12 Great Ways On How to Bypass Speed Sensor Treadmill ( Guaranteed )

Know how to bypass speed sensor treadmill the right way. A speed sensor is one of the most crucial treadmill parts to run effortlessly and meet your fitness goals. This device allows the treadmill’s control panel to adjust the pace of its belt based on your speed data. So when a speed sensor fails, it can lead to disbalance and unsteady speed. If you’ve been facing the same problem lately, it’s time to fix the sensors.

You can repair the speed sensor in your treadmill hassle-free with the right tools at home.

Tools Required For How to Bypass Speed Sensor Treadmill

Steps to Bypass Speed Sensor ( How to Bypass Speed Sensor Treadmill)

Here’s a step-by-step guidebook on how to bypass speed sensor treadmill.

How to Bypass Speed Sensor Treadmill ( Guaranteed )
How to Bypass Speed Sensor Treadmill ( Guaranteed )

1. Unplug the power cord of your treadmill. 

2. Start removing all fixing bolts on the motor cover at the front of the treadmill with an Allen wrench.

3. Open the engine cover to locate the circuit board wires. Pull out all the black and white wires from the circuit board. 

4. Remove the bolts securing the treadmill to the bracket using the rachet.

5. Lift the motor at the end slightly. (Note: Only if it faces the front roller pulley.) This step will help loosen the drive belt. Remove the belt from the motor pulley.

6. Now, place the engine upright to locate the speed sensor and check the stability of the screws on the sensor. If the sensor is loose, tighten the bolts using a screwdriver. It will also secure the bracket.

7. Trace the wire lead and pull the connector off the circuit board. Test the speed sensor wiring using a voltage meter. If not working accurately, your speed sensor needs replacement.

8. Now, carefully insert the sensor and tighten the screws into the bracket at the underside of the motor. 

9. After connecting the leads to the circuit board, place back the drive belt on the motor pulley

10. Tighten the bolts to reinstall the motor again to the mounting bracket.

11. Connect the motor’s black and white wires to the circuit board. Further, reattach the engine cover on the treadmill’s side frame. 

12. Now, plug the power cord into an electric outlet and reset the treadmill as per the manual instructions. (Note: If you need the manual for your model, you can also find it on the manufacturer’s website.)

Additional tips

  • Pay attention to the warning lights on your treadmill. They notify the users about existing problems in the machine that need a prompt solution.
  • Repeat the same steps for the second sensor if your treadmill functions on two-speed sensors.

Continue your workout session uninterruptedly with this detailed how to bypass speed sensor treadmill guide. Your fitness machine will work like before if you follow each step carefully.