Peloton is a brand many have used for a long time and has made most of them meet their fitness goals. The brand has introduced the Peleton bike, peloton bike+, peloton tread+, and peloton tread to help people work out with great convenience at home with the excellent guidance of instructors. These types of equipment have made the pedaling, walking, and running classes enjoyable to be hooked with for a long time, along with the Bootcamp classes offered by the brand.

About Peloton tread: Specifications

Peloton treadmill is one fantastic piece of fitness equipment that offers various workouts for all muscles daily. This machine has unique features like control knobs, a tilting screen, different classes, interval training programs, and integrated speakers.

The modern and airy design of the new tread feels like exclusive warm-up furniture rather than fitness equipment. There are many peloton workouts and routines to be performed under the guidance of professional peloton instructors or without them on and off the treadmill.

Following are the detailed specifications of the peloton tread:

peloton treadmill
Peloton Treadmill

What comes with the machine, and how is it built?

The new peloton tread, when purchased, comes with a standard running belt, 59″ running space, HD touchscreen, up to 12.5 mph speed, and incline till 12.5% grade, intuitive control knobs, safety key, peloton app access, and thousands of classes streaming on it. The machine comprises a 3 HP DC motor and power rating of 120Vac, 60Hz, and 12A.

The company also offers a complete 1-year warranty on the touchscreen and most original components with 5 years warranty on the treadmill frame and 3 years warranty on the drive motor and walking belt.

The peloton tread platform and handrail are built with carbon steel, the railing has a soft-touch coating, and the belt comprises a woven nylon base and textured PVC top. The treadmill tray is polycarbonate with rubber lining, which can contain a few items with 2 bottles.

The standard running belt of the tread comes with no cover at the front. The motor of the peloton treadmill is fitted under the deck and out of sight.

Kind of screen and available control features:

The treadmill has a 1080p HD touchscreen of 23.8″. The screen possesses front-facing stereo speakers, 2.2 channels with rear-facing woofers, Bluetooth connectivity, and a USB-C port for charging other devices. It also has an 8 MP front-facing camera. Screen adjustment is allowed up to 50 degrees vertically and does not move horizontally.

It has a 2.5 GHz Qualcomm processor, 4 GB RAM, and 16 GB internal flash storage. Volume control buttons are on the right side of the screen. The entire display is on the struts and cross-beam support structure. On the left side of the screen is a speed control knob, whereas on the right side rail has an incline control knob.

The peloton treadmill has adjustable knobs to change the speed and incline, along with on-screen shortcuts. It also possesses a jump button to increase speed and incline by 1 mph and 1%, respectively. To wake, stop and put the tread to sleep, there is a one-touch button on the tread and a safety key, without which the machine remains at a halt.

peloton treadmill
Peloton Treadmill

Measurements for spacing and location requirements:

The tread measures 68″ L X 33″ W X 62″ H with a diagonal screen of 23.8″. The machine’s step-up height is 8″, weighing about 290lb.

To set it up, the place must have a clearance of 24″ from the left, right, and front of the tread with a 78.7″ clearance from the back to work out perfectly fine. It is suggested to avoid GFCI power outlets for better machine performance.

User requirements and connections:

The user of the tread workout must be older than 16, with a weight between 105-300lb and height ranging from 4’11” to 6’4″.

A wi-fi connection is a must to run the tread workout properly, which should be uninterrupted, and 100 Mbps to run the videos.

Other features of peloton tread:

Peloton provides unrestricted access to thousands of on-demand and live peloton classes on subscription. It offers individual profiles for household access. The new tread lock feature prevents unauthorized access.

It allows scenic run facilities alongside Bootcamp classes with curated music on peloton radio. It offers in-workout metrics like speed, mileage, elevation gain, and heart rate monitor. This also saves the history of previous workouts, streaks and milestones achieved.

It comes with the opportunity of participating in challenges when initiated alongside the preference of various treadmill live classes and training programs.

Not working on removing the safety key prevents the treadmill from reaching children and is easy to store when not in use. Control knobs make it easy to increase speed and incline or reduce the same. The red button at your fingertips allows you to bring the machine to a halt at once when it seems necessary. Authorized instructors prioritize safety and guide in using the equipment properly.

There is also a pin code called the trade lock which automatically activates after 45 seconds of inactivity. Also, if the treadmill is left between the workout without turning the tread off, this pin starts after giving a countdown of 15 seconds. after that, a password will be required to reactivate the screen.

peloton treadmill
Peloton Treadmill

The key highlight of the Peloton treadmill: Rolling Knob

Peloton has brought a unique and insightful feature to the tread for changing the speed and incline of the tread through knobs. This feature has made it easy to increase or decrease the pace and position with speed and incline knobAs a result, thereere is no need to push the button every time to increase or decrease speed and incline.

When choosing the workouts like interval training, hill workouts, or sprints, it is easy to manage the speed and incline of the treadmill with the help of speed and incline knobs instead of pushing the buttons a lot of times.

When going one straight up or down and slow or faster, pressing at the center of the respective speed and incline knobs is available. This feature has made it quick to move up or down and fast or slow with just a little forward or backward movement of the knob. This facility of the peloton has made the process of changing speed and incline quicker than anyone realizes and has been a great attraction point for those who work out for a longer duration and enjoy fun workouts.

Along with the rolling knob, the design of the belt is also improved, having a better shock-absorbing rubber slat belt and ball-bearing system for a little impact. But the running belt is of a traditional structure, having a single sliding belt that rotates along the deck.

peloton treadmill
Peloton Treadmill

Basic Services available on Peloton treadmill

One of the most beautiful things about peloton tread is its various classes and programs through peloton subscription. Without a subscription, the only things that can be done are increasing or decreasing speed and increasing or decreasing incline, which will not make sense when purchasing such expensive peloton treads.

Many profiles can be created for family members and friends once logged in to the app with the subscription and can also be logged in on other devices like tablets, phones, or TV to make it easy to perform off the treadmill workout conveniently and view the screen. Peloton allows you to do full body workouts and strength training without the treadmill, as they offer many classes and outdoor running.

The display also discloses workout history on the left side of the screen, and in the right corner, upside displays in-progress or upcoming classes. Below them, it shows the recently recorded classes and a list of favorite instructors from which any workout can be chosen. Also, under the general tab of classes, all the recently included classes are displayed as a list starting from the top of the most recent to older ones as go below in the list. There is also a facility for going through filters to narrow down the preferred workouts and instructors.

Every day almost 5-7 workouts are added to the stack ranging from 5 minutes to 45 minutes which the user can line up as per the preference to create a continuous workout schedule to perform in a roIn addition, thereere are also some classes clubbed together depending categorized depending on a similar theme, such as music preferences. These clubbing classes are called collections.

Peleton also has added the facility of creating schedules depending upon the choice of workouts or classes one wants to take. Users can schedule the specific class with a date and time in their mind and create a workout list for the whole month in advance.

peloton treadmill

New peloton tread has also included the feature of participating in the challenges, letting you win the badges for it. The treadmill’s display showcases the user’s progress and the position of friends or family members who participated in the challenge.

Peloton tread can be linked to some 3rd party platforms such as Fitbit and Starva to post about the workouts.

On choosing the workout, the user can connect the Bluetooth heart rate monitor or Bluetooth headphones to the machine to continue the activity without causing disturbance to others. Many other trackers or sensors can be connected to the device, but it does not support the apple watch or Gymkit for tracking.

The peloton tread is not foldable, but the deck seems stable when walking, running, or hiking up the incline.

The peloton tread has no decline, keeping the deck at ground level with an 8-inch step-up height.

Live or On-demand peloton classes

Peloton’s training is not only about walking or running but also contains strength training, Yoga, Dance Cardio, Resistance band training, and sleep meditation. Whether a beginner or running distance routes like a half marathon, the peloton has workouts for both. A variety of their classes begins with 20-minute walking or running classes or a tough HIIT run to a 60-minute marathon training session.

Peleton app content is divided depending on the categories like instructors, distance, speed, and music preferences extending the range up to hip hop. This excellent at-home training system offers a lot of fun, enthusiastic workouts that will never require payments except a monthly peloton subscription.

Once subscribed, various workouts are accessible on the user interface in the form of a live class or recorded sessions, and users can stream them at any time during the workouts. The choices of the classes are dependent on the person doing the workouts. Anyone can choose outside running classes or go with a different stationary bike or treadmill for strength training.

peloton treadmill
Peloton Treadmill

The live class is a great motivation to get out of bed and work out with someone, but there is not much difference between live classes and recorded classes. There is also a leaderboard on the display through which one can compare the performance with others taking the same classes and has done the classes before you. This offers excellent insights for competitive persons.

There is a “Just Run” feature for those who prefer not to activate the subscription. This screen shows the runners’ current pace, distance, and speed.

Along with this, there is also an option of scenic run introduced by the peloton tread, which was for runners enjoying the workout through instructors guided runners. It is further divided into 3 types: guided classes where the user is also outdoors running with instructors.

Next are distance-based routes, where the playback speed varies depending on your power output. And last is time-based routes which are the same as before but with more cinematic effectFinally, thereere is also some scenic run in the peloton tread, which lasts for a set time without any instructors to guide. It is like a camera set up on the user level and lets them enjoy the scenes as they run and complete the workout. This is an excellent option to choose from when you are not feeling like doing any tough workouts.

The Bootcamp classes of the peloton treadmill are a great combination of cardio and strength workouts to follow daily or regularly. The Bootcamp classes make the strength training quickly challenging, sweaty and fun. They are also available for beginners or to follow in pregnancy.

Along with Bootcamps, the recent introduction of the peloton is “Peloton Family,” which includes many workouts and fun games for the whole family, including kids. They have created workouts like Fit Family Fun for kids aged 5 to 10 and Fit Family Strong for kings aged above 10. there is also a facility for family meditations to end the workout peacefully. This is an excellent initiative by the peloton to introduce a healthy lifestyle to the whole family and get them to love the classes through fun and games.

peloton treadmill
Peloton Treadmill

The peloton has gone a long way to managing the maximum possible time zones from their London and New York City studios for organizing live classes and recording various workouts.

The instructors associated with peloton are exciting and engaging since the camera is always on them. Their interaction is regular and focused on both live classes and recorded classes. The trainers provide all the general instructions to help the user self-correct the posture and position while working out. Their cues about form and function are very useful since they can not physically correct or guide you.

The peloton instructors on the new tread will also provide a voluntary recall about never letting pets or children near the equipment and remind you to remove the safety key once the workout is complete for the day.

Short overview of Data Panel, Walking Belt, and Roller knob

The data panel of the tread gives complete and detailed workouts specifications and the person’s position. The left side of the data panel displays heart rate, high-five feed, and ongoing music compared to the right side, which shows the leader board. In the case of the data panels, the top shows the chunk of classes very broadly, whereas the bottom shows stats like elevation, distance, output, and calorie stat, along with current pace, speed, and incline positions.

The display of the leader board can be toggled with on the user interface when the user does not want it. Even in recorded classes, users can tap on someone’s screen to give them kudos, and in return, they tap to high-five the user for the progress they have achieved.

The standard running belt of the peloton tread is a little more compact than other treadmills but is convenient for walking and running. The red line at the center of the running belt makes it easy to maintain a straight stride.

The roller knobs on the side rails are quick and convenient to navigate through the speed and incline. Even in the case of sweaty hands, the texture of the knobs allows the user to change the speed and incline without difficulty.

peloton treadmill
Peloton Treadmill

How much is the investment?

The price of the peloton treadmill shown on the official website is $ 3495. It includes delivery fees except for remote locations like Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands, and ferry-only accessible areas. With a treadmill, there are many other packages you might like to purchase, such as weights, heart rate monitors, or exercise mats for the tread workout.

Along with the tread for access to various treadmill classes, monthly subscriptions are supposed to be paid at $39. The subscription is for the peloton app, which is necessary for a better workout but is not compulsory to use on the peloton treadmill. This can also be used without a subscription for manual workouts of one’s creation or in case of a disruption in the subscription payments.

Peloton tread review has suggested it as a great investment worth having in mind.

What supporting equipment you might need for workouts?

When purchasing a peloton tread or a peloton bike, or just a peloton app for the workout, it might need you to get some more accessories to perform better and complete the training. Some of the equipment is listed below;

Jump rope

It is an additional cost but helps a lot when performing off the treadmill running workout. This has been a great exercise to perform, and it is included in the routine of the classes perfectly fine.


Some easy weights of dumbells or kettlebells are also valuable additional materials for workouts crafted with weights involved. It helps complete those classes efficiently and supports reaching the fitness goal sooner. A variety of options can be tried with the workouts to make them more exciting and fun.

Yoga mat

For workouts to be done without a treadmill, yoga exercise mats can be taken as the base for the knees or butt while performing the workout. This helps to position easily with a soft cushion below. It also saves you from hard hits in case of imbalance. These can be purchased freely from anywhere on internet explorer or other browsers.

Water bottle

This is also not compulsory, but it helps you stay hydrated during the workout and perform better during the classes. Easy access to them is better than having nothing at all.

Foam roller

This is also not compulsory equipment to possess. Still, your own thing helps you get away from the equipment repeatedly, making it more challenging to continue many workouts, but it plays an important role whenever required. Therefore having it makes sense, but it is not the requirement.

Equipment cleaning wipes

When using the fitness machine regularly, it is responsible for keeping it clean and maintained for long-lasting life and efficient performance. Equipment cleaning wipes are easy and quick to wipe out the machine when done to keep it clean and sweat-free. This helps in maintaining the machines in good shape and hygienic.

Benefits and drawbacks of peloton treadmill

Benefits of the peloton treadmill:

  1. The speed and incline knobs have made it effortless to change the pace and incline of the tread while working out.
  2. The screen is large enough to follow the instructors, the leader board, and other statistics.
  3. The associated instructors are motivating, and new classes are added to the list almost daily.
  4. Peloton tread has high-quality graphics, an anti-smudge surface, and great content with excellent instructors.
  5. The machine is pretty quiet to have at home.

Drawbacks of the peloton treadmill:

  1. The tread is expensive compared to most treadmills, and monthly subscriptions are added separately.
  2. Though peloton tread has a compact treadmill deck, it acquires a significant space in the house.
  3. As said, it’s more pretty than the others but creates noise enough to consider.
  4. Peloton treadmill is a compact treadmill as compared with most treadmills.
  5. The peloton tread does not fold. Hence, it needs a house’s dedicated space and limited mobility.
  6. The knobs are slightly less precise than the preset speed and incline buttons.

Wrapping Paragraph

Peloton tread is great fitness equipment introduced by the peloton for those who love to work out on the machine when they wish to shed some sweat. The tread has excellent features of rolling knobs for speed and incline and a compact walking belt with enough room between the side rails for an average-weighted person.

Through this tread, the peloton has introduced many live and on-demand classes for running and walking workouts. They have also given the just run and scenic run features to make it more interesting and entertaining to exercise. Instructors associated with the peloton tread are great at motivating and offering more interesting workouts that never feel repetitive.

peloton treadmill
Peloton Treadmill

Once subscribed to the peloton app content, it opens the wide gates of available workouts for walking, running, strength, interval training or Bootcamp classes, and outdoor running. Various content is available on the high-quality smudge-free screen, which can be adjusted vertically. Still, at least 5-7 workouts are added to the list every day.

The peloton has made it possible to stack the classes to play one after another depending upon the preferences of instructions, distance, speed, and music. The tread also offers many classes and activities to perform off the treadmill, such as Yoga, strength building, dance cardio, or sleeping meditation. It has also come up with family workouts to involve all the members in healthy habits.

Peloton Tread has now been introduced with various lock systems such as tread lock and screen lock to restrict easy access. Additionally, removing the physical safety key halts the tread for a moment and does not start unless the safety key is inserted again. This feature has also made it great equipment to prevent tread accidents.


Q.1 What difference do peloton treadmills and peloton bikes possess?

Both are the fitness equipment offered by peloton to make it convenient to work out in-house, and they have achieved the almost impossible. Though both tread and bike have display screens for workouts, the peloton bike is for cycling workouts, whereas the peloton tread focuses on walking and running workouts. Peloton tread offers more variety of workouts than bikes, letting the user jump off the tread in intervals as they do not have to wear the cleats required for the bike.

Q.2 What kind of workouts are on the peloton app?

Peloton tread has offered various live and on-demand classes for users. A variety of classes and workouts on tread ranges between options like running, Strength, Yoga, Dance Cardio, Resistance Band Training, Barre, and Sleep Meditation. Peloton tread also has introduced the stacking of workout choices which vary based on instructors, speed, pace, incline, and distance. It is also possible to arrange the sequence depending on the music choices.

Peloton tread has also made it possible to jump off the treadmill deck with interval training and other strength-building class. There is also a just run and scenic run feature, allowing users to run outside with or without instructor guidance. This feature is not very much developed on the peloton bike.

Q.3 What kind of instructors are there on the peloton treadmill app?

Peloton treadmill has been associated with many experts and excellent instructors like Robin Arzon, Adrian Williams, Chase Tucker, and Josyln Thompson. They have been offering training services at the international sports level. Their classes are unique, interesting, and engaging to perform daily. Also, new content is added to the app every day that never makes users feel repeated.

Q.4 What are the highlighting features of the peloton treadmill?

The most unique feature of rolling knobs for adjustment of speed and incline has gained an excellent peloton treadmill review for the users. It has developed a great smudge-free screen and various live and on-demand classes to fulfill the cravings for in-house full-body workouts, which are not available with the peloton bike. They have minimized the controls on the tread screen to make it more sorted and added a leader board feature to make the working out more competitive and challenging. The features of just run in case of running out of subscription or scenic run to change the daily routine also have gained the company excellent peloton treadmill review.

Q.5 Can the peloton app be used with another treadmill?

Owning a peloton bike or tread is essential to get the needed display and access to high-quality classes to work out better and achieve excellent results. The specifications mentioned in the classes or the instructions given by the trainers will always be according to the requirements and features of the peloton tread. Using the peloton app on some phone to tab and performing the classes on other appliances might not get you the promised results as the requirements mentioned in the classes will not be matched up by your otherstationary bike or treadmills at home or the gym.

It is possible to access the peloton app on some phones or tablets to try out the class for some initial days but to match up with the specified results. It is advised to get the peloton treadmill or bike as per the preference.

Q.6 What is the average life of a peloton treadmill compared to the cost involved?

Peloton tread has a very long life ranging from the proper maintenance and care. This equipment is considered heavy and needs regular and proper attention to maintain better and more efficient performance. If maintained regularly, the machine can perform at the same efficiency level as the new peloton tread, yet in between might need some replacements if broken down, such as replacing the worn-out running belt. The frame and other body of the tread are similar to other treadmills, but the display of access to the classes has a stronghold of the users, making it a piece of fitness equipment worth investing in.

Peloton tread still seems a bit expensive, with a price of $2495, excluding monthly subscription charges. Also, delivery charges are added to the cost if the user is located in a less accessible area. It seems pretty useless to have the expensive equipment without the subscription; the only thing different from most other treadmills.

Q.7 Can peloton membership be shared?

Once purchase the monthly subscription, many users of the tread can create as many profiles as they want based on use. Each user of the peloton treadmill can make one’s own profile and use it anywhere with the logging id and passcode. Users can also arrange or stack the workouts per their music preference, instructors, speed, or distance and schedule the same with date and time. The all-access membership of the peloton allows a maximum of 20 members of a household to share the membership and workout anywhere they can get hold of a peloton tread.

Q.8 Peloton tread or peloton bike? What is better for cardio?

Both the peloton treadmill and peloton bike offer various workouts for cardio exercise. But the tread has been introduced with better features than the peloton bike. Most of the things depend upon the kind of workout the user enjoys and prefers to do. The variety of live and on-demand classes also has made it easier to burn calories with any tread or bike. Though it is said that running on a treadmill burns around 8.18–10.78 calories per minute, whereas cycling burns 7.98–10.48 calories per minute, a lot of things depend on the use of featured classes and workouts by the user.