Peloton Treadmill With 5-Year Warranty: New Review ( Expert Take )

Peloton has helped many meet their fitness goals. The brand has introduced the Peleton bike, peloton bike+, peloton tread+, and peloton tread to help people work out conveniently at home. Like the Bootcamp peloton classes, they make pedaling, walking, and workout classes enjoyable.

Metrics: How Does The Peloton Tread Work?

The peloton tread platform and handrail are built with carbon steel. The railing has a soft-touch coating, and the belt comprises a woven nylon base and a textured PVC top

The treadmill tray is polycarbonate with rubber lining and contains a holder for 2 water bottles.

The standard running belt of the tread comes with no cover at the front. The motor of the peloton treadmill is fitted under the deck and out of sight.

peloton treadmill
Peloton Treadmill:


  1. The speed and incline knobs have made it effortless to change the pace and incline of the tread.
  2. The screen console is large enough to follow the instructors and the leaderboard.
  3. The instructors are motivating, and new tread class is added to the list almost daily.
  4. High-quality graphics, an anti-smudge surface, and great content.


  1. Expensive, large, and very noisy.
  2. The peloton tread does not fold. Hence, it needs a house’s dedicated space and limited mobility.

Who is The Peloton Tread Best For?

The peloton tread treadmill is best for people who want to work out at home and get a good cardio workout. It also has excellent instructors that motivate the user.

peloton treadmill
Peloton Treadmill:

Who is The Peloton Tread Not Best For?

The peloton treadmill is not the best for people looking for a quiet workout. It generates some noise, though not as much as other treadmills.

Peloton Tread Interface & Specs

The tread measures 68″ L X 33″ W X 62″ H with a diagonal screen of 23.8″. The machine’s step-up height is 8″, weighing about 290lb.

The user must be older than 16, weigh 105-300lb, and have a height ranging from 4’11” to 6’4″.

A wi-fi connection is necessary to run the tread workout properly, which should be uninterrupted, and 100 Mbps to run the videos.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Peloton Tread

Setup and assembly

The place must have a clearance of 24″ from the left, right, and front of the tread with a 78.7″ clearance from the back. Avoid GFCI power outlets for better machine performance.

Programming Options

Many profiles can be created for family members. With the subscription, you can log in to tablets, phones, or TV and view the screen.  Peloton allows full-body workouts and strength training without the treadmill via their classes 

peloton treadmill
Peloton Treadmill:

Design & Console

The modern and airy design of the new tread feels like exclusive warm-up furniture rather than fitness equipment. 

There are many peloton workouts and routines to be performed under the guidance of professional peloton instructors or without them on and off the treadmill.

Safety features

Peloton Tread has various lock systems, such as tread lock and screen lock, to restrict easy access.  Removing the physical safety key halts the tread momentarily and does not start unless the safety key is inserted again. This prevents tread accidents.


The peloton treadmill has adjustable knobs to change the speed and incline, along with on-screen shortcuts. 

It also possesses a jump button to increase speed and incline by 1 mph and 1%, respectively. 

To wake, stop and put the tread to sleep, there is a one-touch button and a safety key, without which the machine remains at a halt.

Monitoring and body stats

The user can connect the Bluetooth heart rate monitor or Bluetooth headphones  Many other trackers or sensors can be connected to the device, but it does not support the apple watch or Gymkit for tracking.


Peloton tread has a very long life. This heavy equipment needs regular and proper attention to perform better and more efficiently. 

The frame and body though similar, the display stands out among other treadmills.

peloton treadmill
Peloton Treadmill:

What we liked about it

Upscale, space-saving design

The new peloton tread comes with a 

  1. Standard Running Belt, 
  2. 59″ Running Space, 
  3. Hd Touchscreen, 
  4. Up To 12.5 Mph Speed, 
  5. An Incline Till 12.5% Grade
  6. Intuitive Control Knobs
  7. A Safety Key, 
  8. A Peloton App Access
  9. 3 Hp Dc Motor  
  10. Power Rating Of 120vac, 60hz, And 12a.

Ergonomic control knobs and buttons

The peloton treadmill has adjustable knobs to change the speed and incline, along with on-screen shortcuts.

Industry-leading software

There is also a pin code called the trade lock which automatically activates after 45 seconds of inactivity. If the treadmill is left between the workout without turning the tread off, this pin starts after giving a countdown of 15 seconds. After that, a password will be required to reactivate the screen.

Warranty and returns

The company also offers a complete 1-year warranty on the touchscreen and components, with 5 years warranty on the treadmill frame and 3 years warranty on the drive motor and walking belt.

What we didn’t like about it

The price

Peloton tread still seems expensive, with  $2495, excluding monthly subscription charges. Delivery charges are added to the cost if the user is in a less accessible area. 

It is useless to have expensive equipment without a subscription.

Peloton app subscription cost

Without a peloton app subscription, the only things that can be done are increasing or decreasing speed and increasing or decreasing incline. This doesn’t make sense when purchasing such expensive peloton treads.

peloton treadmill
Peloton Treadmill:

What Supporting Equipment Might You Need For Workouts?

When purchasing a peloton product, you will need more accessories to perform better and complete the training

Jump rope

It is an additional cost but helps to perform off-the-treadmill running workouts. 


Dumbells or kettlebells are valuable additional materials for workouts crafted with weights involved. It helps complete those classes and supports reaching the fitness goal sooner.

Yoga mat

Yoga exercise mats can be taken as the base for the knees or butt while performing the workout.  This helps to position quickly with a soft cushion below. It also saves you from hard hits in case of imbalance. These can be purchased freely from anywhere on internet explorer or other browsers.

Equipment cleaning wipes

When using the fitness machine regularly, it is responsible for keeping it clean and maintained for long-lasting life and efficient performance. Cleaning wipes are quick to clean the machine to keep it sweat-free. 


Why did Peloton stop selling treadmills?

Peloton stopped selling treadmills because they were losing money on them. Maker of the Peloton Treadmill, Peloton Technologies Inc., has announced that due to low demand for their machines and diminishing returns,

it will immediately cease all sales and marketing efforts for its treadmill brand.

With such a high price point ($2495) with no extra features or benefits over cheaper alternatives, it’s not surprising that these machines haven’t been generating much interest in the marketplace- especially when companies like Nike are now offering similar products at a fraction of the cost without any monthly.

Is a Peloton Tread good?

If you’re looking for a high-tech treadmill that offers features not found on other machines, the Peloton Tread may be a good option. 

However, if you’re only interested in using the treadmill to run or walk on, much cheaper and more versatile options are available.

What kind of workouts are on the peloton app?

Peloton tread has offered various live and on-demand classes for users. Workouts range between running, Strength, Yoga, Dance Cardio, Resistance Band Training, Barre, and Sleep Meditation. 

Peloton tread also has introduced the stacking of workout choices which vary based on instructors, speed, pace, incline, and distance. You can arrange the sequence depending on the music choices.

Can you watch Netflix on Peloton Tread?

Yes, you can watch Netflix on a Peloton Tread. However, the peloton tread does not have an app that allows live streaming of TV shows and movies like other treadmills.

Can you just run on the Peloton Tread?

The Peloton Tread is designed for walking and running, but it is not meant to be used as your only form of cardio training.

What kind of instructors are there on the peloton treadmill app?

Peloton treadmill has been associated with experts and instructors like Robin Arzon, Adrian Williams, Chase Tucker, and Josyln Thompson. Their classes are unique, interesting, and engaging. Also, new content is added to the app every day.

Can peloton membership be shared?

Once you purchase the monthly subscription, you can create as many profiles as possible. Users can make their profile and use it anywhere with the logging id and passcode. 

Users can also arrange or stack the workouts per their music preference, instructors, speed, or distance and schedule the same with date and time. The all-access membership of the peloton allows a maximum of 20 members of a household to share the membership and workout anywhere they can get hold of a peloton tread.