How Long Should I Run On The Treadmill ? Is 30 minutes enough?

A treadmill is effective cardio equipment and has multiple health benefits. Weather conditions sometimes stop outdoor running, but a treadmill workout is unmissable. Lately, treadmills have been popularly used for home workouts. You can do it with a treadmill, from light walking to high-intensity interval training.

Treadmills have been widely used for weight loss, stress reduction, mental health, etc. But if you are a beginner and unsure how to go with your treadmill workouts. The first and foremost thing to do is decide about your workout goals.

We have listed the various usage guidelines and training details for your better understanding and comfortable ride.

Beginner’s Guide for Treadmill Use: How Long Should I Run On The Treadmill

Treadmill for Weight Loss

Running on a treadmill is an excellent workout for losing weight. Weight loss can be super easy if you keep a check on your diet and do some regular strength training. If you have just begun with the treadmill, then go for light walks and a quick run on a treadmill. Here is a 5k walk/jog plan for the newbies.

How long should I run on the treadmill
How long should I run on the treadmill?

A consistent workout for weight loss will include 20 minutes of treadmill running three or more times a week. To reduce one pound, you need to burn 3500 calories; this will help you burn calories and lose weight.

Run-on a treadmill for 20 minutes at 5 miles per hour to lose 250 calories. Do this for a couple of weeks, and you will gradually increase the duration and see positive results. Running on a treadmill can help in excellent calorie burn.

Treadmill Training for a Race

Training for a race is very different from running on a treadmill for general health; apart from running on a treadmill, running outdoors at least once a week is suggested because that’s where the actual race will occur.

Many machines give you the availability of accurate maps to mimic the routes. You can use such maps and prepare yourself for the race. If you have to cover 5 miles, a treadmill run of 50 minutes at 5 miles per hour sounds about right.

Exceed your running time on the treadmill compared to the upcoming half marathon. This way, you have already run a longer distance and prepared well. Incorporate different incline levels and feel challenged. The high incline will give you a feeling as you run outdoors.

Treadmill Use for Health Benefits

Any exercise program on the treadmill, like walking, jogging, or running on the treadmill, will have several physical benefits. Treadmill workouts can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Jogging for 75 minutes per week increases your fitness level and has many benefits. Jogging is a faster mode of physical activity and improves your general mood and mental health. Running is classified into moderate to intense exercise and depends on the intensity. A rest day is also a must to maintain balance. So, treadmill workouts for 15 minutes 5 days a week can help your body’s fitness.

Such exercise will pump your heart faster and better blood flow. Keep an eye on the heart rate monitor for safety. Also, it is advisable to consult a health professional before getting into any new exercise or physical activity.

Types of Treadmill Workout: How Long Should I Run On The Treadmill

Keep your body upright, shoulders relaxed, core engaged, and eyes straight ahead for a complete workout. Start at a slow pace, keeping your current fitness level in mind, and then take it forward. Here are a few treadmill workouts to begin your exercise and burn more calories.

Low-Intensity Workout

Low-intensity steady-state cardio is an easy form of exercise and helps build endurance. It involves exercising for about 30 minutes to an hour at almost 60% of your maximum heart rate. You can track your heart fitness using the monitor.

The speed is set in a low-intensity exercise, and you can work out while watching your favorite show or listening to your favorite music.

To set your machine for a light-intensity workout, change the incline setting from 9 to 12.

Keep the pace around 3 to 4 miles per hour walking speed, and you are good to go. Do this course for 30 minutes and see the results.

Interval Training

Interval training is another form of exercise to enhance your aerobic fitness. Performing interval training means alternating between periods of high intensity and rest. Here are a few steps for a beginner’s interval workout, including alternating between running and walking. If you find the speed too high or low, work it out as per your fitness level.

  • Begin with walking for 10 minutes at zero inclines and a speed of 2-3 mph
  • Follow it with a light jogging of 3 minutes at four mph
  • Now go for 2 minutes of walking at three mph
  • Then 4 minutes of jogging at five mph
  • Now, 3 minutes of walking at three mph
  • Followed by 3 minutes of jogging at a speed of 5-6 mph
  • Get it done with a cooldown session of five minutes walk at 2.5 mph

Cooldown Session

The cooldown session is an important thing to do to regulate blood flow. To bring down your heart rate after a complete body workout, it is essential to stretch the muscles comfortably. Do not forget to stay hydrated and eat your protein snack after training.

If you are a new runner, listen to your body. It is not a very good idea to start running at a vigorous pace and for more extended periods in the beginning. Start slow in the first week and notice you have begun to run faster in due course. How quickly you want to go on a treadmill depends on your goals.

Running on the treadmill has many health benefits besides weight loss. Let us take a look at the key benefits of treadmill running.

How long should I run on the treadmill
How long should I run on the treadmill?
  • Your muscles and bones get strengthened with a good workout on the treadmill. It helps in building your glutes and hamstring. Running increases your bone mineral density.
  • A good run improves your cardiovascular fitness. It uses fatty acids and carbohydrates for energy. As a result, the heart rate increases, producing more oxygen.
  • You can lose weight and maintain an ideal weight with a regular workout on the treadmill.
  • Running helps release toxins and stimulates the level of happy hormones in the body. As a result, the stress and anxiety go down and help uplift the overall mood.

FAQs: How Long Should I Run On The Treadmill

How long should I run on the treadmill daily?

It is advised to run for 30 minutes on the treadmill for extensive health benefits. Using a treadmill for a minimum of 4 days a week is required to see significant changes. You can initially start with 10-15 minutes a day and gradually increase the speed and time.

Can a treadmill workout burn belly fat?

A treadmill workout is beneficial for shedding belly fat and visceral fat. The stubborn belly fat can go away with routine training followed by a strict diet. Running is an effective exercise for burning excess body fat.

Can you lose weight with a treadmill?

A treadmill is an excellent option for burning calories and starting your weight loss journey. If you are unsure how to begin, get in touch with a professional advisor and get a customized plan. You can lose 1 to 2 pounds of weight with a treadmill.

Is treadmill running beneficial?

Running on a treadmill is 100% beneficial. You get it all from a treadmill workout, from losing weight to maintaining cardiovascular health. Regulate your body health, mental health, and body weight with the proper usage of a treadmill machine.

Final Thoughts

Fitness is not a one-day action; it takes days of practice and discipline to get into the proper form. We have listed all the things you need to begin your treadmill workouts. Hop on the treadmill, play around with the speed, incline, and other settings and see what works best for you.

Every individual is different and so are their body requirements and capacities. Figure out your goals and on that basis, start with your treadmill workouts. Your specific goals will answer how long I should run on the treadmill. Pull yourself out of your comfort zone, and let’s get STARTED!

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