Your back is the most important part of your body. A wide, thick back with the help of cable back workouts will make you slim and improve posture dramatically. It’s also essential for gym performance, and a great looking back will be able to help you excel in any activity. No matter if that’s just bodybuilding or playing football with your friends – it doesn’t really matter.

The main point here is that when we are talking about our backs – there are actually two of them: cable rows, cable pulldowns, cable pullovers, and many other types of cable exercises that can all be done on an upright torso machine or cable pulley station! So basically, the whole upper back width might be trained with this specific equipment!

Today’s article deals with cable exercises only, so let’s go into it. But before we start, you can take a look at the cable back workout routine.

Now, what are the best cable exercises? Well, read below the list of the most effective workout options.

Get beautiful back by indulging in cable back workouts
Get beautiful back by indulging in cable back workouts

1. One arm cable row

This cable exercise is a winner when it comes to building-wide lats and thick upper back muscles. The rowing movement isolates each side of your back without too much stress on other muscle groups (like the lower back). Of course, you will be using some leg drive, but this cable back exercise targets mostly the lats and upper back.

2. Cable pullover

Here is another cable lat isolation exercise with huge potential for building incredible spinal erectors, rhomboid and rear delt muscles. I suppose that the cable pullover is even more effective than the one-arm cable row because although both target the same parts of your body – they do so differently.

3. Close grip pulldowns

This cable lat exercise is best suited for building thickness in all three areas: lower, middle and upper regions. That’s because it involves all types of rowing with different attachments (close grip handle), which allows more balanced strength development on each side of your spine. Some back arches increase tension on spinal erectors even more.

4. High cable pulldowns

This cable back exercise for the lat muscles is truly unique – it targets your upper lats but in a slightly different way than all other cable exercises. You see, since the cable pulley station is quite high (usually overhead level), there are some additional benefits you should be aware of. Cable movement will give you more time under tension and force your body to do some work during every rep.

Also, this cable back workout improves muscle coordination and balance because each side of your back has to perform an equal amount of work! All these benefits make this one cable back workout cable exercise a great choice when you want to build up those wide lats fast!

5. Mid grip chin ups with cable

This cable exercise will also target your upper lats but in a slightly different way. The cable back chin-up is not really an isolated exercise because it involves the biceps and forearms too. However, this cable back workout allows you to transfer all the load on your back muscles (and nothing else), so you can focus on muscle contraction and strength building.

It would help if you used proper grip width when doing this cable back training cable machine cable exercise for best results. Your grip must be wide enough to stress lower lats but narrow enough to emphasize the upper lat region. Also – do not forget about that underhand grip!

6. Behind neck pulldowns

This cable back pulldown is the best cable exercise for your spinal erectors. You see, since you are doing it behind your neck – there’s additional stress on the rear delt and shoulder blades during every rep.

Of course, to make such cable back workouts effective, you need to keep your body straight and maintain a proper cable back workout cable exercise stance. Remember that even the smallest mistake will decrease cable back exercises cable intensity, and you don’t want that!

7. Mid grip pulldowns

This cable back exercise is best suited for building thickness in the middle section of your lats. It is a cable back workout for bodybuilding because you are pulling the bar down in front of your body, but you need to keep this in mind and not focus only on contraction.

To do that properly, you must use proper grip width and elbow position, which will allow you to keep your lats at tension cable exercise cable workout cable back even at the bottom. Also, keep your torso cable back workouts cable machine cable exercise cable upright because leaning forward reduces cable back the intensity and transfers stress to lower back muscles.

8. Close grip pullups

One of the best cable back workouts for building up those wide lats! You see, this cable back exercise gives you more freedom. You can easily adjust the width of your grip to emphasize middle or upper lats (narrow close grip) and take it wider for better lower lat development.

Also, do not forget about the underhand cable back workouts. It will allow you to adjust the angle of your wrist and put your lats under maximum tension!

9. Bent over laterals

It is one of the most popular rear delt training cable back workouts! Of course, this cable lat training will activate not only your rear delts but also middle traps and rhomboids since you are pulling the weight at a slight angle! Also, this cable back exercise is great for building up those rotator cuffs.

But keep in mind that when you do it with straight arms (dumbbells) – such cable back exercises put a lot of pressure on your elbows and wrists, so use proper grip width!

10. Wide grip pulldowns

This cable back exercise is a good wide grip cable pulldown. Make sure you use a proper form and grip width so you can maximize cable muscle tension on every rep! Also, by using a wider grip, this cable back exercise will emphasize your lower lats.

11. Reverse grip cable curl

This cable biceps exercise is another great way to build up your biceps and make them wider! It’s not as popular as standard preacher curl, but it does the job just fine. Here cable back workout can achieve a maximum biceps contraction and keep it constant during every cable back workout exercise rep!

12. Cable concentration curl

This is one of my favorite cable back workouts! It’s not only perfect for building up your biceps but also a great option for improving your grip strength.

13. Cable hammer curl

This cable back workouts cable is a nice way to build up your biceps as well as your brachialis and brachioradialis! They are smaller cable back exercises, so they will allow you to target them as well!

14. Cable triceps extension

This is not the most popular cable exercise, but it’s still great for building up those triceps! You can use one of those cable back workouts cable machines, a j-hook, or hook your foot under the leg curl bar – whatever you find comfortable!

A great exercise to build up those triceps (especially the medial head) and help you achieve that much-desired horseshoe look! Cable bodybuilding exercise will also allow you to do extra reps in case of fatigue, so there is no reason not to do such cable back workouts!

15. Cable kickback

This is a great isolation triceps workout that will allow you to achieve a great peak contraction! Also, I like this cable back exercise because it’s more challenging than other triceps cable exercises and can be adjusted to make it even harder!

16. Overhead rope extension

This is another good bodybuilding cable exercise that will allow you to achieve a great triceps peak contraction while fully extending your arms! Since this is a compound movement, you will feel it in your shoulders as well!


17. Cable kickback with a rope

Similar to the last cable back workouts, this one will allow you to achieve your full triceps peak contraction and hit all three heads of the triceps! Since this is not as much of an isolation cable exercise, it might be better for guys looking forward to building up their strength rather than shape and size!

Benefits of cable back workouts

  • – You can switch up your grip to work different parts of the back and achieve better results!
  • Isolating specific muscles (less bulky than free weights), but you still feel like you’re working with a compound movement.
  • – If done properly, you will lean out and get more definition in your back which is great if you are cutting down for a show or competition.
Your back can benefit in many ways with cable back exercises
Your back can benefit in many ways with cable back exercises.

Final words on cable back workouts

I’ve been using this cable row lat attachment as part of my back workout for almost two years now, and I’m very pleased with the results. It’s basically a cable pulley station attachment that allows you to execute all types of cable exercises in an upright position. Not only do cable exercises target your back muscles more, but they also allow you to hit your biceps and forearms much harder! Such equipment is worth considering if you want to build up your upper body from the front and the rear side (and even arms!).