8 Factors On Do Treadmills Use a Lot Of Electricity?

Electricity bills are a critical factor in everyone’s monthly budget, and electric appliances contribute more. Therefore whenever buying electrical appliances or exercise equipment, it is necessary to understand how much electricity will be consumed. As the treadmill is electric exercise equipment, it begets the question do treadmills use a lot of electricity? If used efficiently, it can fit into the budget easily. Do calculate the approximate energy consumption of the machine before purchasing it to be aware of the energy costs.


How much electricity does a treadmill use?

Many factors affect the electricity consumption of the treadmill but understanding how to calculate the same is essential. It helps get a clear idea about the electricity cost of using the electric treadmills at house or home gyms.

Following is the process to calculate how much electricity a treadmill consumes:

do treadmills use a lot of electricity
Do Treadmills Use a Lot Of Electricity

1) Lookout for the wattage of the treadmill:

A treadmill wattage is generally mentioned in the user manuals, or you can also find it online. Knowing this for the calculation of treadmill electricity consumption is crucial. So, get the number from the manual or online and note it.

2) Multiply the watts by hours of use during a month:

Now calculate the hours of treadmill usage during the month. Once you get the number of hours of treadmill use, multiply the same by the wattage of the treadmill noted before this step. So that you will get the complete wattage number of monthly usage.

3) Convert the number into Kilowatts:

To understand the treadmill’s power consumption convert the number of wattage into Kilowatts. To get this, divide the number by 1000.

4) Find out the kilowatt hours cost in your area:

5) Multiply the monthly kilowatt usage by the approximate cost:

Finally, to get the number of treadmill’s energy usage, multiply the average treadmill wattage by the monthly rate.

By this, you get the total power consumption in cents which can be further implied by converting them into dollars.

Do treadmills use a lot of electricity? Factors affecting treadmill power consumption:

Many treadmill parts need to be attended carefully to reduce electricity costs. These fitness equipment parts consume more electricity when not maintained regularly and contribute to the electric bill.

Therefore, though it offers health benefits, it is crucial to know how much electricity it will consume when in regular use.

These affecting few factors are:

Electric motor Size:

The size of the electric motor denoted the capacity to handle higher speed settings at extended periods. This capacity is represented in the unit of Horsepower.

As the size of the motor goes up, the average power consumption also rises along with the utility bill.

how much electricity does a treadmill cost you?
Do Treadmills Use a Lot Of Electricity

Therefore, in the treadmills that are meant for only walking exercises, the size of the motor used is small that consumes less electricity compared to the high-intensity ones.

Wattage rating:

Electric treadmill wattage is crucial in deciding how much electricity it will consume. The motor size of the treadmill will determine the wattage rating and, eventually, the electricity costs of the total treadmill use.

The capacity of a treadmill’s electric motor is represented in Horsepower units (HP), which can be converted into watts easily and then multiplied by the average kilowatt-hour rate in the area.

Duration of use:

How much power your treadmill consumes depends on the treadmill’s use duration and frequency.

Using the treadmill more frequently and for long-duration workouts will increase power consumption, leading to higher electric bills.

Though the cost is meager compared to the health benefits, if you need to fit it into a tight budget, you will have to rethink the frequency and duration of your workouts.

Speed setting:

Different workout needs vary speeds. Treadmill power consumption also depends on the speed factor of the treadmill.

At the lower pace of the running belt, the energy consumption of the treadmill will be less. But as speed goes up, a motor needs to work at its maximum capacity increasing electricity usage.

Calculation of the power consumption of the treadmill about the speed factor is a little complicated. It gets tricky because there is no speed-setting stability during the complete workout.

You might start with a slow speed to warm up but gradually increase the same and again bring it down as you get tired.

Incline settings:

Most treadmills cost more when you go for the incline settings. But then, even as the percentage of incline gets higher, more power is consumed by the machine.

This setting keeps the workout engaging by beginning with a slight incline and then going up to steep incline settings, but as it goes up, the machine’s wattage adds up to the number of electricity expenses.

But these electricity prices are bearable regarding the health-related benefits you get from intensive workouts.

How old is the treadmill:

As the machine gets old, the electrical components of the treadmill deteriorate and lose the feature of energy efficiency working. Therefore, while calculating the electricity costs, treadmill age is a must among several factors.

No one can stop the aging of electric treadmills, either in regular use or idle. But regular maintenance can extend the life span they come with.

As the parts of the machine get old due to constant wear and tear, on further use, friction between them is increased, and it takes more energy to run.

do treadmills use a lot of electricity
Do Treadmills Use a Lot Of Electricity

User’s body weight:

How much electricity a treadmill use directly relates to how heavy the user is. Even the body weight of the user has an impact on the treadmill’s power consumption. These facts are directly related to each other.

Each treadmill comes with a limit of maximum user weight. As the weight number rises, the machine’s energy consumption increases and indirectly adds to the electricity cost.

This happens because the machine’s power consumption increases to keep up with the user’s speed setting due to heavy resistance creation over the running deck.

Additional Features:

The extra features of standard treadmills are loaded with our music-playing facility, calorie counter, distance covered, or heart rate monitors.

These features are undoubtedly making the workouts more fun, but as they also use electricity to run over, it can add up to the electricity bill.

With these features running along, treadmill use might create pressure over the motor and generate heat.

Tips to save some electricity consumption:

Though many factors relating to treadmill usage might lead to more power consumption and the primary function of running over it, as they say, with every problem, a solution comes.

Similarly, in the case of treadmill power consumption, some ways might get you to save some costs in electricity bills and decrease your carbon footprint.

Manual treadmills usage:

The use of a manual treadmill is always suggested to reduce power consumption. A manual treadmill doesn’t run on electricity. Batteries are used to run the LCD of the machine. Therefore, leaving a carbon footprint is negligible compared to electric treadmill use.

Also, when no intensive workouts are involved in your routines. Reducing motor capacities is also a significant step toward saving energy consumption.

Run in nature:

Running outside has its health benefits, like getting fresh air, oxygen, and vitamin D. Also, it is one the best cardio exercises to do anytime.

However, it is understood that going out always is not possible and hence to keep working out in routine use of a treadmill becomes a great option. Yet you can always manage to run outside when it is convenient.

Regular maintenance:

Regular maintenance of the machine can get you an excellent power rating from a treadmill. When the equipment is updated with routine lubrication and cleaning, the electric components are in better working condition and tend to use minimum energy while running.

Do not keep the machine on idle:

In some cases, power-hungry treadmills consume energy when idle and plugged in. This unnecessary power consumption adds up to your electricity costs in the end.

Therefore, it is necessary that you completely turn off the equipment by unplugging it or implement the use of a smart plug to prevent energy consumption.

Do Treadmills Use a Lot Of Electricity? Points to note while looking to save electricity costs:

The treadmill is one energy-efficient exercise equipment, but with the latest features included in the manufacturing, it tends to consume more power when in use.

Therefore, by choosing the right one for you, the possibility of unnecessary energy usage can be reduced. The factors to look for while making an efficient choice are:

Go for the features you require:

The latest models of treadmills come with lots of features and facilities, but going with the needed ones might save some cost for you and the energy.

Lookout for displays:

Though the displays consume little energy, it is unnecessary to go for the apps you don’t require. All those applications run over nothing but the electricity you have to pay.

Understand the machine’s specifications:

Before making the decision, try to understand all the treadmill’s features and the limitations stated in it. Using the machine properly with maintenance and within limits might also lead to more power consumption.

FAQs: Do Treadmills Use a Lot Of Electricity?

Does the treadmill burn a lot of electricity?

The consumption varies as per the features of the machine or speed setting. It is seen that usually when a treadmill is used with medium intensity and speed, it consumes around 600-700 wattage. But when compared with the health benefits, the expenses are considered less.

Should I unplug the treadmill when not in use?

Experts recommend unplugging the treadmill after each use. This prolongs the life of a treadmill as well as saves energy consumption. It is noted that some models of treadmills keep consuming energy even when idle.

Does the treadmill increase the electricity bill?

It might add to the regular amount you pay when not using the treadmill, but with efficient use, the cost might go up to $1.20 for a month and $14.39 for a year. For this, keeping the machine maintained and going only for the necessary features is necessary.

Does peloton use a lot of electricity?

The research shows that, on average, a peloton uses around 50 wattages. This leads to the expense of about $0.86 a month and $10.36 a year.

How much electricity does a treadmill consume?

Electricity consumption of a treadmill depends on various factors like speed, incline, the machine’s age, and the user’s weight. Yet, generally, it uses around 600-700 watts of energy.

Is a manual treadmill worth using as compared to an electric one?

When saving energy, the manual treadmill offers more results as it does not require electricity but some batteries for the LCD screens. And in contrast, electric treadmills use the motor to run the belt. This makes that manual one a preferable option.

What is the difference between manual and electric treadmills?

An electric treadmill requires a motor to run the belt at a given speed setting, whereas in manual treadmills, the belt moves along the foot movement of the user.