Mass gainers are designed to be an extreme calorie source for those looking to gain mass. This type of weight-gain supplement provides the body with added more calories and protein above what you could get in whole foods. Let’s know all about the mass gainer that will clear all your doubts about how to use mass gainer.

What do most mass gainers do to your body?

Mass gainers are designed to be an extreme calorie source for those looking to add on muscle mass. This type of weight-gain supplement provides the body with added calories and protein above what you could get in whole foods. The label will tell you how many calories per serving, protein, carbohydrates, sugars, fats (and the ratios) it contains.

Research has shown that whey protein can stimulate muscle synthesis and increase fat loss for those who use it as a weight gainer supplement. Whey protein contains high amounts of leucine, one of the three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) responsible for stimulating muscle growth in response to exercise. Some studies have revealed that higher levels of leucine lead to greater muscle gains over time.

How Can Mass Gainers And Whey Protein Help Your Body

Mass Gainers are incredibly effective when used correctly – meaning during phases where your caloric intake is high. However, your body still needs surplus energy to fuel your workout sessions and overall recovery processes.

Currently, available mass gainers deliver an excess of 2000 more calories per serving. If possible, try taking at least two servings daily or take one in the morning before a training session and one just after returning from a training session. Mass gainers are a great way of increasing caloric intake that is most convenient for those who have a busy schedule.

Content of mass gainers

When choosing a mass gainer, you should read nutrition labels carefully and compare prices. Most mass gainer shakes are high in protein and carbohydrates but low in healthy fats. While a product is intended to be used as a supplement for healthy building, it’s best to choose a shake that contains fewer sugars and saturated fats. You should always review the nutrition label before buying one of these products.


Carbohydrates are the essential nutrients in any weight-gainer supplement because they’re what your body uses as fuel immediately after a workout. Sometimes it’s hard to get enough carbs from regular food sources, so a mass gainer is the easiest way to solve this problem. Some products contain fewer carbohydrates or more fat than others, so you should always check the nutrition label before purchasing.

Nutritional Value Of Mass Gainer

Amino acids

Glutamine, arginine, creatine, betaine anhydrous (trimethylglycine), beta-alanine, boron citrate have been included in some weight-gainer supplements to enhance their effectiveness. If your body responds well to protein powders, you may also want to search for a mass gainer containing some whey protein.

In addition to creatine and glutamine, there are other amino acids commonly added to weight-gain supplements such as arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG), glycocyamine, and L-alanyl-L-glutamine. When combined with carbs and protein, these give the body a potent anabolic boost.

How to use mass gainer supplement to gain healthy weight?

Do not exceed more than one serving of a mass gainer per day.

The best way to take it is directly after you work out because your body needs carbohydrates and extra calories. If you rather drink it as a meal replacement, which isn’t recommended, then it’s best before or after your workout. The extra calories needed help the body gain weight.

If you take it before bed after a workout, then that’s okay too but keep in mind that your body needs energy for recovery during sleep.

How To Use Mass Gainer Using Whey Protein

Before going all out, remember – everything in excess can be harmful to the body. Too many supplements and not enough real foods could lead to nutrient deficiencies or a general imbalance of your system, which may lead to unwanted weight addition, probably fat with no muscle at all.

A good rule would be to use mass gainer supplements when you feel your appetite decreases with time due to lack of daily calories from regular food but not more than twice a day – again only if necessary.

There isn’t a set amount of servings you should take during a workout phase since everyone has their own needs and lifestyle, but it would be safe to say that anything over 4 servings per day is already excessive.

Best time to drink mass gainer for muscle building

The best time to drink a Mass Gainer is right after you work out or lift weights at home or in the gym because your body needs energy fast.

If you choose to drink a weight gainer as a meal replacement, it’s best to have it immediately before or after your workout instead of having it as part of breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Many athletes take mass gainers simply because they are so hungry after their workout and don’t have time to cook or prepare meals.

However, the body also needs carbohydrates and calorie intake during bedtime because your body is at rest but still wants energy for recovery.

It’s not recommended that you drink a Mass Gainer right before going to sleep because this will prevent your body from getting rid of gaining fat that it doesn’t need.

How To Use Mass Gainer Using Whey Protein To Gain Calories

It is recommended that athletes not exceed more than one serving of a Mass Gain supplement per day, even though many prefer to use two shakes (one in the morning before breakfast and another right after your workout).

For most bodybuilders aiming to put on quality fat-free muscle, it is best to quickly drink the shake directly after working out instead of eating or drinking anything else.

Benefits of using mass gainer and whey protein

Consuming mass gainers can help your body in many ways. Surprisingly, it is more than gaining weight! Here are some of the most significant advantages of mass gainers.

1. Increase performance and strength –

Weight gainers contain a high level of carbohydrate that helps provide the body with energy. It will help you to be able to train longer or harder because your body has a steady supply of glycogen from the carbohydrates coming from your weight gainer supplement.

2. Increase muscle mass –

With regular training, those who use weight gainers often build up lean muscle as well as burn body fat. The additional calories supplied by a mass gainer give the extra fuel needed for muscle gain and for muscles to recover after an intense workout.

Many people who use mass gainer supplements observe dramatic changes in their muscle size after taking the product for some time. It occurs due to an increase in lean muscle through proper training combined with a daily calorie intake supplied by the mass gainer.

The Supplement Boosts Strength, And General Health

3. Better muscle building – 

Weight gainers will supply you with the bodybuilding nutrients for muscle growth and muscle recovery. The high protein content in these supplements provides your muscles with amino acids, while the carbohydrates give it the fuel it needs to recover and grow.

How to gain mass for increased strength?

Weight gainers also help increase strength since they contain both protein and carbohydrates, which provide energy, resulting in increased power output during training.

Increase endurance – 

Not only does a supplement promote lean muscle mass through its ingredients, but it also helps build endurance. Moreover, this is required for people who train extensively like athletes or bodybuilders.

It is because these supplements also contain essential vitamins and minerals that keep your immune system strong so you can work out daily without getting sick.

How to use whey protein to promote general health?

Those who take a supplement can benefit from overall good health and wellbeing. Thanks to its nutritious ingredients, including essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients required for a healthy lifestyle. It reduces the risks of various health conditions.

Balanced hormone production –

A proper balance of anabolic hormones is directly linked to a healthy body and mind. The ingredients found in a supplement helps to promote a better hormonal balance, which will not only help you build lean muscle but also provide the energy needed for everyday life and mental clarity.

The nutrients from these supplements also keep your immune system strong so that you stay healthy and feel good all year round.

Method to prepare mass gainer

  1. Mix the shake in a blender for 30 seconds. It will ensure that you are able to mix any powders at the bottom of your shaker bottle thoroughly with water or milk. You can also use a hand mixer if you choose to do this step by step.
  2. Shake it again, just before drinking it, to make sure everything mixes correctly and evenly distributed.
  3. If you’re not lactose intolerant, try adding some ice cream or yogurt into your Mass Gainer shake. It also gives a richer, creamier taste when using skimmed milk powder instead of plain water/milk.

The Right Way To Prepare Mass Gainer Shake Using Whey Protein

Possible side effects of mass gainer

There are some possible side effects to using mass gainers. It is because these supplements contain large amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and extra calories. This causes the body’s metabolism to speed up, resulting in an increase in blood pressure or possibly stomach aches due to its high fiber content.

Therefore, it’s advised that you limit your daily intake of weight gainer supplements to three servings per day for maximum results.

Some people experience the opposite of weight gain and develop loose stools after taking a mass gainer because it contains large amounts of fiber.

This problem usually resolves itself once your body gets the hang of the supplement. People who regularly drink or eat high-fiber foods generally don’t have any trouble digesting this kind of product. Still, people who only occasionally eat high-fiber food should begin supplementation slowly and see how their digestive system responds.

There Can Be A Few Side Effects Of Using These Supplements

Five best mass gainers For Healthy Weight

Knowing how to use mass gainer isn’t enough. To choose the best weight gain supplements, you will need to look at their ingredients list. Our top picks for best mass gainers are:

MHP Ripped Whey Protein Weight Gainer

  • This product contains 10 grams of creatine, 17 grams of BCAAs, 22 grams of glutamine, and 6 grams of fiber.
  • It also has 1150 calorie dense, 190 carbs, 220 protein, and 60 healthy fats per serving.
  • It’s the perfect choice for athletes trying to counter fat gain while gaining muscle.

Whey Protein

MRM All Natural Whey Protein Supplement for Bodybuilders

  • It has 1,250 calories per serving with 52g protein, 80g carbs, and 5g fat.
  • 4lbs bulk size is recommended because it’s pretty cheap compared to similar products.
  • It contains vitamin A, C & D along with chromium, which is beneficial for gaining weight at certain times of the day.
  • Compared to others, it is high in calories but the whey protein concentrate is very high in carbs, so best to take it post-workout.

Iso 100 Hydrolyzed 100% Pure Isolate Whey

  • Iso 100 is one of the purest proteins on the market, with 95% protein content.
  • 2lbs = 25 servings.
  • 700 calories per serving with 50g protein, 19g carbs, and 5g fat.
  • The high-quality product is for weightlifters – best to take it post-workout, especially after you lift weights.

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer 12lb

  • Cheap high-calorie mass gainer with 1,250 calories per serving.
  • 52g protein, 80g carbs,5g fat per 500 calories shake, so total meal replacement isn’t necessary.
  • 3lbs and 6lbs size available.
  • High in nutrient and calorie content, so take it post-workout.

GNC Pro Performance Mass Gainz

  • This product by GNC is a pocket-friendly mass gainer on the market.
  • It provides 700 calories, 100 grams of carbohydrates, 200 proteins, and 30 healthy fats per serving.
  • The only downside with this mass gainer supplement is that it uses maltodextrin as its primary carb source.

Gain Healthy Weight Using Mass Gainer

Now that you know what a Mass Gainer is, how to use Mass Gainers properly, the best Mass gainer products, and its side effects, you are ready to get on the road to gaining weight.

There are many reasons why someone needs or wants to gain weight fast. However, one thing’s for sure–weight gain is not an easy process at all because it requires dedication, persistence, and commitment!

Read nutrition labels carefully and compare prices between different products. Most whey protein shakes are high in protein and carbohydrates but low in healthy fats. Hence sometimes it’s best to choose a product that contains fewer sugars and saturated fats.

Good luck with your healthy lifestyle.