What is brooklyn style pizza?

As everyone knows what pizza is, what it tastes like, and what the ingredients typically are, there isn’t a need to detail what pizza is exactly. The standard definition of Brooklyn Style Pizza is to contain a thin crust with a large amount of sauce. However, what people might not know, is what makes such serious eats so unique and hard to find.

Domino's Brooklyn Style Pizza


Brooklyn Style Pizza originated in New York, which should already intrigue people when trying new foods.

New York has been known for having amazing food such as bagels and egg sandwiches that can rival anything you have ever tasted before.

In the boroughs outside Manhattan, particularly Brooklyn and Queens, you can still find many places where serve original hand tossed Brooklyn-style pizza (Brooklyn style not to be confused with what people in Brooklyn commonly call ‘New York Style,’ which is what is served everywhere else in the city).

What makes it different?


Brooklyn-style pizza has a medium to thin crust that is very crisp on the bottom and sometimes chewy around the edges.

It is covered by an ample amount of cheese that may melt out from under the sauce, creating a thicker than a normal ring around the outer edge with your typical toppings such as pepperoni, sausage, or mushroom, and caramelized onions.

The sauce itself will sit on top of the cheese instead of being baked into it like what you find in most pizzas.

This makes it so that you can easily taste what every ingredient tastes like individually when eating this type of pizza rather than having everything be a gooey mess of cheese and sauce.

Domino's Brooklyn Style Pizza


The sauce itself is what sets this style of pizza apart from what you find in most pizzas. The cheese not only melts out onto the crust but also clings to the dough, creating what I would like to call “crust cheese.”

This allows an individual to taste what every ingredient tastes like individually when eating this type of pizza rather than having everything be a gooey mess of cheese and sauce.

As with anything, what you find in the big cities isn’t always what you will find when looking for something else. This is no different than what I have found.

Where can you find Brooklyn Style Pizza?

It can be difficult to come across at times, but luckily Domino’s pizza company chain has brought this type of pizza into what everyone is familiar with.

This is by far my favorite way to order a pizza, and not just because it’s easier than finding Brooklyn Style Pizza somewhere myself.

Having tried many pizzas from all around the country and even other countries, I still choose Domino’s pizzas over every other place that delivers food (even though Domino’s pizza does have its downsides…) because the hand tossed pizza is to die for

However, they do not serve what people call “real” Brooklyn Style Pizza.

Although they do not serve what people call “real” Brooklyn Style Pizza, what you can still find at Domino’s is what I would consider being close to what a Brooklyn Style Pizza tastes like. Domino’s Brooklyn style has what I call “crust cheese,” making this pizza what it truly is.

The pizza crust is crisp on the bottom and sometimes chewy around the edges, while the cheese that melts out from under the sauce creates what I would call a thicker than a normal ring around the outer edge with your typical toppings. Domino’s is awesome!

The sauce itself sits on top of the cheese instead of being baked into it like what you find in most other pizzas.

This makes it so that you can easily taste what every ingredient tastes like individually when eating this type of pizza rather than having everything be a gooey mess of cheese and sauce with what traditional pizzas have to offer.

domino's brooklyn style pizza

Brooklyn Style Pizza shops are scattered throughout New York and other cities such as Boston and Philadelphia, but there are a few places where you can get this hand tossed option of pizza without having to hop on a plane. Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza is available in almost every location across America, and it has been

Seldom can you find a place that serves Brooklyn-style pizza outside of New York, but one such place is the pizza delivery chain, domino’s.

Also, when put in an oven or a microwave, most people will be left with something that tastes more similar to what we are used to seeing as standard pizzas.

Try having this type of pizza delivered or order it out at a restaurant if possible because when done correctly and fresh out of an oven, it is a true delight to your taste buds.

Alternatives To Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza

Another place outside of Big Apple that serves authentic Pizza is Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Plano, Texas. I never seem to have a craving for pizza when going out of the house sounds like an inconvenience, and I just end up cooking one at home instead.

This can be seen as a plus for Grimaldi’s hand tossed pizza because very few places you will find in America other than NYC serve what they call “Brooklyn Style Pizza.”

Their menu description says it all with what you should expect from their version of what Brooklyn-style pizza should taste like, “The Sauce – An Italian origins grandmother would approve! The dough is the same as Grimaldi’s to make their famous coal-fired brick oven pizzas. The cheese – A premium blend of mozzarella and provolone. Fresh from the dairy daily.”

This is what typical Brooklyn Style Pizzas will look like when done correctly. Some places may lack the amount of sauce they use, but it is hard to go back once you get used to what real Brooklyn-style pizza tastes like.

However, if that does sound too intimidating for you and your love for trying new foods goes no further than what you can order out, then give Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza a try or visit Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Plano, TX who claims to have what is considered one of the best versions of hand tossed versions outside of what you would find in New York.

What’s the difference between Brooklyn style pizzas and regular pizza?

 This is a pretty heated debate among true fans of either type of classic pie. One of the main differences lies in the thickness and crusts of each slice. NYC-style pizza tends to be rounder or rectangular in shape with a thicker crust than its Naples counterparts.

The Hand Tossed Pizza Oven, North Bergen, NJ

Some folks even claim that there is a difference in the dough recipe used to make each type of pie. A typical Brooklyn-style pie begins with a yeast-based dough that has been allowed to rise and ferment for many hours before being built into its final shape (round or rectangular).

In comparison, a standard Napoletana-style pizza utilizes a dough made from flour, water, and yeast flash-frozen before being shaped into a fragile crust. Allowing the dough to rise at room temperature for about four hours before it’s built and baked.

A to Z Pizza, Different From Naples Counterpart

Traditional Brooklyn pizza is cooked in a coal oven and uses a higher protein flour than the standard Neapolitan dough, with different yeast, salt, and water ratios. The result is a stiff crust that has been proven to stand up well under heavyweights as patrons move through ordering lines or carry out pies.

Brooklyn-style pizza also possesses a thicker crust than its Naples counterparts and a crisp bottom, which makes it perfect for folding. They are round or rectangular with fairly thick crusts in terms of overall shape and size. Many prefer to order these hand tossed slices “well done” hand tossed pizza to achieve a crunchy outer crust with a softer interior. They also use sun dried tomatoes only


Regular Pizza – Lenny’s Pizza

As for the difference between a normal pizza and Lenny’s pizza, that answer lies in the dough itself. Standard Neapolitan-style pizzas use dough made from flour, water, and yeast flash-frozen before being shaped into a very thinnish crust. Allowing the dough to rise at room temperature for about four hours before it’s built and baked.

Compared to its Brooklyn counterparts, this type of pizza is cooked in a high-temperature wood-burning oven with little to no coal. The result is a very thinnish crust that’s crispy on the outside but light and airy inside.

Since it is so thin, Neapolitan pizza is also a little difficult to pick up and eat with your hands. However, many people enjoy folding their pieces in half as they eat. This gives them the ability to eat both crusts without all of the mess!

Recipe Originators & Pizza Styles

The key to any pizza is the crust. That’s why we’ve included a handy and chart at the bottom that details which style of dough each recipe was modeled after and their baking temperatures and times!

Brooklyn Pizza vs. Naples Pizza: A Pie for All Palates?

While one could argue that there is a difference between Brooklyn style and normal pizza, the truth is that both are amazing in their own right! When it comes to this debate, I like to believe that every pie has a place on our plates.

Now only if they could combine two styles into one that could satisfy all of our palates at once… maybe then we’d be onto something!

Naples pizza

How is Brooklyn-styled pizza made?

First, it’s cooked in a big oven. Next, the dough goes into the oven. When the dough is baked, cheese and other toppings are put on top of it many minutes later. Finally, it’s cut up into six slices and served!

It tastes great with lots of cheese, a thick crust, and many toppings. It starts by telling you it’s cooked in a big oven. Then the dough goes into the oven, and many minutes pass until it’s baked. Finally, it tells you that it’s cut up into slices and served!

People use to make pizza at home with yeast, flour, olive oil, and cheese. They would cook the dough in an oven or leave it on a wood stove to cook.

Domino's Brooklyn pizza

Today people have different ingredients when making their own pizzas at home. Some ingredients used are baking powder or soda instead of yeast, milk instead of water, and refrigerated pizza dough instead of homemade dough.

Many people who enjoy eating pizza like to add lots of cheese, a thick crust, and many toppings. They can also bake the pizza on top of their ovens or order the pizzas from restaurants and have them delivered or pair them up with a beverage or a soup like quality broth

How Should Brooklyn Pizzerias Serve Pizza?

What happens when a New York style City pizza place opens in Brooklyn to offer Chicago Style Pizza? The people of Brooklyn must decide how to serve the new pizza. For example, Grimaldi’s, a famous pizzeria in Manhattan, recently opened up in Downtown Brooklyn. What is the proper way for their customers to eat their pizza: folded like an NYC slice or cut into triangular pieces? This has many Brooklynites divided.

brooklyn pizzarias

9 Best Pizza Shops In Brooklyn

Pizza lovers have to brave the crowds to get a taste of some of the borough’s best pies. The best pizzerias in Brooklyn run the gamut from old school to trendy, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Crown Heights

Where lines are long, and slices are cheap. Crown Heights Situated on the corner of Classon Avenue and St. Marks Avenue, this pizzeria has been a neighborhood staple for many years and they claim to be the real deal. Make sure to try the eggplant parmigiana or the lasagna when you stop in.

Pizza Time

The eatery serves up giant slices of reasonably priced, tasty pies. On the weekends, expect long lines at this neighborhood favorite located off of Nostrand Avenue. Customers have said that the crust is perfect and cannot be beaten anywhere else in New York City.


Bushwick People love Roberta’s so much that they’ll wait in long lines to get their hands on a slice. Roberta’s has been a pioneer for Bushwick and the trend of upscale pizzerias, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the wait. The fresh mozzarella and basil are outstanding, and you won’t go wrong with any of the specialty pies.


This Polish/Italian restaurant is known for its delicious pasta and homemade desserts, but you’ll want to save room for the delectable pizza. The crust is surprisingly thin, crispy, and just perfect. They use buffalo mozzarella, which comes from two hours away in upstate New York.


Although several great pizza shops are worth visiting on Bedford Avenue, this local establishment has been a local favorite for years. It has an inviting environment, delicious pizza, and even gluten-free options for those who want to eat healthily.

Sunset Park

Hungry Brooklynites will travel all the way out to Sunset Park just for this popular pizzeria’s pies. The extra-thinner crust is crispy and slightly charred from the brick oven. You can’t go wrong with any topping, but the Grandma Pie is particularly delicious.

Metro Pizza

They have been in business for years, and its dozens of locations keep people coming back for more. Locals recommend asking for an extra slice to take home because it’s so good you won’t be able to resist indulging another time.

The East Village, where you can get a slice in every style.

Diversity is what makes the New York City pizza scene so great, and this East Village pizzeria has it all. Customers who enjoy a thicker crust can order it here, while those who are gluten-free have plenty of options as well. The restaurant also offers vegan cheese for its vegetarian customers.

Slice is a classic New York City slice shop offering up traditional, thin-crust pies. The slices are large and crispy, with a perfect ratio of crust to sauce to cheese. If you’re looking for a little something special, you can also order a unique pie with your choice of toppings.

Coal Vines

It has been a favorite in the East Village for years because of its delicious pizza and cozy environment. The thin-crust pies are drenched in garlic butter, which is exactly what makes them so irresistible. You can’t go wrong with classic toppings like pepperoni, but you’ll also want to try some of their unique creations as well.