Fitness is a very essential aspect of lifestyle. One must be physically, mentally, and socially fit to be called healthy. Diet and exercise are some factors that help to improve a healthy lifestyle. Working out is not just about becoming thin by weight loss or muscular by more weight gain. It affects the mental and social state of a being as well. 

There are different kinds of workouts designed for different parts of the human body. From shoulders to legs, you will find multiple exercises according to your need. Amongst them come “abs”, short for abdominal.

There are mainly three target abdominal muscles- upper, middle, and lower. Perfect abs seem like a myth to many, but it isn’t. Because getting a perfect upper belly or lower belly is easy if someone puts their complete mind to it.

There are several lower, middle, and upper ab workouts that will help you achieve that goal of yours. Today let’s dive on to find out the perfect upper ab exercises for getting core strength and six pack muscles.

Upper Ab Exercises:- The Function of Your Upper Abs

The main focused muscles in the abdomen are the Rectus Abdominis. These are the flat long muscles extending vertically from the pubic bone to the fifth, sixth, and seventh ribs

. There are three separations, otherwise known as upper, middle, and lower abs. This muscle connects with the xiphoid process, a bone at the bottom of the sternum.

Linea alba, the white lines dividing the rectus abdominis is a strong and tendinous sheath. There are three additional sheaths present horizontally giving the muscles a “six pack” which has become the trademark for ultimate fitness. 

15 Kickass Exercises For Perfection

The function of the upper ab along with the other two is to narrow the space between ribs and pelvic area in order for spinal flexion.

They are active while performing workouts with side bending movements. They help stabilize the upper body trunk while performing such motions involving the head and other extremities.

When belly fat reduces, you notice the upper ab muscles and 

What Does “Whole Core” Mean Exactly: Upper And Lower Abs

The core is a group of all more than twenty muscles of the stomach, hips, and lower back. While the abs are only concentrated in the front of the body and are called the rectus abdominis. They are just a small section of a large and dynamic muscle group. You should tone upper abs by focusing on your core strength. 

15 Kickass Exercises For Perfection

The core works together for spine stability and upright position. The main functions are to be forward, backward, and sideways.

The position of your body’s upper torso is supported by the muscles in core. The abs only provide assistance to do so during the forward motion; this movement is also known as flexion of the lumbar spine. 

The upper abs workout is where the engagement of the core and abs are vital. The trainers saying “engage your core” means the same. That the mind should concentrate on those muscles for better results of upper belly fat loss and stronger muscle development. 

Core Stabilization: Upper Abdominals Muscles Workout

Core stabilization means engaging the diaphragm to produce an intra-abdominal pressure. This leads to activation of core muscles and the entire system.

Remembering how to breathe or focus on performance improvement is done by this stabilization system. This process can be achieved with accurate coordination between your core muscles and mind for generating the IAP (Intra-Abdominal Pressure).

There are two types of stability muscles that work for the same. 

1. Deep Stability Muscles

These are deep and close to joints. They constantly are at work regardless of the direction of the body’s motion. The integrity and neutral zone are maintained by them. The coordination matters a lot. This is achieved between deep neck flexors, abdominal definition wall, multifidi, diaphragm, and pelvic floor. All of these muscles work together to show benefits.  

2. Global Stability Muscles

These muscles are superficial than the local muscles and cross only one joint. They work for controlling the movement range in the inner and outer range of joints. They need proper movements or else a dysfunctionality can cause injuries and pain.  

The deep core stability is vital for purposeful movements that are safe against injuries. Every muscle gets involved through a postural-locomotive kinetic chain to perform this function. It also helps to tone upper abs. 

Beginner Core Exercises For Abdominal Muscles 

1. Ab Walkout

Ab walkout is a plank progression and an equipment-free modification of ab rollers. It tightens the core up without asking for any vigorous movements.

Get into a push-up position but with the hands being shoulder apart. The knees should be on the ground with the spine in a straight line

Tighten your core by taking a deep breath in, hold it, and start walking forward with your hands.

Take few steps until you feel you cannot go further, walk back and breathe out. Lift your feet up if you feel uncomfortable with your exercise.

You will target training abs and burn upper belly fat. 

2. Bear Hold

Bear hold or bear planks are one of the best abs workouts. It targets quadriceps, adductors, rectus abdominis, gluteus medius, obliques, shoulders, transverse abdominis, and gluteus maximum. It is highly beginner-friendly.

Get into a baby crawl position on your mat. The hands should be under the shoulders.

Keeping your toes on the ground, lift your knees up 3-4 inches that your balance transfers to your hands and toes. Engage your core and hold this position for about a minute.

Keep your focus on your breaths. If you feel exhausted, rest for 20 seconds before repeating. Belly fat burn becomes easier with this exercise. 

3. Unilateral Leg Lowers

Unilateral exercises are best for improving muscle imbalance, stability, and kinesthetic awareness.

Such exercises are asymmetrical in nature causing the body to stabilize the joints and rectus abdominis.

Single leg lunges or plank leg extensions are two of the best examples of unilateral lower body exercises that help engage the core. 

4. Hanging Leg Raise

You will be amazed to know how leg exercises help improve core strength for effective weight loss. Upper abs workouts always have hanging leg lift included.

Not just you will target upper abs but your entire abdominal muscles. For this exercise, the high bar equipment is mandatory. It is for advanced people.

Hold the bar above you and get a good grip. By tilting your pelvis a little backward, engage your core and hip flexors for lifting your legs up in the air.

Keep your legs straight outward and in front of you. Try to bend your hip joint at 90 degrees angle so that your legs are parallel to the ground and the feet hip width is constant. Slowly take your legs to their original position and repeat the exercise.

Upper Abs Workout:- 15 Kickass Exercises For Perfection

5. Lying Medicine Ball Pass

This exercise is good to include in the upper ab workouts at home. The lying med ball chest pass is a calisthenic exercise targeting the shoulders, abs, and chest.

The only equipment required for it is the medicine ball. There are many variations to using the ball. You should lay down flat on your back. Hold the medicine ball in your hands above the chest.

With the strength in your arms, push the medicine ball up and throw it in the air. Catch it back. Repeat this and feel the pressure in your upper belly. 

Upper Abs Workout
Upper Abs Workout

6. Stir the Pot

Recently the fitness area has been speaking about this exercise. Women especially are finding a very creative and fun way to build their abs. Kneel on the floor and keep an abs swiss ball in front of you.

Place your palms and lower arms over the ball. Now, try to create a motion with your elbows and hand on the ball like it is a spatula and you are using it for stirring a pot.

Keep the motion swift. Move your body accordingly. If possible, move your upper body forward, and straighten your legs backward so that you are in a high plank position.

And now, repeat the motion. If you are a professional, this modification will help you burn belly fat with an abs swiss ball. 

7. Pallof Press

This could be done both with a resistance band or a cable machine at the gym. The latter one is more effective for abs.

Stand sideways to the cable machine and grab the handle with your hands. Stay at a distance where the cable is straight and parallel to the ground.

Now engage your entire core and pull the handle towards your chest. Hold this position for 5 to 6 seconds without rotating your body and resisting the cable’s pull.

It is one of the best exercises to train your entire core and teach your body how to handle twists. There are many pallof press variations to try too. The resistance and will help during workouts at home. 

8. Plank to Toe Touch

This is one of the best plank position for external obliques and rectus abdominis, and to tone upper abs. Get into a high plank position.

Keep your legs straight and bring your body up and backward with the help of your hips. Your head will face inwards.

Take your left hand and touch your right foot’s toe. Repeat it with the other hand. A good 3 to 4 sets with a maximum of 20 reps on each side works well enough to build ab muscles.

9. V-Sits or V-Ups

Weight loss guides will tell you how sit-ups are the primary exercise for reducing belly fat. One of these is V-sit or V-ups. The “V” comes with the shape your body makes while performing this exercise.

Firstly sit onto a mat and tighten your core. Lift your legs and hands straight up making a ‘V’ with your torso.

The angle of the torso must be 45 degrees.

Reach for your toes with your arms straight and come back to the starting position by slowly bringing your legs down and stop just before they reach the ground.

Repeat this in 3 sets with 20 reps each. It is a great exercise to burn upper belly fat and develop muscles. 

Upper Abs Workout
Upper Abs Workout

10. Leg Raises and Leg Lowers

Many in this world will tell you that they enjoy leg raises while performing workouts at home.

Lie down on your back in a straight sleeping position.

Place your palms beside your respective buttocks or even below them for comfort facing downwards on the floor.

Bring your legs up until your buttocks are a little above the ground. Hold this position for some time and slowly lower legs down.

Repeat this exercise in 3 sets with 20 to 30 repetitions in each.

It is easy with this exercise. You burn total belly fat and also tone upper abs as well as lower abs. 

11. Bird-Dog Crunch

If you want to target and tone upper abs while also burning belly fat. This exercise is your savior.

Kneel on a mat in the dog position with the hands below the shoulder blades and knees bent on the ground.

Extend the left arm in front of you and the right leg bent behind you.

Now bring them both inwards to touch by rounding your back and tucking them in.

This helps to cut down fat upper belly. Repeat on each side how many times you are comfortable.

If you are someone who performs upper abs workout, this exercise must be included. 

Upper Abs Workout:- 15 Kickass Exercises For Perfection
Upper Abs Workout:- 15 Kickass Exercises For Perfection

12. Standing Bicycle Crunches

Some people find bicycle crunches difficult. This modification can be performed by beginners as well. Stand with your feet apart a few inches.

Bring your left elbow and right knee together so that they touch.

Come back to starting position and repeat the movement with the opposite side limbs. Upper abs workout becomes easier with standing bicycle crunches.

Although the effect is somewhat lesser than the original one, it still helps to achieve your goal without any equipment like an abs swiss ball. 

13. Modified Bicycle Crunch

Another variation for the ones who can’t target upper abs by the original bicycle crunches. It is also a progression to sit up. Hence, you get the benefit of both.

It mainly targets the obliques and rotational muscles. Sit on a mat with your knees bent. Grab a neutral position for your body and lay back a little.

Get your hands on the head. Bring your left knee and right elbow closer together to touch. Now, switch the sides.

Repeat this effective exercise in sets and see the results of excellent weight loss with this upper abs workout. 

14. Seated Leg Lifts

The lower abs, quads, and hip flexors get benefited from this exercise. The secondary muscles that work here are the abs in the upper belly.

So, along with the main muscles, you get to tone upper abs. Sit on a mat with the legs extended in front of you.

Place your hand behind you with palms facing down.

Lift both of your legs up by moving back a little. Slowly lower them down to the original position.

Repeat this for a minute. If you want, you can hold the mid-air position for 3 to 5 seconds as well.

Incorporating seated leg lifts in upper abs workout give you that shape you want and cut down belly fat.

15. Spider Plank Crunch

Get yourself in a forearm plank position with the elbows apart at hip-width. Squeeze your glutes while engaging the core.

Keep your back straight and remember not to arch it. Bring the left knee close to the left elbow so that they touch. Slowly return to the first position.

Alternate the legs and repeat in sets. Your belly fat will burn significantly. Spider plank crunch in upper abs workouts is the best. 

Upper Ab Exercises: Key Takeaways

Reducing belly fat might seem intimidating and you. You may think getting your upper belly and other abdominal muscles to work and remain tight is difficult. But the reality says it isn’t. Yes, some upper abs workout are easy and some are not. But upper belly is the easiest to gain results of.  Weight loss cannot be difficult if you are fully focused. The same goes for muscle gain. Adopt new healthy lifestyle habits like walking, with a balanced diet according to your goal. 

The exercises mentioned here are going to give you the ultimate results you have always dreamed of!