Runner. 

It offers quality build and unique space-saving property.

3G Pro Runner makes itself another best treadmill for older adults with a powerful motor and great weight load capacity. It is a company with 50 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. They know how to make equipment that stays. 

The heart rate interactive pulse monitor on the handlebars and wireless HR chest belt provides additional perks to the buy for seniors. 

They can keep track of their heart’s activity while using the treadmill.

9. ProGear HCXL 4000 

Longer Handles


  • Weight capacity of 400 lbs
  • 1.5 HP high torque motor
  • Quiet drive
  • Total weight of 120 lbs
  • Dimensions of 51.2 x 32 x 63 inches
  • Extra-wide 20-inch belt
  • On-demand studio classes
  • 2 level manual incline settings.

Handlebars with pulse monitor

The extra-long handles in this model are twice the size of any normal handle. They cover more than half of the entire treadmill. 

A senior can feel safe being protected on the sides. 
There is also no limitation to where the hands shall be placed for support purposes. The pulse reader is wisely situated in an accessible place to read the heart rate. 


  • Handlebars
  • Belt size


  • Poor customer service

The ProGear is built for seniors who require extra safety. HCXL 4000 model is known for its handlebars. As one of the best treadmills for seniors, it benefits powerful performance with a worry-less experience. Accidents are not possible with this one.

Seniors with broken discs too choose this product for walking at up to 4 MPH speed. Although, the motor is not too powerful for prolonged jogging or running. 

It can take 400 lbs of weight and is easily foldable. 

The display is nothing special in the technological area. Instead, it is convenient and straightforward. The only downfall to this brand is its customer service. 

Other than that, the safety ProGear provides is excellent, and older adults must try it out. 

10. Merax Electric Folding Treadmill

V. easy Assembly


  • 1.5 HP mute motor
  • Dimensions of 55 x 23.5 x 43 inches
  • Folded dimensions of 29.5 x 23.5 x 49 inches
  • Belt size of 15.7 x 43.3 inches
  • Weight of 64 lbs
  • Speed range of 0.5 to 7.5 MPH
  • 12 built-in programs
  • It takes 110V of voltage
  • Weight load capacity of 240 lbs

Merax is known for its easy assembly. Seniors can have good exercise at their home with this fitness electric treadmill cum folding treadmill built for efficiency and convenience. With programs and other necessary features like speed, motor, and display, it makes a good choice for older people.


  • Assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Storage
  • High-temperature resistance


  • Motor quality

Assembly and storage

The first challenge with any treadmill is the assembly. If the manual does not speak vibrantly, it is left in the customer’s hand to think for themselves and move forward with doubts. 

Merax Electric Treadmills come well-packed in a box to avoid damages during delivery. With a very descriptive manual, seniors can quickly assemble it by themselves if they are capable enough or by taking help from someone. 

Lightweightedness also provides an additional advantage. Storage is also quite an attractive feature of it. The model is not bulky or too heavy. It can be folded and kept in a corner because it does not take much space. 

Easy folding with energy conservation is a huge factor to consider the Merax Electric treadmill model as another best treadmill for seniors

Yes, the motor is of low horsepower, but it certainly gives a powerful performance when seniors choose to use it at a medium speed.

For starters, it is a good choice. Although, there have been concerns about the motor’s quality when delivered online. But, their customer care service is quite helpful with the same. 

Common FAQs

1. Which treadmill is best for senior citizens?

Usually, a fitness expert would say Sunny Health and Fitness Walking Treadmill is perfect for seniors. But the preferences of an older adult should be kept in consideration before crowning the best treadmills.

 Every senior has different health concerns that they need a treadmill for. Every feature matters for one to choose his perfect treadmill.

2. Are treadmills safe for the elderly? Should seniors use treadmills?

Yes, most certainly. Most treadmills are safe for the elderly and are even used in rehabilitation centers to help them for health benefits. 

A treadmill provides regular exercise equipment which makes a schedule for an older adult without having to leave the home. The models are built accordingly with safety features for them. 

3. Are manual treadmills good for seniors?

If a senior can handle manual treadmills’ functions, it is more than enough. Moreover, many manual ones give an advantage of control. 

The control functioning is better with manual treadmills. But, if there are health concerns or any factor that is refraining the senior medically to not take much pressure- automatic treadmills will be better. 

4. How fast should a 70-year old walk?

A speed up to 3 MPH works fine for a 70-year-old senior. Those who are more capable compared to their age can go beyond it.

 Department of Health and Human Services in the United States says that senior citizens and differently-abled persons should perform 150 minutes to 300 minutes of exercise weekly. 

So, with a 3 MPH speed, the distance and timing can be planned accordingly at home. 

5. Is treadmill belt size an issue?

Seniors should have ample space for walking over the treadmill belt. Even for a light jog, a wider and longer belt size is considered to be safe. 

6. How many training modes can be available?

There are no limitations to having training modes. Some brands give 3 modes while some provide more than 16!

A capable older adult can use these training modes without any assistance from a personal trainer to craft his own fitness program and also facilitate endurance training.

7. Are LCD Display screens good for an elderly person to see?

Whether it be LED, OLED, or LCD screen- all are harmful. The main thing to remember is the time one looks at it. Although, treadmills don’t have any overbearing LCD screens to hamper the eye. 

8. What are the advanced safety features to look out for?

Advanced features like safety rails, long handlebars, control button accessibility, and hydraulic treadmill folds are essential to look out for seniors. 

  1. What is the most budget treadmill out of these 10?

Merax Electric Folding Treadmill falls is the cheapest of all. Despite its low value, it has the most critical treadmill qualities intact.


The ten mentioned treadmills are exceptionally good choices for various preferences of a senior. Every model has its level of achievement with each making itself the best treadmill for seniors

Make sure that every health concern is taken into consideration before jumping to a conclusive decision of purchase. 
Because every detail might matter to avoid accidents, seniors should benefit from good exercise with such listed excellent comfortable treadmills. 

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