Sri Dharma Mittra, a classical Hatha-Raja Yoga Master who dedicated fifty years of his life to the direct experience and promotion of Yoga as a holy science, was the inspiration for Dharma Yoga.

It is centered on Ahimsa or nonviolence, or love, which encompasses all living beings, not just humans. Sri Dharma Mittra is a passionate vegan advocate. He does not, however, enforce any ideas or viewpoints. He defines Ahimsa as “not disturbing anyone’s comfort.” Everyone is respected. Everyone moves at their own pace down the path.

What is dharma yoga?
What is dharma yoga?

How Do You Define Dharma Yoga?

Dharma yoga is a type of Yoga that combines Hatha and other forms’ practices with traditional yogic philosophy and meditation. Dharma Mittra Yoga is another name for it.

Sri Dharma Mittra, a student of Yogi Gupta and the founder of the Dharma Yoga Center in New York. His Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures, a work of art featuring 908 asanas, is possibly his most famous work.

Dharma yoga instructors are certified to teach all over the world. Sri Dharna Mittra was a true yoga master.  Sri Dharma Mittra spent years practicing and mastering the yoga Nidra. All the yogis visiting New York would make it a point to go to the Dharma yoga centre.

What is dharma yoga?
What is dharma yoga?

Dharma Yoga, on the other hand, is more than just a physical practice. It encompasses all of Yoga’s eight limbs, as defined by the Yoga Sutras. Dharma Yoga, in particular, incorporates pranayama breathing exercises, meditation, and even yogic philosophy and lifestyle guidance, all to achieve Self-realization or knowledge of the true Self. It was believed that with dharma yoga, you could connect with your supreme self.

Dharma Yoga as a form of asana practice is both graceful and demanding. Most poses are held for longer periods than in vinyasa practices, adding to the challenge.

It is, however, still possible for it to be a dynamic practice. Like a dancer, practitioners are expected to move smoothly into and out of the positions. It is critical to move in unison to generate a shared thought or unified consciousness. As a result, pupils provide psychic support to one another.

Dharma Yoga Center Origins And Principles: What is Dharma Yoga?

Dharma yoga is based on Sri Dharma Mittra’s teachings. Sri Dharma Mittra is an outstanding yoga master and a humble yet hilarious teacher.

For almost 50 years, he has been teaching Yoga in New York City and around the world. You might remember him from his framed portrait, which hangs in Yoga District studios, or from the Master Yoga Chart of 908 positions.

Dharma yoga is a collection of activities centered on the Eight Limbs of Yoga. The foundations of Dharma yoga are based on the traditional Hatha-raja yoga system.

It promotes having a clear mind, good health, and a kind heart.  Bhakti yoga consists of only spiritual practice, whereas Dharma yoga has both spiritual and devotional practice. Dharma yoga consists of Karma yoga and different asana practice.

Yoga Sri Dharma Mittra is known around the world for his skills. Sri Dharma Mittra photographed his other sessions across the country. Dharma Mittra has often told his students that Yoga without ethical considerations is spaghetti without the sauce. Dharma yoga has a free flow of prana energy through the physical body.

What is dharma yoga?
What is dharma yoga?

1. There Is Little Emphasis On Form, And Teachers Provide Little To No Instruction.

Dharma Mittra learned this teaching method from Yogi Gupta, who commended him for striving to imitate his every move. You are supposed to obtain a greater understanding of Dharma yoga by being with the teacher and attempting to resemble them.  Dharma yoga weaves together different teachings to bring students together to get in touch with their inner selves.

2. There Is No Guarantee That You Will Succeed, But It Is Suggested That You Attempt.

Although the sessions are organized into five levels of difficulty, Dharma can and frequently does begin even a beginner’s class with a graceful and challenging practice and asana like a headstand. Falling is regarded as a learning process, and just a few props or walls are utilized to assist the exercise. 

3. Students Are Urged To Glide Between Asanas Smoothly And Fluidly As If They Were Dancing.

The goal is to foster a sense of community in the classroom, where everyone supports one another even during complex changes. 

4. He Does What He Feels Like. 

When Dharma teaches, there is no defined sequence to the flow, and even Sun salutations are not constant.

5. Focus On Foundational Postures And Balancing Poses While Students Remain In Each Stance For Some Time.

Keeping the stance constant for some time and focus on basic postures and balancing is key.

5 Things To Know About Dharma Yoga Practice: What Is Dharma Yoga

1. There Is No Single-Word English Translation For Dharma.

Dharma is defined in early Vedic writings as laws that offer order to a universe that would otherwise be chaotic, derived from the Sanskrit root that (which meaning “to sustain,” “to keep,” or “to maintain”). Sacred scriptures and stories further promote Dharma as the most effective means of preserving family and society, both of which would otherwise be in disarray.

 2. Dharma Is One Of Life’s Four Goals.

Dharma yoga means to hold or preserve. Over the years, many people have questioned Sri Dharma Mittra for his excellent skills. Sri Dharma Mittra replied that with proper asana practice and patience, you could get anything.

3. But What Exactly Qualifies Anything As Dharmic? 

How can you tell whether an action is genuinely dharmic if Dharma has no one meaning that remains consistent regardless of context? What approach may people use to become the best versions of themselves?

Understanding the nature of a thing is the key to answering these questions. Nature is portrayed as intrinsic and irreplaceable properties or attributes in the structure of a given object. These characteristics define an object’s purpose, which is referred to as its Dharma. Fire, for example, can burn as well as emit heat and light. As a result, fire’s Dharma brings warmth, light, and the power to burn. 

4. It’s Important To Consider The Time, Place, And Circumstances.

Because Dharma is the most conducive way of conduct for spiritual progress, ethical and principle rules, such as “patience” or “truthfulness,” are only deemed dharmic to the extent that they assist spiritually uplifting pursuits. If such ideals get in the way of such activities, they can turn into adharmic or evil deeds. 

5. There Are Various Kinds Of Dharma.

 Suppose spiritual progress is the ultimate goal of life. In that case, it is the responsibility of everyone attempting to act in Dharma to create peaceful and functional communities that support a person’s spiritual journey. Successful families are headed by high-character individuals who have become the best versions of themselves by using their inherent gifts to serve others. Strong communities are built on the foundations of strong families.

What is dharma yoga?
What is dharma yoga?

Reasons Why People Are Obsessed With Dharma Yoga: What is Dharma Yoga?

1. There Is No Such Thing As A Standard Lesson Plan.

Dharma appears to vary the sun salutations depending on his mood and does not follow a set sequence in every course like Ashtanga or Bikram.

2. In Pincha Mayurasana, Dharma Teaches A Distinct Arm Stance (Peacock Pose) 

Pincha Mayurasana requires the arms to be shoulder-width apart and parallel to one other. As in headstand, Dharma advocates bringing the hands together and bringing them together. He understands that most teachers teach traditionally, but he believes that holding hands together allows one to be more extended.

 3. There Is No Day Of Rest.

Other yoga methods require you to practice six days a week; this style requires you to practice every day. Dharma yoga is a continuous practice because Dharma believes that practice extends beyond the mat. For some, this may mean getting on the mat every day, while for others, it may mean practicing mindfulness and meditation every day with less emphasis on the physical component.

4. Dharma Is A Vegan Advocate 

Sri Dharma Mittra is a strong supporter of vegetarianism and veganism. He won’t force pupils to eat meat-free, but he will mention it in every class and frequently emphasize that he hasn’t touched animal products in years and is OK.

5. Dharma Enjoys Conversing And Has A Good Sense Of Humor. 

Unlike some other Gurus, Dharma Mittra is very humble and prefers to accomplish things on his own. He speaks about the current world and assists students in blending their daily lives with their yogi lives. His mischievous sense of humor is also well-known. Before you enter a Dharma yoga class, you must leave your ego at the entrance.

What is dharma yoga?
What is dharma yoga?

Benefits Of Dharma Yoga

Increases flexibility:

You will experience a loosening in your body as a result of this workout. There will be fewer aches and pains in your body. In the beginning, you might feel it is a challenging practice, but with constant practice, your body will be able to practice too many postures.

Promotes blood flow

It controls the body by strengthening the nervous system, and provides tranquility and mental clarity: Dharma yoga practice improves blood flow, controls the body by strengthening the nervous system, and offers calmness and mental clarity.

Promotes comfortable and deep sleep at night:

Dharma yoga relaxes the body by removing the person from their daily routine. Dharma yoga also allows you to attain inward awareness and self-realization. With constant yoga practice, your mind will stress-free.

Promotes bone strength and development:

Dharma yoga strengthens your bones and muscles while also improving your flexibility. It helps you maintain good posture by erecting your spine. It improves bone strength by reducing cortisol levels and increasing calcium levels.

Promotes cardiovascular health: 

Dharma yoga increases your heart rate, which might help reduce your chances of heart attack or depression. Yoga practice for a long time brings a lot of changes to your body.

What is dharma yoga?
What is dharma yoga?

Sri Dharma Mittra

For many years Sri Dharma Mittra was the only yogi who could practice all the asanas. Many yogis practice just the main ones. Sri Dharma Mittra learned about all the specifications from his Guru Yogi Gupta.  Many yogis learn and master the main yoga poses.

Sri Dharma Mittra considers Dharma yoga to be a devotional practice that gives you radiant health. Over the years, there are have been a lot of spiritual aspirants searching for self-realization.  Dharma Mittra left his home and all belongings to study under Sri Swami Kailashananda.

Sri Dharma Mittra was initiated as a sansayi after 3 years of complete practice. By 1974 Sri Dharma Mittra had mastered dharma yoga practice and left the ashram. In 1975 he found the Yoga asana centre, which is now known as the Dharma Yoga Centre.  Sri Dharma Mittra started dharma yoga classes where he served as the yoga teacher.  Sri Dharma Mittra once said that living beings fear violence.

While practicing Dharma yoga, when you concentrate on specific points on your body, you can access your astral body. The yogic techniques included in Dharma yoga are stretching, backbends, twists, along with breathing exercises.

Dharma yoga includes pranayama, meditation, and philosophy or knowledge of your supreme self. Mittra Dharma yoga enlightens you through devotional practice and spiritual practice to find your universal soul.  The eight limbs of yoga are Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. There is a Dharma yoga community for people interested. Patanjali’s ashtanga yoga system has similarities with Dharma yoga. With Dharma yoga, you can attain a divine union with your inner self. Ethical rules are essential for everything in life.