According to an Overweight & Obesity Statistics Report, every 3rd adult is having obesity problems or overweight. In this modern era, there is competition in studies and jobs. American adults ignore eating, sugar intake, calories intake, diet, nutrition, BMI, foods, weight gain.

Why Are Americans Obese
why are americans obese

Decades ago, people of America used to eat a balanced diet with more calories, less added sugar, vegetable oils. Now Americans eat sugary beverages, french fries, donuts with a high level of added sugars, fast food. Due to zero physical activity and less energy intake, severe obesity, heart disease, and other health risks can be observed in their body. As a result, they lag in the health and fitness category.

Researchers found that in 2017 that the percentage of adults aged 20+ with obesity was 42.5%. American adults mentally and physically abuse their bodies in their teenage or mid-20s by indulging in bad food and sleep habits.

Then fail at disease control and prevention. They panic, explore the internet and start implementing different things without knowing the consequences.

Why Are Americans Obese
why are americans obese

According to a CBC Report, people often rush behind expensive medications that ruin their health and have numerous side effects. A healthy diet means eating that portion of calories that counterbalance the energy you absorb with the energy you use.

If an individual exceeds that particular amount, then he will put on weight because the body will store that extra energy as fat. To deal with such problems, additional medical costs can be added for overall obesity. Out of 100, more than 5 people are obese. If we consider a particular age group, 10% of Americans are obese, and 20% are overweight.

Obesity Facts that make you think about disease control

We can observe a BMI above 30 and a BMI less than 40 in general obesity. The prevalence of obesity has increased from 19.6% to 31.7% in the last few years. According to professor Hales, higher levels of obesity and lower weights can be linked to reduced obesity.

Researchers found that our waist size increases the risk of obesity. Men with abdominal adiposity have 20% more chances to develop type 2 diabetes. Waist circumference can tell the chances to develop diabetes by the people of different age groups.

Being underweight is not a big problem compared to being overweight because obesity is one of the top five causes of death in adults. Excess weight can cause heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes.

The next one in the adult obesity facts is more alarming than shocking. Eating energy-dense foods, maintaining body mass index BMI costs you less than eating unhealthy food, fast foods, sugar. Obesity causes $147 billion more than average Americans.

People between 40-59 are more likely to grow obesity rates than other age groups. Around 40% of this age group are obese. Another health statistics says, all the states have obesity rates of more than 20%, while a decade ago, less than 15% of people in every state were overweight or obese.

Women and children are not out of danger, according to other health statistics. 40% of American women are obese compared to 30% of men. The growing rates of severe obesity have a lot to do with the fad diets, calories we eat. Americans are eating 23% more calories than they used to eat 3 decades ago.

Why Are Americans Obese
why are americans obese

Why is severe obesity so common in America?

According to a 2016 report of centers for disease control and prevention, 40% of US adults are fat. The very first reason is they eat a lot in restaurants or outside the home. As a result, they consume 20-30% more calories than normal.

In the last 50 years, the foods intake has grown from 2109 to 2568 calories. The consumption of sugary beverages like cocacola and pepsi has increased.

Healthy Foods cost More.

Surprisingly, healthy foods cost more in American than a low household income can’t afford. Vegetable means potatoes and tomatoes. They miss vitamins from other vegetables. All the fast-food companies prepare their food with potatoes that have fat.

Breakfast is a vital and most essential diet of the day. Few people wake up so late that they eventually miss the breakfast. And most Americans take cakes, donuts for breakfast which is nothing but desserts.

Bombardment of Ads for unhealthy food

For unhealthy foods, we see so many ads. According to a 2006 report, the cause behind severely obese Americans is the rising marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages. Foods companies spent a whopping amount of $1.28 billion in advertising on television and magazine.

50% of Americans will be obese by the end of next decade

A survey was conducted by taking 6 million Americans. The result is a matter of concern because the social cost is high if people are not involved in the study or engage themselves for informational purposes.

NEJM Wednesday published that high social costs would eventually make people believe there is no hope. Half of the population will be obese as the adults don’t have control over obesity. Like different pandemics, we may see an obesity epidemic if things shouldn’t be controlled on time.

Why Are Americans Obese
why are americans obese

Maintaining body mass index is the main reason behind American obesity

BMI stands for body mass index, calculated by dividing a person’s weight in kg by the square of height in meters. High BMI means high body fatness. 25% of people will be obese if their BMI is below 36. That means they would be overweight more than 100 pounds. There are no clear solutions to Americans’ weight problem.

Overweight people should work on their obesity rate, control their diets, perform workouts or any physical activity for weight loss. People should go for timely checkups to know whether they are underweight or overweight.

5 Reasons for severe obesity And Need For Weight Loss

Until and unless we can’t find the real problem, we can’t find the perfect solution. So let’s keep an eye on few other factors that cause obesity.

Exercise, workouts, or physical activities are proven to be best for health. But in our busy schedule, we ignore them completely, citing many personal reasons. Slowly, it starts affecting our body, and the result is severe obesity.

Stress is equal to death. Depression, anxieties are widespread these days, particularly in youth. Stress can cause high damage to mental health, but it can cause physical damage too.

Lower-income demographics struggle with obesity because healthy food is costlier in America. They forcefully consume foods that contain excess energy, high calories. As a result, they lose control over being overweight.

Sleep Deprivation is another major problem for obesity. 40% of Americans sleep less than 7 hours. Smartphones, laptops are a few of the major distractions that don’t let you sleep peacefully. When your sleep cycle is incomplete, you will feel dizzy, lethargic, and less active. When you start taking pills for sleep, kidney problems can be seen.

According to Lofton, Ochner, and Burguera, weight gain is complex, and it may take up to 10 years to fix it completely. It’s not just about nutrition, and you need to take care of other illnesses as well. And the best way to do so is to regulate your body effectively from childhood.

Inactivity is new normal.

Americans prefer to take public transport even for walkable distances. They walk less compared to other parts of the earth. According to CDC, 80 out of 100 people don’t get enough exercise. Another research suggests that people of America burn 120-150 fewer calories than they used to burn 50 years ago.

Online programs for healthy weight

According to World Health Organization, fast-food consumption goes hand in hand with a higher body composition index. 12% of American diets consist of such foods.

Other than social factors, many other factors affect our bodies. Your diet, hormone levels, foods, nutrition, calorie intake in the entire day can affect your health.

National health centers provide medical advice through online and offline campaigns for people who believe they are overweight or obese. If you are already a member of this national center for health and wellness, it will be easy for you to lose weight. Parents should take care of the diet of their children. They should consume low-fat foods rather than alcoholic and sugary sodas.

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why are americans obese

Final Words

The obesity prevalence increased throughout the time due to several factors discussed above. Non-Hispanic whites are more concerned about weight gain compared to Latin Americans. Other than cosmetic issues, several life risks are involved with obesity. Cardiac diseases, fatty liver disease, sleep apnea,  high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease, arthritis are associated with severe obesity, according to Institute for Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney.

Suppose people don’t educate themselves about health statistics, maintain lower body fat, consume healthy food, control their weight, and add the right amount of calories to their diet. In that case, we may see an obesity epidemic in America in the next few decades. The best way to prevent is to control our children from bad habits.

In this article, we tried to explore few alarming obesity facts, reasons behind overweight, and how you can control this underrated health risk.