You have wanted to bring a treadmill home, but there is no open space. Can garages be an option? You can store your treadmill in garage but must take necessary precautions. However, a cold garage should as it likely damages the machine.

Considering the space required for a treadmill workout and the noise output, the garage treadmill could be excellent for cardio training. Most Manufacturers advise keeping a treadmill in the garage if it is dust-free and moisture-free. This idea also saves your home’s decor from messing up if there is insufficient space. So slide away a treadmill in garage and work out at your convenience. You can save space by bringing your treadmill in your garage.

Treadmill In Garage
Is Treadmill In Garage a Good Idea? 5 New Ways And Why?

Resistance to Cold: Treadmill In Garage

Temperature issues can affect the durability of fitness machines and cause damage. There are treadmills resistant to the cold garage, so check a treadmill from this category for your unheated garage. Take out some time at least once a week to clean the treadmill.

Keep in mind to warm up the cold temperatures, ensure consistent ambient temperature, put the machine on a level surface, and you are set for your treadmill running. The garage lacks ventilation space, so use a treadmill cover to protect it from dust and humidity.

What are the pros of the treadmill in garage?

The pros of storing a treadmill in the garage begin with saving your house interiors from this bulky exercise equipment. Keep the treadmill aside and save space from your already busy house.


You can work out without disturbing your kids or other family members. Instead of storing it in a hall closet or underneath the bed, shift the treadmill to your garage. And you will no longer have to worry about the noise output while on the treadmill belt.

You will no longer have to skip your workout in cold winters or hot summer months. Instead, you can stay right inside your home gym or garage and keep yourself fit from the comfort of your house.


Having a running machine in the small spaces of your house can be dangerous. Small children can get their hands caught and jump on the running belt. Most garages have more space than your living room and can be utilized to store a treadmill machine.

Removes bad smell

Over-running can lead to high humidity. Putting your treadmill in the garage rids you from the smell in your home. In addition, the cold garage helps to solve overheating problems and leaves you more motivated for a workout.

Set up your gym in the insulated garage and get the benefits. A climate-controlled environment will help a better lasting of the treadmill in the garage.

What are the cons of keeping a treadmill in unheated garage?

Storing a treadmill machine in the garage will demand more maintenance than keeping it in the house. The garage is not the cleanest room in the house; the dust, the dirt, and the leaves collect over time. The dirt and the dust can adversely affect the moving parts and motor causing severe threats.

Cold can freeze the incline function and LCD screen of a treadmill. Therefore, a climate-controlled mechanism works best option for treadmills. The moisture can trouble the equipment if you live in a humid area. Plastics cover usually treadmills to protect them from humidity and prevent dust and dirt.

Fresh Air

The available space in the garage is devoid of fresh air and scenic beauty. Hence, putting in sources of entertainment to save your workout from getting boring and monotonous can be a great idea.

The closed garage can protect the treadmill from direct sunlight or direct sun. However, the cold can affect the treadmill in your garage. Extreme heat or cold can lead to dysfunction of the moving parts. This is why manufacturers refrain from storing the treadmill in a garage.

You can fix a good rule to clean your treadmill machine weekly to prevent dust and damage.

Precautions to be taken for keeping fitness equipment in garage gym

After you have cleaned your garage and measured the precious space available for installing a treadmill, here are a few essential precautions to be kept in mind for its maintenance.


Ensuring a leak-free garage should be your top priority. Electricity and water are not great companions. Ensure the rainwater does not enter the garage. There is no room for water accumulation in your garage gym.

Putting your treadmill in a garage due to limited space at home is not an issue, but essential precautions are necessary. A treadmill in your garage should be installed at a certain height above the floor for its safety hazards. But make sure the treadmill is placed on a flat surface or even grass in the garage.

Not Too Cold garage

A cold garage is not an ideal space to install the treadmill machine. The cold temperatures can freeze the moving parts and cause chaos. This will harm the machine. In addition, heavy footfall and the cold temperature will stress the running surface.

The cool temperature will also deteriorate the line, motor, and display screen If the garage is heated and warmed up, the temperature change in the treadmill will not be a problem. Unfortunately, many manufacturers deny warranties when a treadmill is stored in a garage due to these reasons.

Keep Clean

The dust build-up on the motor will damage the motor quickly. The garage is not a clean space to keep the treadmill compared to our homes. The dirt, dust, and other particles get collected faster than in other places.

Make sure you clean the moving parts regularly. For example, clean the garage before you set up the treadmill. Also, keep a mat underneath the treadmill to save it from the particles on the floor.

Cover the treadmill when it is not in use. The treadmill machine in the garage will require more maintenance than you probably thought.

Use A Mat

If you have finally decided on putting your treadmill in the garage, there is nothing to worry about. A treadmill mat is one of the best choices to save the parts from dust and damage. In addition, a good treadmill mat will keep the treadmill intact as it is slip-resistant.

Storing treadmills in the garages can be diffiSo gett without mats. Get hold of a rubber mat that matches the size of your treadmill, and get the machine installed now. It will absorb the moisture and ensure proper functioning.

This will protect not only the treadmill but also the floor. Concrete surfaces in the garage retain a lot of dust and moisture. Therefore, a mat should be non-negotiable in such a case.

Remove Clutter

A garage is a storehouse for dumping a lot of unused items. But, when you install a treadmill in the garage, remove all the clutter surrounding the equipment. The things could fall due to the machine’s vibration and harm the user.

Consider the space that is available for the treadmill. Treadmills can be bulky and require quite a bit of space. Therefore, clear the area around the treadmill and enjoy your workout without fear or threat.

Fall Space

Fall space refers to the space available behind the treadmill. If you lose balance or something, there should be room equal to your body height to protect you from accidents.

A treadmill in a commercial set-up is placed so people can work out near each other without disturbing or bothering anyone. In addition, there is ample space behind the treadmill to keep a person safe in an emergency contact tumble.

Keep It Covered

A treadmill in a garage will get exposed to a lot of dust and dirt. The main reason behind the grime is the lack of ventilation. Use a treadmill cover to protect the treadmill in a garage.

A quality cover will not let the dust gather on the parts and belt surface. The LCD screen, engine, etc., can also be covered and protected in just a few easy steps. So, next time the treadmill is not in use, do not forget to cover it.

Treadmill manufacturers strongly advise maintenance steps (Treadmill In Garage)

Proper maintenance will increase the life span of a treadmill. Therefore, taking care of the machine is essential, and the manufacturers advise how to maintain a treadmill in these easy steps.

Whenever you are set to clean or fix a treadmill, make sure the power cord is removed. This way, you can avoid any accidents.

Frequency of cleaning

Try to clean the nordictrack treadmill at least once a week; you can use wipes to eliminate the dust in minute parts.

Lubrication is vital for the smooth running of the equipment. Lubricating the treadmill is recommended every 6-8 weeks for moderate use. Lubricating the parts twice a year is the bare minimum for the lazy lads. You need to clean the treadmill’s fan, LCD screen, tablet holder, the treadmill’s mechanical components, and all the equipment to maintain your NordicTrack treadmill.

Can you use a vacuum cleaner for Treadmill In Garage?

Use a vacuum cleaner to blow off the treadmill parts and surface dirt. Keep checking the bolts and screws of the treadmill regularly. Tighten or loosen the belt as per requirement.

Level the treadmill on an even surface. An even surface reduces the life of the device. Inspect the machine pre and post your workout and check if everything is in place or not.

Cleaning is an absolute must for storing the equipment in the garage. Keeping a machine in the garage will demand more effort than usual.

Some great treadmills in the garage that can take up enough space

After reading the brand reviews, here is a list of a few treadmills to be kept in the garage for home gym set-up.

JLL S300

Similar to the other JLL exercise bike we’ve tested and the JLL S300 Treadmill, JLL Fitness offers a wide variety of high-quality gym equipment at moderate pricing. It stands out as one of the top treadmills on the market for running machines thanks to various appealing features and its ability to fold away. It is a quality machine having all the features, including Bluetooth connectivity, making it the best treadmill for you to achieve your fitness goals. It is one of the best treadmills when you have limited space saving you a lot of extra space.


  • A 4.5 HP engine with 20 levels on an incline can speed up to 16 Km/hr.
  • Comes with the latest digital controls.
  • It has 15 professional progressions practical sessions and
  • Comes with two years of parts and a labor warranty.



An electric motor powers a citysports best budget treadmill, which also features a smartphone app that monitors your speed, distance traveled, and calories burned.

CitySports treadmill manufacturers let you participate in outdoor sporting events while conserving open space and maintaining the city. If it runs out of battery power, you might be able to stay motivated by doing this. this would be the best treadmill for you.

Treadmill In Garage: 8 Top Queries Answered
Treadmill In Garage: 8 Top Queries Answered


These instruments are quickly gaining popularity since they provide great exercise and a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature. They operate on almost any surface, are compatible with a wide range of gadgets, and are strong enough to last for many years. It is one of the best manual treadmills.


  • It is electric walking fitness equipment.
  • This comes with integrated Bluetooth speakers and a 0-6 km/hr speed range.
  • The device has an LCD to count the calories. In addition, this device is ultra-thin and silent for a comfortable ride.

Nero Sports

A good entry-level treadmill for someone wishing to start treadmill running on a budget is the Nero Sports Foldable Electric Motorized Treadmill with Bluetooth.

This treadmill is perfect for people who just want an easy-to-use running experience in their own house due to how simple and quick it is to assemble, as well as how little it is in size, how light it is to move around, and how easily it can be folded for storage.

The 12 programs it comes with let you vary your cardio, but the top running speed of 10 km/h would put off more seasoned runners who might desire that extra speed capacity. It is one of the best treadmills for you.


  • The engine is 600 watts and provides 12 auto and manual preset workout programs for working out.
  • The LED screen helps you easily track the speed, time, distance, and calories.
  • In addition, this fitness equipment can be easily folded and kept away for quick storage.
  • It comes with a lifetime motor warranty.

ZELUS Folding Treadmill

You can manage the speed controls, presets, and exercise routines on your treadmill with the Z ZelusFoldable Incline Treadmill with Fit Show app. Our treadmill is ideal for apartments and tiny small spaces because it folds up quickly and is simple to store in your closet.

The durable steel frame structure provides stability and support for up to 220 lbs. and is built to handle the toughest exercises. designed with 12 pre-programmed workout programs at speed settings ranging from 0.6 to 6 mph.

Treadmill In Garage: 8 Top Queries Answered
Treadmill In Garage: 8 Top Queries Answered


You may start running right away with the quick start buttons, and you can customize how intense your treadmill workout is by using the speed adjustment buttons. This piece of equipment is a wonderful space saver ideal for home gyms, flats, and more, thanks to its simple 2-pin locking mechanism design. It is one of the best treadmills with easy storage.


  • It is 2230W folding equipment.
  • This one is an excellent pick with 12 preset programs.
  • It can speed up to 12 km/hr and facilitate cardio with the sports app.
  • The MP3 function and heart rate tracking make it a great pick.

FAQ: Treadmill In Garage

Do treadmills work better on hardwood or carpet?

A treadmill is best used on a flat surface like a floor, basement, etc. Treadmills on level surfaces reduce the chances of tripping and falling during a workout. Install your machine on a hard, leveled surface for an excellent experience. Make sure that you have an unheated garage.

A treadmill may be positioned on the carpet. A treadmill mat is preferable to a carpet for protecting the flooring and the treadmill.

To lessen vibrations and noises, treadmill mats can be utilized with carpets. It can shield your carpet from harm and keep your treadmill, carpet, and floor from being ruined. Most treadmills weigh more than 250 pounds. There is a considerable amount of weight here. The advantage of hardwood floors is their strength. A treadmill mat should always be put under your machine, regardless of your flooring type. The treadmill is unstable when it is in use. Your carpet or wooden floors may get scratched due to the treadmill’s frequent sliding and gliding.

Is it safe to exercise in front of an open garage door?

It is not considered safe to exercise in front of an open garage door. You have a high chance of getting confronted with high-traffic and increasing risk. Instead, try to use a piece of equipment indoors to be safer.

Can a treadmill be kept outside?

A treadmill can be kept outside but not during heavy rain or scorching heat. Moisture is insufficient for the machinery, and too much sunlight can have adverse effects. Cover the treadmill in case you are keeping it outside.

Even though some manufacturers advise against doing so, it is actually extremely simple to maintain treadmills outside safely. Running on a treadmill outside may be energizing and thrilling, whether you’re a runner looking to improve your racing technique or trying to lose weight by increasing your cardio.

If you keep it secure in a covered space on a level surface, keep the area clean, invest in a treadmill cover, and maintain the lubrication of your treadmill belt, you can keep your treadmill outside.

Your outdoor area will determine whether you can keep your current or recently purchased treadmill outside. An outdoor treadmill requires an awning since it ensures protection from snow and rain.

Can I put my treadmill on the concrete floor?

It is not good to keep the treadmill directly on the concrete surface. However, a mat under the device can be a great way to save it from dust, dirt, and damage. So, do not put the equipment without a mat on the surface.

Rolls of rubber flooring work well as treadmill support mats in concrete spaces. One of the most popular options for gym floor matting is a strong-strength Geneva rubber with 10% color. You can buy this rubber roll option by the square foot in rolls ranging in length from 25 to 100 feet.

A treadmill mat, which is placed on the floor beneath the treadmill, is a crucial piece of exercise equipment. It shields the floor from harm while absorbing the vibration and noise treadmills emit. An excellent treadmill mat will guard against shredding carpets and avoid damage on hardwood floors.

The mat will also lessen noises and vibrations. The average price of a treadmill mat is $25–$50.

Which way should I face when running on a treadmill?

It will help if you run in the same direction as your treadmill. Indoor running is very different from outdoor running, and most models allow to do it with a simple push of a button. The absence of hills or curves requires no change in the direction.

Treadmills are an excellent training tool for runners of any distance and on any surface. It’s a multipurpose piece of gear that enables you to run even when the weather isn’t cooperative (and even when it will).

It can be beneficial to train with an incline function for mountain races if you reside in a flat location. Additionally, living in the mountains can help you get a better aerobic workout while giving your legs a respite from all the up and down.

It’s not necessary to know how to run properly on a treadmill. Running on a treadmill can help you simulate running outside, but it’s not exactly the same. Although there is some delicacy to running on a treadmill, mastering it is not too challenging.

Can I put my treadmill away when it is not in use?

The treadmills with the latest technology are all compact and portable. You can fold a device in no time and move it to another place with the help of its transportation wheels. So, you can put away the device when it is not in use.

Everyone gets a treadmill and uses it as frequently as they can. You may use it for a very long time if you maintain it properly. However, as time passes, you might wish to update to a new piece of workout gear. Additionally, treadmills experience wear and tear over time like any other electrical equipment. In either case, you’re curious about what to do with the outdated treadmill.

Old treadmill parts made of metal, steel, and plastic can be recycled and used again. In other words, you can salvage the used components and turn them into fresh materials.

Can I run with the treadmill door open?

The best practice of using the equipment is behind closed doors. However, it is advised not to run with an open even the door. This will put a question mark on the safety of the user.

How do I turn my garage into a gym?

Turning your garage into a gym can be very simple.

  1. First, clean the garage area, measure the dimension of the machine and see if it fits well.
  2. Then, check the headspace and space behind the treadmill, and you are good to go.

Numerous advantages come with having a home gym. You avoid paying exorbitant gym and fitness store membership fees. Additionally, it saves time and eases the strain of daily gym driving. A home gym is also no longer considered a luxury. Given the confusion and uncertainty we currently experience icon health, it is a must. Do not put the treadmill in a musty room.

The best thing you can do if you care about your fitness levels and have enough garage space is to turn it into a gym. Numerous advantages come with having a home gym. You avoid paying exorbitant gym and fitness store membership fees. Additionally, it saves time and eases the strain of daily gym driving.