Treadmills are the fitness equipment helping everyone achieve their fitness goals. This device has made it easy and possible to burn maximum fats with cardio exercise inside the house or gym when weather conditions are not supportive of your other workout plans.

Also, investing in a new treadmill depending on great brand reviews is not an easy task. Once invested, it is vital to ensure that maintenance measures are followed regularly. It is essential to refer to the owner’s manual for understanding the treadmill use and maintenance.

And a most integral part of the treadmills is its belt which needs regular attention and care. It must be looked at when loosened, stuck, or not working correctly.

how to oil a treadmill
How To Oil A Treadmill

Why do treadmill belts require lubrication?

Even when the treadmill belt provides optimal performance, regular and on-time maintenance can prevent it from being damaged. When the belt begins sticking in between the walk or run, it is essential to look into it and make sure you resolve the issue before it damages the treadmill belt. Following are the reasons why the treadmill requires lubrication:

To reduce friction: ( How To Oil A Treadmill )

Continuous use can cause unnecessary friction between motor and belt after a time. Restraining that too much friction on time with silicone spray treadmill lubricant can increase the lifespan of treadmills.

Preventing sudden stoppage: ( How To Oil A Treadmill )

Overuse and ignorance can cause the treadmill belt’s sudden stoppage. If this happens for more than a reasonable time, it can become a reason for requiring a belt replacement.

Preparation in case of storage: ( How To Oil A Treadmill )

If the treadmill is supposed to be stored for a long time, maintenance of the treadmill belt is essential for its better life, which saves from the hustle of a pre-lubricated rough start when brought back in use.

how to oil a treadmill
How To Oil A Treadmill

How frequently to lubricate the treadmill belt?

To improve and extend the lifespan of your fitness equipment, it needs to be attended to regularly and on time. The frequency of lubricating your treadmill belt depends upon the use of the equipment. In workations or gyms or at working out commercial spaces, treadmills are used more frequently than when owned and operated privately.

It is suggested to lubricate a treadmill belt after 40 hours of use or a timespan of 3 months, whichever appears first. In the case of private use, it is okay to lubricate your treadmill once a year when use is below 10 hours per week or twice a year when use is more than 10 hours per week. Regular lubrication of your exercise equipment offers the following benefits:

Benefits of regular lubrication of treadmill belt:

Lubricant prevents motor overworking:

When you lubricate your treadmill walking belt on time, it prevents the overworking of the motor, which might create stress on the machine.

Keeps the noise down:

If the treadmill’s belt is lubricated regularly, it helps keep the noise down and lets you work out comfortably.

Restrains sudden breakdowns and belt stickiness:

When your running belt is not kept up with, it might get stuck between your workouts or cause sudden breakdowns, making it difficult for you to maintain your walking or running pace

lowers the wear and tear of other parts

Treadmill lubricant help work the machine properly. Otherwise, the stuck or unmoving belt may create pressure on other parts and the motor, causing damage to the treadmill deck.

how to oil a treadmill
How To Oil A Treadmill

7 steps to treadmill lubrication: ( How To Oil A Treadmill )

Understanding the proper way to lubricate your treadmill belt on time is crucial for long-lifespan treadmills. Fewer mistakes in the process help the machine work better. Therefore to save effort and confusion, further mentioned are the guidelines and tips to be followed by anyone to lubricate a treadmill belt.

Keep all devices you need together:

The tools you require for lubricating your treadmill are minimal and easy to use. Before beginning, you should keep an Allen wrench, t-wrench, a screwdriver, and silicone lubricant.

Refer to the manufacturer manual before beginning the lubricate process and search for anything to be done specifically in the mentioned manner.

Turn off the treadmill:

Once ready and prepared with the equipment, unplug the treadmill to ensure that it causes no injury to you in the process while lubricating your treadmill.

Uncover the deck and clean:

To get access to the deck, loosen the rear roller bolts, and count the number of turns on both sides. Usual 8-10 anti-clockwise turns will allow you enough slack to lift the belt slightly. This process helps you access the deck and clean the walking belt with a soft cloth.

Apply lubricant:

This step is tricky to follow, but it can be done easily once understood. First, determine the directly impacting area of the treadmill belt to spray the lubricant on the deck under the belt. Measure and apply approximately 5 ml of silicone-based lubricant zig-zag on the treadmill deck below the belt.

Lower and tighten the treadmill belt

When done with applying lubricant, lower the belt onto the deck and tight the rear rollers with the same number of turns in the reverse order. Ensure the treadmill belt is as tightened as before loosened in the earlier step.

Start up the treadmill:

When the belt is tightened enough, plug the treadmill and start it. Run the belt slowly for some minutes to let the lube spread.

After some minutes, start walking on the belt at the same slow speed to ensure the complete spreading of the silicone-based lubricant. Also, ensure that the belt is tight enough to deliver the machine to work.

Unplug again

After turning it off again, remove the plug of the treadmill and wipe clean the side tips of the machine with a soft cloth without any sign of spilled oil or lube on the other side of the belt.

how to oil a treadmill
How To Oil A Treadmill

What to look for in treadmill lubricant when choosing?

It is advised to use a silicone-based lubricant to maintain the treadmill belt. The composition of silicone oil and hydrocarbon propellant is used in the lubricant for treadmills. Most treadmill lubricants have a silicone base and are available in spray bottle or gel form. When purchasing, the preferred form is aerosol to lubricate treadmills easily.

Using any ordinary technical oil for lubrication is not advised as it may render the machines completely unusable. Everyone must regularly lubricate all the treadmill’s mechanical, magnetic, and electric tracks with silicone spray or silicone base solutions.

Wrapping Paragraph: ( How To Oil A Treadmill )

Treadmills are no simple and easy-to-purchase equipment. Instead, it is a significant investment and needs constant attention and maintenance. Regular lubricating of the treadmill belt is necessary to ensure it has a long life and works appropriately. It involves a simple procedure to follow, and silicone-based oil or spray is used to lubricate a treadmill.

Treadmills make it easy to work out inside and burn the fats when no other workout plans are working, but it also requires regular mending on time to offer it a long lifetime.

FAQs: ( How To Oil A Treadmill )

Q.1 Is lubrication necessary before using the treadmill for the first time?

Lubrication of treadmill belts before using them the first time saves from the crappy start. Because when purchasing the treadmill, it might have been in the factory or showroom storehouse for a long time. It might increase the unnecessary friction between the motor and deck. Therefore it is suggested to have the treadmill lubricated before using it for the first time.

Q.2 How to recognize when the lubrication of the treadmill belt is required?

When the noise created by the machine while in use gets louder, the belt starts sticking to the deck, or the treadmill belt is attached, it is taken as a sign of the machine requiring lubrication. It is suggested to lubricate a treadmill after 40 hours of work or 3 months, whichever falls first.

Q.3 What happens if regular lubrication of the treadmill belt is not followed?

Suppose the regular schedule of lubricating a treadmill is not followed. In that case, the machine might provide poor results after a time being and will be completely damaged. this ignorance can let you fall into the trap of replacement of treadmill belts which is considered an expensive affair. This can also result in sudden breakdowns disturbing the workout.

Q.4 How to choose a lubricant for treadmill belts?

It is suggested to use the silicone-based lubricant for the lubrication of the treadmill belt. This brings better results and outputs for the fitness equipment used in workouts. Other ordinary mechanical oils are not advised in the process, which might create complications and render the treadmills useless.