Yoga on the lake is a beautiful studio for yoga retreats. This lake also offers a boutique with a magnificent view. We strongly recommend it. It has a calming environment where the floors and ceilings have bay ceiling windows, which are calming and overlook the lake. You can search your soul and create your headspace.

Moreover, you can meet the instructors and leave reviews at their site.

The studio space:

The yoga studio space lies within the environment of a forest. The sun squashed studio has an exclusive energy-flowing floor. The heated floor keep your muscles relaxed and loosen them up. Not to mention the warm atmosphere created between the world outside and the atmosphere inside the studio. 

Wood Lake: Where is it to be found?

Yoga on the lake, present in wood lake, is a brilliant place that offers classes with an excellent yoga teacher. The fantastic teacher makes you feel like a community to practice yoga and connect your body with your soul. Yoga on the Lake is set within the natural quietness of the Kohler district to nurture the mind.

The address of yoga on the lake is:  

Yoga on the Lake set 725B Woodlake Road, Kohler, Wisconsin, United States – 53044

Yoga On The Lake: A Comprehensive Review
Yoga On The Lake: A Comprehensive Yoga Studio

What the lake offers: Data on many events

The lake offers about 74 classes a week. Each course is welcome to associate with a well-being community to nurture minds.

There are also evening events available for fantastic high vibes and fun at the restaurants. There is also parking available.

They offer you more than 200 hours of training, with teachers who are well embarked on the journey of yoga. It is an incredible journey of self-exploration, yoga fitness, transformative wellness using yoga.

Note: you also have resorts nearby, like the Kohler spa and the American club.

More to know about the studio: Review

Not only is the main studio a hot yoga platform, but it offers an unheated and sun-splashed studio. It also has a detoxifying yoga space of about 95 -105-degree celsius.

You have an outdoor platform, a wooden stage built on the sloppy mountain of nature. This is an experience you absolutely cannot experience anywhere else.

This is an enchanted space found in the natural tranquility of Wisconsin nature, Kohler. It helps you connect with your natural self while being surrounded by the blanket of nature.

Also, know that they treat the students and teachers with care, especially during this Covid restriction. More information on their website.

Classes offered for well beings:

Power barre classes:

This class may combine yoga, pilates, strong muscle quality, and muscle continuance preparing.

Consolidating solidness to the muscle and adjusting work inside a 45-minute “barrels barre” arrange for a well-rounded, holistic involvement. This course is conducted within the primary studio.

Yoga On The Lake: A Comprehensive Review
Yoga On The Lake: A Comprehensive Review


This class slow-paced grouping incorporates 26 inactive stances from a standard hot Yoga hone which offers profound compressions, quality, and detoxification.

The room temperature is warmed to 105 degrees with 60% humidity.


This class is typically an alleviating therapeutic lesson with the center on breath and arrangement. In addition, they upheld yoga postures utilizing props that open the body while abating intellect.

The result is unwinding, more prominent mental clarity, moved forward arrangement, and physical freedom.

Vinyasa 1-2:

This is an open-formatted lesson that can be adapted to all levels. This lesson will fortify, detoxify and strengthen your intellect and spirit. The hot Room temperature is 98 to 100 degrees.

Vinyasa Classes 2:

This is also an open-formatted lesson geared for those with more experience. Moreover, this lesson focuses on building your core strength and endurance. The room is at 98 to 100 degrees.

The Hot yoga flow fusion:

This is a set-sequenced hot class suited for all-level. It includes static and flows poses at a slower pace. Moreover, the room temperature is heated to 99 to 105 degrees.

The Barre:

It is an empowering open-formatted yoga-barre lesson designed for all level practitioners. The room temperature is 95 to 98 degrees.

Yoga On The Lake: A Comprehensive Review
Yoga On The Lake: A Comprehensive Review

The Soul sculpt:

It is a high-intensity yoga class with hand weights and cardio bursts to burn calories.

Previous yoga experience is a must. The room temperature is 98 to 100 degrees.

Yoga in the woods at the Blackwolf run:

This is located near the Blackwolf golf course, an outdoor yoga platform. Always carry your yoga mat and put on a comfortable running shoe for this journey.