What is a Naturopathic diet for losing weight?

Losing weight is a dream for an overweight person. Wondering if naturopathy holistic approach programs are the way to go? Naturopathy is one of the effective ways to lose weight for both psycho and physiological conditions. It believes in healing and natural treatment rather than depending on medications and natural supplements. Naturopathy filters the body from toxins and effectively treats the problem from the root.  One might follow weight loss programs or take supplements.

But deep down, we all know that there is no shortcut to lose weight. An effective program consists of intense workouts, natural diet plans, changes in lifestyle, and, most importantly, sheer dedication. 

One thing that should always be kept in mind is that tips must not have any harmful effects on your health. Therefore, such a safe and natural diet has to be adopted, which works as a panacea and does not deliver any side effects. Being overweight can have a lot of problems like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other illnesses. 

Naturopathy For Permanent Weight Loss: Why Should You Counter Weight Gain?

A holistic weight loss program means a healthy diet or program that can provide major health benefits and help you get a perfect weight as per the Body Mass Index. And a holistic diet should have good results on overall health and well-being.

Obesity can result in serious health issues, including stroke, heart disease, cancer, and type II diabetes. Bodyweight is a function of two modules: exercise and food habits. The program that enables you to work against the possible causes of weight problems is called the Holistic weight loss program.

Why should we eat more than we need? Why do we not perform enough exercise? How can we eat more healthily? 

Exploring these questions can help us evade the objectionable patterns that prevent us from achieving optimal weight. This is the solution to lose weight and the fundamental of the naturopathic approach.

Holistic nutrition contains green leafy vegetables and fruits, organic and unprocessed foods with the required amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and other essential nutrients. This will help you to fight against the diseases and boost your immunity power.

Here are the steps to lose weight by following a holistic diet : 

Go Organic –  

Organic food has higher antioxidants, healthy fats, and essential nutrients that promote metabolic balance and health. Selecting organic foods such as crackers, frozen meals, and dairy products can reduce the risk of exposure to harmful substances and toxins.

Limit Your Sodium Intake-     

If you choose whole food instead of processed food, it may reduce your level of sodium intake. Controlling the amount of sodium in your diet plan can aid you in several ways, like- reducing heart disease risks, lowering blood pressure and high cholesterol. Avoid consuming salt in more significant amounts as it can affect your weight and increase your fat, especially in the belly areas causing stress.

Eating whole foods-

Try to add unprocessed, unrefined, and healthy kinds of stuff such as melons, carrots, apples, bananas, or any other veggies and fruits that will help you burn calories. It will also reduce the risk of heart diseases and various types of cancer, and type II diabetes. 

Drink more water-

It is recommended to drink eight glasses of water per day to boost health and improve digestion. According to the research, the habit of drinking water before every meal can result in an effective weight loss of up to 4.4 lbs (2 kgs). Water can help you to stay hydrated and release harmful elements. Additionally, it can be effective in fat loss (burn the unnecessary calories). It is 100- percent free from calories and is considered the best beverage for the belly. Apart from that, it will take of your mental health as well. 

Reduce the intake of sugar

Research shows that taking a higher amount of blood sugar can increase the level of fats in your body and lead to gained weight consistently. It also increases the possibility of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and type II diabetes. Try to avoid higher consumption of sugar and drink green tea.

How did I start with naturopathy for weight loss?

Obesity is the stage that makes you feel unbearable, and it may lead to several cardiovascular diseases as well. I wanted to go for weight reduction and to reduce stress. And Naturopathy is the only way that proved beneficial behind my effective weight loss.  

I was not feeling confident and wanted to reduce the extra fat. After watching the difficulty level of different programs, I felt helpless in this fight, and I didn’t want to gain weight at all.

One of my friends suggested physical activity and meditation; but alas it didn’t work out for me. I heard from my sister that weight loss can be easier if you follow a naturopathy diet. At first, I googled for the top naturopathy centers in India. Then I approached one of them for program details and the slot availability.

After that, I was asked to fill a form. The detailed assessment covered every single detail of my health, obesity, medical details, problems I face.

Then health care provider thoroughly evaluated my form and prepared a naturopathy program, preceded by a question and answer session. Let me sum up for you a gist of what was recommended to me

Balance Blood Glucose Levels
balance blood glucose levels

a. Yoga and Exercise:

Doing Yoga in the early morning is a kickstart to onsetting the journey. You have to wake up before 6 am and start your day with Jal Neti (nose cleansing) exercise. As you brush your teeth for oral and dental hygiene, this jal neti is for nasal hygiene.

The next step is mindfulness. Meditation is a one-hour yoga session in which you need to perform rounds of yoga for fifteen minutes each. The session includes physical activity like baddha konasana, mastyandresan, vashistasana, etc. that helped me a lot to have sound mental health.

I used to do different kinds of meditation weight loss Pranayams like Bhramari, Kapalbhati, Anulom vilom, Sun salutation that helped lose more calories. I used to walk for two to three kilometers after completing the yoga session. This is not mandatory, but if you want better results, you can add this to your weight loss program at your time convenience.

b.  Foods that I chose in Naturopathy for weight loss

Naturopathy aims at the root cause of the disease and tries to heal it naturally. The diet that the naturopathic doctors recommended helped me to maintain balance by boosting immunity to fight against degenerative diseases. I was provided with a plate full of fruits, including papaya, apple, guava, carrot, musk melon, cucumber, watermelon, etc.

The plate was loaded but in the fixed portion because everything has a limit, and more than that is harmful. I used to take a glass of buttermilk after finishing my plate.

The fruits helped me maintain a healthy weight at an optimum level and recharge with lots of vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

The soups before the meal also help you eating lower calories which is helpful for long-term weight loss. Drumstick soup, palak corn, and tomato carrot soup were some of my favorites. After the soup, I prefer the same diet mentioned above(plate full of fruits).

I followed the basic naturopathy diet plan rigorously. I was on Naturopathy diet therapy.

It is of three types –  Eliminative diet therapy, Soothing diet therapy, and Constructive diet therapy. I was on Eliminative and Soothing diet therapy as per my plan made by my doctors. 

i. Mangosteen-

It is a powerful natural herb, and the natural chemicals found in the petal can stop the production of fat cells and result in effective weight loss. At the same time, mangosteen helps break down the older fat cells and lowers the cholesterol level. It is good for the heart as well as it helps in maintaining health and weight. Its scientific name is Garcinia mangostana.

ii. Betel leaves-

Betel leaves (family of Piperaceae) are a natural ingredient. It must be there in your food as the extract found in it can lower the Body Mass Index and modulate the functioning. 

iii. Gurmar-

Another effective herb that gives the immunity power to fight diseases and improves digestion. Gurmar cuts down the bad cholesterol from the bod. Its scientific name is Gymnema sylvestre.

iv. Coconut Oil –

This is a common herb used to counter body fat. It is globally treated as a superfood as well as far healthier than the other cooking oils. Coconut oils are thermogenic in nature, thus warms up the metabolic rate. 

How Does Metabolism Become Damaged?

Metabolic damage, also known as the starvation mode, is the body’s response to long-standing calorie restriction. It comes from the depletion of calories and calorie reduction or an amalgamation of two.

When you deprive yourself of calories for a long period of time, your body moves towards the preservation mode. Metabolic syndrome is scientifically known as adaptive thermogenesis. This is an effective way without a doubt. This natural technique has become complicated in the present time with the high levels of obesity. Because it is now caused by periods of dietary restriction, not by genuine conditions of starvation.

i. Drinking Sugary Beverages:

These beverages contain high amounts of sugar and are deleterious to your health, and their high consumption can link to various diseases, including obesity, diabetes, and even some cancers. These sugar-sweetened drinks have a higher percentage of fructose that may be responsible for the dispersal of obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes, etc.

Naturopathy To Lose Weight
Naturopathy To lose weight

ii. Not getting adequate sleep:

Sleep has a very crucial role to play in maintaining a healthy system. If you do not get enough sleep that is set for the wellness of the human being, it may hike the risk of several illnesses, including depression, diabetes and heart diseases and it is also the reason behind the damage of the metabolism and increase the chances of weight gain. 

iii. Grasping on protein : 

According to the research, Protein acts as a primary building material for the body. If you include the required amount of protein in your diet, it helps you lose calories and enhances the burn rate of calories.

The hike in metabolism that happens after digestion is called the thermic effect of food (TEF). Protein intake in your diet can increase the rate of metabolism by 20 to 30 % as compared to carbs, i.e., 5-10% and 0-3% in the case of fat.

Naturopathic Weight Loss

Thyroid Function- Hormone Connection

Naturopathic medicine treats patients affected by chronic and complex diseases like type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity.

The medicine has a model that addresses the mutual action of various factors, including endocrine health, gastrointestinal health, and psychological stress. Adrenal function and gastrointestinal health are accepted to be elementary to optimum health. Variance in absolute levels of stress hormones is understood to disturb growth hormone function.

When the blood glucose levels are ≥126 mg/dL, type II diabetes is recognized; However, naturopathy doctors realized that insulin resistance overtakes type II diabetes, and blood glucose dysregulation overtakes insulin resistance. Keeping this in mind about insulin resistance is paramount to improve insulin sensitivity

Can a holistic doctor help To Lose Weight?

The body-mind connection can be understood by understanding psychological stress on physiology, biochemistry. The state of mind when he eats something, e.g., the things we discuss while we eat.

We mean here that if you eat something that has a good nutritional value, but you are completely unaware of the advantages of the food and thinking something else, then the food may not have the same impact. That’s how important your mental health is.

The best recommendation would be learning mindfulness meditation

What is the best natural remedy to counter excessive weight gain?

Jeera or Cumin seeds are the most common and essential items and must be in everyone’s kitchen. It is used in food, but at the same time, it has many medicinal properties as well. If you add jeera in water and drink it in the early morning, it has innumerable benefits

1. It boosts the immune system to fight against obesity and other harmful diseases.

2. Cumin or jeera water aid digestion to the body enhances bowel movement. It secretes enzymes that are helpful to break carbohydrates, sugars, and fat. 

3.  Cumin water improves the metabolism rate and helps the person maintain good health 

4. Jeera water improves cardiac health, and it is a natural antioxidant that helps you protect the heart and treats cardiac problems.

5. Cumin water stimulates the production of insulin. It controls the blood sugar levels and is helpful to people who are diagnosed with diabetes. Insulin sensitivity issue is crucial to  understand

Naturopathy Believes To Unlock Natural Weight Maintenance Tricks

Naturopathic medicine cures the disease and eliminates it from the root with the help of herbal natural supplements. People who take too many processed foods, refined carbohydrates in their diet are most likely to suffer from obesity. These things need to be controlled as these can promote excess storage, great difficulty in appetite control, and decreased metabolic rate. The naturopathic doctor will also assist you with physical fitness practices to achieve an energetic, and slim-fit body. 

PGX by Natural Factors

If you look for healthy supplements, I recommend you go for PGX by Natural Factors. It contains konjac root, which is a water-soluble fiber and is known for its starchy corm. PGX slows down the gastric emptying and energizes you for a longer period of time when taken with a glass of water. The Naturopathy treatment to program weight loss is categorized into the following three phases:

Phase 01: Finding the real problem

  • Naturopathy and other traditional medications allow the doctors to prepare a psycho-physiological portfolio of the patient to study and detect the major issue behind the disease.
  • Starting from recognizing the natural analysis of the body (Prakriti) of the individual to their eating habits and lifestyle; from their emotional wellness to the past medical history; doctors go through the biological history to find the actual problem behind the obesity.
  • In most patients, they find that the patient had no history of genetic traits or surgeries.
  • And after a thorough examination, they conclude that the root cause behind overweight which sometime is the hormonal imbalance that is generally the common culprit in most of the patients.  

Phase 02: Losing excessive fat And Weight Training

  • Naturopathy therapy’s prime focus is to treat the whole system and fix all the disparity and render more energy.
  • The patient is generally recommended to follow a strict naturopathy natural diet plan, health activities, and therapies to maintain optimum weight to counter stress.
  • Hormone balance is the next big thing to be treated which is very significant.
  • The treatment also focuses on developing the potential of both physical and mental health.  

Phase 03: Controlling and weight management

  • The patient then is advised to follow a diet as per their body type.
  • They were encouraged to inculcate healthy approach like physiotherapy, yoga, exercise, and meditation in their life.
  • Naturopathy helps the patient boost confidence and motivates the patient to maintain right demeanor.
  • If a patient makes it a habit to do Sun Salutation, meditation, etc., daily, they can see the changes in Spiritual, physical, and Mental health. 

The choice is clear: Heal(the) first.

There is no debate that Health comes first. We tried to cover effective ways of mindfulness meditation programs to fight against obesity.

Physical activity is undoubtedly an essential element in the journey of weight loss efforts. But we can not ignore the power of meditation to promote weight loss and lose body weight.

Moreover according to a report, 42% US population suffers from abdominal obesity. We add several unhealthy habits to our daily activities, like eating junk food, skipping breakfast, sleeping less, and procrastinating.

As a result, we end up obese at a very early age. But as time goes on, obesity can severely damage your physical and mental health by damaging different organs gradually.

Naturopathy treatment is a healthy amalgamation of diet changes and exercise that naturally heals your body. Dr. Whimsy is one of the best Naturopathy doctors in the current time. Naturopathy, like any other program focused on losing weight, takes time to show results. Interestingly, you will get a good lifestyle in the quest of shedding a few pounds.