Suicides exercise, also known as high-intensity sprinting drills, consists of running aggressively between multiple distant lines. It is usually performed in sets, and the speed is as fast as possible. Running suicides is a great way to test your ability to beat mental and physical fatigue.

One needs to be mobile, strong, and more conditioned to excel in sprinting. That’s why football players relay racers perform suicides workout a lot. Moreover, your agility, speed, and endurance are highlighted when you complete this suicide workout.

The best part is that you can perform it effortlessly in a gym, a park or playground, a badminton court, a yoga studio, or any open space. The essential requirement for workout suicides is running shoes or some props as markers for endpoints. 

Suicides exercise benefits and how to do suicide drills

  • A suicides workout is economical and helps in body movement and burst speed.
  • If you are looking for physical exercise or mental health, suicide exercise is best because it builds stamina, speed, cardiovascular strength, agility, and mobility.
  • Other benefits include better striding, more muscle gain, better running economy, faster fat burn, minimizing the risk of injury, stronger bones, ligaments, and associated tissues, proprioception, better balance, and improved Anaerobic Endurance. 

If you are bored with your regular treadmill and want some excellent interval workout, you can try a suicides workout. If you are a beginner, you can watch this and start.

  1. The setup is simple. You need to place four cones in a straight line at an equal distance apart.
  2. You can increase the intensity and duration by placing the cones farther apart. Go to the starting point, and sprint back towards cone 2.
  3. Now come back to cone one and sprint back to cone three without any pause. Make sure you run as fast as possible and touch all the cones with your hands.
  4. From cone 3, jog back to the initial point and repeat the same process for cone 4.
  5. Perform 3-4 sets with proper exercise frequency. You can perform suicide drills in a yoga studio or gym, as shown in this video.

Remember that sprint is critical but don’t compromise your running posture. Suicides can be intense if not performed under an expert. If you start feeling dizzy during the run, stop immediately. And consult a physician before you raise the exercise intensity and exercise duration. 

Indoor Basketball Suicides Exercise In Basketball Court

Suicides Exercise: Become Agile, Fit For The Next Game
Suicides Exercise

Indoor basketball suicides are slightly different from outdoor soccer workout suicides as they combine physical exercise and mental health.

On the basketball court, stand behind the baseline at any end. This is the starting point where you need to return after every out-and-back sprint. There are different free throw lines. Choose any closest line and run fast.

After reaching the line, touch it with your hand, and jog back to the initial point without resting in between. There are two other baselines, a. opposite baseline b—half-court line. You need to perform these two without taking a break.

After a complete set, you can rest for 1-2 minutes. 

To achieve positive effects of exercise, you need to repeat 3-4 times to highlight your exercise duration. Then, rather than running out and returning to each line, you can shuttle out, touch the line and run back with a defensive stance.

Another option is to sprint to every cone and run back if you add a shuffle for exercise frequency. 

Outdoor Soccer Suicides Exercise And Drills

To gain maximum coverage, footballers focus on stride. They practice on the ground in the presence of suicide exercise experts.

Moreover, you can perform sprint work without exercise dependence, but you must be very careful as a slight wrong movement can cause an injury.

Running slowly is not going to help as ground contact is too long. To focus on sprint mechanics, you must consider stride frequency, exercise duration, and intensity. Some football players also focus on enhancing their squat or bench press. However, outdoor soccer suicides are essential to increase your athletic ability in-game. 

  1. To get positive effects to exercise, you need a small setup. First, you must place a small training cone, or any prop usually kept at the right corner of the penalty box. The ideal distance is 18 yards from the marking line.
  2. In the middle of this cone and midfield line, place another cone. Stand 2 feet behind the bar, to the extreme right corner of the goal. This is the starting point you have to come back to after every out-and-back sprint.
  3. Start your sprint to the first cone at the corner of the penalty box. After touching the cone, turn and run back to the starting point without breaking. Now, after completing the first round, sprint towards 2nd cone.
  4. After touching the 2nd cone with your hand, come back to the starting point. Maintaining the same exercise intensity, you have to continue with the last out and back sprint to the halfway line before taking a rest.
  5. Repeat 3-4 sets as per your exercise frequency and exercise intensity.

As a cumulative result of plyometrics and strength training, players can observe dramatic changes in power, speed, strength, anaerobic capacity, and change of direction. 

By maintaining a good exercise frequency and accelerated training techniques, athletes can improve their agility, power, speed, and acceleration. These effects of exercise change critical movement patterns of players and stimulate both the nervous and muscular systems.

Football 40-Yard Suicides Exercise & Suicides Drill

Football 40-yard suicides are intense workouts players hate the most but perform regularly. However, unfortunately, nobody teaches a football player how to sprint.

Running fast and high exercise duration is their natural habitat. However, some football teams prefer to practice workout suicides with high exercise intensity and frequency and less exercise duration. Even they perform suicide drills in different shapes like triangular and rectangular manner. After warming up, make yourself ready at one point.

This is the starting point where you need to come after every out-and-break sprint. Make sure you run with top speed and 70% exercise intensity to the 10-yard line.

After touching the line with your hand, run back to the starting point without pausing. After reaching the starting point, turn and sprint the 20-yard line. Touch the finishing line, turn, and run backward.

Make sure you maintain maximum exercise intensity and exercise frequency. For example, according to their exercise dependence and playing style, one football player lasts 5-7 seconds with 25-30 seconds between plays.

Now, focus on remaining out-and-back sprints to the 30-yard line and 40-yard line to get positive effects exercise. After resting for 2 minutes, continue the set 3-4 times. Remember your exercise duration and intensity are crucial in this physical exercise.

You can extend your exercise duration a little longer by adding some variety, like sprinting out and backpedal instead of sprinting out and back.

If we discuss the positive effects of exercise, 40-yard workout suicides improve body control, foot speed, balance over the body, and ball control. In addition, linebackers have to be fast in running backward and forward to make plays. So, this drill is perfect for physical exercise and mental health. You can also check the detail of football sprint conditioning

The Final Words: Perform Suicides Exercise With Ease

Suicides Exercise: Become Agile, Fit For The Next Game
Suicides Exercise

A suicide workout is unarguably one of the best physical exercise mental health exercises. Athletes perform workout suicides to burn calories and boost speed.

Footballers like Neymar Junior and Cristiano Ronaldo perform suicide drills regularly. Suicides help football players’ speed, flexibility, pass accuracy, control over the body, and many more.

In a suicide exercise, you are like a pendulum in to and fro motion. But there is a change in this oscillatory motion. The speed and distance have to be increased every time. So you will get caloric expenditure when you run from a starting point to progressively farther lines.

Workout suicides are economical and can help stabilize the body and change direction. You don’t require an expensive treadmill or punching bag – all you need is an open place and any prop.

However, you need to take care of exercise frequency, dependence, intensity, and duration if you want positive effects on exercise. Overall, suicide drills a perfectly balanced combination of physical activity and mental health for the human body.