What To Watch While On Treadmill (8 Movies & Shows)

Running sessions on a treadmill is indeed exhausting and sometimes tedious too. However, you can easily make your routine enjoyable with a TV screen on your machine. Carrying out the workout for long hours while watching an engaging movie or series can keep your enthusiasm up and running (yes, literally). So what to watch while on treadmill?

Here’re our top recommendations for you to play on the treadmill screen while exercising.


A binge-worthy series on Netflix educates viewers that losing is an integral part of sports. The show’s key lesson is how to react if you lose a game. Hence, a good option for anyone struggling to burn calories. The docu-series will inspire you not to give up and move forward with your fitness journey.


The season of Friends is forever! Continuous training can be taxing, but watching this light-hearted American Sitcom will truly set your mood. The bond and wittiness of a group of friends in this classic show will keep your spirits up throughout your workout sessions.

With ten seasons and 236 episodes, you’ll happily hop on your running machine every day

What To Watch While On Treadmill
What To Watch While On Treadmill


Who can ignore James Cameroon’s graphical marvel? Imagine transporting into a world blessed by the scenic beauty of nature. The sci-fi movie will feel like you’re running for miles in the serene forest, mountain trails, or the seashore. Its incredible background score will enhance the experience even more for runners. 

So bring the outdoors in by playing Avatar during your workout time


Sherlock Holme’s unique yet magnetic personality with the brain power to solve various crimes keeps viewers engaged throughout the series. Not to forget, the antagonist – Jim Moriarty, spreading his own charm. 

The engaging script, smart dialogues, and great performances make it an excellent choice for your running routine on the treadmill. Watching this show will give you an adrenaline rush to run for hours without realizing the time.

What To Watch While On Treadmill
What To Watch While On Treadmill

The Big Bang Theory

You may be living under a rock if you never heard of this classic TV sitcom. Big Bang theory creates a special place in the heart of every generation with its hilarious and heart-warming moments. The comedy show will keep your mood upbeat while performing strenuous workouts on your running machine.

The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young

Whether you’re training for the next marathon, a newbie, or a fitness freak, this documentary will keep your spirits up while exercising. Based on a true story, the movie revolves around ultramarathons hosted in Tennessee every spring. 

The award-winning film will bring back the lost confidence in you with its oddly inspiring narrative. 

The Last Man On Earth 

If you love survival movies, don’t look beyond. With Phil Miller driving around the country for years, searching for other surviving humans, this series tells viewers life still has meaning and purpose. Besides, the dark comedy in The Last Man on Earth will surely keep you hooked.

The post-apocalyptic genre has four seasons and 67 episodes that you can pause and play based on your workout routine


This British crime show on Amazon Prime Video is full of unexpected twists. Set in a sleepy English town, the plot of every episode will keep you on the toe (or on foot as you’re running) to know who is behind the crime. You will be eager to watch what comes next throughout the series. 

The storyline of Broadcruch focuses only on crime scenes and nothing flowery. Watching this fast-paced show will indeed make your miles move faster. 

What To Watch While On Treadmill
What To Watch While On Treadmill

Wrapping Up

You no longer need to stare blankly, demotivated about your fitness goals. If regularly hitting the treadmill is challenging, keep your A-game ready with one of these all-time favorite movies or television series.

Time will fly by while you’ll follow your daily exercise regime cheerfully. So no more worry about what to watch while on treadmill. Queue up one show at a time!


1. What should I watch on the treadmill?

There are myriad options to choose from to follow your exercise routine without fail. It includes The Big Bang Theory, Avatar, Sherlock, Losers, amongst others.

2. Should you watch TV while on treadmill?

Yes. There’s no harm in watching TV while exercising on your treadmill machine. The screen is built-in on your screen for the purpose. So take full advantage of the feature.

3. Is it OK to watch movie while treadmill?

Using your treadmill TV to watch movies or shows while running is completely OK. However, experts advise not to watch anything if it affects the workout session and posture. It may make you prone to accidents. 

4. What to do while running on treadmill?

While using a treadmill, you can listen to audiobooks and music or watch your favorite shows and movies. 

5. How do you not get bored on a treadmill?

You can eliminate boredom while running on the treadmill in various ways. Try watching movies, creating your favorite playlist, and listening to motivational podcasts.