How To Replace A Treadmill Belt? (10 Steps)

The treadmill is an instrument used to burn calories. The machine is simple but needs regular maintenance to provide consistent results. The walking platform belt needs a lot of attention and on-time lubrication. Otherwise, it adds up to the cost of repairs and replacements. You can read further to learn about how to replace a treadmill belt.

Replacing the belt is crucial to prevent the treadmill motor from getting strained. So, if you want to avoid high-energy consumption by your device, maintain the belt and get it replaced if required.

How Often Is Lubrication Necessary?

The machine’s user manual provides a step-by-step guide for the lubrication of the treadmill walking belt. In general, it is recommended to lubricate the walking belt once every 3 months or after a run of around 130-150 miles with silicone lubricant, depending on the brand you use.

It is necessary to go through the guidelines in the owner’s manual or user manual for what kind of lubrication to use and in what proportion.

how to replace a treadmill belt
How to replace a treadmill belt

Signs Indicating The Replacement Of The Treadmill Belt:

  • The treadmill belt does not move smoothly and provides results as before.
  • The belt has started making cracking sounds while walking or running over it.
  • It has been too much smooth at many spots losing the necessary friction.
  • There is a crack over a walking belt.

Tools Required For Replacement:

  1. Allen wrench
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Wrench set
  4. Lubricant
how to replace a treadmill belt
How to replace a treadmill belt

Steps To Replace The Treadmill Belt:

Disconnect The Treadmill:

Before starting with any process, disconnect the treadmill. Remove the power cord from the wall outlet, as you might accidentally press the button and harm yourself.

Remove Motor Hood:

Now remove the motor hood of the machine and move it from its place.

Mark Roller Position:

Now find the front roller and rear roller bolts and mark their positions with permanent marker

Loosen The Belt Tension:

Then loosen the belt tension at the rear roller bolts and ensure it allows you to slide your hand underneath. In the case of the folding treadmill, first put it in the upright position and then loosen the walking belt.

Remove The Deck Bolts And Front Roller:

Remove the adjustment screw at the front roller altogether. Loosen the front roller bolts to get them out of their locked position completely. For folding the treadmill walking belt, get the walking deck down before loosening the front roller bolts and taking them out.

For high-end treadmills, they might have straddle covers with the facility of under mounting or side mounting where staples or bolts can be popped up with a flathead screwdriver.

Remove The Rear Roller Bolts:

Once freed up from the front, remove the rear roller bolt and free up the rollers from their position. Also, remove the plastic end caps.

In case the side rails of the treadmills are attached to the treadmill base, they must be removed first.

Remove The Treadmill Walking Belt:

Slide off the old belt from the deck. Check the space for dirt and dust. Wipe off the deck clean and get ready for the new belt.

The person lifting the front side must only keep it down once the new belt is installed.

Replace Treadmill Belt:

Once the deck is cleaned and clear, slide on the new walking belt over the deck and put the machine down. Adjust the same in the center position before putting on any bolts.

Fit All The Loosened Bolts:

When the new walking belt is in position, refit the roller bolts into the previous positions but keep the rear tension bolts tightened after testing the belt slips. Ensure the front roller bolt matches the marked positions before removing it. And then refit the motor hood in place.

Tighten The New Treadmill Belt:

Once everything is in position, tighten the screws and get the walking belt in place to match the marks.

Inspect Treadmill Running Belt Tension:

Now you can feel the tension in the treadmill belt. As recommended, ensure a 2-3 inches gap with the deck for smooth flow.

Take A Trial Of The Treadmill Belt:

Now put the power chord back in the wall unit and turn on the machine. Run the belt at a slow speed to check the moving belt. Make minor adjustments to the bolt to bring the belt to the center.

When satisfied with the belt flitting, lubricate with silicone lubricant and try running over with optimum speed for even coating.

how to replace a treadmill belt
How to replace a treadmill belt


How much does it cost to replace treadmill belts?

The cost of replacing a treadmill belt ranges from $100 to $300, depending on various factors. It includes the factors like the kind of treadmill, choice of the belt, and service of getting it replaced. If you replace a treadmill belt, the cost can be saved.

Is it worth replacing the belt on a treadmill?

This is the all-time suggested solution given by experts, as replacing the treadmill belt is much simpler and affordable for pockets, especially when the whole machine is in good condition and performing well.

How often is a treadmill belt replaced?

Usually, a treadmill belt lasts for a period of about 5-10 years or for 300-500 hours of running. After checking all the signs of wearing out the belt, replacement becomes necessary. It is recommended to go for the replacement around 2-3 times.

How can you tell if the treadmill belt is worn out?

The most basic sign of a belt wearing out is decoloration or extreme smoothness of the walking belt. In case of decoloration, the color of the belt turns very dark in some spots, and when you touch the surface, it feels much smoother than necessary.

Is it better to repair a treadmill or buy a new one?

When the machine is adequately maintained, repairing it in case of breakdown seems reasonable. It also depends upon the part to replace and the machine’s condition. But when compared to replacement, the cost of repairing is generally reasonable.

What causes the treadmill belt to slip?

Too much tightening or friction is the most common reason a treadmill walking belt slips. To stop slipping accidents, it is necessary to check the gap between the belt and the walking board, which must be at least 2-3 inches for smooth rolling.

What kind of maintenance does a treadmill need?

The maintenance of the treadmill is straightforward. Wipe out with a wet cloth or wipe the handlebars to eliminate sweat. Follow the suggested lubrication routine. Vacuum around the treadmill and from under it as saturated dust and dirt.

Can I lubricate a treadmill drive belt?

Yes. You can lubricate a treadmill drive belt on your own but remember to follow the guidelines in the user manual and make sure you use the suggested lubricant.

What happens if you don’t lubricate a treadmill belt?

Not lubricating your treadmill belt regularly might lead to high expenses, as higher friction between the parts might burn the motor hood or decrease the lifespan of the treadmill belt. In continuous use without lubrication, your tread might consume more energy.

Are treadmill belts universal?

No, treadmill belts are unique and vary from machine to machine. One cannot be sure that a belt for another treadmill will fit your machine.