Shoes have become one of the most integral of outfits. No matter what clothing you wear, shoes seem to suit almost everyone. The basic structure has been developed into many types and structures. They structured the shoes as per the needs of comfort, soft supporting sole, athletic shoes, casual sneakers, or professional shoes. It is suggested to go for the shoes that suit your feet the most; many designs are available in each type.

Points To Consider While shopping for Best Shoes Under 100

Type of the shoes:

This is one of the primary questions when shopping for shoes or sneakers. What kind of shoes you require gets you early access to options available.


The next question that pops up in the queue is the material of the shoes that should suit the structure of your feet and must feel comfortable while wearing them actively.


If the shoes stay on your feet for a longer time, choosing the pair that fits you well and allows you to remain active for the whole day is necessary. It should not end with the paining feet.


It is also necessary to stay updated with style in this era. It matters a lot to create or maintain the impression or image of the place.

Place of wearing:

It might be defined in the style section, but sometimes the occasion demands a few trendy shoes at a professional place or a casual pair at parties with friends. This makes it necessary to consider locations before shopping for shoes.

5 Best Shoes Under 100: Buying Guide And Detailed Reviews

Though many brands in the market for shoes and sneakers, very few make the top list with their products at affordable prices, such as Reebok, New Balance, Nike, Adidas, Converse, Canvas, etc. Details of the top 5 products under 100 are as follows:

Reebok Club Shoes

This line of reebok club includes many trendy designs with a comfortable fitting for casual use. They have offered many colors in the sneakers pattern that can be used for long walks or runs. The rubber sole of the shoes also provides an excellent grip while moderate-level hiking.

5 Best Shoes Under 100
5 Best Shoes Under 100


Comfortable for long casual walks.

Suitable to purchase for any outfit.

Very lightweight to wear for long hours.

Work well during runs, jogs, and hiking.



The rubber sole heel might seem thin to some.

Insoles wear off in some time in case of regular use.


These sneakers offer the old trendy style of the 80s inspired by the tennis shoes of the time and are so comfortable. It provides a comfortable fit even with a thin sole. Top leather and airy toe fits make it comfortable for long hours. A great fit for regular running or jogging workouts. It can also be used for long casual walks.

New Balance

These are the lace-up style sneakers with unique colors in the pattern that offer midsole cushioning for all-day extended use and wear. The making is not entirely made of leather, which makes it a little airier at the toes.

5 Best Shoes Under 100
5 Best Shoes Under 100


Ultra-soft, comfortable cushioning sneakers

suitable for all-day activewear

Offered size fits perfectly

It can be used in regular track runs or jog


Insoles seem to go off track before than expected

Toe fabric is worn off sooner in moderate challenging routine


This shoe can be looked up to when looking for a blend of everything in one piece, such as a little rough styling, sporty colors, athletic comfort, and proper fit. The fabric toe shaft makes the fitting more comfortable and airy.

Nike blazer

This is one classic style of shoe to own that offer an extra soft collar along with the thick and soft-cushioned sole. This is an excellent combination of rubber and leather to wear as a classic style. This is a lace-up style to carry around.

5 Best Shoes Under 100
5 Best Shoes Under 100


Leather is soft at the touch

Supersoft collar for easy fit

Style suits well for casual wear


Size fit is a bit problematic

It seems a little old for the current trends


The streets inspire this style of Nike to offer simplicity and comfort. This is not much of attention seeking pair but can be preferred to maintain a low profile b-ball look.


Adidas engineered one casual style of sneakers, which featured leather on the upperside with a suede overlay to protect the feet. This does not break easily and keeps the inside sole from wearing off or breaking.

5 Best Shoes Under 100
5 Best Shoes Under 100


a great turf experience for the given price.

It offers a classic style with extraordinary comfort

Works best at all indoor activities


It might not fit well for huge feet


This is also one straight from street inspiration developed for soccer. The classic look feels authentic on the feet and comfortable for all routine activities.


This shoe style was curated while being aware of the hype trends in the market. This is usually chosen for casual wear, which feels sweat free even in case of long hours of activewear.

5 Best Shoes Under 100
5 Best Shoes Under 100


Outstanding style curation for everyday events

Comfortable and size fit

Simplistic design

Lightweight and supportive


a bit closed at the toe area

It might lose the original colorways in heavy use


the simplistic design and style of the shoe make it suitable for any occasion or location. This shoe is a perfect comfortable suit when looking for casual lace-up sneakers for men to use regularly.

Best Shoes Under 100 FAQs

Q.1 Which is the top brand for shoes or sneakers?

Many brands in the market are providing very comfortable and trendy looks in the shoes like reebok club, Nike waffle, new balance, Adidas, converse, and canvas at an affordable budget. As fashion changes, these brands introduce new collections in the market to top the competition.

Q.2 Which shoes to consider when using at all places?

The basic answer is the one you feel most comfortable in. A causal sneakers pair with a simple look might go well on most occasions. But when it comes to wearing occasion-specific accessories, there are many options available to checkout over an online website page or at the brand shop.

Many brands to look for bring comfort to you, like reebok, canvas, Nike blazer, Nike air, new balance classic silhouette, Converse, and much more. The best sneakers make it easy for you to move along at the location for a long time, whereas most shoes promise comfort but fail.

Q.4 What is the difference between sneakers and casual shoes?

Sneakers are made up of fabric, whereas casual shoes consist of leather. Sneakers are preferred where there is more physical activity involved at the location, but in the case of a semi-formal event, casual shoes go the best.