Sometimes, a treadmill circuit breaker trips and shuts down entirely even with well-maintenance. An overloaded circuit is one of the most critical factors leading to the treadmill tripping breaker.

Connecting a treadmill to AFCI outlets and GFCI outlets usually trips the breaker. It comes off abruptly when you overload the circuit with too much power. A danger signal is produced when the treadmill is connected to a faulty power outlet.

The construction of the AFCI and GFCI outlets does not go well with treadmills and incline trainers leading to treadmill tripping. Treadmills consume too much power and need to be connected to the correct power outlet to run smoothly.

There is no one who owns a treadmill and never faced a tripping circuit. It is a prevalent subject of discussion and has a solution. We have listed several measures to protect your treadmill and other appliances from tripping and saving your home from an electrical fire.

Types of Power Outlet

Most treadmills trip when they use too much energy that the power outlet can’t handle. Apart from treadmills, an electrical appliance like an oven or a microwave too can trip a circuit. So electrical outlets speak a lot about why a treadmill keeps tripping the breaker.

Here are two of the most common electric outlet receptacles found in most homes.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

An electric shock occurs when the treadmill components get electrified due to a ground fault. A ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI outlet is designed to save you from the dangers. When you connect a treadmill ground wire to a GFCI outlet, it will trip the breaker.

Sometimes electricity can accidentally leak from a circuit; a GFCI outlet disrupts the electric flow from reaching the ground and protects an individual from getting injured or even killed. Therefore, the National Electric Code or NEC has advised equipping the household or outdoor areas with GFCI protection.

In case of too much flow of electricity, the GFCI ground fault circuit comes into action by tripping the breakers.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter

The AFCI outlet or Arc circuit interrupter is meant to protect a machine from deadly arc faults and is common in hall and living rooms. The faulty cables or cords in the system lead to arc failures and causes electrical fire.

Electrical arcs are sensed by AFCI outlets which shut off power completely with a slight overall load. However, treadmill trips even with AFCI outlets, so reaching out to a technician or another outlet source is highly recommended.

Both GFCI and AFCI are great outlets to keep you and your family safe from such dangers. However, these outlets are not very friendly with certain treadmills and incline trainers and interfere during the operation.

Check out the circuit breaker’s rating printed on the motor or power cable to determine the capacity of the electric flow for better performance results.

3 Reasons for Treadmill Tripping Breaker

There are various reasons for a tripping circuit breaker ranging from a misleading circuit amp to a non-dedicated circuit. The treadmill model also has an equal role to play in determining how much power it requires and whether it is going to trip or not.

Let us look at the top reasons leading to the treadmill troubles.

Overloaded Circuit

The generation of static electricity makes a treadmill trip. A home gym equipment like a treadmill consumes a significant amount of energy channeled via the ground port—the tripping of older treadmills due to too much weight results from overload. In addition, a non-lubricated belt starts to exhaust the electric motors and the circuit trips.

Short Circuit

When the black wire comes in contact with the other wire apart from the ground wire, it is likely to cause a short circuit. All the devices, power cords, and outlets can experience this fault.

A burning smell indicates this type of circuit and is very hazardous. Completely disconnect the machine when you sense there is something fishy. Call for a technician if you fail to understand the cause of the problem.

Ground Fault

The final reason for the treadmill trips is the ground fault. Here the black wire comes in contact with the metal covering or ground wire. This is another severe treadmill problem and requires expert intervention.

These are some of the treadmill problems that can easily trip the machine. For example, excess body weight, an old treadmill, or an exhausted belt can cause the circuit to break and shut down your fitness equipment.

How do I prevent treadmills from tripping the Circuit breaker?

To avoid tripping, make sure the treadmill does not demand too much from the electric outlet. Again, the maximum amperage rating is essential to consider if you want to hold the treadmill trips.

A treadmill with an electric motor will likely need more amperage when they first start. So let’s see how we can prevent treadmill tripping breaker.

  1. It is most likely to trip when the circuit draws more current than meant for the GFCI breaker. Your motor pulls more current than the circuit can handle, resulting in tripping. It is advisable not to use more than 80% of the breaker’s rating.
  2. You will notice GFCI outlets in garages and outdoor surroundings in many outlet receptacles, whereas the AFCI is found in indoor settings to meet several building codes. You can consider a different power outlet for a dedicated circuit.
  3. If you operate too many devices at one time, the high amperage of the treadmill is pushing the limits of the breaker. The ratings of light, fan, computers, etc., overload the circuit and surpass the initial demand. If you don’t want your machine to trip, do not have many devices using a single power outlet. A separate circuit is recommended for multiple devices.
  4. Examine the specifications of the treadmill and the rating of the motor. The maximum amperage rating should be given prime importance when saving the circuit from getting tripped.
  5. If the amperage of the treadmill exceeds the limit of the breaker, do not use it. You will need to either replace the circuit or get one with higher capacity. Get in touch with your electrician if you are confused about boosting it up.
  6. Many individuals are using surge protectors to lighten the machine’s load. You can also get a surge protector and save your new treadmill from tripping.

These are some of the techniques you can apply to protect your treadmill. So, keep the following aspects in mind next time you hop on the fitness equipment.

Final Thoughts: Treadmill Tripping Breaker

If you are regular with treadmills, this subject becomes very important for you, and you need to fix it. Of course, the simple and cost-effective solution is changing the position of your machine. But another option is getting a new treadmill and being aware of its compatibility with different outlets.

Also, check your equipment and address any issues noticed from time to time. Anyone who owns a treadmill has been in a similar situation. Overloading can easily cause a treadmill trip. So, avoid single outlets for multiple devices in the future and opt for separate circuits.

If you are still confused or unaware of the problem, go for a qualified electrician for a better solution. Electric treadmills last for about 10 to 12 years and if your machine is this old, consider getting a new one for an improved experience.

FAQs: Final Thoughts: Treadmill Tripping Breaker

What size breaker is required for a treadmill?

Manufacturers recommend a treadmill with a 20-AMP circuit to avoid trips breaker. A dedicated circuit can be a good option for one particular thing.

No other appliances like lamps, blenders, or fans are associated. This will save the pain of tripping the equipment and having a good workout.

Is AVR necessary for a treadmill?

An AVR or automatic voltage regulator is not required until the treadmill’s overall power falls below 100V. This is because most treadmills in today’s time need the same amount of electricity as a laptop or PC.

However, many people use AVR to control the electric flow and ensure a safer experience.

How to reset the circuit breaker on a treadmill?

The first thing you need to do is unplug the appliance associated with the breaker. Next, identify the circuit breaker panel and open the door.

To reset the same, put some pressure and turn the switch off. Then, please wait for a few seconds and turn it on to reset successfully.

Can I use a power cord extension for my treadmill?

The use of an extension cord for a treadmill is not highly recommended. But if you do not have an alternative, make sure the extension is grounded.

It should be something less than six feet in length, and the thickness should be similar to that of the power cord.