Removing your eyelash extensions at home doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. There are many different ways on how to remove eyelash extensions safely and in detail, which I’m going to show you how!

Removing eyelash extensions at home has risks, as they should always be removed by a professional makeup artist . Not only does he or she know how to remove them safely and in detail – but your lashes are also too short for you to do it yourself.

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home
How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

When removing lash extensions at home, follow the steps below for success:

Wait until your natural lashes grow back to their full length before having a beauty technician remove the extensions. If you attempt this on shorter lashes that haven’t grown out yet, then there is increased risk of damage or discomfort.

Review how the application process was done to learn how best to take off individual extension clusters from roots (the stem continuing through the cluster). Follow step 3 on here is how to properly remove them without damaging your natural lashes:

1. Pull skin tight and push away from eye with the opposite hand of how you will pull out lashes

2. The extension should slip right off, continuing onto the next one if there are any more in that cluster

3. If it’s a particularly stubborn lash, use your thumb nail to lift it up slightly from underneath so that you can get a better grip with tweezers

4. Now, not all your extensions may come off effortlessly as these steps suggest – remove them by carefully grasping each extension near the base (not at the root) and pulling to release the adhesive bond slowly/ gently until it comes away without tugging on your lashes too much

5. Repeat for each extension cluster and then check to see how your natural lashes are faring. If they feel fine, then you can go ahead and clean the glue residue off with an oil-based makeup remover; also try to make sure that any leftover lash glue is fully removed, as it could irritate the eyes if left on

6. Rinse your face thoroughly to wash away all traces of glue or oil

7. Use a toner and moisturiser after this step if necessary to further care for your skin. Finally, apply fresh mascara (if desired) to complete how how to remove eyelash extensions

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home
How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

Remember: A beauty technician will know how how to remove eyelash extensions properly without damaging your natural lashes – so when you do have them applied, let them know how how you want them removed.

Remove eyelash extensions in the best way possible

The way how to remove lash extensions at home is usually done by pulling the procedure off in reverse, starting with the last extension and working your way back up towards the root (where it was applied).

This should be done gently, so as not to damage your natural lashes – but do watch out for any swelling or irritation that could result from using excessive force on how how to remove eyelash extensions properly.

When doing how to remove eyelash extensions at home , always remember that they are glued onto your own natural lashes, which can require a little extra “oomph” when removing.

  • If you are having trouble getting an extension off, try placing a hot towel over the eye area for a few minutes to allow the glue to loosen before removing how how does lash extensions come off.

  • Not only how how long should eyelash extensions last can vary (approx three weeks), but how how do you remove mascara can also depend on how often they are applied and how how long do lash extensions last .
  • This is for one simple reason: as the natural lashes shed, more room is made available for new lashes to be attached.

  • As such, it’s important not to overdo it with too many applications in a short space of time – this may result in them becoming unhygienic and potentially thicker after removal because there will be more lash clusters per natural lash.

  • Choose the former option of carefully removing them if you don’t want to damage your natural lashes, for how how much do lash lifts cost or how how does eyelash extension removal work .

  • Otherwise, try pulling them off one at a time – which should make life easier as the glue is exposed to air and warms up slightly.

  • To save yourself some money in the long term, consider why exactly are eyelash extensions added in many cases because it’s better than how how fast can you grow hair with castor oil that they will last longer (approx three weeks) if done only every four weeks
How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

1) Using Eyelash Extensions Remover OR Hot Water

You can use either eylash extension remover or simply hot water. What’s great about using hot water instead of an expensive solution that gets rid of the lash extensions is that it won’t dry out your lashes, so they should still look nice and voluminous after removing those false lashes.

2) Hold Your Lashes With Tweezers And Dip Them In The Solution You Are Using

You want to hold the lash extension and dip it in your solution that you are using. DON’T SQUEEZE YOUR EYELASHES TOO HARD, as this will be too harsh on them! Try to just position the lash into the solution slowly. Hold there for a few seconds, so it can properly dissolve away. Once they are almost gone, use an eyelash comb to make sure all of your extensions have come off.

3) After Removing Your Lash Extensions Dip Cotton Swabs In The Remaining Solution And Place It On A Cleaning Pad

You will see some traces of glue left behind after removing your lash extensions . That’s why we need a cotton swab dipped in our remaining solution and place it on a cleaning pad to gently rub the glue away.

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home
How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

4) Apply Some Oil To Your Lashes

You can use either coconut or olive oil for this step. You want to apply some of that oil onto your lash line and let it soak into each lash follicle overnight. This will help strengthen them by providing natural nutrients, which will make them look shiny and full without wearing extensions!

5) Use A Cleansing Solution Every Other Day For 1-2 WEEKS After Removing False Eyelashes

I recommend using an organic cleansing solution every other day after removing false eyelash extensions, so you can make sure they are properly cleaned off and all traces of glue have been removed from your lashes. Also, it’s important to use an organic solution as it contains no harsh chemicals, which will dry your lashes out!

6) Do Not Use Oil Based Makeup Removers For A Couple Of Days After Removing The False Lashes

If you use oil on your eyelids when having false lash extensions applied, make sure you don’t use that oil-based makeup remover for 2-3 days after removing the lashes. This is because oil can prevent the glue from properly coming off of your natural lashes and clump them together, making them look “ratty.”

7) Lose False Eyelashes With Care And In Detail As They Are Very Delicate When You Take Them Off

While removing lash extensions by yourself at home may seem easy, you need to be extra careful and gentle with how you are removing them. It’s important that you don’t tear out your lashes and damage them, therefore damaging your natural lashes even more!

Hope this article helped you learn how to remove lash extensions at home without damaging your natural lashes or purchasing expensive remover solutions for a lot of money!