Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike With Resistance Me 709 Review

The Marcy recumbent exercise bike me 709, is an excellent option for an exercise bike. It claims to offer an easy, fun way to lose weight, burn calories, and improve cardiovascular endurance.

Marcy recumbent exercise bike with resistance me 709 review


Once you purchase the Marcy bike and it arrives, it comes partly assembled. The bike assembly is very straightforward, and you are provided with all the tools you need to complete it.

One person is easily capable of putting it together. Still, it would be recommended to have a second person hold on to the bike when adding specific pieces to the body, like the stabilizer bars.

Marcy recumbent exercise bike with resistance me 709 review

When setting up the front after connecting the computer wire and tension cable, it would be a good idea to study the manual while doing this as if it’s not done the right way, it can lead to increased resistance levels, and you may not be able to change it.

Only a few people experience this issue, but when they do, it can always be quickly resolved by looking at the manual.

The assembled bike involves a lot of removable pieces that need to be attached, a few of them being the stabilizer bars, the sliding frame, the seat supporter, the handlebars, and the pedals.


Most reviews show that many people find the padded seat comfortable because the large bike seat has a backrest but not as much padding. Since the seat is fixed and not adjustable, the backrest has been designed at a slight angle, which customers find gives them the necessary extra support they need for their back, promoting a good range of motion which increases calories burned.

Though many customers may find this a comfortable seat like all other products, opinion is always different. Not everyone may find it the most comfortable for them. Same with this kind of seat since some customers find adding a cushion on the seat’s backrest helps make utilizing the bike more comfortable. Though this offers a quick solution, it will always be likelier to move around during the workout. It may be better to find a more permanent solution.

Remember that trying to replace the seat may be difficult as it is screwed in place with bots, so it would be difficult to find a seat to fit the exact dimensions of the seat.

Many reviews also mention that the seat is similar to a chair, making mounting and dismounting the exercise bike easy. Lifting your leg very high is OK to get on and off the bike.


With the Marcy recumbent exercise bike, you cannot adjust the seat the same way you would with other bikes. The back half of the bike can be moved either further away or closer to the pedals.

You can find a way to make adjustments to the bike on the sliding bar that goes along the floor and joins the front of the bike. Moving the adjustable seat can be done depending on the setting you want. While adjusting, the seat can sometimes cause problems because it is on the bike.

Marcy recumbent exercise bike with resistance me 709 review


Adjusting the seat requires you to remove the pop-pin knob and pull and slide the rear of the back into your desired position. After this, put the pin back into the hole and tighten the body back into its place. Though it can be quickly done, it may require you to add more strength when moving it than you would need for other similar exercise bikes.

The bike’s dimensions look perfect to fit someone between the height of 5ft to 6ft. Most customer reviews mention that people below 5ft 2 may find stretching and leaning forward to reach the pedals uncomfortable. Of course, this is only in some cases since it depends on the person’s leg length.

Some customers who struggle to reach the pedals put a cushion behind them to push them forward on the seat to make getting the pedals easier.


While riding an exercise bike, you may not have enough control over the pedals. That is certainly not the case regarding the Marcy recumbent exercise bike. Its pedals are counterbalanced and are weighted perfectly, giving you the extra support your feet need during a workout.

Not just the counterbalanced pedals but the bike also comes fitted with an adjustable seat and adjustable foot straps or safety straps since often other exercise bikes have a plastic piece that is very difficult to move, causing difficulty for people with larger feet since there is not enough space for them to be tied. So, these adjustable straps ensure you get the perfect fit every time you ride. This flexibility helps prevent injury.

You can experience a smooth experience during peddling because of the counterbalanced pedals since they have a textured grip designed to keep your feet sturdy in place, also offering the ability for length adjustment. Though keep in mind to wear athletic shoes while using the bike for working out.

With this recumbent exercise bike, you can pedal backward, though it is not advised as no resistance would be added to your workout.

LCD screen

The Marcy exercise bike me 709 also, with its compact design, comes fitted with an LCD screen so that during your workout, while you are peddling, you can keep track of your stats.

The ability to track your speed, distance, riding time, and calories burned is readily available for you to view on the large screen. Being able to track your progress while you pedal visually helps in motivating you to lose weight.

Since your focus is often on riding the stationary bike, LCD shows statistics displayed in large units, making it easier to see and keeping you from being distracted during the ride so you can effectively work out and reach your fitness goals.

Marcy recumbent exercise bike with resistance me 709 review



When compared to another, more expensive bike, this bike is very well constructed and is designed in such a way that it keeps you firm while you exercise.

The bike keeps you steady while working out so that you can work out and watch tv comfortably since it is firm and does not wobble much during the exercise.

Though you must have the bike set up on a flat surface since it does not have anything to support it, you should place a rubber mat or yoga mat on the bottom of the bike to prevent further shaking.

Though the bike has some excellent service and features, a common concern that people have had is regarding the bearing. Some customers found that after a few weeks, they hear a grinding noise from their exercise bike. This is an old problem, though; often, the company has sent a replacement bike when it happened.

Another problem that customers have faced is that sometimes when too much pressure is applied to the handlebars, there have been cases of the bars breaking off. This only happens sometimes, but the company has again made a replacement in some cases.

It is doubtful that these problems will occur now, but since they have happened to a few customers, it may be an excellent decision to consider. These reviews have been made by customers who have been utilizing this bike for extended periods.

Resistance levels

Many researchers have concluded that working out a total distance with magnetic or any resistance level can help promote improved fitness results. This goes for having a resistance knob or resistance settings on the bike that are designed to be mainly utilized in a home gym.

The Marcy recumbent bike has eight settings for the resistance knob that allow you to have high-speed short, intense paddling sessions to improve fitness levels in your own home.

The resistance settings can be changed using a knob to easily decide what ride you want to do that day as an exercise.

The resistance settings are not just for people looking to practice interval training but can also motivate others to push themselves to have a great ride and get stronger. The trick is to ride on one set till it gets too easy and then switches and move on to the next setting. This will help you make the best of the time allocated for your workout.

If you also feel off one day, you can always move it back for an easier workout.

Marcy recumbent exercise bike with resistance me 709 review



Since it is a recumbent exercise bike, it does not fold down or close. The stationary bike requires a set designated area for its storage.

It has transport wheels on the stabilizer bars that make moving the bike around seamless, even saying it is easier to move the bike on a flat ground surface than on the carpet.

Placing or moving the bike on a carpeted area can be cumbersome as it causes too much padding on the floor, which could lead to the wheels getting stuck. The other drawback of having it on wooden flooring may be that the weight capacity can cause the floor to get scratched up.


The Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike is an excellent option for recumbent exercise bikes. Before purchasing, it is essential to know what the full assembled dimensions and weight of the bike are:

  1. Height 37.5 ins
  2. Width 25 ins
  3. Length 55.5 ins
  4. Max User Weight 300 lbs
  5. Bike Weight 57 lbs


The Marcy Me 709 recumbent exercise bike has excellent pros for a reasonably priced bike. These pros being

  1. Counterbalanced pedals
  2. LDC Screen
  3. Different resistance levels
  4. Step-through design
  5. Padded seating
  6. Transport wheels for easy storage
  7. Powder-coated finish
  8. Sturdy and durable
  9. Affordable
Marcy recumbent exercise bike with resistance me 709 review
Marcy recumbent exercise bike with resistance me 709 review



Though this recumbent exercise bike is good, it does also have cons. Them being :

  1. No heart rate monitor.
  2. Does not contain pre-programmed workouts.
  3. Difficult to adjust to different heights.
  4. No balance on uneven floors.
  5. Occasional breakage of a few parts. However, Mary often resolves the issue.
Marcy recumbent exercise bike with resistance me 709 review
Marcy recumbent exercise bike with resistance me 709 review



Is Marcy a good exercise bike?

Marcy has a history of being the best stationary bike if you want something budget-friendly and reasonably priced. They have various kinds of models available for other people’s requirements.

Are recumbent exercise bikes any good?

A Recumbent bike is great for improving cardiovascular health. It provides an excellent option for working out for people who are often busy but still want to make exercise a part of their routine. It is also great for people who are just starting their fitness journey and want to start quickly and safely.

Marcy recumbent exercise bike with resistance me 709 review


Is a recumbent bike better than an upright one?

Riding an upright bike is similar to a regular bike. This could cause joint or back pain. Both an upright bike and a recumbent exercise bike are low-impact cardio workouts. A Recumbent bike is better since it’s more comfortable on the joints and back.

Are recumbent bikes good for weight loss?

A Recumbent bike is excellent for improving cardiovascular health and one of the most comfortable ways to conduct a cardio workout. A calorie is usually burned when a person’s heart rate goes up. So, a low-impact cardio workout with an increased heart rate can lead to weight loss.

Is riding a recumbent bike good for You?

A Recumbent exercise bike is a low-impact cardio workout. This bike is a better option since being in a reclined position makes them more comfortable and gentler on the joints and back.

How do recumbent bikes work?

A Recumbent bike is a better option since being in a reclined position makes them more comfortable and gentler on the joints and the back. This is because on a bike like this, you have a more prominent seat, and you can be positioned closer to the ground giving better support to the spine and back.

Is a recumbent bike a step back in exercise?

Exercise is essential for the body. It helps to bring movement into a mundane routine. When deciding to exercise, you want to move for an extended period to reap any benefits continuously. A Recumbent bike is a low-impact and a good option since being in a reclined position makes it more comfortable and gentler on the joints and back.

How long should you ride a recumbent exercise bike?

When it comes to any exercise warming up before your workout is always suggested since it reduces the risk of injury. When it comes to a recumbent bike, warm up for a few minutes and then keep a steady pedal for about 30 – 40 minutes, increasing the resistance as your fitness level increases.

What should I look for on an exercise bike?

When picking what kind of exercise bike to purchase, remember that tracking your journey is often very helpful, so look for equipment that can track your heart rate, speed time, resistance levels, and calorie burning.

Are cheap exercise bikes worth it?

When picking what exercise bike to purchase, remember that tracking your journey is often very helpful. Few cheap exercise bikes come with an LCD screen or other fitness features.

Is a treadmill better than a stationary bike?

The most critical factor in working out is burning calories, so when you compare running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike, many studies indicate that treadmills burn about 8.18–10.78 per minute, whereas cycling burns approximately 7.98–10.48 per minute. The decision depends on what is most comfortable for you!