How Much Does An Elliptical Weigh & How Does It Impact?

Elliptical machines are one of the best cardio machines that allow full-body workouts. Generally, these machines are seen in a commercial gym, but many keep them at the home gym to burn calories faster, based on their convenience. If you have been wondering about how much does an elliptical weigh and how it impacts your workout, keep reading.

These machines differ as per the height of the user, body-weight limit, and features added to them. The flywheel weight and stride length are among crucial considerations. Different devices can be preferred according to an individual’s routine workouts. But out of all the factors, floor space occupied by the machine, and how much does an elliptical weigh matter the most?

Why does elliptical machine weight matter?

There are various reasons for this question to pop up in heads, such as

  • The machine’s sheer weight is one of the most contributing factors when choosing for multiple users and frequent use.
  • When moving the elliptical machine into the house whether you are living alone temporarily or permanently.
  • If a person has to shift from apartment to apartment due to rentals, the weight of the elliptical machine must be light enough to make the shifting easier.
how much does an elliptical weigh
How much does an elliptical weigh

What factors contribute to the weight range of an elliptical machine?

In commercial elliptical machines, many parts are joined together to make it whole, and hence it adds up to the weight of the machine. Such factors are:

Size of machine:

Whatever metal-made machine you consider, as the size increases, the overall weight of the machine goes along with it. And elliptical machines should be large and built to balance the user’s weight.

The material used in construction:

Most elliptical machines are made of metal, and with more giant machines, metal use also increases. Hence the normal elliptical machine weigh high. This factor contributes a lot to the weight of the commercial-grade elliptical machine.

Flywheel weight:

In the case of most elliptical machines, the quality and durability of an elliptical are judged based on the weight of the flywheel. Still, as you choose the heavier one, indirectly, it adds to the weight of the elliptical machine and makes moving it from one place troublesome.

Other additional features:

Sometimes elliptical machine weighs high due to additional features in them for better results and convenience.

Most models come with large screens, weights, oversized foot pedals, or resistance equipment. Where such features of commercial-grade elliptical machines make the workout fun, the functionalities added to the weight of the machine makes it heavier to move.

How much should an elliptical weigh when compared with the stride length?

It is essential to consider the body type factors of the user while going for a new elliptical machine. Factors like the user’s overall body weight and height must be considered while going for commercial machines. Height mainly contributes to the creation of stride length.

The right elliptical machine suitable to your average weight limit helps you lose weight effectively. Where the user’s height is short, it creates a shorter stride length and, therefore, can use the compact elliptical trainer. In contrast, the long strides require standard elliptical machines or a larger model for heightened people.

  • For heights under 170 cm, the user’s stride ranges from 33-41 cm in length, allowing them to go for the cardio equipment weighing between 59-90 pounds.
  • For heights between 175-180 cm, the user’s stride ranges from 38-46 cm in length, allowing them to go for the cardio equipment weighing between 83-119 pounds.
  • For heights above 183 cm, the user’s stride ranges from 46-56 cm in length, allowing them to go for the cardio equipment weighing between 119-200 pounds.

Whereas point to note is that the overall weight of the user must be less than the weight of the elliptical machine weight limit.

how much does an elliptical weigh
How Much Does An Elliptical Weigh

Types of elliptical machines and their weight range:

Compact elliptical machines:

These small, light, compact machines are great for home gyms. Usually, they weigh between 200-300 pounds. These machines are less expensive than the desk facility. But they have fewer fancy features.

Standard elliptical machines:

These machines offer choices in case of weight, such as lighter and heavier models to suit most cardio machine users.

Smaller versions of the elliptical machine come with manual handling and a small display weighing between 60-80 pounds. Heavy group machines are expensive and primarily seen in commercial gyms.

Elliptical cross trainers:

The elliptical cross trainer is a bit different from the normal elliptical machine, where the hand grips of the machine move in different directions to allow upper and lower body movements.

These machines have better features for full-body workouts weighing 100-250 pounds, depending on your choice.

Glider elliptical machines:

Elliptical gliders do not have flywheel attached to it, but the pedals move as per the movements of handlebars.

Due to this feature, the machine’s weight goes down considerably, putting it into the group of 80-250 pounds depending upon the other features and metal construction involved.

The advantages of Elliptical machines are:

Great calorie burner:

This machine is a great calorie burner that usually burns around 400 calories during a heavy workout of 30 minutes. Also, it works over both the upper and lower body.

Stamina booster:

Continuous practice helps in building up stamina even though you can not go out for a run.

Low-impact machine:

The elliptical machine saves your joints by not putting much stress on them. Though their involvement is significant, the movements involved are light and well-balanced.

Offer different kinds of workouts on one machine:

This machine can also work for climbing, running, or training exercises with moving handlebars—the stride created by the movement stretches the muscles better.

Minimal injury risk:

With a lower impact on the body’s muscles and joints, the risk of injury goes down automatically.

how much does an elliptical weigh
How Much Does An Elliptical Weigh

Wrapping up:

The elliptical machine is one such cardio machine that can be kept at both commercial gyms and home gyms.

However, how much an elliptical weigh is a significant matter to look out for in case of moving. But the types available in the machine make it an easy choice after considering the user’s height, stride, and weight.


What is an average size of an elliptical?

Usually, the elliptical machine is 6 ft. long and has 2.5 ft. of width, but the length can differ by 50-84 inches. Still point to keep in mind is the movements of pedal height which might go beyond the length of the machine in case of a larger stride.

What is the average weight capacity of an elliptical machine?

One elliptical machine’s average capacity is about 250-400 lbs, but it mostly depends on the machine’s weight and model.

What ellipticals do the gym use?

The elliptical machines kept at the gym are commercial models with optimum features and suit most gym members. Some might also keep the types of elliptical machines or different models for height suitability.

How long does an elliptical last?

With regular maintenance and proper care of the machine, the lifespan of the elliptical can go up to 20 years. Factors like frequency of use and user handling also play a crucial role.

Are ellipticals worth it?

This is a great fitness equipment that helps in burning calories at a faster pace. The exercise keeps your heart and lungs healthy, improving stamina and balancing skills.

Can one person move the elliptical machine?

Mostly the answer to this question depends on the type of elliptical machine and your strength, but it is not recommended to move it alone as it might cause you an injury. The hiring of professional movers and moving trucks are always suggested.

Do elliptical machines have wheels?

Some models come with wheels on the front or back to make the shifting easy, but most do not.

Do need a mat under your elliptical?

A mat is necessary for using any gym equipment, including ellipticals. An elliptical can cause too much vibrations and floor damage without a mat.

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