Pregnancy is a marvelous work of nature. It brings a new life, and thus, it needs full attention. Pregnancy is divided into terms named first trimester, second trimester, and third. These trimesters are a sum of 9 months segregated into 3 months each. This variation shows three different stages of an infant’s development inside the mother’s womb.

Exercises For Third Semester
Exercises For Third Semester

A healthy pregnancy can be termed as when women can follow a healthy regimen and keep their baby and themselves strong. This regimen includes a balanced nutritious diet, sleep cycles, daily habits, and exercising. 

Some feel very appalled by hearing about the exercise. Because they think doing any physical activity, moreover performing workouts, will cause tension in their pelvic floor muscles causing complications in pregnancy. This fear especially scares women in pregnancy.

Exercises for third trimester seem doubtful to many soon-to-be mothers. But, researchers say that  exercises are completely safe depending upon your physical health. How? Know here. 

Is Exercise Safe In The Third Trimester For Pregnant Women?

Yes, exercise during pregnancy is safe. It helps to ease the pain as well. If you are concerned about the health of your baby, you must know that exercising will improve your strength. And a good positive body will give birth to a healthy baby. 

Fitness should never stop. It follows along in your life. Specifically, as a woman when you’ve reached the stage of becoming a mother, it is important to start exercising and even join an exercise class.

Exercises For Third Semester
Exercises For Third Semester

Is It Okay To Lift Weights In Your Third Trimester?

You can definitely lift weights. But, this is only limited to light weights up to 3-4 kilograms included in kegel exercises. You should keep in mind to stay away from heavyweights as high impact exercises can result in vaginal bleeding. 

At this stage women should perform gentle exercises to avoid pelvic pain and prenatal births.

Exercises For Third Semester
Exercises For Third Semester

What Should I Avoid During the Third Trimester?

You should avoid an exercise routine that involves workouts-

  • Lying on the back
  • Sit-ups
  • Crunches
  • Laying down leg lifts
  • Avoid lying on your stomach
  • Balancing over one leg
  • Heavy lifting
  • Advanced yoga poses
  • Contact sports
Exercises For Third Semester
Exercises For Third Semester

These exercises can cause pelvic pain, back pain, and alleviate aches in different regions of the body. So it is best to avoid activities that can cause harm to the baby inside the womb and also cause complications during birth. 

A pregnant woman should follow comfortable and supportive pair trimester exercises. There should not be any high balancing involved to avoid back pain.

Which Exercises Are Safe To Perform During The Third Trimester?

Exercises like prenatal yoga, water aerobics swimming, gentle resistance training, gentle cardio, walking, modified yoga, and exercises with a medicine ball help to a great extent. It prepares your body the right way. Your lower body gets ready for birth while your upper body gets ready for support. 

Additionally, the baby’s health matters too. They can provide medical advice and focus on your and baby’s health as a priority. Only after which, it becomes clear what physical activities are suitable for you.  

Exercises For Third Semester
Exercises For Third Semester

Exercises For Third Trimester Workout Plan

Your doctor or maiden can guide you through your 3rd trimester workout plan. Your medical background and current health matters. Additionally, the baby’s health matters too. They can provide medical advice and focus on your and baby’s health as a priority. 

There is a common exercise routine designed with comfortable and supportive pair of best pregnancy exercises, including-

Exercises For Third Semester
Exercises For Third Semester

The workouts can be segregated and planned in the following way-

Workout 1Repetitions
Wall mountain climbers8-12 repetitions one each side
Band pull aparts20 repetitions
Thrusters8-12 repetitions
Kegel exercises15-20 repetitions
Workout 2Repetitions
Cat cows15 repetitions 
Kegel ball squeezes20 repetitions
Goblet squats12-15 repetitions
Bird dogs15 repetitions
Workout 3Repetitions
Curl to lateral raise8-12 repetitions
Quick kegel exercise25-30 repetitions
Romanian deadlifts8-12 repetitions
Modified side planks15-20 repetitions

Third Trimester Cardio Workout With Pelvic Floor Exercise

Your pelvis becomes very delicate during the last weeks. In this trimester of pregnancy, agitation remains while performing other exercises. 

It is due to fear of breaking the water or harming the baby. You should know that pelvic floor exercises are built for you to feel comfortable while performing the workout as the baby grows inside your womb until the due date. 

Exercises For Third Semester
Exercises For Third Semester

Some of the best exercises for the pelvic floor are-


It is an interesting name for exercise. Sit on a chair. Place one hand on the upper belly and another under the belly. Now imagine that your transverse in an elevator going up to six floors. With each floor, take a deep breath in and breathe out strongly so that your abs are pulled inside towards the spine. With each floor, repeat the breaths. Elevators have the most benefit in strengthening the core. Breathe deeply for effective results. 

Belly Breathing

It is another breathing exercise like the elevators but with a minor difference. Sit on a mat with your legs criss-cross applesauce. 

Remember to take back support. Keep the back and shoulders straight. Take a breath in through your nose and feel your belly expand. Exhale through the mouth and bring your abs towards the spine. Belly breathing is great for lowering the risk of incontinence and promoting easier delivery. 

Squat Combo

Stan straight and lower your body into a squat. Manage your position in a way that your weight is transferred equally onto both heels. Inhale and perform a kegel. Come back to squat as you exhale. Repeat this squat combo five times at a comfortable pace. It is one of the best exercises for the pelvis, legs, and abdomen. 

Home Stretch

These are very vital. Stretching out your muscles is very important in pregnancy. Not just during the last trimester, but also during the first trimester- stretches will relieve back pain and sore muscles. 

Arm lifts on sides, back leg lifts, side twists with an opposite arm each time, and such stretches will let you relieve the pressure from the pelvic muscles and calm you. 

What To Look Out For When Exercising In The Third Trimester?

This trimester is very fragile for women. There are many complications to look out for. These complications can show themselves as signs and symptoms during this stage of pregnancy that needs to be reported to a doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Regular painful contractions: Regular contractions are termed labor. If not, they can be Braxton Hicks or have any underlying reason for such painful regularity.
  2. Vaginal bleeding: This is a very common sign seen in pregnant women. But persistent bleeding can be a result of premature placental displacement, abnormal placenta location, or labor. But, if this bleeding is happening is turning into long periods with no sign of water breaking- there might be something serious, and you would need to see your doctor immediately. 
  3. Muscle or joint pain: The ligaments and muscles become very loose in the third trimester of pregnancy. They can give rise to sprains and strains. 
  4. Swelling or pain in calves: This happens when the blood does not circulate properly. And if one calf is swollen, this could be a sign of a blood clot. Consult your doctor immediately to remove it. 
  5. Fluid leakage: If you notice that placental fluid or any kind of fluid is coming out of your vagina, it means your water has broken and it is time for the delivery. 
  6. Chest pain and headaches: This can happen if your blood pressure has increased. Take medications or withdraw from any existing stress to bring down the blood pressure.
Exercises For Third Semester
Exercises For Third Semester

Moreover, if you have gestational diabetes, it can result in such signs and symptoms and put a negative impact on your baby. Even when you perform your regular exercise, make sure you are looking out for over exhaustion and dehydration. Exercising under high heat can give rise to breathlessness. Never overdo a physical activity in your condition. Stop immediately if you notice these warning signs. 


Can I do squats in my third trimester of pregnancy? 

Squats involve your hip and leg muscles to work. This is not just a great exercise but also one of the safest exercises for the final trimester. During the final trimester, the pressure of making your pelvic floor muscles ready for the delivery starts pondering in the head. For this, special pelvic floor exercises are recommended. 

Squats are one of those pelvic floor exercises. It helps to strengthen your leg and pelvic muscles and also prepares your body to deliver a baby. Your hips will be able to open for natural vaginal births. The increased risk of blocking also reduces. 

Is it too late to start exercising in the third trimester?

It is never too late to start exercising. In other words, there are no risks upon starting in the last trimester. You can try pelvic floor workouts as you prepare for your due date that is going to end your pregnancy with a beautiful birth. Start slow with walking to build a habit and then move on to a dedicated workout plan. 

There are many workouts consisting of pregnancy exercises that you can try. Other than this, you can also try activities like water aerobics swimming. 

How important is exercising in the third trimester?

It is very important to perform workouts in the final trimester. Yet, it depends upon how active you were before the pregnancy. Additionally, your previous and current medical status will matter. Your doctor will be the best person to tell you how critically you need to perform exercises. 

Although it is a known fact that choosing the safest exercises and building up an exercising routine will help you prepare for the delivery. 

How much walking is safe in the third trimester?

It can be only said for informational purposes that there are no particular guidelines regarding it. However, the American Heart Association recommends an average of 30 minutes walk per day. If you are a pregnant woman who relies on walking as her major exercise, it is all right. Walk as long as you are comfortable. 

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to learn about pregnancy. The world of exercises of third trimester is limited according to the safety protocols in gynecology. From simple arm lifts to squats- every pregnancy workout is beneficial as the baby grows each day. You are going to prepare yourself for safe delivery. The risk of complications settles down below the line if you plan your entire pregnancy. 

Joining prenatal yoga or a simple exercise class from the beginning is a wiser choice if you are healthy. But, if you have even the slightest bit of possible complications on your radar, it is best to consult with the doctor. Definitely, exercising is going to give you the most benefits possible for your due date. You will be able to train your pelvic muscles, thighs, and hips to get ready for your gorgeous baby to arrive!