Nipple fat is a type of adipose tissue found around the nipple. Many people find their nipples unattractive or feel that they take away from the overall look they are trying to create with their bodies. Nipple fat and chest fat can be caused by weight gain, and simply aging. Some individuals choose to get rid of it for these reasons, while others choose for aesthetic purposes. Learn ways how to lose nipple fat and get rid of man boobs include dieting, exercise, surgery, and liposuction.

8 Dietary Tips To Reduce Man Boobs And Puffy Nipples

1. Drink More Water– Drinking water will help hydrate your skin, making it feel less puffy due to a lack of fluids.

2. Lower Salt Intake- Decreasing salt intake causes water retention, which may lead to more swelling on your body, including on your breasts, especially if you are experiencing fluid retention.

3. Decrease Dairy- Some people have noticed that when they decrease their dairy intake, the puffiness in their nipples is reduced.

4. Lean Protein- Eating lean protein can reduce inflammation which may relieve some swelling around your breasts and nipples.

5. Cut Out Alcohol- Alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate, which can cause puffiness in your eyes, face, and body, including your chest area leading to puffy nipples.

6. Vitamin C Supplementation- When you take vitamin C supplements by mouth, it stimulates collagen production, which helps support skin structure and reduce puffiness due to weight loss or aging (reduce breast fat).

7. Avoid foods containing trans fats or partially hydrogenated oils- Eating trans-fat-rich foods may increase the size of your breasts and decrease blood flow which can lead to puffiness in your nipples. Avoiding these fats will help reduce puffy nipples that are caused by poor blood flow.

8. Get Enough Vitamin E– Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects cells from free radical damage, which can cause skin damage leading to puffy nipples (reduce chest fat).

10 Exercises To Get Rid Of Puffy Nipples Of Men.

1. Bicycle Crunches-

With a mat or towel on the floor, lay down with your hands behind your head and your knees bent. Bring your right elbow to your left knee while twisting to the other side. Repeat the exercise ten times.

2. Standing Toe Raises-

In a standing position, lift off from the balls of your feet and hold for five seconds before lowering again. Repeat this exercise twenty times in a row.

3. Bent Knee Crunches-

Lying on a mat or towel, bend your knees and bring them up to a 90-degree angle with your thighs resting on your calves and bring your hands to the back of your head for support just as though you were going into a sitting position. Pull your navel in towards your spine and curl your head, neck, and shoulders up off the floor as far as you can go before bringing them back down to the starting position. Repeat this exercise thirty times.

4. Crunches-

Lying on a mat or towel, bring both knees up at a sixty-degree angle with your feet flat on the ground. Cross one leg over the other knee while crossing your arms over each other to grasp hands together behind the nape of the neck for support just as though you were going into a sitting position which will also help protect your lower back from injury during this exercise. Lift yourself off of the floor until you are at an upright seated position before lowering again, then pull yourself back up to a kneeling position. Repeat this exercise thirty times.

5. Side Crunches-

Lying on a mat or towel, bring your knees up with your feet flat on the ground and cross one leg over the other knee before turning onto your side to support yourself with your elbow, which should be placed directly under your shoulder (you will be resting on top of it). Bring one hand behind your head for support as though going into a sitting position, then lift yourself off the floor only about an inch before lowering down again. Then pull yourself back up and repeat this exercise ten times on each side.

6. Cross Body Crunches-

With both legs extended towards the ceiling or sky, lie down with them at a sixty-degree angle from your body and cross one leg over the other knee before placing both hands behind your head for support, just as though you were going into a sitting position. Lift yourself off of the floor only about an inch before coming back down again, then pull yourself back up to a seated position and repeat this exercise ten times on each side.

7. Planks-

With your elbows resting on the floor and your body in an upside-down V position with both feet and hands, hold that position for as long as you can, just as though you were holding yourself up off of the ground with your feet alone. If you’re able to exceed one minute, increase the difficulty level by placing your elbows further from your legs.

8. Quadruped Crunches-

In a quadruped position (on all fours), bring one knee up towards your chest before bringing it out again for a full repetition that will equal one rep. Repeat this exercise ten times on each side of the body before switching legs and repeating another couple sets of ten reps on each side.

9. Reverse Crunches and bench presses-

With your legs straight, rest them on a bench or against the wall to make sure they are secure and stable before bringing yourself up into a seated position off of the floor with your hands by your side or even behind your head for support just as though you were going into a sitting position which will also help protect your lower back from injury during this exercise. Make sure that your lower back stays flat against the floor throughout the entire exercise, and repeat this ten times.

10. Punching Crunches-

Lying with both legs extended towards the ceiling or sky, raise one knee towards your chest, then punch it out again for a full repetition which will equal one rep. Repeat this ten times and switch legs to repeat another couple sets of ten reps on each side again.

Surgery for reducing glandular breast tissue in men.

Surgery is one option for reducing excess skin fat around nipples in males. For some men, enlarged breasts can be an issue. This type of tissue excision involves removing excess breast tissue but not all of it. This procedure must be handled by a qualified plastic surgeon, ideally with experience in the field.

Mammoplasty to remove man boobs

The most common form of breast reduction surgery is known as Reduction Mammoplasty. Reduction mammoplasty removes excess glandular tissue, body fat, and skin from the breasts. The nipple and areola (the darker area surrounding the nipple) are usually preserved to achieve a natural look of the female breast.

There can also be an associated liposuction procedure performed simultaneously if there is excess fatty tissue beneath the skin. Though this technique is more invasive than just breast reduction surgery, it is often recommended for patients who have gained or developed weight in their breasts.

Hormone therapy to reduce body fat and hormonal imbalance.

Hormone therapy is another option to get rid of puffy nipples. Men have been taking hormones as a treatment for prostate cancer and other hormone-related issues for decades now.

Hormones are naturally produced by the body and have many functions throughout the body. Hormones directly affect growth and development during puberty, sexual development at puberty, sex drive, skin health with aging, and hormonal balance with weight control.

Reducing man boobs through dieting for men.

Dieting can be used to reduce breast gland tissue. Men determined to lose weight naturally sometimes struggle with their chest area because it is inherently more difficult to target that particular area than your stomach, for example. Your body looks at these areas as having a higher rate of metabolism. Hence, they tend to adapt around the need for high energy by storing fat there first, making it harder to lose weight quickly, especially in glandular tissue.

However, there are ways to help increase fat loss in your chest area by adjusting your diet and training routine. Eating fewer carbs is a way to reduce puffy nipples for men because it will make you feel more satisfied after eating regardless of the size of the meal, which means you’ll be less likely to snack between meals or binge on fatty foods at night when you get home from work.

Calorie burning cardio and weightlifting for entire body

Additionally, adding an expansive exercise routine that focuses on calorie-burning cardio can also help reduce excess fat and puffy nipples for men since it will aid in decreasing the amount of fat stored in your chest area while increasing muscle mass which requires a high energy intake. Building more muscle through high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is also beneficial. It keeps your metabolism high, which means you’re burning more calories each day even when you are not working out.

Another factor to consider with dieting for men is weightlifting. While cardio helps burn excess fat in the body, strength training (weightlifting) targets specific areas like your chest, arms, or back.

Weight lifting can help reduce the excess body fat by building up muscle where fat was stored previously, which causes an overall decrease in glandular tissue resulting in smaller breasts.

Causes of puffy nipples in the chest muscles of men.

Men who are obese often experience higher levels of estrogen in their bodies which causes increased production of fat tissues hence the common term “man-boobs” or “moobs.” The excess estrogen in the body also causes an increase in body fat reserves, which results in lower levels of testosterone (the main male hormone) and increased breast size.

Many men struggling with this issue will find that their nipples will become erect due to pectoralis muscle contracture. This is often the result of nerve damage, injury, trauma, scar tissue, or surgery. It can feel similar to sensation from skin-on-skin contact under an erect nipple because the pectoral muscles are what you feel.

In this case, reducing enlarged breasts may be the only solution. This is when hormone therapy and surgery come into play for treatment options. However, it must be noted that a reduction in glandular tissues often leads to a loss of sensation under the nipples, which may or may not be desirable depending on the person.

tissue excision can help losing fat
get rid of puffy nipples

Granulomas: What are they?

However, some people who have excess tissue develop small cyst-like lumps called granulomas. These are usually caused by injury or trauma to the tissue because they form from damaged cells that become engorged with fluid. In this case, massage will help reduce actual breast tissue by draining the extra fluid out of the area since it often feels similar to a pulled muscle when it is swollen.

Granulomas are treatable through surgery, with the significant side effect being scar tissue which can be minimized depending on how extensive the surgery was. The doctor will make a tissue incision to remove excess tissue and fat cells around where the lumps or cysts are located, and then they will sew up any open wounds created during the removal of the tissue. It typically takes about 6 weeks for scars to heal entirely, and this is why many people opt to have them done during the summer months to hide their scars while still enjoying warm weather.