Just a few years ago, going to the gym and trying out different fitness equipment was a matter of trend. Soon, almost every other person welcomed a new treadmill into their homes, hoping to get in shape. However, this trend became more of a necessity as time passed owing to changing lifestyles, food habits, and deteriorating physical health.

But just like all other equipment, a treadmill is nothing more than a machine and, therefore, demands its fair share of maintenance. Moreover, lubricating a treadmill is one of the basic requirements for a top-notch workout session while upholding safety precautions. Owing to all these reasons, in this article, we will look at some of the significant aspects and steps of how to lubricate your treadmill.

how to lubricate a treadmill
How To Lubricate A Treadmill?

Steps to lubricate a treadmill belt : ( How To Lubricate A Treadmill )

Whenever the question of lubrication arises, the first and foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind is it’s a machine and is bound to have friction. This makes it extremely important to go for a tried and tested treadmill lubrication process such as the one suggested below.

STEP 1 – To begin with, start by turning off the device and letting it cool down. You can also unplug it for personal safety.

STEP 2 – Once cooled, it is time for you to touch the treadmill belt and look for dirt and debris. Sometimes, you need to loosen the belt using an Allen wrench to reach underneath. During this stage, you must use a cloth to clean the treadmill’s belt before lubrication.

STEP 3 – Now, it is time to choose a suitable silicone lubricant, depending on the brand and model of the device. It is best to go through the owner’s manual or consult the manufacturer before making a choice. Please note that using oil or grease in any form is strictly forbidden as it can get clogged, causing damage to the treadmill.

STEP 4 – Grab and lift the running mat and apply the lubricant on one side. Ensure that you begin approximately a foot away from the hood, move to the center of the belt, and steadily reach the end of the deck in a zigzag pattern.

Next, take the lube bottle and follow the exact mechanism on the other side. In case you are using a silicone spray, 3 to 4 applications should do the trick.

STEP 5 – It’s time to lower the belt and plug it into the device. Make sure to run it properly for 5 to 6 minutes at a speed of approximately three mph. This should be enough to evenly spread the lubricant on the inner surface of the belt.

STEP 6Keep a cloth handy to wipe off the excess lubricant seeping from either side of the treadmill deck.

STEP 7 – Once all this is done, it is time to realign the running belt and tighten it back into place to avoid the risk of injury.

tips and process on how to oil a treadmill
How To Lubricate A Treadmill?

What can be used to lubricate a treadmill belt? – Determining when lubrication is needed

A treadmill is indeed a compilation of a few hardware parts. But that does not mean it lacks specifications. On the contrary, there are types of treadmills available in the market ranging from the basics to the best ones.

Nevertheless, whichever model you choose, you must search for and purchase a lubricant compatible with the machine. In most circumstances, checking the owner’s manual and brand reviews on which treadmill lubricant will offer optimal performance is advisable.

There are certain misconceptions about lubricating a treadmill belt and other parts. Most people think using oil or products like WD-40 will be enough for maintenance. But, that is not the case and can reduce the lifespan treadmills come with, mainly when used frequently.

For all the instances where the device does not come with its lubricants, you can check out the 100% silicone spray, silicone lube, or wax stick. These are some of the products that will treadmill belt up and running without creating a mess.

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How To Lubricate A Treadmill?

How Do I Know If My Treadmill’s Belt Needs Lubricant? ( How To Lubricate A Treadmill )

Nowadays, most treadmills are lubricated before being shipped or come with a self-lubricating facility. As for those who do not, it is best to conduct a regular check every three months. This means lifting the belt and checking for an oily or waxy feel after approximately 40 hours of use.

However, consider it a sign if you notice its absence and, more importantly, witness squeaking or loud noises from the treadmill. These are caused due to the continuous wear and tear of the motor. Lack of lubricant can lead to slipping, skipping, or sticking a belt, eventually leading to a safety hazard.

how to lubricate a treadmill
How To Lubricate A Treadmill?

Make sure your belt stays tightened ( How To Lubricate A Treadmill )

There is hardly any doubt in people’s minds regarding the importance of a treadmill. It offers the chance to walk, jog, run and perform all cardiovascular activities needed for a healthy body.

But it comes with a catch where the belt starts to loosen over time. This is a constant process that, in turn, affects the motor and rollers over time. Following are some of the common instances where the treadmill regularly needs maintenance:

  • When the treadmill motor starts to emit odd noises due to too much friction
  • When the belt or mat starts to skip resulting in jolts and uninterrupted workouts

how to lubricate a treadmill

FAQs: Keep your treadmill lubricated at all times

What happens if you do not lubricate the belt?

The lack of regular lubrication of treadmills inevitably leads to too much abrasion between the belt, deck, and the drive motor. This results in the heating up of the machine, unusual noises, and interrupted workouts. It can also result in the treadmill’s belt becoming brittle over time and eventually breaking.

Which lubricant should be used on a treadmill belt?

To lubricate your treadmill, it is best to refer to the user manual and brand reviews. You can use a silicone spray/lube or a wax stick if the details are not provided.

Is WD-40 suitable for treadmill lubrication?

WD-40 should be highly avoided when choosing treadmill lubricant as it is petroleum-based and can ruin the model. Instead, it is best to go for a 100% silicone-based lubricant.

How frequently should I lubricate the treadmill with silicone lubricant?

According to some of the best manufacturers in the market, it is mandatory to lubricate every three months. This means lubricating after approximately every 40 hours of use. Opting for more frequent lubing is a wise measure for warm environments.

Why do treadmills require frequent lubrication?

Treadmills require either frequently or occasional lubrication because of the below-mentioned reasons:

Treadmill lubricant helps to avoid the abrasion between the motor and the belt resulting in higher track life.

Proper storage is another benefit of more frequent lubrication. The lubricant saves the belt tips from becoming brittle and breaking.

Replacing treadmill parts like the belt can be costly, especially considering the brand. In addition, this makes lubricating almost essential for day-to-day use.

What supplies are required for lubricating a treadmill?

Lubricating a treadmill can be very messy, so it is best to have all the supplies handy. This includes an Allen wrench to undo the bolts, a suitable form of lubricant, and a piece of cloth.

What happens if you over-lubricate the treadmill?

One of the most common mistakes beginners make is over-lubricating the treadmill, which can have adverse effects. For instance, the excess lubricant can ooze out from the sides of the deck when the machine is turned on at high speed, ruining the floor, walls, and furniture around.