Pilates Vs Yoga: Which Is Better: Revealed!

In today’s world of fitness and gym, we have all become body conscious, which is to a certain extent good for our lives. With time, many ways of staying fit and healthy have taken place differently in different parts of the world. Some prefer traditional ways of staying healthy by following some great yoga asanas, and some prefer non- and modern methods like pilates like Zumba, aerobics, or even gym. The most effective methods that are similar but not so similar in staying fit are pilates and yoga. If you want to know who wins, we have gathered an exciting pilates vs yoga review.

What is Pilates Class?

Pilates is a type of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength, and strengthening movements. It gives importance to proper postural alignment along with body strength and muscle ratio. Pilates will enable you to have a better balance, enhance flexibility, relieve pain in joints, along with many more benefits. After the initial training by your pilates instructor, you will experience soreness all over the body, but it is worth it. Well, if you have a question like- is pilates resistance training? Then, yes, it is, but it is smooth, not harsh, strengthening the muscles. If we talk about a little bit of the history of Pilates, then it is named after its creator, Joseph Pilates, who developed this exercise regime in the 1920s. 

Pilates Vs Yoga: Which Is Better: Revealed!
Pilates Vs Yoga: Which Is Better: Revealed!

What do pilates classes teach you?

Pilates was named after its founder Joseph Pilates who was a famous anatomist and a mechanical genius. This exercise regime was first used for the rehabilitation and recovery of wounded soldiers. It is said to be a set of specific exercises done to strengthen the core muscles. If you desire to gain the benefits of it, then you need to do it regularly.

There are a few frequent pilates exercises, such as yoga instructors prefer classes with mats, whereas people seeking a more fitness-focused exercise choose classes with machines. The equipment used for pilates is unique and consists of springs and levers. On the other hand, Classical Pilates is the type of exercise where a mat is used, and it is considered the practice in its purest form.

What is yoga and its origin?

The precise origin of yoga is still unknown, but according to researchers, Yoga has been around for more than 3000 years. According to some, Yoga was first practiced in India about 5000 years ago. It was introduced to bind the human consciousness with the universal consciousness using physical health exercises to achieve relaxation.

Yoga is a meditative practice designed to promote physical fitness, emotional health, and divine health. Through repetitive movement, yoga concentrates on flexibility and broader muscles while asserting incredible healing. Despite many years going, Yoga is still one of the exercise regimes preferred by both men and women worldwide. This mode of exercise has its roots in Shamanism, Buddhism, and some Eastern religions. Deep breathing and mindfulness are the main characteristics of a yoga session. There are many varieties of Yoga; holding various poses and going through different sequences of movements is common in most Yoga sessions. It is considered a means of both mind and body fitness, as it combines physical activities and improves concentration. It makes you more aware of the breath and energy you possess. 

What are the different types of Yoga you learn in yoga class? 

Many varieties of yoga include reflecting and deep breathing, which help in relaxation. The reflective part of yoga manages to excite people who are pursuing it to take it easy and reduce stress. 

Contact a yoga teacher to teach you the following types:-

Pilates Vs Yoga: Which Is Better: Revealed!
Pilates Vs Yoga: Which Is Better: Revealed!

Iyengar yoga  

This type of yoga is frequently practiced using props such as blocks and ropes. In this exercise, you hold poses for some duration and then move on to the next pose. There is no progression between the poses and a lot of detail to follow each pose. This yoga is best suited for people recovering from injuries. 

Ashtanga yoga 

This type of Yoga is the faster-paced yoga that connects the poses with a vinyasa (which suggests ‘steps to a unique place’), and it has an advanced series that you proceed into. Ashtanga Yoga is suited for perfectionists. It has six sets of poses. With this, you can only move into the following series after mastering the one before. You will attain a lighter, more muscular body with a peaceful mind.

Hatha yoga 

Hatha yoga implies forceful yoga and is sometimes borrowed to define more gentle yoga. With this yoga, there are fewer flows and more floor work to do. It consists of the basics and is suitable for beginners. In many studios across the globe, it is seen as one of the gentle forms of yoga. Find a good yoga teacher for this one.

Power yoga 

Power yoga is taken from Ashtanga but removes the strictness of the Ashtanga set of sequences. This always consists of arm balances consisting of handstands peppered throughout a session. It is the “fitness” interpretation of yoga. It can be mastered through proper training.

Hot yoga 

This type of Yoga is a cycle of poses that are fastened for a period. The studio is heated to around 40 degrees, and the hot Yoga is done when it’s hot. You will have to stay hydrated, and a session lasts for 90 minutes.

Restorative yoga 

In this form of yoga, props like bolsters, straps, and yoga belts are used to keep you in a stance for a while. This idea was initiated to get stress relief in the muscles. It is slow-moving yoga.

Yin yoga 

In Yin yoga, your movement is improved. With this type of yoga, the collective tissues around the muscles are stretched and will restore the length and elasticity. You will have to hold a posture for a while to expand the structures surrounding the muscles. Yin yoga is mainly influenced by Chinese medicine, and the poses are said to activate the several energy channels of the body. Props can also be used.

Vinyasa yoga

In Vinyasa Yoga, breathing is linked with dance-like movements. You will not be maintaining a posture for a long time. This kind of yoga will increase your heart rate in an exciting environment with music.

Kundalini yoga

This variety of yoga is different from regular yoga classes. Kundalini yoga can drain you both physically and also affect your mental health. You will have to participate in reoccurring complex breathing exercises and shout in unison, singing, and meditating. The objective of this yoga is to attain an increased degree of self-awareness.

Which is better, Both yoga or pilates?

 Yoga and Pilates are beneficial in their ways; they are low-impact training that concentrates on how to lose weight. When you are thinking of comparing, there are many factors you need to consider. If you are thinking of choosing a new exercise regime and are unsure about what to choose, you need to think about the results you want to attain by the end. Exercising a little every day is considered healthy. For people suffering from anxiety and depression, following an exercise regime has proven to be helpful. Yoga is the most effective exercise to combat illnesses such as depression and restlessness as it focuses on both the mind and body.

The main difference between pilates and yoga is the breathing techniques. With yoga, you can attain relaxation. It is essential to concentrate on breathing throughout the yoga routine. Holding breath and sending breath to tight areas in the body will help to relax your whole body and loosen the muscles. In Pilates, breathing is done to provide energy to the muscles to exercise effectively. For Pilates concentrating on breath work allows you to manage the quantity of oxygen entering the body and traveling to the muscles. More oxygen makes your muscles relaxed!

Yoga and Pilates contain many poses which help with toning the abdominal muscles. Regardless, Pilates exercises are more intense and allow you to achieve results faster than yoga. With pilates, you can gain a flatter and firmer stomach. 

For people with back pain, Pilates and Yoga will give good results and stronger back muscles. However, for some yoga poses, proper care has to be taken to make the conditions worse. Another difference between the two is that yoga improves the body’s flexibility by increasing the flexibility of the joints. Pilates gives importance to relaxing the muscles that are tensed and will also strengthen and tighten the different muscles of your body.  

Both Yoga and Pilates are excellent to tone and strengthen all the muscles in your body. When you use Pilates machines, you can burn more calories. The best way to choose between both is to try them both. Try classes of each of them and make a decision based on the mind-body connection that you feel. Both will shape your body better, make you flexible and relieve stress. Learning Pilates can be a bit expensive compared to learning Yoga.

Why do people prefer Pilates over yoga?

Nowadays, people are looking for ways by which they can enhance their muscle strength and gain a perfect posture. Especially if we talk about women, then maximus of them would prefer pilates over yoga because pilates can help build a better and toned posture. So, all-in-all, people prefer pilates because it’s a modern way of workout that helps build strength, flexibility, balance, and a perfect posture.

Pilates Vs Yoga: Which Is Better: Revealed!
Pilates Vs Yoga: Which Is Better: Revealed!

Should I do yoga or Pilates first?

Well, this choice totally depends on what you’re going through or what you want to achieve. If you’re going through some specific disorders, your doctor will recommend you do yoga or pilates, depending upon what will help you a lot. But if you’re doing it to live a healthy life, you need to determine your motto. If you want to have good muscle strength, more lung capacity, good physical endurance, then you can go for pilates. But if you want to calm yourself, get good quality sleep, improve concentration, get relief from certain pains, then yoga is your answer.

Pilates Vs Yoga Benefits

Now that you know some basic information about pilates and yoga, it’s time to go through pilates vs yoga benefits. Let’s see what the benefits that Pilates gives but yoga do not are:

It helps increasing core strength

The main benefit that pilates gives is the enhancement of the core strength of the person. The core is the center of our body and is the point that is connected to all our movements. When the muscles around the core are strengthened, it gives a great stabilized body structure. So, pilates for strength plays an important role, as it improves our core strength.

Improves body structure and posture

Maintaining a good posture is quite crucial for our muscles and bones because if we don’t have a good posture in our childhood or adulthood, there are chances that we’ll suffer in old age. Well, pilates helps gain a perfect posture and structure of the body as it helps in aligning the joints and balancing them. 

Give enhancement to abdominal, lower back, buttocks, and hips muscles and reduces pain.

We usually suffer from pain in these muscles, so they are targeted and help them stabilize by pilates.

Reduces risk of getting injuries from imbalances of muscles and also prevents musculoskeletal contusions

Since pilates helps balance the muscles, it prevents them from getting weak, loose, rigid, or too tight, preventing such injuries.

Improves immunity

Some research has been done, which has shown that pilates helps boost adults’ immunity, as it balances blood circulation.

Well, apart from these significant benefits, some other benefits are:

So, by looking at these benefits, if you had a question in mind- is pilates strength training? Well, the answer is it indeed is.

Yoga Benefits

When it comes to the benefits of yoga, there are numerous, but some of the significant benefits that it gives are:

Relieves Anxiety

Many people perform yoga to calm themselves when they are feeling anxious. This disorder is now quite common among many adults, specifically in women, so anxiety symptoms can be reduced when one does yoga.

It helps in reducing inflammation.

Inflammation is quite common in our body due to the immune response, but severe inflammation can lead to significant heart conditions. 

Improves heart health

The next significant benefit that yoga provides is that it can help improve heart health and make you live along. By doing yoga, a person helps us regulates many risks for getting a cardio disease.

May help in fighting depression

Some research has shown that yoga can help a person fight depression as it can decrease the symptoms. By doing yoga, the cortisol level in the body is maintained, which helps reduce the symptoms caused by depression.

Enhance the quality of sleep

Getting a good quality of sleep can be difficult sometimes due to the lifestyle that we follow. But those people who tend to do yoga daily can quickly get a good quality of sleep and wake up fresh. 

So, apart from these benefits, other benefits that yoga gives are:

  • Reduces severe pain
  • It helps in improving breathing
  • It provides relief from migraines
  • Changes the eating lifestyle of a person
  • Increases endurance
  • Decreases blood pressure
Pilates Vs Yoga: Which Is Better: Revealed!
Pilates Vs Yoga: Which Is Better: Revealed!

Common benefits of yoga and pilates

When making the comparison of benefits that yoga and pilates gives, we found some benefits that they both offer, which are:-

Improves flexibility

Both involve movements of body parts that include our bones and muscles, so it helps in making our body more flexible.

Improves coordination and balance of limbs

Balance and coordination are two things that we need in our bodies to live everyday life. Because, if we don’t have these things, we won’t be able to walk properly. By doing Pilates or yoga, we can improve our coordination of hands and legs and live a well-balanced life.

Reduces stress

Stress is something that we all go through at some point in our life, and pilates can help us regulate our nervous system. By doing pilates, our lung capacity is increased, and as a result, we can take deep breaths that can lower cortisol levels in our body and help in reducing stress with time. Similar is the case with yoga; when you do yoga, cortisol level is reduced, which helps manage stress.

Beneficial for seniors

Indeed, when it comes to doing pilates vs yoga for seniors, we can say that both are beneficial for senior citizens. This is so because both workouts help us live a healthy, balanced, and improved long life. So, be it children, adults, or seniors, both of them are valuable.

A new comparison: Piyo Vs Yoga

Piyo vs yoga may sound interesting to hear, and we’re sure that many people aren’t aware of what piyo is. So, for them, it’s a combo of yoga and pilates. In piyo, the core yoga movements are followed, but it is more passionate than yoga, like cardio pilates. What yoga is, we have covered that up, so now let’s discuss piyo in short. Well, as we mentioned that it’s yoga, but it is more intensified like pilates. So, piyo majorly focuses on the building of core and muscle strength. This unique workout is specially made for the entire body, as it helps strengthen our large and small muscles.

The Final Wrap Up!

Considering this comparison between yoga and pilates, we can conclude that these two workout methods are different but similar. Both of them have different ways of performing the workouts, but yes, when it comes to benefits, there are some majors that they both provide. So, if you ask us which is better, yoga or pilates, or is pilates better than yoga, we would answer that they both are better in their places. It is so because it depends on what benefit you seek, and depending upon it, you will get your answer.

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