8 Green Ways On How To Dispose Of Treadmill The Correct Way

Many prefer to change a treadmill after elongating usage. There are many reasons to replace the machine, but then comes the concern about how to dispose of your cardio equipment like treadmill.

3 common reasons for the disposal of old treadmills:

  • The exercise equipment is not in use now and is just there in the corner, covered with dirt and dust.
  • The old treadmill is replaced with the newly upgraded treadmill
  • Some parts of the workout equipment are worn out or broken.

8 ways To Dispose Of Treadmill:

Treadmill removal is one significant task due to the involvement of heavy lifting and no further use of the machine as a whole or parts thereof. But there are better ways than filling the landfills with it.

The treadmill uses heavy metal components, polluting chemicals, and hard plastic pieces that affect the environment if put into the soil.

Considering this, many have found ways to dispose of old equipment properly. Such options are:

Contact the manufacturer or check out the manuals:

In most cases, the treadmill manufacturer provides the details of the treadmill removal in the user manuals.

Some might also offer the option of exchanging the old model with the new one at a discounted rate.

But mainly provide the option of taking out the old treadmill properly with some fees or for free. The manufacturer takes responsibility for disposing of the used treadmills.

how to dispose of treadmill
How To Dispose Of treadmill? Top 8 Ecofriendly Ways

Try selling an old treadmill:

If the reason for removal is just the upgradation of the treadmill to the latest version and the old treadmill is working correctly, you must try to sell the treadmill online.

This way, the equipment can remain in use. This option offers a chance to earn from the old treadmill removal and help someone stay fit.

For this, unscrew the manual treadmills and pack the pieces in solid boxes for better and safe service.

Give away to someone in need:

If selling the treadmill properly is not working out, one can always give it away to some friend or family member to use for the time being.

This way, you might not get anything from the old treadmill, but it will help the other person. And there is a different kind of happiness hidden in helping the ones in need.

Try giving up to a local gym:

Many gyms offer fitness facilities at the lowest cost or for free. Such places accept treadmill donations when the machine is working correctly. You should contact the local agents or gyms where they get it for further use after thoroughly scrutinizing the device.

Go for charity:

Some charity organizations also accept treadmill donations. Through pickup services, please take out the equipment and provide it to the one in need to use for physical therapy.

All a treadmill donation takes is finding the right agent or organization and donating responsibly through a donation form filling.


Recycling is one of the best options, where the used equipment is dismantled, and the parts like metal support pieces, resistance bands, or the tough mat are used elsewhere in the house.

Wall art can be created from metal equipment like tiny screws, or a running belt can be used to keep heavy workout equipment. Similarly, a running board can be attached to some stools to create a table to keep the tools handy in the garage.

In many cases where the exercise equipment is given to the repair shops, they use the side rails for shelves and big motors or circuit boards to supply power to their other equipment.

how to dispose of treadmill
How To Dispose Of treadmill? Top 8 Ecofriendly Ways

Contact the recycling center:

Many recycling centers provide the service of picking up the equipment and recycling it in all possible ways. All you need to do is contact one from your area and make an appointment. When agreed on a time, the service providers pick up the machine from your place and charge a nominal fee.

Sometimes even some recycling centers might deny accepting heavy treadmills. Still, if asked, they can help you with the appropriate contact for exercise equipment removal and get rid of it by disposing of properly.

Contact the local junk removal company or local scrap yard for help:

When no option works and your exercise equipment is completely broken down, you can call the junk removal companies as a last resort and ask for a few tips in getting the junk removal done.

The procedure to remove the exercise equipment from your house and dispose of it properly is very simple. Once the name of the junk removal company is shortlisted, all you need to do is call them and make an appointment to remove the machine.

What ways not to prefer for disposal of old exercise equipment:

Many people dispose of heavy equipment by dumping it in nearby landfills or putting it in river waters after they fail to make sales on online platforms, instead of seeking charity, goodwill organizations, or the Salvation Army. However, this is the most inappropriate way to dispose of such equipment.

Considering this fact, many experts suggested making the most effort to donate the machine if unable to sell but never treat such old items as waste and-

  1. Let the workout equipment go to landfills
  2. Burn the old exercise equipment
  3. Put old treadmills into the water

All you need is to put in the effort and find the best way to dispose of your old treadmill. Disposing of a used treadmill is no simple task, but it can be done successfully without harming the environment.

how to dispose of treadmill
How To Dispose Of treadmill? Top 8 Ecofriendly Ways


Can a treadmill go to the dump?

No. Keeping the treadmill from going directly to the dump is recommended, as it contains many hazardous chemicals that harm the environment.

It is also not considered e-waste even though it runs automatically over electricity, as many metals, rubber, and plastic components are involved in the manufacturing.

How do I get rid of the large treadmill?

In the case of the large treadmill, contacting the manufacturer to take it back or looking out for the disposal guidelines in the user manual is the primary option.

But otherwise, the machine can be sold further or donated. And if it is completely broken down, recycling or dumping yards are the last resources left for it.

How to dispose of a treadmill used at home?

Many options can be implemented to get rid of your used treadmill. You can try recycling it at home, selling online, giving up to a local gym or charity organization, or selling it to some repair shop. And if any of them doesn’t help recycling center or dumping yar can take care of it once called.

How do I dispose of home gym equipment?

Many options include donating, selling, or using the parts creatively. And when nothing from this works, you can contact the recycling center or junk removal company to take it away and dispose of it further correctly.

How can I sell my used treadmill?

There are many online platforms where such used equipment is sold. Selling online is always beneficial as the network allows you to connect with many across the land.

But you can also sell it to someone known and is looking for one from the list of friends or relatives.

Can treadmills be donated to charity?

Of course, they can. Many organizations on contact verify the condition of the treadmill and accept it in the donation.

All you have to do is complete the regulatory formalities along with filling out the donation form. Such organizations further provide the equipment to those in need of it.

Does the local dump yard accept the large treadmills?

When called by the local dump yard or junk removal companies, they pick up the heavy exercise equipment and take it to the hazardous materials dumping ground for further disposal.

But if the ones in your area don do not offer the services, you can ask for the recommendation of the service provider.