How To Burn 2000 Calories A Day: 23 Must Follow New Ways

So, do you need to lose your current weight and feel tired by doing exercises? Many people think that if they burn 2000 calories per day, the job will be done easily if you are one such person, well you’re mistaken. We all know that weight loss is not an easy thing. So let’s learn how to burn 2000 calories a day in detail:-

Burn 2000 Calories For Weight Loss

How many calories do you need to burn let’s make a schedule for you because

• You do not get enough sleep at night due to which you become tired, easily

• Your life has become so busy that there is no time for exercise program or workouts.

Factors That Determine How Much Calories Your Body Needs Daily: Burn 200 Calories A Day

1. Body type

Thin people need less calorie intake than obese people because thin people have a low fat percentage compared to obese people.

2. Age

Calorie intake may change with age. As we age, our metabolism rate decreases which affects the rate of burning calories.

3. Gender  

Women’s bodies need fewer calories than men do because women have more fat percentage than men do. Women burn daily is around 1800-2200, while men burn 2500-2800 calories per day.

4. Fitness Routine level

We all know that a fit person burns calories by just walking or standing, whereas for an unfit person, it is challenging to lose weight even after doing much hard work in the gym.

5. Health conditions

Your health condition should be kept in mind while suggesting any diet plan to you because for some people, 2000 calories may be too low, and others may not get sufficient nutrition by consuming this number of calories which can make them sick.

10 Best Foods: How To Lose Weight And HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY

No need to mention that the food we eat plays a crucial role in weight loss or gaining weight so, according to studies, the best foods are low in calorie intake & high in nutrient density, and have some energy-boosting ingredients. They are as follows:-

1. Broccoli – [ Reduced risk of cancer ]

It is full of nutritional benefits and has no side effects on your body. This vegetable contains antioxidants that are good for your health and also aid weight loss and the digestion process. Also, it reduces the chances of cancer and heart diseases.

2. Berries –

Berries are rich in fiber content; hence, you will experience weight loss quickly if you eat berries regularly. Ensure that all varieties of berries, such as blackberries, raspberries, etc., should be added to your regular diet. These foods have low calories, antioxidant properties, and high fiber content, perfect for burning 2000 calories.

3. Leafy Green Vegetables in Regular Meals Works great

The only reason why we recommend this type of vegetable is that they are fat-free and have high fiber content, which will make you feel full and energized at the same time. You can include all types of green vegetables, such as spinach, cabbage, etc., in your daily diet because these foods reduce hunger cravings between meals and release lots of energy to be moderately active throughout the day.

4. Olive Oil –

Using olive oil for cooking purposes helps to cut down fats from your body. This oil has properties such as anti-inflammatory & antioxidant that reduce inflammation caused by blood clots which decreases the chance of cardiovascular diseases and other heart problems, which is also good for your health.

5. Oatmeal –

Oats should be part of your breakfast because it reduces hunger pangs and keeps you full for a longer period. They work like magic when the topic is burning 2000 calories because they release serotonin hormone to the body, which makes you feel good and healthy at the same time. Besides that, oats give lots of energy to use in the gym and other physical activities and keep fats away from accumulating in different parts of your body, such as the belly, etc. It would be great if you use steel-cut oats rather than rolled oats for better results.

How To Burn 2000 Calories In A Day
How To Burn 2000 Calories In A Day For Weight Loss

6. Fatty Fish –

If we talk about the best food to eat for weight loss, there cannot be any food better than fatty fish. It is full of protein which keeps you energetic and reduces the level of inflammation in your body. Also, this food has omega-3 fatty acids, which help to convert fat into energy instead of depositing them on different parts of your body such as the belly, etc. Fish contains many essential nutrients that are good for heart health and improve brain function.

7. Lean Meat –

For weight loss at a healthy rate, then eating lean meat would be great because it has high nutritional value along with low calories so, instead of eating processed red meat, choose lean mutton or chicken without skin for best results. Lean meat is rich in amino acids helps to build muscles mass when combined with strength high intensity interval training and other physical activities.

8. Lentils –

Lentils are one of the lowest calorie-friendly food items with high fiber content like broccoli. The only difference is that they provide slow-release energy, which keeps your body full for a longer time.

9. Protein Shakes –

If you cannot meet the required amount of protein in your diet, it would be great to drink some high-quality protein shakes. These shakes have lots of nutritional benefits because they contain all types of proteins suitable for healthy growth and development, and also helps to build muscles mass with regular exercise.

10. Nuts –

Nuts are a must-have healthy snack to burn 2000 calories. They contain lots of proteins and good fats, and many other essential nutrients that can make you stay fit and active throughout the day. They also reduce hunger pangs between meals which is suitable for the weight loss process because it forces your body to burn stored fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. So, if possible, add t almonds, cashew nuts, etc., to your daily diet plan.

How many calories do you need to burn?
How To Burn Calories To Lose Weight

7 ways on how to burn 2000 calories a day?

Undoubtedly, various exercises can help you burn calories, but not all methods are effective. So, we will suggest some most popular habits that actually work and help in weight loss.

Here are some most efficient workouts to burn more calories for a more caloric deficit.

1. Running [ HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY ]

Running is probably the best way to burn 2000 calories a day which also increases heart rate, which means the body burns more calories and you experience a caloric deficit. If you are unaware of running techniques, start with slow jogging and gradually increase the pace until your breathing is normal again. You can also practice treadmill running to burn calories for fast weight loss as it works on muscle mass by increasing heart rate and it ensures quick results.

2. Strength Training Muscle Groups [ HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY ]

Strength training or weight lifting is another effective way to reduce calorie intake if performed twice a week.

Research says that muscle tissues contain lots of energy, so when muscles increase in size after strength training workouts, they consume a large amount of fat for their daily activities, eventually reducing fat mass.

Recommendation: Usually, strength training workouts require equipment like dumbbell weights, barbells, etc, but you can also perform resistance band workouts for reducing weight which is effective than lifting free weights or jumping rope because it increases calorie expenditure by increasing the intensity of body workout sessions.

3. Swimming [ HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY ]

Swimming is another excellent way to reduce calories intake. If you want faster results, try to swim daily for at least one hour, along with some warm-up and cooling-down sessions.

Make sure that you do not overdo it, start with 10-15 minutes daily and gradually increase the duration of a workout session in the swimming pool.

High intensity Interval Training: Calorie Deficit
How To Burn 2000 Calories In A Day To Lose Weight

4. Jogging [ HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY ]

Jogging is a prevalent aerobic activity that helps burn lots of calories in just 30 minutes if performed regularly. You can try outdoor jogging or treadmill jog to get faster results; there are many variations in jogging techniques, so read some articles on the internet and follow instructions.

5. Cycling [ HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY ]

Cycling is an effective way to reduce calorie intake at home without using any equipment. For best results, ride a bicycle at least 20 miles per day which will help you shed almost 500-600 calories easily. You can make use of a stationary bike near your apartment.

How many calories can you burn by intense cycling?
How To Burn 2000 Calories In A Day To Lose Weight

6. Aerobics [ HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY ]

Aerobics is also an effective yet commonly practiced way to burn 2000 calories a day. It mainly focuses on improving cardiovascular health along with losing weight.

Water aerobics exercises are different from strength training or jogging because it involves more body movements, which means high-calorie burn. If you want to reduce weight quickly, your daily workout plan should include at least 3-4 times aerobic sessions. You can do water aerobics as well as they help lose more calories. It is perfect for all the water babies.

7. Zumba [ HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY ]

Zumba is a cardio-based dance workout that’s very popular these days to burn maximum calories in minimum time. It combines Latin & International music with simple dance movements so anyone can easily do it. All you need is the right pair of footwear and you need to do one hour daily to get maximum benefits from this workout.

Apart from the above exercises, many other ways help you to reduce 2000 calories intake. But keep one thing in mind that it should be performed regularly; otherwise, its effect will not show up on your body. So try to choose anyone from the workouts mentioned above and start burning extra calories right now! Mix it with a rope at times as well cause jumping rope helps a lot in cutting calories

Practise High-Intensity Interval Training: How To Burn 2k Calories A Day And Control Basal Metabolic Rate

The 2000 calorie mark is the most common weight loss goal for many, and it can be challenging to maintain with all of the stress in life. So, here are some exercise tips to make lifestyle changes to reach your goal to burn 2000 calories a day.

1. Drink lots of water [ HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY ]

Drinking plenty of water makes you feel full, so you eat less between meals. Moreover, drinking warm water speeds up the metabolism system so that your body requires energy from stored body fat instead of carbohydrates. Green tea is awesome.

2. Consume low-calorie foods to burn 2000 calories today

Low-calorie food items are usually rich in fiber which never gets digested completely. As a result, they leave you feeling full for longer durations that reduce calorie intake by making you eat only the same amount of calories every day. It also helps to lose weight faster because fibers increase the metabolic rate higher than standard carbs do.

3. Household Activities [ HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY ]

Rather than watching TV or scrolling down your mobile screen, try doing household activities like gardening, washing clothes, etc. They help reduce weight, keep you out of home, and increase socializing, which means you will meet new people and stay away from boredom that causes eating junk foods.

4. Playing Sports [ HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY ]

Participating in sports can help you burn lots of calories if performed regularly. Don’t focus on the sport, play something like football, basketball, etc., which you like to do.

5. Get enough sleep [ HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY ]

Sleep deprivation means your whole body does not get enough rest and recovery time. As a result, it starts producing stress hormones instead of growth hormones, making you eat more because the appetite increases due to lack of sleep. It is one of the biggest reasons people gain weight even by eating healthy foods like veggies and fruits. So make sure that you sleep at least 7-8 hours daily for faster results.

 6. Avoid junk food [ HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY ]

Junk food items are filled with lots of calories and do not contain the required nutrients. As a result, they increase calorie intake without increasing metabolic rate. It means stubborn fat gets accumulated in large amounts every day if excess calories are consumed regularly.

How Long Does It Take For Faster Weight Loss?

For an average person, weight loss is calculated in pounds that means it will take almost 2-3 weeks to lose 1 pound of fat. For instance, if you reduce 500 calories daily from your diet, you can lose 5-6 extra pounds every month which is not a significant amount but enough to boost self-confidence about being fit and healthy.

So, it usually takes around 20 days to see noticeable results, so be consistent with workouts and healthy diet plans to achieve desired goals quickly.

Other factors include metabolism rate, genetic background, age, etc., which may slow down or speed up the process of losing weight depending on that person’s body weight and type

Conclusion [ HOW TO BURN 2000 CALORIES A DAY ]

To summarize everything, it is essential to understand what you must do to lose weight fast and safely so that the results are seen within a reasonable amount of time and maintain a sedentary lifestyle

There are many methods available, but one has to choose the best workout based on their personal preferences, making it easier for them to stick with it until they reach desired goals without losing motivation or interest.

The most common way people opt for diet plans like the Scarsdale diet, low carb diets, etc. that help you reduce additional calories without starving your whole body by keeping it healthy enough even during the weight loss process.

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