10 Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet Reviews & Guide

A treadmill mat acts as a shield and protects your carpet or floor surface from heavy exercise equipment. A treadmill is exercise equipment and tends to damage your carpet fibers. The carpet’s debris and dust can also fly inside the mechanical parts and damage the machine.

So, an exercise equipment mat is vital if you want to protect your carpet from the treadmills. An exercise mat must also protect the carpet floor surface and hardwood floors.

Adding an exercise equipment mat underneath your machine can save your carpet flooring from wear and tear and increase the device’s longevity. A treadmill mat also helps in reducing the vibrations caused due to movement of the machine. A treadmill and other exercise equipment can be on a mat for safety.

There are innumerable treadmill mats for carpet and hardwood floors in the market, and picking up one can be confusing. We have listed the best treadmill mats for the carpet floor surfaces to save you from the hustle.

Types of Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

Treadmill Mat for Carpeted Flooring

Rubber mats are soft and flexible and are suitable for hardwood surfaces. They may not be accurate for use on carpet fibers.

The best treadmill mat for carpet will save you from damage from the gym equipment. The exercise equipment mats for the carpet must effectively hold the debris from reaching the mechanical parts of the treadmill. A good treadmill mat will not let slide on the carpet.

Exercise Mat for Hardwood floors

Not all gym mats can be used on hardwood floors. Certain exercise equipment mats can damage and stain the floor surface. If you choose the wrong mat, a stick film can be noticed after a while.

The mats with extra grip and non-skid materials should be used on the hardwood surface. Such mats will prevent the machine from moving here and there and provide stability.

Folding and Rolling Treadmill Mat

The majority of exercise equipment mat is either rolling or folding. The only difference between the two is in the storing technique.

The best part about these treadmill mats is that they can easily be stored and transported from one place to another. The fitness equipment mat takes up a lot of space otherwise. Using a folding or rolling workout equipment mat can be extremely useful.

Interlocking Exercise Mats

The interlocking EVA foam mats are popular mats for home gyms. These treadmill mats made of EVA foam material are double-sided and super convenient.

They are high-density treadmill mats and give a non-slip surface. However, this floor mat is not very easy to store and is a thick mat. They can be a little pricy compared to other treadmill mats for carpets.

Mats for Concrete Floors

A non-skid and textured surface mat is required to protect the tiles on the floor. A heavy-duty treadmill mat will stop the workout equipment from moving around on a concrete surface. Look for mats with extra density for your tile flooring surfaces.

A solid treadmill mat will not stick too much and leave marks on the surface. A good mat will save your floor from the heavy exercise equipment.

10 Best Treadmill Mats + Buyer guide + Reviews

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat : Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

The BalanceFrom Puzzle mat is built from EVA foam and interlocking tiles providing a non-skid surface. The double-sided high-density EVA foam is crucial in comforting the spine, hips, knees, and joints. The presence of a moisture resistance system helps clean the mat. You can maintain a perfect balance by getting the best treadmill mat for the carpet.

Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet
Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

Specifications –

  • The item dimensions are 23.62 * 23.62 * 0.39 inches
  • The item weight is 8 pounds
  • Each tile dimension is 24″ L * 24″ W
  • Tiles quantity is 12
  • The coverage area is 48 square feet
  • The thickness is 1/2″

Pros –

  • Sturdy design
  • Easily add and remove pieces
  • Quality is good
  • Easy to clean

Cons –

  • Only for light use
  • Not for too much movement

The puzzling locking system is meant to tighten the tiles together so they do not go apart. The flat surface is supposed to face the floor, whereas the non-slip pattern will be above. You can choose from the threes color available – black, blue, and gray.

The mat brings the right amount of cushioning for your heavy treadmill. You can clean the mat using a cloth and some soap and water. Get one of the best treadmill mat for carpets and increase protection.

ProSourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat: Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

The ProsourceFit puzzle mat is durable and helps create a comfortable workout space. The puzzle pieces of the tiles fit into each other perfectly and can be assembled quickly.

The product has water-resistance technology, making it easier to clean. You can use the mat in a garage, gym room, or even a kid’s play area.

Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet
Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

Specifications –

  • The item dimensions are 24 * 0.5 * 24 inches
  • The item weight is 4.3 pounds
  • It is made of foam
  • The mat is black
  • Six 24-inch square tiles
  • Eva foam is 1/2″ thick

Pros –

  • Durable item
  • Water-resistant technology
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reduces impact
  • Dampens vibrations

Cons –

  • Certain tiles have a looser fit

The dense foam helps provide more cushions than ordinary yoga mats. The mat can also be used for performing a variety of floor exercises like push-ups and sit-ups. The cushioning is suitable for lessening the pressure on your knees, joints, hips, and back.

The surface is non-slip and gives a good grip for intense workouts. The product has 6 24-inch square tiles.

If you want to cover a large surface area, you can get some extra tiles and fill up the space. You can fold up the mat whenever you wish to. The assembly is easy and quick. Do not use strong detergents to clean the mat. Go for a mild detergent and be easy.

Sunny Health and Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat : Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

The Sunny Health and fitness exercise equipment mat is a high-density mat. The mat is durable and comes with water-resistance qualities. The mat prevents any kind of dust from entering the machine. The mat comes with a space-saving design and can be rolled away for easy storage when not in use.

Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet
Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

Specifications –

  • The item dimensions are 79 * 35.5 * 0.16 inches
  • The material used is Polyvinyl chloride
  • The item thickness is 0.16 inches
  • The item weight is 3.5 pounds
  • It can be rolled for storing

Pros –

  • Lightweight item
  • Non-slip surface
  • Water-resistant system
  • Easy to clean
  • High-density mat
  • Space-saving design

Cons –

  • Found non-durable by some users

The mat is not only influential in adding cushion to your machine but also comfort to your workout experience. This will absorb maximum shock from the heavy equipment and also reduce the vibrations that can be disturbing for a lot of users.

The mat is very lightweight; you can simply roll it and fold it to store it underneath your bed when not in use.

This mat by Sunny Health is available in small, medium, and large sizes and has promising results. The brand has served the fitness industry for over 19 years and is trustworthy. Measure your treadmill and see which size fits best.

Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat : Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

This mat is super tough and highly durable to save your carpet from the damaging effects of the machine. The mat is influential in adding the right cushioning needed for a stable workout. This is one of the best treadmill mats for carpet and fits your home gym.

Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet
Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

Specifications –

  • The item dimensions are 31 * 6.5 * 6.5 inches
  • The item weight is 16.48 ounces
  • The material is rubber
  • It is black
  • Hand wash only

Pros –

  • Excellent cushioning
  • Adequate size
  • Fold to fit mat
  • Good quality

Cons –

  • Not a wood floor mat
  • Sticks to the floor

This treadmill mat is excellent for protecting the carpet from heavy machines. It effectively reduces noise and is also safe for children and pets. You can easily clean the mat with a damp cloth and use it for longer. Get this folding equipment mat and save your carpet and hard floors.

The mat has a non-slip surface and is convenient for any surface area size. You can not only use this mat for your treadmill but also for ellipticals, bikes, steppers, and other exercise machines.

Amazon Basics High-Density Equipment Mat : : Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

This is another popular treadmill mat by Amazon Basics for protecting your carpets and hardwood floors from the heavy damage of machines. You can also use the map as a general aerobic mat. You can place it under a treadmill or any other exercise machine like a stationary bike or an elliptical machine.

Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet
Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

Specifications –

  • The item dimensions are 72.05 * 30.3 * 0.37 inches
  • The item weight is 7.28 pounds
  • The material used is polyvinyl chloride
  • It is black

Pros –

  • Perfect size
  • Heavy-duty mat
  • You can roll it up
  • Textured surface
  • Easy-to-clean

Cons –

  • Small pieces of the mat came off the edges

The mat has thick padding and is ideal for heavy machines. The rectangular mat is made of high-density PVC material and gives the right cushioning for a comfortable training session.

The mat creates a protective layer between the carpet fibers and the treadmill to save it from wear and tear. The mat has a smooth surface and requires significantly less maintenance effort.

Get the fantastic high-quality mat from Amazon and have a delightful experience. This mat is 2.5′ * 6′, but there are other sizes. You can pick the ones that match your machine size and get them installed.

Marcy Fitness Equipment Mat : Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

The Marcy Fitness exercise equipment mat is made of premium quality EVA foam. The mat can bear the weight of your machine, but it is also beneficial in dropping dumbbells, kettlebells, etc., during a workout. The mat absorbs shock, helps in noise reduction, and is ideal for carpets.

Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet
Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

Specifications –

  • The item dimensions are 78 * 36 * 0.25 inches
  • The item thickness is 0.25 inches
  • The material used is Ethylene Vinyl composite material
  • It is black
  • 1/4 – inch EVA foam
  • The item weight is 6.3 lbs

Pros –

  • Durable mat
  • It gives a stable base
  • Affordable price
  • Large size

Cons –

  • Compresses too easily

The product has got a practical design and is exceptionally lightweight. The mat is easy to work with and ideal for protecting floors. Adding this mat underneath your treadmill will give you a perfectly stabilized base.

You can use this in your home gym, workshop, and playrooms. Get this mat and enhance the protection of your machine and floors.

Install these and turn any room into a fitness space for your training sessions. The polyfoam structure effectively reduces impact and is easy on the knees.

ProsourceFit Treadmill Mat : Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

The ProsourceFit treadmill mat is beneficial in both floor protection and noise reduction. The mat is effective in protecting both carpets and hardwood floors from not only treadmills but also other fitness devices.

The size is ideal for basements and garages and also goes with several benches and racks. The mat is super easy-to-clean and requires low maintenance.

Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet
Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

Specifications –

  • The item dimensions are 13 * 3 * 38 inches
  • The item weight is 8 pounds
  • It is made of PVC material
  • Folding mat
  • Hand wash only

Pros –

  • Foldable in nature
  • Not very pricy
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Non-skid texture

Cons –

  • A hole was noticed in the mat during a few uses

The mat is available in two sizes – the 6.5 ft mat that can be rolled and the seven ft. mat that can be folded. The mat has a non-slip base and effectively keeps the machine in one place even during too much movement.

The folding treadmill mat is ideal for mini-steppers and folds easily to fit in a compact size. It is a durable, slip-resistant solution for your treadmill and carpet surface.

The mat has been designed explicitly for cardio equipment but has the potential to hold weight racks, benches, dumbbells, and other fitness instruments.

This mat from Prosource is a popular equipment mat with a wide range of customer bases.

Velotas High-Density Equipment Mat : Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

The high-density mat from Velotas is for protecting floors and can be used under various workout equipment. They are available in various sizes and add extra stability and comfort to your workouts. The mat has been engineered to stabilize the machines and providing surface grip.

Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet
Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

Specifications –

  • The item dimensions are 48 * 24 * 0.08 inches
  • The material used is vinyl
  • The item thickness is 3 millimeters
  • Hand wash only
  • The item is black

Pros –

  • Lays flat on the floor
  • Leaves no stains on the bottom
  • No bad chemicals
  • Cost-effective

Cons –

  • Some users have found it less effective in absorbing vibrations

There are removable borders with this mat which comes pre-assembled. The assembly is fast and does not take a lot of effort. This is an easy-to-clean mat and can be simply done with a wet cloth.

The quality of the mat has been tested and has received a green signal. The interlocking mat can be fit anywhere around the house and has a wide range of sizes, textures, and materials.

The mats are durable, trust, and top the race of providing comfort. Get a mat from Velotas and free yourself from unnecessary hassle.

Zacro Protective Exercise Mat : Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

The Zacro treadmill mat is heavy-duty and useful for carpets and hard floors. The dense mats absorb the vibrations and help in a low-impact workout. You also get an additional yoga strap on purchasing this mat from Zacro. It will surely increase your treadmill’s lifespan and keep your carpets smooth and shiny.

Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet
Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

Specifications –

  • The item weight is 1060 grams
  • The material used is cotton
  • It is black
  • The size is 5.9 * 2.46 ft
  • Additional yoga strap is 70.8 1.5 in/ 180 3.8 cm

Pros –

  • Non-slip design
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Reduces noise
  • Helps in floor protection
  • Do not slide around

Cons –

  • Some users find the mat a little thin

The mat is dense and has the texture you need for a regular workout. The surface is non-slip and does not allow the machine to slide here and there. The mat comprises high-quality NBR, protects the surface, and reduces noise.

The bonus yoga strap can be used for beginners to practice yoga poses. The mat is a great deal and is efficient in stopping the dust and debris from getting into machine parts. The mat must be washed with hands and no strong detergents for heavy cleansing. Get yourself this mat from Zacro and have a safer workout.

Body-Solid Mat for Treadmill Use : Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

This solid body mat works great for a low-pile carpet surface. The mat is durable and has a solid construction for regular use. This is compatible with both home gyms and commercial fitness studios.

Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet
Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

Body-Solid Long Vinyl Floor Mat 6′-6″ x 36″

Specifications –

  • The item dimensions are 78 * 1 * 36 inches
  • It is made of durable PVC material
  • The color is black
  • It weighs about 2 pounds

Pros –

  • Accurate Thickness
  • Reduces noise
  • Fits perfectly
  • Protects the floor

Cons –

  • A little thin for carpet use

The mat is tough and durable PVC material and acts as a shield. The size is ideal for treadmills, ski exercisers, etc. It serves its purpose by preventing dust and debris into the parts of the machine.

The PVC mats protect your floor from damage caused by heavy exercise equipment.

So, get yourself a treadmill mat and say goodbye to the tension of wear and tear. The wide range of lists has everything that you are looking for. On top of that, it comes with a one-year warranty feature. This is one of the best treadmill mats for carpet use.

Things to Check Out While Buying Treadmill Mats

Buying an exercise equipment mat can be tricky, considering the vast number of treadmill mats available. The best treadmill mats have a few features that make them reliable. Check out the below-mentioned attributes while buying a treadmill mat.

Type of Floor Surface

The surface of storing the exercise equipment can vary from person to person. Many treadmill mats for carpet can also be used for other exercise equipment.

You will have to consider whether the equipment is an exercise bike or other equipment. Most treadmill mats for carpets can also be used for different flooring surfaces.

Size of the Treadmill Mat

One of the prime things to check before buying is the size of the equipment mat. To do that, you must measure the size of your treadmill. If the mat matches the size of your workout equipment, you are good to go.

A shock-absorbing workout mat bigger than your treadmill can be an excellent choice. You will find a variety of sizes on our treadmill mats for the carpet list.

Water Resistance

The durability and functionality of a treadmill mat depend on various factors. A treadmill mat with water resistance can be better than average mats for your gym equipment.

The rubber mats are suitable for keeping the floor dry and protecting the workout equipment from accidental water spills. You can clean water resistance maps using a damp cloth.


The top three materials used for a treadmill mat are PVC, rubber, and foam. The PVC mats are sturdy but less flexible compared to rubber.

The foam mats are very soft but get compressed easily. The rubber treadmill mat is durable, flexible, and great for floor protection.

Certain mats might contain harmful chemicals, but the ones on the list are safe to use and keep your exercise equipment safe.


A high-density treadmill mat is more likely to protect your machine and the floor. The extra thickness proves to be beneficial in saving your carpets from floor dust and other heavy exercise equipment.

A high-density mat can also be used for other forms of exercise. It will keep the mechanical parts safe but also helps in noise reduction and vibrations.

Advantages of Using a Treadmill Mat under an Exercise Equipment

Shock Absorption

Heavy exercise equipment creates an impact that can damage the floor and interrupt the training. A treadmill mat reduces the shock’s effects and impact and protects the floor from dents and scratches caused by gym equipment. A treadmill mat for carpet will protect the carpet fibers and preserve them.

Helps in Maintenance

When you slide a mat underneath your treadmills, exercise bikes, stationary bikes, or any other exercise machine, you increase the longevity of the heavy equipment.

The best treadmill mats for carpet or hardwood floor is made to evade the wear and tear of the machine. You will have to spend less time maintaining the exercise equipment.

Noise Reduction

A heavy treadmill is likely to make loud noises and disturb the peace of the surroundings. A good treadmill mat will disperse the vibrations and help in noise reduction. Getting the best treadmill mats for your home gym becomes mandatory because loud noises can disturb your family and neighbors.

Protects the Carpet

The intense workout routines can cause the machine to move too much. This can be very damaging to the carpets. Most treadmill manufacturers advise using thick mats under the exercise equipment to protect the flooring surfaces and the machine itself.

Using a treadmill mat for carpet and hard floors are suggested to save it from a load of heavy equipment.

How to Clean a Treadmill Mat

Not only using a treadmill mat but also cleaning it regularly is essential. The unpleasant odors can be disgusting.

The mats made of PVC material or mats with a foam surface can easily be cleaned. It would help if you took a damp cloth soaked in warm, soapy water. However, ensure that the mat is completely dry before using.

A waterproof mat can also be cleaned with soapy water and scrubs. Using a disinfectant for filthy mats is a must. The carpet dust can make the mats sticky and ruin the smooth textured surface. You must clean even the best treadmill mats for carpets for increased durability and a good workout experience.

The mats are an excellent solution to keep the carpet and hardwood flooring at your home gym safe. Clean the mats regularly for best results.

FAQs: : Best Treadmill Mat For Carpet

Is it alright to place a treadmill on the carpet?

Placing the treadmill directly on the carpet surface is not a great idea. Treadmills are heavy and can damage the fabric and make it look ugly. Using a mat for the carpet is the best way to keep a piece of gym equipment.

What should be the thickness of a treadmill mat?

If you are a fitness enthusiast, a mat with a 3/8-inch thickness is ideal. A heavy-duty mat will help in noise reduction and also help in saving the floor from sturdy workout equipment.

How to protect a carpet from the treadmill?

Most treadmill mats are made from high-density EVA foam or rubber. They are beneficial in distributing the machine’s weight evenly and preventing shaking. Therefore, a treadmill mat becomes an essential accessory for carpets.

Do you need a mat for the carpet?

Yes, a treadmill mat is a must for the carpets. Get the best treadmill mat to protect your carpets from wear and tear. A mat will prevent the carpet dust from ruining the mechanical parts of your treadmill.

Can you put gym equipment on the carpet?

No, a carpet is a soft material and can be easily destroyed by heavy exercise equipment. Therefore, it is best to use a mat for the carpet before placing any gym equipment.


If you have been using a treadmill at your home gym, installing a mat under the machine is essential. After conditioned research, we have listed the best treadmill mat for carpet to save your precious time.

You can check out the mats on the list and pick what goes best with your needs. WE HAVE GOT IT ALL, from PVC mats to foam mats, from low mat density to a high-density treadmill mal.