Asparagus is an excellent, delicious choice for green vegetables. It is a flowering plant that grows throughout the year.  Asparagus also has significant medicinal value. This flowering plant has been used for medicinal values since three thousand before Christ’s era. 

Asparagus has been used as aphrodisiac medicine. Today it is considered a good source of vitamins, fiber, minerals. 

It has a low sodium and calorie content with an abundant source of vitamin c. the scientific name of asparagus is Asparagus Officinalis.

How Many Carbs In Asparagus: Health Benefits And Recipes
How Many Carbs In Asparagus

Asparagus: Its Nutritional Value

Let us find out the medicinal value of the asparagus when cooked lightly without any oil r spray. 

The following data contains a half cup of cooked Asparagus per serving.  Asparagus has a good nutrient value of carbs, calories, protein, good fats, and vitamins.

  1. Fat: 0.2g
  2. Calories: 20
  3. Sodium: 13mg
  4. Fiber: 1.8g
  5. Carbohydrates: 3.7g
  6. Sugars: 1.2g
  7. Vitamin K: 45.5mcg
  8. Protein: 2.2g

How Many Carbs In Asparagus: Net Carbs

It is the best ingredient for a low-carb diet. The simple carbs present do not hike the blood sugar level or the glycemic index. 

Asparagus is a good source of healthy carbs. One is required to balance their diet. It is also added to a keto diet. The glycemic index of asparagus is less than fifteen.

The carbohydrate present in the asparagus adds healthy fibers, fat, and blood sugar level. 

The fibrous and insoluble asparagus helps the stool to become easy to digest. Eating asparagus can reduce blood sugar levels.

The Fat Is Present In Asparagus

The fat content in the Asparagus is less than other vegetables. Out of all the vegetables, asparagus is healthy and tastier.

 It is an excellent source of polyunsaturated fats. Polyunsaturated fats are essential for cell growth and the functioning of the brain.

We can eat asparagus in our fat-free diets. It is often used as toppings along with butter or greasy sauce. 

Tossed asparagus with a few spoons of olive oil is a healthy way to prepare asparagus.

Asparagus Contains Protein(For Low Carb Diet Or Keto Diet)

The protein content may seem small, but it can be a good additional choice to balance any meal. 2.2 grams of protein can be an excellent addition to a balanced meal. 

The total protein content in a daily diet should be around 46 to 56 grams for an adult every day. Asparagus spears are a good choice to maintain body weight.

Vitamins And Minerals In Asparagus

Asparagus is a vegetable that can be a part of your daily healthy meals. 

If you follow a two thousand calorie diet for an entire day, then Asparagus per serving can amount to the following percentage of minerals and vitamins;

  • 34% vitamin B9
  • 51% vitamin K
  • 11% vitamin  B2
  • 13% of Vitamin B1

Asparagus is a green vegetable that contains other vitamins and minerals like iron, phosphorus, and potassium.

Calories Present In Asparagus

The total calories in a half cup of asparagus are 90 grams per serving. 

The calories result from the trans fat, protein, carbs, vitamin c, and minerals present. The vitamin K and folate are high in asparagus.

Health Benefits From Asparagus Spears 

  • Eating Asparagus spears can help during pregnancy. Fresh asparagus is beneficial for the health of any pregnant woman. 
  • The high folate content of asparagus consists of healthy gut bacteria that enhance the digestive system and help in easy bowel movements. 
  • Doctors generally prescribe six hundred micrograms of folate in diet after pregnancy. 
  • A cup of cooked asparagus per serving can provide 134 micrograms of folate. It also consists of asparagine that helps develop the brain and other growths.
  • Asparagus is favored among all the low-carb vegetables. It has the medicinal benefit of lowering the blood pressure level.
How Many Carbs In Asparagus: Health Benefits And Recipes
How Many Carbs In Asparagus
  • Asparagus is rich in minerals and vitamins. Consuming potassium-rich food can help in lowering the blood pressure level. 
  • The health benefit of potassium is that it relaxes the arteries and lets easy excretion and kidney function.
  • Asparagus contains a good amount of anti-oxidants that helps in eliminating free radicals from the bloodstream. Hence, fresh asparagus is good for cleansing the circulatory system.
  •  The rich purple color in some asparagus comes from the anthocyanin presenting it. This chemical property makes it essential for curing heart disease.
  • It has a significant property to lower blood pressure by relaxing excretory muscles.

Allergies From Young Asparagus

There is a specific chemical compound present in the young shoots of the asparagus spears, which causes mild allergic reactions to the consumers. 

You enjoy asparagus at any stage, but sometimes rare allergic reactions can cause irritation to the lips and palms while handling because of the compound in trithiane-5. 

Sensitive skin types can face worse symptoms.

Exceptions For Consuming Asparagus

This green vegetable has a diuretic effect that causes issues when consumed by someone who takes a lithium drug. 

Lithium can reduce excretion and can become difficult. The lithium drug can show intense side-effect on consuming asparagus.

This green vegetable contains vitamin K, which can be risky for its effect on blood floating. The people who consume warfarin must consult any registered dietitian.

The nutrients present in the asparagus break down as an odorous compound that gets extricated through urine. 

The vegetable can break down as a sulfurous compound that creates a pungent smell in the urine. Eating asparagus can result in a different smell in urine that is not hazardous.

Variety of asparagus found in the market.

You will find various kinds of asparagus in the market. 

You will find asparagus in green, white, and purple colors. The green ones are considered more nutritious than the other variety. 

The white one has less vitamin c and chlorophyll content in it. You can eat white asparagus in the same recipes as the green ones, but the benefits might vary. 

The white ones may contain dirt while plucking out of the soil.  The white asparagus has a nutty flavor than the greener ones.

Can you consume canned asparagus?

Canned asparagus is the same as other vegetables. You can easily consume canned asparagus in your vegetable recipes. 

There must be added sodium in the canned asparagus that you can rinse off. Rinsing canned or frozen vegetables can reduce the sodium intake in foods. 

You can also try some recipes without salt to use the canned asparagus direct from the can.

What are the best asparagus?

Asparagus is mainly grown during April and May. 

The best asparagus are the ones with rich green stems and are closely packed. It is the best time to enjoy the asparagus spears.

 You must avoid the soggy, mushy, and pale ones.

How to Store Asparagus in the home?

  1. Asparagus should be stored carefully. You extend the life of the asparagus by storing them in a tight container. 

2. The stalks should be washed well before cooking the bought asparagus. 

3. Sometimes you might need to trim the bottoms of the stalk. The ends can be wrapped in paper towels to keep them moist. 

4. If you want to store them in the refrigerator, you can add them inside a container filled with water. This will maintain the freshness of the asparagus.

Recipes with Asparagus

You can prepare asparagus in various ways. You can stir fry, boil, steam, grill in the oven, or can be eaten raw in green salads. 

The cooking time of asparagus is lesser than other fiber-containing vegetables. 

The carb content is extremely low in this green vegetable. You can easily prepare many delicious asparagus with a few ingredients. 

You can’t overcook asparagus as it will ruin some of its essential nutrients.

Easy Oven-Roasted Asparagus

This recipe of asparagus is easy to make. After washing the spears thoroughly, you must lay them in a single layer on a baking sheet. 

Then sprinkle some olive oil and seasoning on top of the spears. You can also add some parmesan on top before putting it inside the oven.

How Many Carbs In Asparagus: Health Benefits And Recipes
How Many Carbs In Asparagus

2. Asian-Inspired Oven-Roasted Asparagus

This is a delicious and healthy recipe to cook asparagus. You have to lay the asparagus in a single layer on a baking sheet or parchment paper and put them in an oven. 

You can add sesame oil, garlic, and seasoning in a separate saucepan. 

It’s an attractive recipe as you have to add breadcrumbs to the saucepan before adding the oven-cooked asparagus. Due to the low carbohydrates used, it is included in the keto recipes.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Quinoa and Asparagus-Mushroom Frittata

This recipe is gluten-free. The asparagus act as a side dish to quinoa rice preparation’s main filling. 

Quinoa is a gluten-free alternative for rice or other leading course grain food. Quinoa has no taste if cooked plain, and it is high fiber containing. 

You can boil half a cup of quinoa in one cup of water. You have to add the cooked quinoa, eggs. 

Tossed asparagus and tomatoes in olive oil with gentle stirring. Moreover, it is suggested that the mushroom and the asparagus must be stir-fried first before adding the other ingredients. 

The total carbs and proteins in this recipe are balanced so well. White mushrooms are a delicious and full flavor combination with asparagus.

4. Stir-Fried Asparagus With Bell Peppers and Cashew Nuts

Bell pepper is a nutritious vegetable. You can use colorful green, red or yellow bell peppers in these delicious recipes. 

The first step in this recipe is to stir fry the cashews pieces in a skillet. Then stir-frying the asparagus and the bell peppers in oil for some time. 

Finally, the vegetables are served with sesame oil drizzles and tossed cashews. The nutrition facts of yellow bell pepper are different from the green ones. 

This is a very delicious low-carb recipe. Cashew provides the carbs needed in daily food intake, and asparagus provides fiber.

5. Springtime Asparagus and Peanut Chicken Fried Rice

This one is a really filling delicious recipe with chicken. Chicken and asparagus are a good pair for a dish. 

If you are health conscious, asparagus is definitely a good option to add good carbohydrates and fiber to your chicken dish.