How fast can a treadmill go varies from treadmill to treadmill? Various types of treadmills are used for different requirements and at other locations. Most treadmills used for losing weight at home have a top speed range of 10 -12 miles per hour. So how fast do treadmills go? Let’s find out

Treadmills used at fitness clubs tend to have a top speed of 12-14 miles per hour. The average person running speeds ran around 7.5 mph, so a treadmill speed of 10 mph is good enough for an effective workout.

Check various brand reviews and choose the one that matches your requirements for treadmill training.

Manual Treadmills Speed

Manual treadmills vary from curved treadmills or commercial treadmills. A manual treadmill does not have a motor of its own, and the belt moves as fast as you walk or run. The ability of the treadmill go hand in hand with the power of your legs.

A manual treadmill is entirely dependent on you and your abilities. Manual treadmills will go as fast as the speed of your legs. The belt only moves with the movement of your feet. Manual treadmills are great for steady-state cardio.

Manual treadmills must be skipped by people looking for high-intensity interval training but can be an excellent option for beginners. They do not require any electrical input and needs little maintenance.

However, the old manual treadmills have been shadowed by curved treadmills. A curved treadmill is non-motorized manual equipment with low maintenance and new technology.

How fast can a manual treadmill go?

A manual treadmill will go as fast as the speed of your legs and reach nearly any speed supported by your feet. The top speed is going to be indicated by the higher resistance.

So, the maximum speed is when the opposition is equivalent to the power generated by the legs. A manual treadmill will have a max speed of 3.5 – 4 miles per hour which means it is not meant for running speeds.

So, a great option if you are looking forward to starting working on your fitness levels by a good exercise. 30 mins of exercise sound like a good workout for beginners.

Motorised treadmill speed

The motorized treadmill is when the motor drives the belt. How fast can a treadmill with a motor run be variable on the quality of the machine?

The motorized treadmill can be divided into home treadmills, commercial treadmills, and curved treadmills. These treadmills reach speeds that range from 0 – 15 miles per hour with slight variations amongst different commercial models. A good motor gives good running speeds. A speed of 12 mph is an average speed for motorized treadmills.

How fast can a regular treadmill go?

Going on a treadmill with a speed of 12 mph is standard for a regular treadmill. The rate of the treadmill is guided by its design and intent.

For the vast majority, the walking speed for an average person will be 2 -4 mph. And 4 – 5 mph can be considered fast walking, and anything beyond five falls under jogging or running.

However, treadmills with max speeds of 25 MPH have been used by professionally trained sprinters, which is one of the highest.

The running treadmills in the gym have a high speed of 12-14 MPH, home treadmills speeds run up to 10 – 12 MPH, and an under-bed treadmill go up to 4 – 9 MPH.

How Fast Do Treadmills Go?
How fast do treadmills go?

Commercial treadmills speed

Commercial treadmills are found primarily on gyms and used for high-intensity interval training levels; runners sprint quicker and cover it with a recovery run.

Max speed for this treadmill goes up to 12-15 miles per hour. The commercial versions are designed so that people of different heights, weights and sizes can use them to lose weight. One can use them to run faster and are standard gym equipment.

The best treadmill options for commercial machines are – NordicTrack 1750, LifeFitness Elevation, Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill, etc. Built with high technology, they are fast and excellent for promoting fitness.

Max speed of commercial treadmills

A commercial treadmill maximum speeds up to 14 miles per hour. A personal trainer uses high-end treadmill machines to train professionals and has a peak speed of 25 MPH.

The engine output of these treadmills is stronger than treadmills used for home gyms. They are made up of new and costly technology and ranked above average treadmills.

Commercial treadmills are more extensive, expensive, and well-integrated; keep in mind their regular use. These are typical gym treadmills.

Home treadmills speed

Home treadmills generally have a top speed between 8 – 12 MPH, which is good enough for a decent runner.

An average home treadmill is simple and not very expensive. The power of a motor reflects the speed of the treadmill.

A motor of 3 – 4 CHP is excellent for nearly any treadmill rate. NordicTrack, ProForm and SoleFitness are some of the best treadmills for your home gym. Horizon 101 is also an excellent entry training level home treadmill.

How Fast Do Treadmills Go?
How fast do treadmills go?

How Fast Home Treadmills Go

Home treadmills speed about 12 MPH in most cases. However, max speeds can vary in specific machines. These are significantly slower than commercial treadmills.

Treadmills designed for home workouts have been made keeping in mind the needs and requirements of people. The top speed and features go hand in hand with the needs of an average human trying to shed a few pounds.

An average home treadmill will cost you around $ 600 to $ 2000. Entry-level treadmills will have a slightly different pace compared to the premium treadmills.

How fast should a treadmill be?

The answer to how fast can a treadmill be depended not only on the power and top speed of the equipment but also on an individual’s fitness levels.

A person walking shorter distances can nowhere come close to professional sprinters. A sprinter running 100 metres in under ten seconds can have the highest speed of 27 MPH compared to an average person—a marathoner running four hours averages to a rate of 6.5 MPH.

Treadmills are generally used for low-intensity exercises; in the case of running longer distances, the speed will be lower than sprinting. An average individual can run up to 15 MPH for short periods per research.

The rate of a person will vary from a prolonged period to a short period. The majority of the people will be satisfied with a speed of 12MPH for a decent workout. If you happen to be a great runner, you can look for treadmills with a top speed of 14 MPH.

How fast is fast on a treadmill?

The definition of ‘fast’ here works parallel with multiple factors and is subjective from individual to individual and machine to machine.

The speed of treadmills for beginners will have a slower rate in the starting, while the fitness enthusiasts will be used to 6.5 MPH. The pace will start to increase once you get used to the surface and comfort of the treadmill.

A 2 to 4 MPH will be a reasonable walking rate, 4 to 5 MPH will be a decent jogging rate, and anything beyond 5 MPH is excellent for running. So, how fast you will be on a treadmill is a personal preference.

How fast does the standard treadmill go?

A standard treadmill goes around a pace of 12 MPH. The lower-end treadmills run at 8-10 MPH, and mid-range and higher-end treadmills run at 12 MPH.

A few models designed specifically for fitness experts or athletes ranges to a rate of 15 – 24 MPH. It doesn’t matter at what pace you want to run; there is a treadmill meant for your needs.

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is an excellent example of a great treadmill with 12 MPH.

How Fast Do Treadmills Go?
NordicTrack Commercial 1750 .

How fast is 7.0 on a treadmill?

A 7.0 MPH on a treadmill is favourable for running. Moreover, a 7.0 MPH would cover 5.6 metres each second and travel around 19 metres every minute.

A 7.0 can be considered as a brisk walk or slow running. In addition, this can be regarded as the average pace for running. Running 25-30 minutes on a treadmill at 7.0 MPH about three times is good enough for an effective workout.

What is the fastest treadmill ever?

A treadmill from the Athletic Republic, a fitness company in Utah, has a boasting rate of 28 MPH.

This allows you to run faster and has an excellent incline feature to outshine average treadmills. The treadmill claims to rise from zero to a top speed in three seconds. This treadmill is best suited for professional practice by athletes.

The pace of most treadmills

A running machine can go as fast you force it. It is suggested to start slowly and gather momentum as you get used to it.

The pace of most treadmills varies from 2 to 12 MPH and more, depending on intent and configuration.

You can choose the speed of the treadmill based on the intensity of your workout. Treadmills with higher intensity features are recommended once you get used to jogging or running regularly.


How fast can you go on a treadmill?

You can go up to 12 MPH on a quality treadmill. However, a few treadmills support up to 25 MPH running rate. A 12 MPH is fast enough for a regular runner. The latest treadmill designed by the Athletic Republic, Utah, can be 28 MPH.

How many MPH is a 6-minute mile?

A person will jog one mile in 6 minutes with a pace-setting of 10 MPH on a treadmill. You can cover 10 miles in one hour at this pace.

How fast should I run a mile at 30 years old?

A man at 30 can run a mile in around 9 minutes, whereas a woman can do the same in 10:30 minutes. Accordingly, a fit man can run at an average rate of 6.6 MPH, and a woman can run at 5.7 MPH for good exercise.

How fast should I run a mile at 40 years old?

A man at the age of 40 can run at a pace of 6 MPH, covering a mile in around 9:45 minutes, while a woman at 40 can run a mile in 12 minutes at 5 MPH. Moreover, this is a standard pace for a 40-year-old to go on a treadmill.