How To Turn On Proform Treadmill Properly: 7 Easy Steps!

Proform refers to one of the leading fitness brands under the ICON company. The company is known for its fitness equipment, machine, and high-end treadmills for home and gym use. A proform treadmill comes with pro-level quality, extra comfort, and a safety key within an affordable price range. Let’s learn some significant features before learning how to turn on proform treadmill the right way.

4 Major Features of the Proform Treadmill

Most people who have already used this particular type of treadmill are well aware of its various features. As for those who haven’t, here’s a comprehensive list of all you will find in this fitness machine.

  • It comes with a color touchscreen functionality, in-built Bluetooth speakers, and a hallmarked interactive training guide.
  • An iFit-enabled feature that helps monitor personal progress.
  • An interactive Google Map street view on the console.
  • A foldable deck and wheels for each storage.

How To Turn On Proform Treadmill
How To Turn On Proform Treadmill

Procedure to Turn The Device On

Now that we have understood the specificities of the proform treadmill, it is time to check how to turn the device on and set it up.

Each treadmill with the proform features will have a push button to adjust the incline and the workout speed. These devices can carry up to 250 pounds in one go, regardless of the adjustments.

The 7 Steps:

  1. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet and push the On/Off switch. While doing this, make sure the treadmill is grounded. This serves as the path of least resistance for the current, thus, avoiding shocks in case of malfunction and breakdowns.

2. Hold the handles and step on the foot rails on either side of the treadmill belt.

3. Insert the safety key that looks somewhat like a credit card into the slot on the nearest edge. For better safety, use the extra cord provided to connect the key to the waistband of your apparel. The purpose of doing this is in case of loss of balance, the tug on the cord with help pull out the key at once, thereby stopping the machine immediately.

4. Now, turn up the speed buttons slowly and carefully, step on the belt and walk while holding on to the handrails to avoid losing balance.

5. To regulate the intensity and incline during the workout session, press the switch and increase or decrease the speed accordingly.

6. Once the workout is done, press the off button on the console and remove the safety key before stepping down from the belt.

7. Last but not least, ensure that the deck folds appropriately before putting the machine in storage.

how to turn on proform treadmill
How To Turn On Proform Treadmill Correctly?

Troubleshooting for Proform Treadmill

While it is unlikely for there to be any issues with this device, here are two ways common steps to handle troubleshooting problems:

  • Turn on issues: Look out for the main power cord of the machine.
  • Working issues: Check the power switch for varying speeds or if the device stops during mid-workout.

To Sum It All Up: How To Turn On Proform Treadmill

Since its debut, the proform treadmill has aided numerous users in reaching their fitness goals. Its out-of-the-way features and safety measures have made this device one of the best in the market.