Nordictrack is well aware of how to provide personal training at the home gym as they have been working on the workout, built-in programs, and training sessions to offer those looking to work out at the home gym or from the office desk. They have also allowed the fitness equipment to sync with tracking apps to be updated about your progress. The ifit membership is something NordicTrack treadmill provides that must be experienced, especially for those who love to work on their fitness levels and keep the game up.

About the company Nordictrack

The company has always been striving to provide every fitness promoter with compact fitness equipment to achieve the fitness goals they have been working on for a long time. For this, the company has offered machines ranging from treadmill workouts with an incline up to 40%, exercise bikes, and FreeStride Trainer Ellipticals for a heart-pumping workout with zero impact or rower.

NordicTrack has given the experience of everything from marathons to mountains to a runner with the guidance of expert training instructors through iFIT membership programs. It is also progressively working on the projects like strength training, interactive training, endurance running, studio cycling, cross training, and much more. It is the company that started at a very low and then went up to an exponential point of progress.

Journey of NordicTrack

Nordictrack began in 1975 in Minnesota, Chaska, with the manufacturing of a ski machine in a garage space by Ed Pauls to train his friend for a local VJC cross-country ski race. Many of their initial machines were branded by the “Nordic Jock” which was later changed into “NordicTrack” when Edward and Florence Pauls founded. With time and progress, the company was moved to the Industrial area, and the manufacturing process was updated from manual to automated procedures.

Their business expanded from town to national and then internationally, but then in 1986, the company was sold to CML corporation; in 1998, Icon Health & Fitness acquired NordicTrack. Since then, NordicTrack thrived and became one of the largest makers of treadmills in the market, alongside diverting into the manufacturing of many fitness equipment and other models.

nordictrack treadmill
Nordictrack Treadmill Review

NordicTrack: Treadmills range

NordicTrack currently offers treadmills in 3 ranges Commercial treadmills, Incline treadmills, and EXP treadmills, along with some other models about to close out.

  1. Commercial Tread is a series for the dedicated runner which provides Interactive and personalized training features. It has automatic speed and incline control, up to 22″ interactive touchscreen, a smart response drive system, and runners flex cushioning on the walking belt to minimize the impact on joints.
  2. Incline treadmills are for those who like to take a notch up. This series provides the facility of one on one interactive tread training with trainers that push you to achieve your fitness goals. This offers 5X calorie burn with up to 40% of incline and intense workout sessions. Further series details are high-definition up to 32″ interactive touchscreen, the smart-response motor with self-cooling and fewer vibrations, and reflex cushioning tread to protect knees.
  3. EXP tread is for aspiring athletes that provide interactive training and helps with precision engineering. The assembly of this series comprises a smart-response motor with FlexSelect cushioning to protect joints and offer a real road running experience.

Every series (except for treadmill desks) has at least one model with a touch screen, and every model is compatible with the iFit Coach app. Users of the app can benefit from unlimited downloads of workout programs, personalized training recommendations, and automated tracking of fitness metrics, in addition to scenic interactive workouts created using Google Maps.

What basic services a NordicTrack treadmill can offer?

The high-tech innovation used in the design of NordicTrack treadmills keeps your body in mind. These treadmills feature one of the softest and best cushioning walking belt on the market because running is a high-impact activity that is hard on the joints, especially when you run on concrete.

This padding lessens the pain associated with jogging by absorbing the impact. Each NordicTrack treadmill has a specific set of needs and fitness goals that come with the features accordingly, like the walking belt that absorbs impact, a variety of exercise options to keep you motivated, or a means to adjust the incline, decline, or speed parameters quickly.

NordicTrack treadmills have the advantage that even the most basic model is iFit compatible, ensuring you get the most out of your workouts. Walkers have countless options with iFit to stay motivated and interested, including outdoor walks, studio-style courses, classes off the treadmill, and runs worldwide. Anyone who purchases a model of NordicTrack gets a 30-day iFIT family membership for the purchase.

When using a NordicTrack treadmill, you’ll notice its stability and strong motor horsepower in addition to its high-end features, which will last you for many years.

Details about the series of tread that NordicTrack offers:

Commercial Tread

This section of the Nordictrack treadmill offers Commercial 2450 and Commercial 1750 for consistent walkers and runners.

Features of Commercial 2450 and 1750:

  • Commercial 2450 has a 22″ Tilt and pivot HD touchscreen, whereas Commercial 1750 has a 14″ Tilt and pivot HD touchscreen for convenient working on or off the treadmill with premium audio speakers.
  • AutoAdjust speed and incline throughout trainer-led workouts.
  • Activepulse technology adjusts the speed and incline of the tread to maintain optimal heart rate.
  • It has up to 15% incline and a -3% decline with quiet drive incline technology and 0-12 MPH speed.
  • It allows the use of google maps and lets you track all the statistics of your progress.
  • It possesses HD graphics with processor cooling, wi-fi connectivity of 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz, Android 9 OS, and allows Bluetooth headphone and heart rate connectivity.
  • It has a comparatively low step-up height, 22″ X 60″ tread belt, AutoBreeze fan, and integrated tray for water bottle holders.
nordictrack treadmill
Nordictrack Treadmill Review

Incline Tread

Your opportunities for losing weight with a significant calorie burn rise when you exercise on an incline tread. It is a terrific technique to maximize fat burn and weight loss for people who cannot or do not want to start running.

The NordicTrack for people who cannot or do not want to begin runningIncline Trainers initially gained popularity. Think of this incline training as a cross between a stepper and a treadmill that, depending on the settings during your workout, gives you the advantages of both platforms.

These treads of NordicTrack are for those who want to step up ahead. It offers options like Elite Treadmill, Commercial X22i, and Commercial X32i with Continuous horsepower ratings ranging from 4.0 to 4.25, and up to 50 pre-programmed routines and interactive training sessions with iFit Coach are available.

nordictrack treadmill
Nordictrack Treadmill Review

Features of Elite tread:

  • The elite treadmill has a 32″ rotating and sliding smart HD touchscreen.
  • AutoAdjust speed and incline throughout trainer-led workouts.
  • Elite has Premium 30-watts speakers for clear listening of trainer instructions that can be moved in your direction.
  • It has up to 40% incline and a -5% decline with quiet drive incline technology and 0-12 MPH speed.
  • It allows the use of google maps and lets you track all the statistics of your progress.
  • It possesses HD graphics with processor cooling, wi-fi connectivity of 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz, Android 9 OS, and allows Bluetooth headphone and heart rate connectivity.
  • It has reflex cushioning, comparatively low step-up height, 22″ X 60″ tread belt, AutoBreeze fan, and integrated tray for water bottle holders.

Features of Commercial X22i and X32i:

  • Commercial X22i possesses a 22″ smart HD Touchscreen, whereas Commercial X32i has a 32″ smart HD Touchscreen.
  • AutoAdjust speed and incline throughout trainer-led workouts.
  • Commercial X22i has 2 3″ digitally amplified speakers
  • It has up to 40% of incline and goes up to -6% decline with quite drive incline technology and 0-12 MPH speed.
  • It allows the use of google maps and lets you track all the statistics of your progress.
  • It possesses HD graphics with processor cooling, wi-fi connectivity of 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz, Android 9 OS, and allows Bluetooth headphone and heart rate connectivity.
  • Commercial X22i has a 22″ X 60″ tread belt, whereas commercial X32i has a 22″ X 65″ commercial tread belt, and both possess dual AutoBreeze workout fans.

EXP Tread:

These treads are basically for those who aspire to be an athlete, and it includes models like EXP 14i, 10i and 7i, features of which are explained below;

Features of EXP 14i and 10i:

  • It has more than 17000 workouts for dedicated people without considering the daily schedules.
  • Trainers in the association are renowned for their strengths in motivating and pushing people to achieve their fitness goals.
  • The wide variety of cross-training available with 14i ranges from yoga to strength training to stretching and recovery.
  • It has allowed 5 adult users to create profiles with iFIT and use your NordicTrack fitness equipment simultaneously. In this case. 10i allows 4 adult profiles.
  • With this tread, you also get access to exclusive content that can help you reach a new level of health and wellness.
  • 14i possesses a 14″ smart HD Touchscreen with automatic trainer control, whereas 10i has a 10″ smart HD Touchscreen with automatic trainer control.
  • AutoAdjust speed and incline throughout trainer-led workouts.
  • It has 2 digitally amplified speakers.
  • It has up to 12% incline and goes up to -3% decline with drive incline technology and 0-12 MPH speed.
  • It allows the use of google maps and lets you track all the statistics of your progress.
  • EXP 14i has a 20″ X 60″ commercial tread belt with FlexSelect cushioning, AutoBreeze workout fan, Integrated tray, and device shelf. For this category, 10i does not have a device shelf.

Features of EXP 7i:

  • It has workouts that are provided on demand and are guided by an expert personal trainer at your home gym.
  • Trainers in association with the iFIT app are renowned for their strengths in motivating and pushing people to achieve their fitness goals by recommending a set of daily workouts.
  • It has allowed 4 adult users to create profiles with iFIT and use them simultaneously with your NordicTrack fitness equipment.
  • With this tread, you also get access to exclusive content that can help you reach a new level of health and wellness.
  • 7i possesses a 7″ smart HD Touchscreen with automatic trainer control.
  • AutoAdjust speed and incline throughout trainer-led workouts.
  • It has 2 digitally amplified speakers.
  • It has up to 12% incline and 0-12 MPH speed.
  • It allows the use of google maps and lets you track all the statistics of your progress.
  • EXP 7i has a 20″ X 60″ commercial tread belt with FlexSelect cushioning, AutoBreeze workout fan, and Integrated tray.

Features upgradation when shifted from EXP tread to Commercial tread

  1. Especially broad tracks allow you plenty of space to run comfortably.
  2. Modern cushioning technologies for better joint comfort and protection
  3. Construction that is stronger and more lasting, guaranteeing that you always feel stable
  4. Effortless and silent functioning
  5. Sculpting effects from steeper inclines can be even higher, and they can replicate outdoor hill running better.NordicTrack Elite 1000 Treadmill

One of the latest models in the T-Series range of treadmills is the NordicTrack Elite 1000 treadmill. This equipment is ideal for working out effectively in their home or workplace. This equipment is priced in the middle range but has high-end amenities. You may stream on-demand workouts, join live training sessions, and track your fitness data on its 10-inch Smart HD touchscreen.

Thanks to the 0-12% live in this treadmill’s action control on this treadmill. Our slope gives your body an uphill exercise. With a 20″x60″ running belt, the Elite 1000 provides plenty of room for running.

With a 3.0 continuous horsepower Smart-Response motor, this machine can handle even the heaviest user in your home.

Two 2-inch digitally amplified speakers with exceptional quality and clarity are also included with the Elite 1000. Additionally, these speakers support Bluetooth audio. Additionally, it can support 300 pounds of weight, so unless you are ll work for you.

NordicTrack T Series Treadmill if you are significantly overweight

This wonderful treadmill is made for people who want a more portable, smaller device that works well for jogging and power walking but may not be ideal for interval training. The majority of this is a wonderful option if you’re searching for a lightweight, affordable treadmill with high-tech features. e standard features you might anticipate in a treadmill are included.

The incline range for the NordicTrack T Series Treadmill is 0 to 12%. Even though some machines in the same price bracket have an elevation of up to 15%, most incline-based activities may be completed with this incline. Additionally, this machine has a top speed of 12 MPH and adjusts speed automatically for an effective workout that satisfies your fitness objectives.

nordictrack treadmill
Nordictrack Treadmill Review

The 10-inch touchscreen display on this treadmill, which is more advanced than those on other treadmills in its class, is its best feature. You can take an iFit class, follow a pre-planned workout, and track your data with this display.

With a 20″ x 60″ running belt, this machine is perfect for tall men and others with great strides. Additionally, it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, which is adequate for most users.

Some permanent features of Norditrack despite series choice:

Folding treadmills allows you to neatly store your treadmill when not in use to save room.

Motors with a continuous horsepower rating between 2.75 and 4.25 for the C 700 model and the Commercial 2950 type. The C 700 is the perfect treadmill for jogging and walking while losing weight, but it is less effective for more intense running. Any other model in their line should work just fine for running.

You may increase the intensity of your workout sessions whenever you like, thanks to the power incline of the top-tier EXP Series treadmill, which ranges from zero to 12%.

The NordicTrack line is excellent if you want apps. Numerous built-in applications are included with the treadmills, including iFit trainer, which allows users access to a vast selection of treadmill workouts, built-in programs and individualized coaching to help jumpstart your fitness journey or revitalize your current exercise regimen at your home gym.

All treadmills have responsive cushioning to protect your joints from impact further.

The HD touch screens on these models from NordicTrack are getting bigger as they are updated; at the moment, the C 700’s multi-window LED display is the smallest screen that is currently available. The screen size of the Commercial 2950 is 22 inches.

nordictrack treadmill

NordicTrack Treadmills for Desk

Are you trying to find a way to move more at work? If your place of business permits it, you should look into the NordicTrack Desk Treadmill Series. You will get all you need in this series to stroll while you work. Following are the specifications for you:

You can count on a solid work surface that has been made to fit all your computer demands and a walking belt that is extra cushioned and tested to ensure it can withstand the daily grind from 9 to 5.

You can also get the statistics from your workout session from these machines. You can connect this function with iFit on your tablet to keep track of the data and track your progress. It is already embedded into the desktop.

Every day, you’ll receive a brand-new personal training session, combined with Google Maps routines to keep you interested.

There is little doubt that working at a NordicTrack treadmill desk will keep things interesting. A USB charging connector is also incorporated into the desktop surface, which is ideal for keeping your gadgets wholly charged.

The Treadmill Desk and the Treadmill Desk Platinum are the two alternatives you can select from. The Platinum model has the advantage of a longer track, a faster top speed (8 mph as opposed to 6 mph), and is the only one of the two variants with a 10% incline option.

Narrow-Trail Desk NordicTrack Treadmills are available in folding treadmills allowing you to save significantly on floor space. Furthermore, even with the desk folded, you can still access it, so you won’t have to worry about losing your work.

Advantages that Nordictrack treadmills offer:


The motors on NordicTrack treadmills are typically more potent than competitors in their pricing ranges. The majority of the revised models for 2021 feature motors that are at least 3.0 continuous horsepower in commercial grade (CHP). For instance, the entry-level Commercial Series vehicle has 3.75 CHP.


Numerous extras are available from NordicTrack to encourage you to keep working out. In recent revisions, they have added amenities to their treadmill consoles across their whole model line, including high-definition touch displays up to 32 inches wide, Bluetooth-enabled sound systems, and iFit compatibility. Additionally, the consoles contain water bottle holders and self-adjusting fans.


Utilize NordicTrack fitness equipment with iFit membership; a virtual gym membership you can use in the convenience of your home gym or workplace is permitted but optional. To maximize your workouts, you can access a fitness community, receive world-class training, get individualized diet and sleep schedule guidance, and have a family membership.


The popularity of incline training has grown for a variety of reasons. It increases metabolism, strengthens your heart, tones your leg muscles, and much more. With its cutting-edge Incline Trainers and automated ramps on every model of treadmill, NordicTrack is paving the way.


The Commercial Series treadmills include extra-wide tracks 22 inches wide and 60 inches long to enhance quiet operation and reduce maintenance requirements. These and the EXP Series treadmills offer a cushion that can be turned off or on, allowing you to replicate outdoor exercise while providing excellent protection.


Depending on the treadmill, this brand’s warranty offers up to 10 years of coverage for the frame, 2 years for parts, and 1 year for labor.

What Nordictrack Treadmills offers for the home gym:

In days of busy schedules and remote living locations, people sometimes can’t go to gyms or fitness centers. In situations like this, NordicTrack treadmills provide ease of access to people through personal trainers access, built-in programs, and recommended workouts with the iFIT trainer app.

With these latest models, anyone can access the workout and let them perform the same at their convenience. It saves a lot of conveyance time from going to and coming from a gym or fitness center.

Best suitable Nordictrack treadmills in given condition:

To crack the best deal: Commercial 1750

This model offers the best possible features like Bluetooth connectivity, 14″ tilt and pivot HD touchscreen, live and on-demand classes, and guidance from expert instructors. It also comes with automatic trainer control, where your speed and incline are automatically matched up with the trainers during the session.

This also has a feature of auto adjustment of speed and incline to maintain your heart rate, along with runnerflex cushioning that allows you to choose whether you want to run or walk on a soft or hard surface. These features at a compact price make the tread a deal breaker.

nordictrack treadmill
Nordictrack Treadmill Review

To go for the most affordable one: EXP 7i

EXP 7i is a more compact model than others that come with a 7″ touch screen display, iFIT trainer workout sessions on demand, built-in speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, cushioned deck and automatic trainer control.

It provides most of the essential services that Nordictrack treadmills offer, with a little lower incline percentage and a smaller screen. Still, otherwise, the model is compact and reasonably works out regularly without any fancy components. This is what makes this treadmill an affordable one to prefer.

For better training options and treadmill workouts: Commercial X22i

Commercial X22i is mostly preferred for the ease of the larger screen that comes with the variety of workout options iFIT membership comes with. This one offers a better incline and decline with a 22″ wide touch screen that streams capabilities and has the option of Automatic trainer control.

The wide screen of the model makes it easy to go for training sessions with expert instructors and speakers’ capability. The side grip of the model can be used for push workouts when the model is idle or at a very slow pace.

This is why, if looking for better working out facilities with medium expense, this model is preferred by many.

When looking for small places: EXP 10i

This model is one of the folding treadmills that can be kept safe when not in use to save space. It comes with the maximum features that Nordictrack treadmills offer, like built-in programs, built-in speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, Automatic trainer control, and cushioning deck that saves your joints and knees.

This model is slightly larger than 7i but has a better screen and advanced features. But its folding quality makes it more compact and suitable for small spaces.

When looking for more streaming classes: Commercial 2450

This model is an excellent combination of all its features, with a wide touch screen of 22″. It offers a specification of Automatic trainer control, Wi-fi connectivity, built-in speakers, and a runner flex cushioning deck. This model has the automatic facility to adjust the speed and incline to maintain your heart rate.

This model also has the facility of folding treadmills, making it more attractive when combined with a better streaming screen and access to all the iFIT content. These reasons make it the best choice for working out with better streaming classes.

nordictrack treadmill
Nordictrack Treadmill Review

Wrapping Paragraph:

Although NordicTrack started with a minimal range of manufacturing, it is now one of the most formidable competitors for the top-listed names in the fitness equipment industry. The company has always been considerate of the needs of the people and has been striving to make it easy for them to work out at the home gym with the available access to everything possible.

The treadmills crafted by NordicTrack made it a point to provide the users with all the possible specifications through all the models it has introduced in the industry.


Q.1 How is a NordicTrack treadmill started?

Starting a NordicTrack treadmill is easy, and it is the same for most of the company’s models. Any model of a Nordictrack treadmill can be started by placing the safety key into the console after ensuring the system is powered on. Click the start button after that.

Q.2 How is a NordicTrack treadmill reset?

It can be resolved with a reset procedure when not updated with regular maintenance or having a minimal issue with the machine. Only consoles with firmware versions starting with 7.1 can be factory reset.

The procedure begins with finding the pinhole, which is usually situated on the side or back of the console, after turning the machine off. Turn the power back on while inserting a paperclip into the pinhole and holding it. Keep the paperclip in place until the screen is turned on.

Q. 3 Which company makes NordicTrack Treadmills?

There are many manufacturing units of the company where parts of the machines are built up and later combined with each other to make it whole. Owning NordicTrack is the Logan, Utah-based company iFIT Health & Fitness. However, China and other nations worldwide produce the numerous parts that make NordicTrack equipment.

Q. 4 What is the way to get around iFIT on NordicTrack?

The procedure to toggle around the iFIT of NordicTrack is pretty much simple when one understands the steps properly. Choose the 10x button from the iFit screen, wait 10 seconds, and tap it again. This launches privileged mode. Swipe up from here, then click the circle icon. Once you swipe up, a browser icon will appear, allowing you to access Netflix, YouTube, and other well-known websites.

Q.5 What NordicTrack Treadmill Should I Buy?

The treadmill’s pick must depend primarily on the user’s requirement. Also, many factors like budget, space, and location should be considered while investing in the treadmill.

Incline trainers, business treadmills, and T-series treadmills are the three different treadmill collections offered by NordicTrack. Look at the specifications mentioned in the article and find out what suits you better. However, your budget and the kind of exercise you plan to undertake will determine which treadmill is best for you.

Q.6 Do you need an iFIT subscription to use a NordicTrack Treadmill?

The facility of the iFIT membership and the courses available there is the most important and attractive feature of the NordicTread. This facility brought in the features like Automatic trainer control of speed and incline, scenic run options from across the world, and training offered by many expert instructors is the specialty of Nordictrack alongside the models of treadmills.

Without an iFit membership, you can use any NordicTrack treadmill. When your free, one-year iFit subscription expires, you will still have access to various built-in fitness programs, depending on the treadmill.