How To Move A Treadmill: (7 Ways For Upside & Downside)

Most treadmills are enormous, and moving around the heavy equipment can be slightly challenging. If you plan to shift to a new home or move a treadmill downstairs or upstairs, you better be careful.

Ask questions like where do you need to transport it? Is there enough room for transportation? How many stairs and doors are on the way? Is the machine too heavy, and will you need some moving supplies?

You can call professional movers or do it all by yourself. However, please remember a few things while moving a treadmill to help you avoid a severe injury. Here is an innovative and organized approach to relocating your treadmill machine.

How To Move A Treadmill
How To Move A Treadmill: Nordictrack treadmill

Things to Know Before Moving a Treadmill- How To Move A Treadmill

Before digging deep into the logistics, knowing a few things about your exercise equipment is the key to moving treadmills. Let us see the safest and simplest ways to do so.

Size and Weight

The foremost thing to check is the size and weight of the equipment. Is it a regular treadmill or an under-desk machine? A folding treadmill with a desk is extremely lightweight and one of the easiest to move. Moving a commercial-quality treadmill can be a hideous task, and you may have to call a moving company or a garage gym friend.

Is it Foldable?

Moving non-folding treadmills can be a bit stressful. If you have a folding treadmill, dismantle the frame from the deck and easily transport it from one room to another. Half of your work is done when it’s folding equipment. You will get all the assembly and dismantling instructions from the user manual.

Does it Have Wheels?

A treadmill with wheels is a bonus. You no longer have to worry about how to move a treadmill. The wheels underneath the treadmill make it very smooth to move the treadmill. Remember to maintain the proper balance so the machine does not tip on one side and take you down.

Furniture Dolly

A furniture dolly can be crucial in the absence of wheels and non-folding treadmills. Use a furniture dolly to move a non-folding treadmill. It is advisable to use a furniture dolly that can hold up to 1000 lbs of weight to avoid damage. You can either buy it or get it on rent from a moving company.

You need to know these basic things before moving a treadmill. Now let us quickly jump toward the tips and tricks on how to move a treadmill.

How To Move A Treadmill
How To Move A Treadmill

Tips to Keep in Mind While Moving an Exercise Equipment Like Treadmill

Once you are good with the size and weight and the kind of treadmill, you can start the actual moving process. These tips will ensure your safety and the security of your treadmill.

Read Out The Owner’s Manual

Most treadmills come with a user manual with a detailed description of the machine and everything you need to know before moving it. From the machine’s weight to its functionalities, it is all there. There will be instructions on whether you can move a treadmill alone or need to hire professional movers.

Can you fold it or dismantle it? Does it have wheels for taking it to the next room, or if you need a dolly? The manual will answer all your queries on how to move a treadmill. If you missed keeping the manual safe, visit their website and get an e-manual.

Unplug and Remove Safety Key

One of the essential things to do is unplug the equipment before getting into the plan ahead. If you forget this, you might end up damaging your machine.

The plug and wire can get affected and also cause you to trip. Another step is to remove the safety key. Remove the plug and tape the cord to keep it safe.

The plug and safety key is the starting step, and it is essential to be extra careful.

Roll If The Treadmill Has Wheels

If your treadmill has wheels, you can roll it from one room to another without folding or dismantling it. But do it properly; make one person stand on both ends of the treadmill. One person will hold the upright bar firmly, and the other will grab it underneath the belt section.

The person at the belt section needs to tip back till the treadmill is carefully balanced on the wheels. Slowly move a treadmill toward the new location. Guide the person walking backward and carry it to the desired location.

Fold or Dismantle The Treadmill

The manual must have made clear whether it can be folded or not. Follow the instructions and begin folding the treadmill. Using the locking mechanism, make the treadmill into a folded position. This will help secure the treadmill and not harm anyone during the process.

If the fitness equipment can be dismantled, this is the best way to transport it to a new location. You are most likely to receive the moving supplies along with your treadmill. Be extra precautions about the small parts like nuts and bolts and secure them in a bag.

Arrange all the parts, and once you are in the new room, assemble it back together, and do not forget to lock them again.

Remove Doors and Obstacles

It is essential to check the details about your treadmill and the path ahead. Take a good look at the course and remove doors and any obstacles along the way. For example, if there is a carpet, remove it to avoid getting stuck.

Measure the door size and compare it with the machine dimensions. If you feel more room is required, remove the hinges. If pets and kids are in the house, ask them to stay in a room till the lifting is done.

Use a Furniture Dolly

In case of no wheels, a furniture dolly can be extremely handy. You can get it on rent from a professional moving company or buy one if you require it often. They can carry up to 1000 lbs of weight, making lifting super easy.

They are recommended during heavy lifting and are easy to use. You will need to lift the treadmill and slide the furniture dolly underneath.

Tie down or secure the treadmill using moving blankets to protect it. Ensure the weight is equally distributed on the dolly for safe movement. This hack can save a person from straining the back.

Hire Movers if You Need To

Contact moving companies if you find it too difficult to carry the treadmill yourself.

If you are not confident about moving a treadmill, save yourself from the headache. They have moving trucks and supplies and are prone to lifting heavy equipment regularly.

Their experience transporting the treadmill to a new home and traveling a long distance is handy. They can do it without damaging the wall or the treadmill.

They know exactly how to fold, lift, or roll. So, call for professional help in moving a treadmill if you need to.

How to Move a Treadmill Upwards

Moving a treadmill by yourself can be dangerous. So, call a moving company or a few of your muscular friends to get the job done. First and foremost, make sure the stairs on the path are clear and free from obstacles.

Lock or dismantle the treadmill if you have the option to do so. It is always recommended to lift the treadmill from the back end first.

Ask the one with stronger muscles to take charge of the back end. Start lifting the treadmill upward slowly and maintain a good position.

Flip the treadmill sideways for more effortless movement. Carry the treadmill upstairs one foot at a time and take breaks if needed.

Once you have taken the treadmill upstairs, put it down slowly. Reassemble and bring it back to the upright position. Do not forget to keep the treadmill in a locked position.

While lifting the treadmill, keep your hips and knees straight, not your back. Keep the treadmill close to your upper body, do not lift it above your shoulders and hurt your back.

Bending your back to let go of the machine can cause serious injury. Keep these things in mind to move the treadmill along the stairs.

How to Move a Nordictrack Treadmill Downstairs

Be extremely careful while moving the fitness equipment down the stairs. This will be easier compared to moving a treadmill upstairs. Make sure the stairs are clear for this process too. Locking and dismantling before and after the movement will remain the same.

  1. Remember that the back end of the running deck moves downward first. Tilt the treadmill sideways to safely take the treadmill downstairs. The person on the heavier end should guide the one on the opposite end. Stop when you need to, and keep your legs stable.

2. The individual holding the upper end must have a good grip and not let the whole pressure fall on the lower side. The grip must be tight. If you have sweaty palms, moving gloves could be a good option. A turn in the stairs can make the task even more difficult.

3. Call for an expert if you still feel the treadmill is too heavy to lift and cannot position your hands and legs correctly. Your strength may not be enough, and it is alright. Moving companies are good with long-distance and ensure the machine works properly after the transportation.

How Can You Avoid Injuries While Moving A Treadmill?

The last thing you want to do is get injured while moving a treadmill. Being careful can protect your legs, back, shoulders, etc., from damage. Your lower body has more power and strength to bear excessive weight. Use both upper and lower bodies to maximize the effect.

  1. Wearing a back support brace can take a lot of pressure off your back. Your back will likely be the first to get strained and cause an injury. So, make sure it is protected at all costs. Furniture lifting straps evenly distribute the weight and do not overload an individual.

2. We are not underestimating your muscle strength, but it is always a good idea to take help from 2-3 people while transporting the heavy treadmill. Do not rush; go as slowly as possible and follow the steps provided.

3. Do not hesitate to call for professional help if it is too much for you to do alone. They are experts and know better about how to move a treadmill safely.


Having to move a treadmill is not something very stressful. Calling a friend or two sounds enough if you plan to move a treadmill upstairs, downstairs, or into another room. But if you are planning for a new destination, seeking help from professional experts sounds like a plan.

Be realistic while making a decision, and don’t injure yourself. We have listed all the points you must remember while moving a treadmill. A little money spend on calling the professionals is way better than visiting a hospital.!

FAQs: How To Move A Treadmill

Which is the heaviest part of the treadmill?

The vast amount of treadmill weight comes from the sturdy frame. Various other components, like the motor and the belt, make it heavy, but the frame has the most vital role.

Can I move a treadmill alone?

Various lightweight treadmills can be moved alone. However, it is advisable to take help from a few friends or hire professionals for a safer movement. A treadmill is a heavy machine and can cause injuries if not careful.

Is moving a regular treadmill the same as a folding treadmill?

Not all treadmills have the capacity to fold. If your treadmill can fold, it becomes easier to transport than a regular treadmill. Remove the plug before folding it, and check the manual for specific instructions.

Should I wrap the machine with moving blankets?

If you send your treadmill via moving truck, it is recommended to use blankets to wrap the machine to save it from getting damaged. The blankets act like cushioning and help keep it safe from dirt and debris.

Can I get moving instructions in the owner’s manual?

Yes, you will likely receive all the instructions related to the treadmill, its use, and how to move it from the owner’s manual. If you have misplaced your manual or didn’t get one, check out the company website and download an electronic manual.

How many people does it take to move a treadmill?

At least two people are a must for moving the treadmill. However, having more than four people can make the process more flexible.

Will a treadmill fit my car?

Most treadmills come with folding technology. Thus, they can be easily folded and transported via an enclosed car.

What should you not do on a treadmill?

You should avoid running too close to the front of the belt. Never skip your warm-up. Do not look down at your feet and jump on the sides of the treadmill.

Why should you not put a treadmill in garage?

Storing your treadmill in the garage can lead to the accumulation of dust and debris. It can cause damage to the motor and the belt.