Can I Plug a Treadmill Into a Surge Protector?

As the name indicates, a surge protector is an outlet with a unique circuit design to protect equipment from power surges. It is usually attached or built-in within exercise equipment. 

Also called a power strip, this unit can consist of three parts a voltage regulator, a fuse holder, and a transformer. The standard fuse labels on surge protectors are the CE (Fuse), CEC, or IEC, with ratings between 20A and 100A. 

Let’s find out: Can I plug a treadmill into a surge protector?

Role of a Surge Protector for Treadmills

The surge protector will help cool down the treadmill by absorbing the surges and extra jolts in the circumstances like lightning strikes, overloading, or electrical failures. It automatically shuts down the connected equipment when it detects a power demand. 

Hence, this outlet will absorb common household surges before they reach your running machine, preventing fires and other damages. 

surge protection for treadmills
surge protection for treadmills

Types of Surge Protectors

Only two types of surge protectors in the market are designed for treadmills. These are:

  • Internal: An inline surge protector unit plugs right under the treadmill where the wires and the motor connect.
  • External: An external surge protector unit plugs into the wiring harnesses outside the machine’s enclosure.

Tips to Choose Surge Protector for Your Treadmill

Surge protectors for treadmills are available in various sizes and shapes that you can use based on the power supply suitable for your model requirements. So consider the following factors before buying a new power strip for your treadmill:


Use at least 40A breakers for treadmills to provide adequate protection against a direct surge from the wall socket. If not, your running machine would probably burn out its fuse due to excessive energy discharge through the wire.


Although both surge protectors are safe, inline units perform better than external ones. Besides, don’t connect the surge protector strip with any other equipment to minimize the risks of overloading. 


Avoid buying a bulky power strip if you frequently port your running machine from one place to another.

Additional Features

Some surge protectors have a fan speed control mode to adjust the rate at which air flows through the unit when you run. Further, some units will have an AC and DC power source customization option.

Problems with Surge Protectors

Undoubtedly surge protectors are safe when using them for running treadmills. However, some problems can happen down the road. Let’s check them out to be extra careful while using the unit.

Surge protector strips are still immune to fluctuations.

Connect Your Treadmill to a Surge Protector
Connect Your Treadmill to a Surge Protector

The amount of power drawn when using a treadmill varies based on the load on the motor. This fluctuation makes it difficult for the surge protector to run efficiently.

The problem occurs more frequently if the treadmill motor is old. Ultimately, the power strip ends up tripping, while your running machine will stop suddenly. It can also lead to accidents and power off.


Nowadays, many treadmill manufacturers install electrical surge suppressor kits inside the machine. However, investing in a good quality surge protector for treadmills is ideal for adding an extra layer of protection and adequate airflow. 

The simple answer to – can I plug a treadmill into a surge protector, lies in finding the unit with the correct wattage, breaker, and cord size. So choose the one that won’t let power surges start a house fire or fry your e exercise machine. 


Can you plug a treadmill in a surge protector?

Yes. You can plug your treadmill into a surge protector or grounded outlet. The heavy-duty running machine can damage electrical surges due to the power it consumes. Hence, a surge protector can lower the risk of damage from electrical currents. 

Is it OK to plug a treadmill into an extension cord?

No, avoid using an extension cord to run your treadmill. If you don’t have a choice, use only the over six feet grounded extension cord with three prongs. Besides, the wire must be at least as thick as the power cord of your machine’s model.

Can I plug treadmill into normal outlet?

Usually, you can plug a treadmill into a regular outlet. However, ensure the outlet is on a 15 or 20-A circuit according to the wattage requirements. 15-A circuit is ideal for home running machines. But choose 20-A circuit outlet for commercial treadmills.

How do I stop my treadmill from tripping the breaker?

It is advisable to move your treadmill to a different outlet. Generally, heavy-duty exercise machines will trip the breaker and shut down when plugged into a GFCI outlet.

Why does my treadmill keep tripping the circuit breaker?

The primary reason for a tripped treadmill circuit breaker can be overloading due to excess friction on the worn belt. However, poor input line voltage can also cause this issue.

Will surge protector, stop the treadmill from tripping breaker?

No. The critical function of a surge protector is to allow a circuit breaker or fuse to trip. It prevents the surge from passing into the running machine.

Does a treadmill need to be on its own breaker?

Nowadays, manufacturers provide a dedicated 20-AMP circuit for a treadmill to avoid any electrical issues. A dedicated circuit also protects the treadmill’s computer system.

What should you never plug into a surge protector?

Never use a surge protector for high-power loads to avoid fire hazards. It includes refrigerators, microwaves, toasters, coffee machines, ovens, and room heaters. Instead, use a surge protector only for low-power load devices, like AV equipment and computers.