Asuna Space Saving Treadmill: 10 Reasons Why It Is The Best Buy

The Asuna slim folding motorized Treadmill 8730 model is particularly well-liked among exercise enthusiasts. The machine has several features that guarantee optimal comfort and ensure you can enjoy yourself when using the commercial treadmill frame. The treadmill’s qualities can be quite beneficial to users. Your weight loss goals shoul be achievable with the Asuna space saving Treadmill 8730 model. The commercial treadmill flat measuring 64l was made to support walking, running, and jogging. The commercial treadmill with a slim fold design is extremely portable and the structural frame of the slim treadmill supports speed and all other kinds of powerful workout and will end up amongst your favorite devices.

The Asuna folding treadmill 8730 has a space saving running deck you can choose for your home. It saves space because of its ideal body shape for small and medium-sized rooms.

Asuna Space Saving Treadmill
Asuna Space Saving Commercial Treadmill


If you want to lose some weight but don’t have the opportunity to go to the gymnasium, an indoor treadmill is an excellent piece of machinery at home. It has a space-saving design with a device holder and a folding key. You have a wide range of options at Sunny Health & Fitness, but we suggest the Asuna 8730 slim folding motorized treadmill since it is, in our perspective, the best high-quality machine you can buy at a reasonable price.

In contrast to the 8730 model, which is silver, the 8730G design is gold. It can be folded and has so many more wonderful characteristics. 64 customers have given it an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. This commercial treadmill would end up being amongst your favorite devices.

They have a sophisticated, contemporary, LED-backlit touchscreen-sensitive screen console with 4 panes and simple select push buttons that indicate the user’s speed, calories burned, overall distance traveled, and exercise time.

The Slim Folding Motorized Treadmill from Asuna provides a challenging exercise in a compact form.

This jogging deck (49Lx17.5W) can handle up to 220 pounds and uses shock-absorbing innovation to lessen stress on your joints while you work out. Utilize the indoor treadmill’s 2.5 peak power engine, which supports walking and sprinting speeds from 0.6mph and 8mph. Monitor your workout progress using the treadmill’s four-window display.

The transportation wheels, slim fold design, built-in pedometer, included folding tool, and device holder makes the commercial treadmill your favorite smart device.

Asuna Space Saving Treadmill
Asuna Space Saving Commercial Treadmill

Specifications for the Asuna treadmill 8730

  • The item measures 59, 30.5, and 40 inches.
  • The total weight of the apparatus is about 95 pounds, and its weight limit capability is 220 pounds (100 kg).
  • The treadmill’s belt is 49′′L x 17.75′′W inches, giving you more than enough space for jogging routines or even more intensive workouts.
  • The 8730 has a 2.5-peak horsepower motor and can go between 6 and 8 mph speeds.
  • With its four-window digital interface, which displays your time on the equipment, mileage traveled, speed, and calories burned, and incorporated pedometer, you can precisely monitor your progress. Additionally, there are other features like a smartphone holder and an integrated audio system.
  • The robust 2.5 peak horsepower motor allows you to stroll, jog, or sprint at speeds up to 8 mph on its low-impact running board with shock absorbers that won’t harm your joints or knees.
  • Compared to running on pavement or other harsh surfaces, it would be significantly safer and more practical. It has raised surfaces.
  • Thanks to its sleek, small, foldable form, and multipurpose transportation wheels, you can travel, carry, or use it anywhere you choose.
  • You may swiftly and safely fold it flat using the secret foldable lock key. It has an excellent space-saving design.

Important Features and Details: Asuna Space Saving Treadmill


The Sunny Health & Fitness The Asuna slim folding motorized treadmill 8730 machines are made of steel and have a sleek design. The best compact folding tool treadmill you can get in that price bracket is further enhanced by the ease with which the complete apparatus can be folded and the inclusion of a foldable key.

The entire setup is around 59′′ (150 cm) long and 30.5′′ (77 cm) wide, making it simpler to install and fold up for storage when needed. The entire apparatus transforms into a flat walker that rises to about 4.5″. As a result, storing the exercise equipment under your bed is made simple. Additionally, the machine can support a person’s weight of up to 220 pounds.

The Deck

The equipment can sustain intense to moderate-intensity cardio exercises stress thanks to the deck’s flat construction and shock absorption technology. A 6.5-inch person could efficiently run across the full deck’s 49′′L x 17.75′′W (125 x 45 cm) training surface.

Additionally, the device’s shock absorption feature enables all activities, including jogging and jogging workouts, to go as cleanly as expected without placing any strain on the joints.

The system of inclines

We discovered no inclination system on the Asuna slim folding motorized treadmill 8730 when conducting research for our reviews. To acquire that slope and feel a more intense workout, some folks, on the other hand, often place it underneath the rear side of the device.

We do not advise you to do so since it will tear the belt, slip, and cause the commercial treadmill to stop working. Additionally, having something under the frontal side is quite dangerous because if it slips, you could lose your equilibrium and hurt yourself.

The engines

The drive motors in the Asuna folding motorized treadmill 8730 by Sunny Health Fitness offer 2.5 peak horsepower or 1.25 CHP, comparable to the 7750. There are no delays; the motors operate at their maximum 2.5 HP. You can swiftly complete your jogging routines in a day with this amount of time.

Furthermore, the engines can run at speeds between moderate and fast without losing steadiness. As you enhance the pace, neither overheating nor performance problems exist. Put your training into hyper drive and get going.


The indoor treadmill may run at its maximum speed with just one button push on the panel. It is the best slim treadmill folds, without a doubt. However, it moves very quickly. The 8730 small foldable treadmill speeds range from 0.6 mph to 8.0 mph. The speed adjustments are pretty simple.

The controller has a plus and minus symbol that you can use to change the frequency as you continue to jog. Additionally, the 0.1 MPH speed adjustment minimizes the possibility of an abrupt change that could cause you to lose balance when using the commercial treadmill key by allowing you to maintain your equilibrium while you increase the speed. It also has an integrated pedometer.

Asuna Space Saving Commercial Treadmill stability

Although the 8730 is a compact treadmill, it is pretty stable when used for exercise. With a maximum user weight capacity of 220 pounds (100 kg), it is stable at all levels, thanks to an incorporated flywheel in the front.

It also comes with a shock absorption technology. Additionally, it lessens belt vibrations, and motion steadiness protects your equilibrium while using the indoor treadmill.

The 8730 is a good running treadmill, but many in that price bracket have defective, maximum weight limits. The motorized treadmill flat performs consistently and does not overheat even when the user’s weight limit is reached.

The folding treadmill running machine has been built to support walking, running, jogging, sprinting, and many other exercises.

Asuna Space Saving Treadmill
Asuna Space Saving Commercial Treadmill

Noise abatement

While working out while walking, the equipment is not loud because you can hardly hear your rhythm. High speed will make your cadence harder, and you’ll hear your unit get loud. But neither is it so loud that someone in the next room could hear you, nor does it drown out the noise from your TV.

Additionally, the motors are quiet and shock-absorbing, and there is no noise problem when using the running treadmill. It also has a built-in pedometer.

Console for the elliptical machine Asuna Space Saving Treadmill

We were inspired to write up the top Asuna motorized treadmill 8730 reviews in 2022 because of the on-console quick buttons. It is an LED panel with a simple foundation and minimalist interface with several types of indicators.

You have a 4-window display that displays your steps, calories burned, speed, and distance traveled. The secondary display also provides an approach, each appearing for 5 seconds.

With 8730 treadmills, there are no pre-set fitness routines; nevertheless, you can monitor your workout performance using the console. Using the device is straightforward because of the on-console quick buttons’ start and off functions.

Because of such excellent characteristics and workout entertainment, this will become your favorite smart device.


– Speed in km / h during exercise.
– Time of your exercise session in minutes.
– Distance covered during your session in km and calories burned.
– Tilt.

With this console, you can access:

GlobeTrek ™ workouts – For all goals with many profiles of Personal Trainers motivating users worldwide, for sessions that change scenery.

From Livecast ™ workouts to taking them to exotic spots, iFit Coach offers videos of group lessons in the studio.

Features that are both free and paid for are as follows:

a) BOOKSTORE WITH MORE THAN 50 FREE VIDEOS (available only in English)

Note: Access to the content requires a WiFi connection (videos and exercises).

b) PREMIUM VERSION / iFit Coach membership:

  • + Customized workout of the day, + Customized calendar, + Google Maps, + 400 clips in the library devoted to your device (available only in English),
  • + Personal area on and the iFit Coach mobile app with data, fitness digital library, and nutritional counseling (with or without accessories)

Maintenance and Assembly of Asuna Space Saving Treadmill

The Sunny ASUNA 8730 treadmill folding tool is shipped fully put together. All you’d have to do is take it out of the box, open the toolbars, lock them upright, and connect it in. These actions are clearly explained in the handbook, and the device also includes a tool for remotely controlling the two bars. This music device is perfect for your exercise session.

You won’t need to grease the unit’s running deck before using it because it is already lubricated. However, routine lubricating is necessary, and a silicone oil container is included with the device.

Additionally, keeping the rubber belt clean is a good idea to avoid getting debris, dirt, or fabric fibers trapped in the roller or engine.

Asuna Space Saving Treadmill
Asuna Space Saving Commercial Treadmill

Added characteristics of Asuna Space Saving Treadmill

In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, the top Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 8730 Treadmill reviews that we have here offer some fantastic advanced options that you typically do not get in a commercial treadmill in that price bracket. It is the perfect folding tool.

The audio system that comes with the exercise equipment comes in first. Two integrated speakers and a 3.5mm AUX jack are included, allowing you to use earphones and play your favorite music through the music player while exercising. Additionally, you may connect your MP3 music player, iPad, and phone to the system using the included cable.

The machine also includes a handy on console tablet holder, another feature. It can accommodate numerous devices and is a flexible tablet holder. You obtain dual-purpose holders in a single machine because it is big enough to hold two objects.

The convenient tablet holder is also excellent as a phone holder because it features a non-slip component in the middle that adds extra adhesion. It also has an integrated pedometer and integrated speakers.

The 8730 modern treadmills come with two transportation wheels as well. The sets of transporting wheels may travel in any direction, making transferring the equipment easier. It can be viewed as a dimensional wheel of movement.

It is a slim motorized treadmill with a shock-absorbing running deck, excellent structural frame locks, versatile transportation wheels, a dedicated slot for a media port, an easy-to-use Display Console, and a convenient tablet holder making it an all-included folding tool.

Asuna Space Saving Treadmill
Asuna Space Saving Commercial Treadmill

Asuna Commercial Treadmill 8730 Pros:

  • The commercial treadmill is easy to stow anywhere because its low-profile design measures 4.5 inches and because of its transportation wheels.
  • It does have a user-friendly interface and retractable arms.
  • The deck can support 220 pounds of maximum weight and is quite sturdy.
  • On the deck, there are additional shock-absorbing components.
  • The top speed you can achieve from the 8730 machines is 8.0 mph, with a variable speed of 0.6 mph to 8.0 mph and witvh quick adjustments.
  • The 2.5 hp motors are adequate for household commercial treadmills.
  • Additionally, it has a 4-window LED display that calculates calories, steps, time, and distance traveled.
  • A rapid speed choice control for two mph & four mph settings is also provided.
  • It includes an integrated audio system, an AUX cable, and an on console tablet holder or gadget holder.

Asuna Space Saving Treadmill 8730 Cons:

  • There is no pulse monitoring feature,
  • No programs and no goal settings.

Final Reflections: Asuna Space Saving Treadmill

With a quality rating of 93%, the Asuna 8730 treadmill is a good investment. It works without a cable or an adapter at home or in your gym. Due to the motorized features, hence. You would never have difficulty squeezing this equipment into one session because the belt is 60 inches long. The Asuna 8730’s cooling system keeps you comfortable while working out.

This 8730 model commercial treadmill is ideal for new users because of its elegant appearance and straightforward setup. This treadmill can support a lot of weight and is remarkably quiet so that it won’t disturb anyone in the building.

Because of its convenient tablet holder, including folding key, raised surfaces, treadmill arm, transportation wheels, quick adjustments factor and the securely folded flat, the commercial treadmill achieves speeds and is perfect for your home gym.

FAQ: Asuna Space Saving Treadmill

What is the Asuna Slim foldable motorized treadmill’s potential?

With the Slim Treadmill by Asuna, you can maximize space while getting a strenuous exercise session. This space-saving running deck (49L x 17.75W) can support up to 220 lb and is fitted with shock absorption innovation to lessen pressure on your knees when you work out.

Where is the 8730g’s uprights assembly located?

To obtain the user guide, search for “Asuna folding treadmill 8730G user manual.” Explained graphics on pages 2 and 3 may be helpful while reading this.

To see them clearly, turn them 90 degrees counterclockwise. The assembling of the uprights is shown on page 3. Parts 68, 6, and 47 are located at the base of the right and left uprights, respectively.

Is Asuna’s 8730 treadmill an excellent machine?

The most fantastic treadmill we’ve seen for residential use is the Asuna 8730. It is the ideal fusion of portability, slimness, and high-quality construction. The commercial treadmill supports vigorous exercise sessions because of its structural frame and robust running deck. This would be on your list of favorite devices.

We promise that picking the 8730 won’t be a mistake because of its features, including a built-in music device, secure device holder prop, LED display interface, and fast and strong motor.

It is a great running machine with speakers and can enhance your workout performance making this your favorite smart device.

What distinguishes the Asuna 8730 from the 8730G?

In addition to reviewing the 8730G model, we also had the chance to observe the Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 8730 model. There isn’t much of a distinction between the two. The 8730 model has a silver color finish and is a flexible and highly portable device.

Who makes asuna treadmills?

Sunny Health Distributor manufactures a premium line of professional exercise machines called ASUNA. ASUNA space-saving treadmill takes great pleasure in its exceptional quality, functionality, and style. Currently, the ASUNA line consists of rowers, mechanical and electric folding treadmills, and indoor cycling bikes.

Why go with the space-saving Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna treadmill?

The Sunny Health & Fitness With a selection of programs and Bluetooth Ifit, the ASUNA Folding Treadmill makes it easy to stay inspired throughout your powerful workout.

You could use the operating system in real-time when tracking the development of your exercise sessions throughout the day. This will end up being your favorite smart device.

What are the features of the ASUNA space-saving treadmill?

The Sunny Health & Fitness The ASUNA space-saving treadmill 8730 is a portable walking treadmill with a minimal design. It has a 2.5 peak horsepower motor and has settings for speeds up to 8.0 MPH.

The on-console quick buttons also use LED technology and track time, pace, mileage, and calories. It has got transportation wheels as well. Speed strolling, body toning, developing endurance, and weight loss are terrific uses for this indoor treadmill.