Triumph 400t Treadmill: Expert Review With Alternatives ( 2023 )

Triumph 400t treadmill is a primary machine with the same features as an entry-level treadmill. It is an excellent treadmill for your home workout. A budget machine for your cardio training, its running belt comes with excellent cushioning.

The cushioning system reduces the impact on the knees and joints. Moreover, the equipment has an LED screen as well. Great basic machine for a healthier lifestyle.

Why must you get this treadmill?

This machine is efficient and gives a quality experience. It is one of the best choices among the similarly priced treadmills. A good motor with multiple incline levels is everything you can ask, from a basic treadmill for home use. Bring home a triumph 400t treadmill and improve today.

Features and Specs of Triumph Treadmill 400t Newer Models

Triumph 400t treadmill boasts a manual incline to an excellent display screen to track training data. Also, it is very affordable.


The motor of the triumph 400t is quiet. The display screen records the speed, distance, time, total calories, and heart rate. The preset program video helps you with a variety of workouts.

Pulse rate monitor

The thumb pulse rate monitor is excellent for measuring heart rate. The device has an easy-to-fold design that saves a lot of room. The metal frame increases the durability of the 400t treadmill and enhances reliability.

You can even track how much time you have spent in the workout. In addition, the manual incline facilitates you to adjust the training force. The Triumph 400t treadmill has a lifetime frame warranty, one-year motor warranty, 90 days of parts, and a labor warranty.

Parts of Triumph 400t treadmill

Here’s a list of the body parts of the Triumph 400t for your convenience.

  • Reading Rack
  • Touchpad panel
  • Console
  • Safety key
  • Water bottle holder
  • Console mast
  • Handlebars
  • Deck lock pin
  • Motor cover
  • Great User Guides

Complete user guides facilitate easier access. Triumph 400t treadmill has a reading rack to stock your favorite book while you work out.

Touchpad panel and deck lock pin

The touchpad panel is marvelous. There is even a water bottle holder. Take the support of the handlebars in case of any loss of balance. The deck lock pin maintains safety standards.

You can pull the safety key and save yourself during an emergency. It boasts all facilities like roller end caps, alignment bolts, side rail, circuit breaker, power cord, and on/off switch.

Alternatives to Triumph Treadmill

A great alternative is the Xterra fitness treadmill. Some other options are:-

Sunny Health and Fitness Asuna Slim 8730

Sunny Health and Fitness have an excellent electrical motorized treadmill with a max speed of 8 MPH. The motor is 2.5 HP, and the weight capacity is 220 lbs.

The surface is 49″ * 17.5″ wide. The treadmill has a 4-window digital screen for tracking workouts. It is foldable and has a 3.5mm earphone port as well

triumph 400t treadmill
Triumph treadmill

Weslo Cadence G5.9 Treadmill

Another inexpensive treadmill is Weslo. The speed of the treadmill ranges from 10 MPH. You get a 2.25 HP motor and pulse monitor on this treadmill. The slope ranges with two incline positions.

The equipment facilitates six trainer-led workouts for achieving results. The G5.9 comes with a one-year engine warranty and 90 days of parts and labor warranty.

triumph 400t treadmill
Triumph treadmill

Maxkare Electric Folding Treadmill

Maxkare is one of the best options instead of the Triumph 400t. This equipment is exceptionally quiet and easy to assemble

It has a 2.5 HP engine that gives you a maximum top speed of 8.5 miles per hour. The LCD lets you benefit from the 15 preset programs for a complete exercise session. The manual grade levels allow you to fluctuate the intensity and train at your full potential.

FAQs: Triumph Treadmill 400t

Do Triumph 400t have an aero-soft cushioning system?

Triumph 400t treadmill has an aero soft cushioning system to accommodate your feet while workout and offers a comfortable stride. The deck supports your entire body and saves you from pain.

What is the best alternative to Triumph 400t?

Sunny Health Asuna Slim 8730 and Xterra fitness are the best alternatives to the Triumph 400t treadmill. They are controlled by an electric outlet and give you a top speed of 8 miles per hour. Comfort remains the top priority as the running deck reduces the impact on joints and ankles.

Is the running surface of Triumph 400t small?

The Triumph 400t treadmill running deck is 18″ * 47″. This is similar to the average size of the tread belts and by no means small. The surface is good for walking or running.

What is Error E1?

Error E1 denotes an error in the speed sensor of the treadmills. This error will occur due to the faulty speed sensor. It is an electrical error and requires expert intervention.